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  1. Aren’t Boris Johnson and his nazi brown shirt police, big brave bastards for murdering an innocent alpaca eh?

    • f*** sick government paid thugs and despicable men with no d**k pretending they are tough by cruelty to an alpaca.
      if they had to put the precious pet down, why now just give a gentle lethal injection while the owners help the sweet thing.
      blood boiling.

    • Hello
      I’m quite proud that the first I heard of this story was here

  2. I agree, the Geronimo story is to get us used to killing animals for the greater good and soon it will be humans they do this to, too. The Taliban story is also a farce, the mainstream media is just 100% theatre. They have started to go after Biden, which the Taliban story is helping with and painting these guys as the good guys and welcoming them to the UK, well that will only ensure more terrorist attacks by British intelligence working with these trained assets on British territory against the British, as has always been the case. Covid, climate change, terrorism, war – all tools of the psychopaths that they use to keep us in a state of fear because that is the only way evil survives.

    Great work Hugo, love your brief and almost realtime commentary of the bullshit that is paraded as news.

  3. I think you’re absolutely on the right track Hugo. I am still very sad about Geronimo and there’s the story about Australian authorities killing sanctuary animals to keep people from breaking lockdown to go out and collect them to give them homes. They use anything and anyone to serve their evil purposes and agenda.
    Thankyou Hugo for all your input and efforts.

    • Yes. Neil Oliver says this is madness in his gb news speech : “in New South Wales, Australia, the council decided to shoot 15 dogs including 10 pups to stop volunteers from an animal shelter travelling from elsewhere in the state to collect them (the council said it was “to stop the risk of spreading covid”). Meanwhile in Afghanistan, while bullets flew and suicide bombs were detonated, among crowds of desperate human beings, a British marine chartered a plane to rescue 150 dogs and cats. We are a strange species, mired in contradictions.”

      He also said, “parents decide what does and does not happen to their children, their flesh and blood. Governments, if they know what’s good for them, stay the hell away from law abiding parents and their kids.”

      YouTube video entitled “Neil Oliver: ‘The West is firmly in the grip, not of a virus, but of delusional madness’ “

      • Shared that video on my facebook, check out the Isreal all double and 1/2 triple jabbed, numbers 10’s higher than last year, obviously it’s 10x’s more flu, proves Pfizer reduces your immune system, more jabs, more colds and flu’s are going to kill you, while looking like Covid, which doesn’t exist!!

      • Hey Turveyd…. what was the reaction on FB to the video of Neil Oliver? Did it stay on FB for long?? I think that if I had put it on my fb page I would have received more flak and abuse for being a Tin Hatter, so I do not bother any more! Fcuk em, They know not what is a-coming!

    • I heard the same…scum people they are…give me animals of humans anyday

  4. That last lady was ace! If only all parents in particular could make a stand like this! Enough is enough! We pay these goons, we should get to decide how we and our children live.

  5. Didn’t hear much about Australia culling dogs so people didn’t travel to pick them up.

  6. Worked in veterinary practice for 12 years and animals were put down daily, it was just a fact. It is also a fact that in the last 20 years all animals are getting registered and traced more and more. It has nothing to do with disease it it about control. Those with a dog have been told they must chip it, have it neutered, one step at a time. First chip your dog now chip your child,,it’s all one click at a time with the thumbscrews. At what stage will you not be allowed to grow food in your own garden and what excuse will be used,,, Disease! At last people are starting to realise that government are out of control, they are not our owners and while they may atempt to claim legal right they do not have Lawful right to control as they are attempting to do at present.
    We have the power.

  7. I cried for that poor animal dragged away and killed! He was clearly distressed! I despair for the human race and it’s absolute disrespect for all living things! What the hell have we become!

  8. Them bastards in the picture should of all been put down…i can honestly say this world would be better with less people and more animals on it…
    I detest animal cruelty and detest people that do that..and detest the people behind this society reset and ones collaborating with it…hate them actually

  9. Emotive animal stories sell newspapers. As far as the government care, this is a demonstration of control. It is why, in the middle of the countryside, everyone is wearing masks.

  10. Videos of the Taliban flying Helicopters, doubt they could even get 1 to start, let along fly and definately never going to land in 1 piece LOL

    GF way home from work, got a cold tested positive no never!!! when nobody dies again, can we just move on FFS! But atleast she hasn’t got to self isolate cause double jabbed and it’s the government stupid advice!! Loads are spotting this on the internet, governments lying and saying no, they only test for Covid, no they can’t it doesn’t exist FFS!!

    Work, but there aren’t any jobs for anyone at all so ??? Guess they can help with the martial law.

    Kick ass girlie!!!

  11. thank you hugo

    i have not watched ANY main stream tv for three years , i sadly admit i did watch some tv before
    but since being FREE of the Crap now my ‘headspace’ is much clearer & i catch up here as hugo kindly shares how
    the world is CRAZY simple as that !

    And lady at end of video….. FANTASTIC speech!!

    cheers again hugo
    have a nice evening Everyone

  12. Nice one Hugo.. You got your finger on the pulse…… I wish there were more clued up people like you
    It’s not hard to see all these buffoons paid bu gov. UK….. Covid pop up tents, vans etc
    Easy money for all those couldn’t give a shit people

  13. 😂This Alpaca story actually makes me laugh! it’s so farcical it’s the only logical response my fallible human brain can muster.

    • If you’re not laughing you’re crying these daze. Geronimo was an fierce aborigine warrior against the onslaught of western advancement. When the invaders finally killed him he was beheaded. Skull and Bones, also known as The Order, Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death is an undergraduate senior secret student society at Yale University in New Jersey denies or refuses to confirm they are in possession of his skull.

    • “…Geronimo, it seemed, had supernatural gifts. Gifts he could employ for good or evil. Eyewitnesses tell of Geronimo becoming aware of distant events, in faraway places, as they happened. The man was full of preternatural powers. His peers spoke of Geronimo peering into the future. Of Geronimo anticipating the enemy’s action with wizard-like certainty. Of Geronimo healing his fellow tribesmen and even raising the dead.”

  14. That poor animal put on show like it was! Absolutely disgusting these evil satanic devil worshipers are! And the mother telling the school governors how it’s gonna be! Spot on! That’s the attitude people here need to adopt!!!

  15. The Alpaca story is sad, but Hugo right how many animals are put down every minute in the UK.
    Why are British MSM running this story but not reporting about healthy animals being murdered in Australia,
    The news now is all Afghanistan where is Johnson and whitty daily press show about the flu oh it’s gone No there coming for us Anti BS very soon believe me.

    • I totally agree they manufactured their ‘ holidays’…. No change of colours while THEY were away.
      But it will a kick off again with the NEW VARIANT!
      I m amazed that the bookies haven’t been jumping on this one!!!
      Maybe they get shut down if they think for themselves!!!
      IT WILL DEFINITELY BE MORE CONTAGIOUS,…. that’s a given….. And now they’ve got the kids, it’s probably the unvaccinated it’s gonna target….. BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO PROTECTION AT ALL!!! 😃 😃 😃 😃

  16. What a fantastic woman in the video at the end. Very inspiring and I totally agree and support her.

    • Is it just a coincidence that geronimo was the military code word used in the bin laden raid in 2011

  17. Just watched the Alpaca story and noticed something on the banner. It says ‘We are Geronimo’. That was used in the series Colony on Netflix and Prime. Really good series but a bit close to home if you know what I mean. Anyway in the first series the hero was Geronimo, but it turned out he wasn’t an individual but a resistance movement and they were all Geronimo. Just thought it was interesting, could be something, could be nothing or perhaps they have just watched Colony too.

  18. II think this whole story is just to crush any hopes people may have of a happy story. Probably worked out by SPI-B unhappy we are not in lockdown. Of course we will be ready to have more sh*t thrown at us very soon. The way our government treats us is how a narcissist treats its victim. Gaslighting, giving hope, then taking it away…its all in there…

  19. They said very little about the bats burned in Brazil at the start of this, the 1 million mink culled in Denmark or the cats dumped at shelters over a false claim of them spreading COVID but for on alpaca….I’m a vegan animal rights activist and know how many animals are culled daily, for example the badger cull is still ongoing supposedly to stop bovine tb even though cattle can be immunised against tb and the govts own research shows it’s farmers biosecurity at fault!
    As for talks with the Taliban, wtaf one minute they are evil incarnate the next they’re all going to have a cosy little chat – I wonder if they’ll all play on the trampolines!!
    The woman in the states, you rock, we need so many more like you!

  20. Hugo you are wrong! It’s not funded by billionaires by trillionaires.
    Billionaires are small fish in this inflated financial world like never in history.

    The game is rigged more than you think.
    What is mainstream is definitely orchestrated not by mainstream.
    Read Miles Mathis.

    • Hi Flavius, I agree, the game is rigged thoroughly, but i only have evidence of billionaires, but not only the mainstream but the next level down as well.

  21. And again it’s not a single mom but Catholics.
    Only they can expose the crypto-Jewish self-imposed elite during Henry The VIII take over of England.
    Since then people here are ruled by these elites who pretend to be native but even males in the Royal Family are circumcised.
    It just happens to be their tradition. Just don’t get deceived that the Queen is pulling the strings, it’s the actual Elite that can afford privacy.


  23. The ritual sacrifice of Geronimo by the government is purely to soften up the public for when the next manufactured foot and mouth outbreak in cattle breaks out this winter, and there’s no beef in the supermarkets because all the cows have been slaughtered and burnt. Same for pigs and sheep. And it will all be done in the name of a “public health”`emergency. This how we’re all going to be stopped from eating meat. Manufactured slaughter of all farm animals on Princess Nut Nut’s green altar.

  24. A load of MSM for the culling. None for the 100,000 plus freedom demos.

  25. evil vile scum come for our doggies if want ill die first.
    they have not one ounce of compassion these entities in high places love no evil. soon a day of judgement is coming it cannot come quick enough. ENOUGH of this world and its wickedness tears are running dry anger is trying to be controlled praying for strength to bear what is coming. fight till the end stand for truth many of us are awake and not dumb to all this . some just do not give a shite as David Icke would say. they are dead inside …
    lord God be with us….

  26. Animals that test positive TB are culled every day. Thousands of them. It doesn’t involve lots of people wearing hazmat suits or face masks. It doesn’t involve the police either. It involves one vet or they can even go to an abattoir under certain conditions. Meat from TB infected animals has never been known to pass on the disease to humans.
    This is a big show for the press. It is leading you to the story when an animal gets suspected (not confirmed) covid and they all have to be culled. Thousands of them. Remember Foot & Mouth disease? Well, it was Prof Ferguson who did the modelling for that too. Thousands of animals died unnecessarily.

  27. Why the hell are these idiots wearing face nappies and all the rest of the covid gear outside??

  28. Well utmost cruelty for starters. The panic of the animal paraded through fields with strange people prior to death was inexcuseable – any animal for whatever reason. It should have been loaded in with one person only. Weren’t they shutting small family abattoirs (who were popular because of their care towards the animals) down across the country for not having expensive cctv equipment and inability to afford such techno stuff to monitor the process and make sure of animals weren’t treated inhumanely? Now they don’t care purely for the cameras – and they wanted that animal to suffer. 4 years and still no issues – they should have done another test because it seems tests are faulty. They do have a TB vaccine (sorry V word) but they won’t allow it here because it might get into “the food chain” – doesn’t stop people abroad vaccinating animals for the food chain. Just us.
    The last foot and mouth outbreak down to us and the Americans using the same facilities – just who leaked it into the water? “Wasn’t us, must have been them!” “No, wasn’t us – it was them!” Playing the game for the future. Anthrax next.

    The Afghans will be housed in army barracks in Wiltshire and elsewhere across the country.

    Fantastic speech by that lady at the end. I heard no sounds of spluttering protests – it would have been nice to see them squirm, because she laid in with all guns blazing.

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