Gladys Berejiklian Takes Over The World

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  1. Great clip! Made me smile even though tragically it’s pretty accurate

  2. WOW!!!!! The editing on that video was sooooooperb!!!! Brilliant and yet, hopefully (?) , not the future for us all……… 🤞

  3. WOW!!!!! The audio editing on this video was just sooooooooperb! Brilliant video but hopefully (?) not the future for us all…..🤞

  4. Well it would be funny but those were her real thoughts spoken out loud

  5. Time for people power to raise its heads and get rid of this idiots!

  6. This is the shit they dream of saying,instead of pussy footing around with their double speak,

    • They all work for the tribe!! She is a zionist jew! Jesus hater!!
      No different from bozo, gove, Cameron, etc they swear allegiance to Israel where the NWO will be based..
      Rothschilds banking cartel who monopolise the monetary system.
      Usury for the debt ridden masses.

      It used to be you had to be Christian to be an mp when we were a Christian country. As it should be with morals and truth.

      Until one of the rothschilds, got into the house of Lords. Then all unsundry from all over the world were allowed to become mps.

      To dismantle the English constitution, culture, history, heritage. We see it all around us today. Now we are a shell of our former once mighty God fearing nation.
      God bless!!

    • Sturgeon and SNP are bring in vaccine passports from the end of September, the bitch said it’s for clubs, football and big gathering AT THE MOMENT, this liar will then bring it in to other places to, Watch Fucking Johnson next couple of weeks.

  7. What’s she saying at 1:18?……. “We have 24 hours to ? of every single person in the communicate.” Think it should be “vaccinate”, but doesn’t sound like it.

    • Community, not communicate. “We have 24 hours to ? of every single person in the community.”

    • Surveillance. “We have 24 hour surveillance of everyone in the community”

      • Ah yes, I can hear it being said now. Thanks!!!

  8. No need to play their games, we must represent the truth truthfully, to be honest this video is a bit concerning

  9. Fantastic editing! This made me laugh even though if we don’t stop things worldwide this may well become absolute reality

  10. It may have taken a bit of effort to get her to say it but at last truth from a horses ass!

    • When they made the movie “The Boys from Brazil”, that was just a distraction from the master plan to clone Hitler in female forms!

  11. OT….

    We are thinking about pfizer and isreal data wrong, it’s not creating an immune response that fades to a virus that doesn’t exist, it’s over time lowering your immunity to colds and flus, more jabs will only make worse, therefore creating more deaths from cold/flu which they can label covid = genocide

    Bastards! This winter is going to suck if your dumb enough to be JJ’d.

  12. hey guys,have a bit of compassion will ya!;if you that fucking UGLY you would wanna kill everyone else 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Dr Joesph Gobbles of Australia would of been an high ranking Nazi she’s a proper little Nazi loving the power no empathy what so ever , and at the end she will say she was only obeying orders !! But she wasn’t she enjoys this power over ordinary people!
    A psychopath of the highest order , Australian version of that other Nazi psychopath Sturgeon!!! The Australian police are disgrace really are should be ashamed !!!
    This nasty Nazi and MSM are fear mongers hope they enjoy there dark place in History!

    • Nazi are fake, an invention of the J*wish Intelligence to demolish the property rights across Europe.
      On the other side was J*wish controlled Stalin and Churchill who was part of the clique.

  14. MONEY helps focus the mind… why waste an opportunity to make money from YOUR Trustees/Public-servants?
    Them(public-servants)- `You are required to obey us`
    You(in-the-private)`. `YES, CERTAINLY (this eliminates the controversy because there is now agreement to accommodate them)
    it`s just that we charge you $999 to DO that for you and because we have NO-CONFIDENCE with you administrating OUR
    Trust (the Trust is collapsed) payment must be with us immediately, thank you`
    After all, THEY are NOT volunteers……so why should YOU be?
    Please think(and act) like the BUSINESS-man…….NOT the victim.
    The secret is just two words……CONDITIONAL acceptance.

  15. Don’t be deceived that she is from an innocent Armenian parents who emigrated to Australia.
    She’s is a Jew. Look at that nose. Armenia is known to have a substantial Jewish community.
    Read Miles Mathins and Civilta Cattolica 1890.

  16. Evil psycho…even though it’s a remix of her words its pretty accurate sadly 😥

  17. There all as corrupt as each other…
    Bought and paid for by the people behind all this…even johnson in the uk with his ex WHO and Rockefeller wife…

    • all seems to be crypto-J*ws
      read Miles Mathis and and Civilta Cattolica 1890

  18. Apparently, Australia have been sleepwalking into this for years. Many of their privacy rights have be eroded away and much of it is to do with its relationship with China, a relationship which is far too convenient. China now has the power to bring Australia to its knees due to exclusive trade deals of coal and steel. This debacle all started with China, and my guess is, it will end with China, whatever that is. Too much power in too few hands leads to corruption and tyranny, and when you combine that with communism, it’s an explosive combination. As long as China continues to get away with what it is doing with Australia, and it will, there is no hope for Australia or anyone else. The biggest stumbling block for China is of course the USA which has a strong constitution, is very patriotic and has the right to bear arms, which is does, so is not such a pushover. The final battle will be USA vs China and you’d better hope China don’t win, or we’ve had it.

  19. She got a talent at being uncharismatic, and even when unedited too, like the rest of her type here in OZ.

  20. When you allow unmentionables to have power, this what you get. And to caricature this sewer rat vermin as Herr Hitler is a gross insult to the German leader.

    • How can you support a NAZI leader a piece of crap Hitler.
      You hate Jews, i think your on the wrong Platform here.

      • How can you comment here without an education? I don’t hate Jews, but they hate me:

        “The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed WHITE SUPREMACISTS….Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed.”

        – Noel Ignatiev, Jewish Harvard professor and co-founder of ‘Race Traitor’ magazine.

      • I don’t know whatever your on about or what your on, I’m White the only religion trying to wipe out us whites male’s and female’s are Muslims and political party BLM with there evil agenda like the Nazis did to Jews.

      • “The only way to a *Final Solution* to racial prejudice is to create a mélange of races so universal that no one can preen himself on his racial ‘purity’.

        Deliberate encouragement of interracial marriages is the only way to hasten this process. The dominance of our world has begun to shift, like cargo in a listing vessel, from the White races to the coloured, we will never eliminate racial prejudice until we eliminate separate races.”

        – Rabbi Abraham Feinberg

  21. The most impressive thing with her speech was actually how extremely fast and rapid she managed to change her clothing after each and every sentence!!! 😳 Sometimes even several times in one single sentence! How did she do that? 🧐 Is that something all the elderly women can do? Some female thing?

  22. Very well put together, I am scared for the Australian people, this can’t go on something needs to be done, it will spread to every country.

  23. Very well put together. It really shows that evil bitch from NSW in her true colours

  24. 😂🤣😂🤣Hugo keeps me smiling through the insanity.
    He gets my newspaper money any day.

  25. Well, I thought it was funny and goodness knows we all need a bit of a laugh. But it is effectively saying exactly what is happening without the fairy dust that they sprinkle around them.
    Very well edited, it flowed.

  26. Someone shoot this woman.. actually do a public hanging..and when she’s dead dig her up and kill her again

  27. Is this the wick Witch of the North South East and West?
    If it is then shoot her as soon as you see her.

    Anybody seen anything quite like her?
    Even Hitler had a softer approach.

    Seriously guys this woman is pure evil.

  28. Stupid bitch frothing at the mouth. I hope to God all you fucking clowns have to face justice for your crimes against humanity. I’ll be cheering you on as they hang you, fucking Nazi cunt.

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