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  1. All liars from pits of hell. They work for satan . May God have mercy on us.
    Believe, repent and be baptised in water. In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ of Nazereth Amen. !

      • Don’t be a cant. It wasn’t a bad message. Unlike your negativity. Grow some and join the people with no fear.

      • How about you Fuck off with the toxic attitude. You’ll be finding out the truth soon enough by the look of it, wrinkled old prune.

      • Well said, this has nothing to do with God or Satan. Those who go about this are as mad as those who are trying to kill our children.

      • There was no need for comment, stay offshore if your gonna be an absolute prick

      • Its nothing to do with religion, Marks correct, Get right with Jesus before its too late. When the proverbial hits the fan you will be glad you did!

      • Mark, this has everything to do with God and Satan. I’m sure Satan posesses Fauci to such a degree that he doesn’t even realize he is a mass murderer. He thinks he’s doing the right thing

      • or the collective subconscious/people being stupid.

    • Well said brother!! People need to wake up! Jesus is the only way, there is no other way, but through Jesus!!
      God bless truthseekers!! Christ is king!!

      • riverhope99, Have you ever stopped to think that this all might be the work of Jesus. Maybe the human race has run it’s course?

      • God has given us plenty of time. The evildoers have been destroying the moral fibre of society for decades. Political correctness is a tool to police one’s thoughts and we don’t say what we must..
        All the perversions have been pushed through the evil, corrupt media and if you disagree!! They will cancel you with hurty words. Racist, bigot blah, blah when a society celebrates perversion and forgets God we’re in big trouble.. Darkness will not overcome the light!! As it is written, so it be done. Run to Jesus!! Brothers and sisters “repent” Jesus will set you free from the chains of this world for he is the truth, way and life no one gets to see the father, but through him.timr is short!
        God bless!!

    • Look, I admire your faith but it is getting to the eleventh-hour and counting, it is very nearly too late for the divine to visit Earth to put an end to Satan’s work. Where was God, Jesus and the Holy Angels when this dark scam was being proposed, organised and set upon the world? The people behind the scene running this ‘show’ have all prospered through life and prosper again from the vaccines that swell their bank accounts while the vaccinated die and are harmed. As your faith dictates, you must forgive those who protest against you with swear-words and bile. But what your God has so far allowed to happen is nothing to what is about to happen to the children of the world.

      • God gave us free will. He isn’t doing this to the children of the world. It is those people of whom you speak who have chosen to follow darkness to reap transitory gains who are the puppets carrying out this mass hypnosis attack on humanity; and it is the parents who refuse to research the truth about the intended new world order who are failing their children.

      • Funny you should say that. Watch the 11th hour weekly on YT and you will learn the answer to many of your questions. Robin C Bullock. Funny how his name relates to the accusation of the first poster.. God has a sense of humor.

        Too,late? The Red Sea (supported by archeological discoveries) is a typical example of Gods 11th hour timing.

        As for where was God, Jesus and Holy Angels? Waiting for those given the weapons of spiritual warfare to stop watching TV and sports and start getting serious about winning over evil. God started the prep for this time in 1980. He called national,prayer and fasting in the DC mall every 8myears or so hotel 2016 when the last one was in Philadelphia, the earlier Capitol of the US.

        At one point 1 million were there. God promised that those countries who sent people to pray and fast for the US would be also awakened as we are seeing today. More countries to come in that. Many were represented. It was blacked out from most news.

        The biggest misconception among churches and unchurched is that God is in absolute control of the earth. The deed of the earth was given to mankind. satan stole the deed to the earth from man making him subservient to him instead of in control of the earth in unity with God.

        Man still has the authority to do,what is needed, but satan has twisted many people. The reason for Jesus sacrifice was to give every man a way out to smack the crap outta satan, walk back in original authority over the earth and overcome the destruction making a way for God to work more powerfully without the extreme hindrance from satan. satan and the minions working with him.

        So if people come to Jesus and get these weapons to smash the crap outta satan, the next plan is to convince people not to use them.

        That, dear one, is how the evil has taken hold on the earth. satans lease only goes so long. People who don’t take Jesus sacrifice deal are doomed to go with satan who holds them hostage. It is akin to being kidnapped, beaten, held hostage and had someone give their life to blow open the door, but you wont walk out. Once the time is up the hostage place will be condemned. If you won’t walk out, no one can force you.

        Human free will is essential part of the battle. All has been done by God through Jesus to make it so we can be victorious, but we have to choose by free will. Even then, we have to choose by free will to continue to,walk in that victory.

        satan is a champion liar and deceiver and many fall prey to his illusions and have blindness to truth. God is way greater, but we have to choose to follow Him and often don’t see as clearly until we do.

    • I’m an atheist, but I have found over the past 18 months how much more awake, on average, Christians are, as opposed to atheists. On F’book, every atheist page is full of mockery aimed at anything considered a conspiracy theory because, on the whole, they put religion and conspiracy theories in the same bracket. So, in other words, they mock theists for not questioning their holy books, while they themselves, despite their (apparent) abundance of logic and reason, fail to spot all the clear and obvious signs of corruption at play in the covid scam. It’s much the same on Twitter.

  2. So they are setting them up for covidclot shot side effects.GB syndrome becomes acute flaccid myelitis.caused by polio virus.
    That means the polio vaccine does not work either

  3. If they know it’s going to happen but do it anyway they are evil through and through. The worrying thing is, how many parents will believe them? And Bill Gates. He needs to be exterminated.

    • Guaranteed, they know because it’s been tested in India by Gates with severe reactions!

      Maybe this will be the thing that wakes parents up… Finally!!

      • Unvaxxed, we both know the sleepy people are beyond waking up now! Not worth the energy anymore. Idiots are idiots for a reason!

      • DC, we do… But if it makes even just a few think twice then maybe it’s worth it.

        You’re right we all know people who are too far gone to help.

    • Thanks for posting that. I was going to provide the link but couldn’t remember who it was, I watch so much if this stuff. Dr Arden did a good interview with Reiner Fuellmilch if you haven’t already seen it.

      • Actually it was this interview
        It wasn’t with Reiner Fuellmilch. I watch tons of videos and sometimes it’s difficult to remember stuff. This may be the same video as originally linked to. Apologies for any confusion.

  4. There will be only one thing for sure. It wasn’t the jab!

  5. I notice lots of comments with jesus being mentioned…..I thought we were an awakened community….do these ‘awakened souls’ not know the Vatican is Satanic ?

    • Vatican is not satanic, it’s just bought up by Rothschild and other crypto or not J*ws.
      This does not affect Jesus Christ.

      Check this one out.
      Borla, Sackler, Bayer (who I think has changed his name because we was a merchant fraudster)
      “Friedrich Bayer changed the spelling of his surname from Beyer in his early twenties, due to the publicity gained by a fraudulent merchant from Leipzig bearing the same name.”
      A J*wish crook changed his name as they usually do. Founder of famous Bayer has only 2 sentences bio on Wikipedia.

      Read Miles Mathis
      The game is rigged more than you think.

      • Vatican church are the people.
        An empty church is nothing.
        Read “Kebra Nagast” (online) and you find out what’s satan.

    • Vatican has no affiliation with Jesus (only a pretend one) & as you say their loyalty is to the beast! The cabal hate Jesus! They do not hate Muhammad or Buddha or any other focus of Religion. They only hate & mock Christ and his followers.

      • Furthermore I mention the satanists turn the cross upside down in their rituals…not lord Buddha statue or a Muhammad symbol. Its Christ they hate as they have the knowledge of the real GOD that their beast want to eliminate. Of course they will fail!

    • Yes many of these awakened souls know the Vatican and the whole pope thing is satanically inspired and will be used of him in these latter rimes to form a one world religion that will take us into an antichrist era. All religions will be acceptable except the one that says J’esus is the way the truth and the life and that no one can come to the Father except by Him.’ Most of the truly awakened souls are outside the walls with Jesus so to speak or are being called out of them in these latter times. There is great apostasy a falling away from the truth where many profess to believe in God but deny His power.

    • Im sure Jesus would tell the leaders of all the worlds religious cults to go forth off

    • Just because the Vatican. Is santanic doesn’t mean believers in Jesus Christ our! Two different teams!

    • Of course the Vatican is evil . Jesus is not . It had to be this way , human consciousness is evolving and some just won’t make it

  6. Dr’s are so controlled by these thugs and the insurance company’s that cover Dr’s are a huge part of the problem and have been for years, Dr’s are getting fed up with it, a lot of this control goes under the guise of “Evidence Based Medicine” what a charade at this stage you are safer without a Dr.

    • Anaconda Malt Liquor has a video up today about Australian insurance companies stopping selling life insurance policies from last April 1st.

  7. WTF! This and I just saw on Breaking Points on youtube how a judge in the US stripped custody from a mother because she was not vaxxed for covid. The father didn’t even make it an issue. They are divorced and it was a normal hearing about custody sharing and alimony and the judge started teh hearing by askking her if she is vaccinated. She wasn’t and she claimed in the past she had bad adverse reaction from other vaccines, as she was allergic to some components. He didn’t gavce a sh**. Then they went on to say how incarcerated people were released earlier if they get the jab and also that it was mandatory for probation or bail to get the vaccine… The shitstorm is approaching, brace yourselves.

    • Also read something similar a few days ago coming out of the ‘good ole YOU ERSE of A’ HOLES, whereby a judge sentencing a couple of people said they’d escape a jail sentence if they agreed to the jab! They did 🤦🏻‍♂️

      It is indeed starting to get messy.

      My rant earlier was based on reading of how Italy is now going ahead to impose restrictions on unjabbed etc and enforce jabbing on others. We are truly effed because those in power are ignoring the voices.

  8. If none of these people out there cannot work out the tyranny behind all this even now then theres no hope as even they will believe what the CDC and SAGE will tell people…

  9. Hugo, I’ve been following you and enjoying your “take” on this for about a year. I followed in earnest because I know I have other informative medias I trust n follow because they are activist rather than informative,,, and this is where I struggle n stress …

    You’re doing a good job narrating, to what is obvious now,,, but it’s only allowing myself and others regular to your channel to go round in circles! Like Groundhog Day …

    Come on, please, for feck sake, I’m feckin pissed off, stressed and worried by the fact that, no matter how much we report and chat about it, the more we comment with the same old same old, perse; haven’t we been switched on enough to get it? We just keep going round n feckin circles ffs,,, even with the chat and commenting!

    Here, myself included, time is running out and we need you to start reporting on how we fight back! Try and avoid scare stories to our agenda because your now only feeding our pain!!!

    We have to fight back “NOW” because if we don’t it’s “GAME OVER!”

    • The answer is join the English Constitution Party on telegram…the ONLY WAY to take back ENGLAND from our british (lazy b**turd controllers) is to VOID the acts of union 1706/7 which gives them their power…Also watch The Full English with Graham Moore on Rumble 8pm Monday-Friday…He has the solution to all this and has an enormous following…it’s the british civil service, whitehall, westminster…the entire british establishment that are KILLING the English and ALL white people worldwide…there is hope…WE ARE WINNING…TEAR…The English Are Rising!!👍✌👌

      • Bill, totally understand what you’re pushing for but it’s never going to happen until we’ve beaten back the War on Covid.

  10. OT ( not watched yet, this is FUNNY )

    Recon Worcester Hospital see what’s up.

    Covid ward pretty empty all unjabbed OMG ( Flu obviously so normal )

    Flu ward, it seems JJ’s aren’t testing positive no really and Flu ward is full of JJ’s because the Pfizer weakens your immunity, which is how there hiding all the deaths, need a Freedom of Information Request on Double Jabbed Flu deaths soon!! Anyone ??

    Hang around, listen to staff, staff have had enough, they know the scam openly talking about it, pissed off, the worm is about to turn 🙂

  11. To elaborate more, I’m stressing big time over this because I know of a 100 plus people to be double jabbed without any serious or even mild adverse reaction! So why the F are statistics personal to me no where near the supposedly reported statistics?

    I’m lost and losing it?!

    • DC, I think the ones you know have been lucky.

      Out of around 80-100 people I know who have had the jab…. 3 have had clotting after the 1st dose, all under 50 years old. 2 of them have had a procedure to remove clots. The other was more severe and needed longer term treatment.

      The point is any side effects will be denied by doctors and specialists and probably not recorded.

      If the pharma companies can’t guarantee any short or long-term side effects then it’s not worth taking.
      Plus with a 99.7% of nothing happening… I’ll take my chances!

  12. Worcester Hospital see what’s up.

    Covid ward pretty empty all unjabbed( Flu obviously so normal )

    Flu ward, it seems JJ’s aren’t testing positive no really and Flu ward is full of JJ’s because the Pfizer ‘really helps obviously not’ your immunity, which is how there hiding all the cats, need a Freedom of Information Request on Double deckers fidigiting deaths soon!! Anyone ??

    Hang around, listen to staff, staff have had enough, they know the scam openly talking about it, ‘really happy not!’ off, the worm is about to turn 🙂

    See if this gets around Moderation!!

  13. There’s a docuseries all of you may be interested in at the moment run by Jonathon Otto called COVID lies and vaccine secrets, it’s a 9 part series of which the first two have already been on but can still be watched and the next one will be available in the early hours (as it’s EPT not BST) – it has a range of doctors that have been fighting this from Dr.Mercola to Judy Mikovitz, Dr Lee Merrit and many more

  14. That is some super nice and definately not planned lovely lovely stuff coming for our lucky lucky kids.

    * Moderation issues, anyone else ??

  15. My GF is going to be another sad covid death tomorrow, she’s got my cold, she’s lat flow tested positive wait for PCR Positive thinks she’s going to die, so I guess if she gets murdered Covid death and I’m fine right!!

    Talking about it, to other sheep like it’s REAL!! FFS this shit will never end.

    • Hope she’s ok but I guess you passed on what you had last week?

      Get her on high dose Vit C (around 5mg) every 2 hours. No supermarket graded shite or holland&barret. Get it from a proper health food store. Brands like ‘NOW, Solaray and Vridian are trusty and good quality.

      Also combine with Vit D in tincture form and zinc. Add Vit D to milk as it’s fat soluble.

      Keep us updated Turvey.

  16. If you think back to when the scam virus entered our shores early 2020 ,can anyone recall blood clots being a symptom of covid ?
    Did you hear any sheeple say
    ” OMG there is this awful virus that causes blood clots ” No it was portrayed as a respitory disease.
    ….Until they started giving the jabs out FFS so blatantly obvious even Helen Keller could smell a rat 🤔

    • That’s it, covid has morphed from one thing to another to another, to explain away absolutely every ailment.

      That article in the Fail about the 17 yr old girl and the blood clot took the whole narrative to new unprecedented heights of bullshittery. We can expect much more of this over the coming weeks as the maniacs look to cover their path of destruction.

      They’re clearly blind drunk at the wheel now, going for broke, playing a game of chicken with humanity in the passenger seat. Reminds me a little of the Kurgan from Highlander in the scene in the car with the little old lady beside him. A big bad ugly monster whose head needs chopping off

  17. Any parents that still bring there child to get any injections don’t deserve to have there beautiful children they are there to protect them they have to understand you can’t trust anyone who is making money by pumping god knows what into their child wake up they never cared about your child try phoneing your GP if your child is sick they couldn’t care less be save thanks Hugo I know what I’ll be doing never trusted them you have beautiful healthy children thanks Hugo

  18. Is this the pandemic that Gates was talking about?
    You know when he turns to his wife and has the evil grin!

    Makes more sense now that they are lowering the age for jabs.
    And now they have a cover story when cases rise.

    The solution will be to look at the vaxxed Vs the unvaxxed for comparison

  19. May be of interest?
    Example from Gov.UK meeting minutes (public domain)
    Professor Scott has no registered conflicts of interest Professor Scott receives no payments from the manufacturers of vaccines.
    Professor Scott is Director of the Health Protection Research Unit at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
    He receives research funding from the National Institute for Health Research, the Medical Research Council, the Wellcome Trust and Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation… of many JCVI Profs. that indirectly receive departmental grants/funds from Pharma/Gates/Institutions, et al…no conflict of interest of course?….but, make of it what you will?

    • Exactly… every organisation involved are peddling LIES!!! Every person peddling the ‘Covid’ agenda are making money from it, MP’s included!!!

  20. I hate to go all conspiracy theorist; but to add an important item on to your piece. AFM and Polio itself aren’t as simple as we’re led to believe.
    There’s a strong argument to be made for polio not being a real thing. That a lot of kids were harmed by pesticides and heavy metals and the medical community either unwittingly or deliberately covered it up, HIV and of course Convid are looking pretty shaky too.

    It’s an iatrogenic democide. Most people don’t know those two words which is odd because they’re 2 of the biggest killers of humans since civilization began.
    If people don’t know the words it’s unlikely they spend much time considering the concepts

  21. I know a friend who could not walk properly after her jab. She asked Dr when it would go and he said I don’t know, we don’t know enough about it. A colleagues partner, a fit healthy young man who cycled regularly now cannot cycle, is constantly tired, and feels like he struggles to breathe. 2 months after the jab.. Yet the friend in the first example, the friend, who I think was spectacularly lucky and recovered is now going to go out and get her booster when available. Really??? While other friends say my colleague’s partner has long Covid, it’s not the jab. What? Not the jab? When he was fit as a fiddle before? Bit of a coincidence, eh? Tbh, there are no words any more. I just can’t get through to anybody. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. Just horrible to see

  22. Not allowing me to post a link, so search ‘Dr Ardis Shocking News, Rumble’.

  23. There prepping us for Flu to come back, covid isn’t real, basically the double jabbed have reduced Flu immunity, so hide double jabbed covid deaths they’ll stop lying and they’ll just be Flu deaths, cause the jab doesn’t claim to help with flu, so not there fault.

    Why Isreal 13xs more likley to get covid, which is just Flu that tests positive for covid, like everything including tap water!

  24. I can only repeat it until everyone gets it: There is no virus, ANY VIRUS. There is no strain, variant, mutation. There is no infection. There is no herd immunity. There is no pandemic. These are the facts! But criminal, tyrannical governments are not interested in facts. Mass murderers they are they do what they want.

    Everyone, vaxxed and unvaxxed, should watch the Spacebusters video “Germs Debunk Corona” –

    !!!! This video debunks the whole corona bs “science” and large parts of the modern medical bs “science” in general. !!!!

    It’s possible that the Covid collapse began in commi Canada recently: “HUGE Canadian Court Victory Proves Covid19 Is A Hoax & All Restrictions Now Dropped” –

    Watch also all of Dr. Stefan Lanka’s videos ( ) with Dr. Kaufman and Dr. Cowan and read his articles at

    “The Virus Misconception | Measles as an example | Dr Stefan Lanka” –

    Google also: court germany flu virus

    More also in my blog post “The fraudulent Covid foundation in a single video: viruses, mutations / variants, infections, (PCR) tests, incidences, immunity, herd immunity and germ theory ” –

    “Dr. Stefan Lanka destroys infection theory, virus theory, virology, epidemiology and the corona lie with a single video” – (use translate option if necessary)

    Dr. Lanka puts more wood on the fire: Say goodbye to the virus – (use translate option if necessary)

    The nonexistent virus, the nonexistent mutation, the nonexistent infection, the non existent herd immunity, the nonexistent epidemic, the nonexistent pandemic, the existent GIANT CONSPIRACY.

    It is time for mass lawsuits against the mass murderous person of the Corona sect running amok and for international war criminals tribunals, which should be at least at the level of the Nuremberg war criminals tribunals and should have their death sentences carried out immediately. If that is not possible, there can only be civil war.

  25. opv has caused most/all polio i 3rd world countries over the last years/decades.
    other vaccines have been causing myelitis, often put down as ” hysteria”.

  26. Showed this to sheep gf and supporting video linked, barely pay attention double jabbed so brainless, ridiculous hasn’t got a clue what it means, no no no kids won’t be harmed the jabs are 100% safe ffs!

    This is what we are up against, stupid people that just accept our masters are murdering pyschopaths.

    While everyonew got a cold thats testing covid positive odd that and nobody is dying 🙁

    There screaming at Boris to get the boosters rolled out, entire world is too dumb to save.

    More disapointing news, Top Gun Maverick delayed again May 2022 that 2years, nobody will live to see that been waiting years 🙁

    1 friend quit health care job as refusing the jab, ohhh why hope she doesn’t get covid arghhhhhh!

  27. God, God, God!!! Wake up. If your God is all powerful then she/he is the most hideous psychopath imaginable to have created such an evil species which is the human being.

    • What you have to understand is that the people behind this are atheist, psychopaths who despise humanity but somehow think of themselves as Gods. If they actually believed in God then they would see him as the supreme power and wouldn’t be committing this genocide. Whatever you believe, this is less about right and wrong but more about good and evil and is in my opinion a spiritual battle. I guess it’s arguable whether or not you have to believe in God to believe that.

  28. Girl i work with has been cut off from her family as she wont have them jabs….
    This will all go to pieces i reckon and
    Lawsuits are being prepared against governments even now…
    Liars always get found out in the end…
    5 more ingredients have been added to these jabs and nobody knows what they are and yes they are causing the adverse reactions and deaths since just 2 was added early doors on them….
    Suppose its like assassination in a way all this mentally and physically actually

    • 2 weeks to lawsuits, and arrests for Hoax and Genocide good Hancock 🙂 They better pull it off, not get a sheep judge, who just goes this is all conspiracy despite proof, goodbye!!

      Romania already won the court cases, zero covid there, we all need to move!!

      Assassinations for all, in ways that look like Covid to create more fear, 18months in GF scared shitless, knows of ZERO deaths can’t make this shit up.

  29. Hi, just to let you know that in The Gambia they have had little success in persuading people of the COVID scam. In 2 years less than 300 have died supposedly of COVID. 5-6,000 die every year just from maleria.
    Now they are saying that there is a Polio outbreak and all kids need vaccines?

    • No the BS jabs are going to give the kids Polio symptoms, so claim it’s coincidentally Polio rather than blame the jabs, it’s the jabs.

      Obviously they aim to start jabbing kids, new variant being watched Mu and it’s attacking 5 – 11 years old, just in time for the kids jab push, isn’t that lucky 🙁

      They know there will be 1000s of deaths, they’ve started seeding there cover story already.

      • Yes that’s right but no one is taking up the jab there. That’s why they have to try other angles, poliovirus, Ebola etc 😢

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