Breaking News / Govt Advisors DON’T Recommend Jab For 12-15 Years / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Yet Saturdays msm papers are all leading with the story that jabs for 12-15 year olds to go ahead as the JVCI have said the Chief medical officers should decide!! What a surprise, they reckon the death jabs could start as early as next week. How many children will die before people rise up??

    • Parliament Square demo next Weds 1pm.
      See how many take a day off work to go.

    • What exactly do you mean by ‘rising up’? Just asking for a friend 🙂

  2. Less than 24 hours later the headlines on Saturday morning are that government intend to override any recommendations and jab children anyway, its the same pattern over and over, say one thing and then do another, its designed to confuse, infuriate and cause maximum upset in the population.If people willingly let their children have this without any personal protest whatsoever, then we’re all fucked, it’ll be babies and toddlers next.
    I fear that the only solution is violence, that’s what it always comes down to for better or worse, people will have to put their lives on the line for their families and what they want for their own and their children’s futures as people everywhere have done countless times in the past.

    • Yep, one minute it is ‘flowwing the science’ and hiding behind the JVCI, and the minute they don’t suit their agenda they go against them and overside them. Jimmy Krankie is hellbent on injecting our kids. We will be lucky to get through the winter without another ‘lockdown’ and having to produce a passport to buy a loaf of bread or a pint of milk. Oh, but wait didn’t Jimmy Krankie say she was against passports in situations where people had no choice.

    • Was listening to radio this morning just to see what brainwashed masses were saying. Two people phoned and said it should be given to babies as well as part of the vaccine programme. One if the callers has 10 month old grandson and she be happy for him to he jabbed with the poison. These ppl are fooking insane! Humanity is lost, kids are going to suffer and die. And if course when that happens it will be blamed in a new strain of Convid. Evil

      • I literally have no desire to know any of the bloody sheep now and no wish to even look at them…these people are spineless and pathetic basically…
        Easily lead, easily manipulated and dragging the normal folk and even children down with them…

      • Spot on mate! The sheep will have us all wearing striped pyjamas before long, sadly. Be strong 💪!

    • This reminds me of Thalidomide, taking out kids tonsils, and those ‘propholactic fillings’ that dentist used to, and maybe still do, the logic being that the tooth was going to decay so may as well drill and fill it as well, or ‘drilling for gold’ as it was known. It is belied anyway as many off have wisdom teeth that came in after we were old enough to tell dentists to do one that have remained decay free. Every time you take a drill to a tooth it weakens its structure, so a whole population of children were being set up for a lifetime of dental problems, root canal treatment, tooth loss. and all under the NHS dentistry. Now they are determined to inject our kids with rubbish and their braindead parents apparently haven’t learned any lessons. These kids are going to end up dead or maimed. It is history repeating all over again. Is there no limit to the sheer stupidity of people.

      • Dentists are as bad as doctors. Useless at best, positively dangerous to health at worst.

        After suffering from a painful sore in my gum for over a year and, only at my insistence being seen at our local dental hospital, I was eventually diagnosed with a stage 4 cancerous tumour in my jaw. Required massive surgery and then radiotherapy which has left me disfigured and in pain. If they can’t drill, fill, whiten or straighten they’re not interested because that is where the money is.

      • I am so sorry for your neglect and inadequate treatment.
        Please accept my sincere wishes that life is kinder to you and that you can continue to use your experience to help others.

  3. You are quite right Senga. I was always at the dentist in the 1950s but I now know that they were paid per filling! My teeth could not have been so bad as we did not have many sweets in those days just after the war when rationing was still in vogue but they filled them anyway. Later I had all the amalgum taken out because of the mercury in it.

    • Yeah my school dentist filled every tooth she could. As a kid, under 17, it was it was extra time off school yippee..

      Later in life you think WTF. When I say to my mum about it, her answer is “Yeah my school dentist ruined my teeth too”. Which gets me angry as my mum didn’t learn anything. I have, and would never let this happen to my children.

      Kids will never think long term and the government know this. Hence giving them consent is also their priority. They will just tell kid you get extra time off school and the sleeve will be up. They wont regret it untill it too late.

  4. advise thats all it is another distraction and who are they to stop it ….no one

  5. The science is now revealing a major link to Autisim and the MMR triple vaccine…ask yourselves when the term autisim appeared….this imformation was hidden and is now being revealed as more whistleblowers emerge….. ..How can any parent allow a mice trialed only vaccine injected into their child…TRANS HUMANISIM !!!

    • There have been documents kept under lock and key for 30 years only just coming to light regarding the measles jab and MMR. “UK government and JCVI has known for many years that the single measles vaccine can cause the debilitating neurological disorder SSPE or Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis. The problem of vaccine-induced SSPE continued to persist even when the measles vaccination was combined with the mumps and the rubella vaccination to form the MMR triple vaccine. The documents were marked NOT FOR PUBLICATION. Other effects known were :
      Paralysis ataxia
      Status Epilepticus
      Died 48 hours later

      The JCVI is the organization chosen by the UK government to sanction the vaccines to be used on the UK population, yet the minutes from their meetings are riddled with lies and cover-ups.”

      I don’t trust MHRA, JCVI or Government one bit, none of them are transparent or protecting our health.

  6. It’s not like they already have a new strain waiting in the wings to bring out as soon as the bodies start piling up even more from the jabs, oh wait they have the MuMu strain from South Africa already.

  7. Just a thought hear what if on the 11.11.2021 all pearants kept the kids off school in a protest against compolcerie vaccination I know it’s short notice but if you can put so something out there to encourage this I think it would send a big message to the world government

  8. Today, life is more confusing than ever. – it seems that as we age we approach a hard time; hard because there is so much computer evidence that nobody is sure of anything, anymore. Everything contradicts everything else and this becomes obvious when trying to reach a decision which is right and good and accurate. It doesn’t work that way anymore. You and I, we sit in the shadows trying to figure it out, trying to get the hang of working for goodness in the world, using a despised AI computer programme or cellphone, also despised AI. I fear I am going to crash and burn soon and maybe that’s also programmed to happen.

    • It’s not as confusing as you think. Just follow The Money and ALL the money flows to the Rothschild Beast Money Empire power base. Anything else is just smoke and mirrors designed to hide that Truth.

  9. This is the same good cop bad cop play, the same contradiction, confusion building they did with the masks and social distance and capricious ‘lockdowns’ and isolation. The CDC says masks don’t work, The WHO says they don’t work, but the administrators make new rules and the corporate owned business make their policies and media repeats and repeats and repeats. So people just do it and police each other and themselves with social approval and disapproval. Small businesses do it to “keep people safe”. It is easy to give your liberty away, but very hard to regain it. Like a lobster trap, looks nice and safe, and there is a good reason to go in there.

  10. This is why God said after the Great Flood to spread out and have nations and sovereign borders because man imagines vain things and if you globalize we are all under same marching orders.

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