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  1. Load of shit,, all the kids have been of for months during school break, they are all running around happy playing with each other happy doing what kids do, none are sick, neither are there parents, this whole thing is so see through it’s ludicrous that anyone buys it at all.

      • Teachers union are Marxists through and through they push all the anti white garbage and climate change onto our children and try and shame them for being English and white
        I see beautiful victorian streets with bay windows once occupied by our people.. Now all I see is immigrants coming out of their doors.
        And I suspect this is the same up and down our beautiful land.
        When I walk the streets in the city all I see is white people with a dirty sleeping bag begging.
        These traitors and monsters have done this over a long period of time to our people everyone of them should hang for the evil scum they are including the rotten to the core anti white media who delight in our demise. This pope is fake crypto jew along with the Queen. His job destroy the one true faith from within he has many infiltrators in the church with him.
        We are infested with the crypto Jews in positions of power, and if you dare question them your an anti semite and you will have your livelihood destroyed the holohoax was perfect to cower the white race into submission. And it’s worked soon they will have their NWO with the jew at the head and the goyim as slaves.

        All politicians swear allegiance to Israel first. Johnson, Cameron, may etc are jews the list goes on.
        ” Synogogue of satan” jesus warns us many times in the gospels of “wolves in sheep’s clothing” many” false prophets” “ye shall know them by the fruits they bare”
        They own the anti white media
        Their goal destroy “christendom. ” our churches have been totally infiltrates at the top. You’ll be lucky to find a priest who is true and talks about saving souls and hell.
        The wicked and evil doers are running amok and getting bolder. We do have the power and we the people must unite, brothers and sisters as one..
        Christ is king!! God bless!!

    • Maybe it’s time we the people turned up at the teachers union HQ with our hands full.

  2. Get rid of the phones; they’re smarter than most humans. They’re the site of the psychological hack.
    Btw is no one else alarmed that the China surveillance is called SKYNET?
    They called it SKYNET!

  3. It’s all Baloney. I don’t follow any of the shit and never have done since last year 🙂

    • Neither have I …all I do is top up my immune system with vitamins and take 24mg Ivermectin once a week and I’m good to go!!! All this crap can do your head in-just look at all these communists wearing masks in a Christian country..ENGLAND!!!

      • Communist’s are evil psychopaths who want control us all we lockdown’s, masks worn foreven, the jab and vaccine passports, they worry about new variant’s but want to have the dinghy divers and Afghan’s flooding the country of them put nothing in society only put more pressure on Housing, NHS and benefits system we pay for out of our Taxes.

        Some people keep on attacking Jews on here, i have no problem with Jewish people who have worked and are loyal to Britain i know Jewish people have been to Jewish events and they celebrate Britain eg Union Jacks, my and our threat is Muslims and China who want world control.

      • Where dyou get your ivermectin?

  4. Now we know the true reason why schools years ago allowed the phones into schools.

  5. Now we know why schools years ago allowed children these phones in schools.


  7. The kid need to find a bit of that teenage rebellion and set it free against this. Also, whilst we have all the dark forces in one place at the climate event, perhaps one of those ‘lone wolves’ could sort them out once an for all.

    • genicide for all our kids that’s the government agenda.wake up 🐏🐑 no such thing as covid19 ALL BULLSHIT

  8. Since this nonsense started the whole thing has been smoke and mirrors.
    There is no law to distance, face coverings, perspex dividers – any business which has wasted money on signage, perspex dividers, or even being shut for months on end has literally volunteered for all those things – there was no compulsion, no-one had or has any power to make people do these things.
    So the question is – WHY DID PEOPLE DO IT AND CONTINUE TO DO SO?
    Morons morons morons.

    • Yeah your right there. There NEVER was a law passed by the british establishment as they knew they couldn’t get away with it. These are ALL advisory and in the early days of this garbage I told several security and jumped-up little Hitler’s exactly that adding, well you must have a rich boss if you don’t need my money…see ya!! People are starting to wake up but it’s taking time…time we don’t have…keep up the pressure guys…

    • Because fear is the most powerful weapon in the world, it can cripple you, stop your speech, freeze your reflexes, and make you believe whatever the person providing the fear tells you. This is known by all the best torturers and is used extensively by all governments throughout the world.

    • Here in Spain and about 6 weeks ago, maybe 8, all covid penalties were rescinded and refunded back to those who foolishly paid. Why,,, only because the court deemed them illegal !!!

  9. Flu is going to come back lol but yes for the vaccinated as they have compromised immune system via the vaccine, they are 8-15 times more likely to get seriously ill.
    November will be in lockdown in Scotland for sure because they fear us “We The People” that will go there LOL there will be less police elsewhere when they are up there 😉

    • Julian, it never went away… Just rebranded!

      If secondary school pupils are clever enough to modify tests to suit them I’m sure they will rebel against this when the penny drops.

      It’s just a matter of getting them to resist social media long enough to start thinking for themselves.

      Surely there are only so many lockdowns they will accept?
      1 was more than enough… This year will truly take the piss!!

      • This too shall pass, but we sure are gonna be waiting. They got away with too much.

    • Scotland will be in lockdown for sure in November, because all the ‘Heads of State’ will be there for the COP26 conference in Glasgow. Don’t want people on the streets protesting against their presence, do they?!

  10. Fake protesters with there face nappies on Extinction Rebellion are supposed by the mayor of London.

    As for in US school the traitor ( Ambassador) on school entrance needs to go and get a proper job. That was Bojo planning here the parents needs to stand up against pratts like that bitch there.

  11. Love to see the ignorant lemmings get there comeuppance..
    There all pro covid and keeping away and doing as they are told…
    Spineless stupid people

    • I agree. I have tried to educate some of them but all I got was abuse and flak…. what’s the point? Let them perish… They have been warned, and secretly I think that they know they have jumped on the wrong bus, but they must see this scam through until the end and HOPE that it turns out ok for them, but I fear that it wont.

  12. Excellent work Hugo!!!!!! So glad to be free of the garbage!!!!! Let God be true though every man a liar prove to be!!!!! That is all the Great Reset gang and ALL their drones!!!!! Nigel Moore.

  13. For a moment there it look almost as if the police were the protesters

  14. Hi Hugo, enjoy your videos very much. What do you think is happening now in Ireland? All this talk about opening up everything in 57 days I think. Up to 90% will be juiced up, I myself find this very hard to believe..90%,come on. Anyway, another twist is on the way I presume. Thanks for all the work you do and taking the time to inform so many people. Helena.

      • Yep! You’ve nailed it! You know it, I know it, the BBC knows it, Hugo and the Gang know it…. but millions of sheep still think that they will be going on holidays this Xmas! 😂😂😂😂😂

    • I reckon its 65% jabbed definitely not 90%. I would’nt believe a word out of Michael Martins mouth as he is a proven liar. There may be some resistrictions lifted but the clowns in government will keep the Jabbed passport going to enter pubs and restuarants indoors with the pretence that its for the good of your health, when we know it is to coerce and bully you to get jabbed.

  15. Have you noticed that at Extinction Rebellion events, the police do not wear masks and in the photo Hugo put on screen they seemed to be posing as if caught in a dance routine.

    • Keith, how many police officers do you need to man a caravan and 3 people?

      A bit heavy handed and looked like they were just there to pose.
      What a complete waste of funding!!

      • Totally agree my friend. The police farce don’t have masks on OR look like paratroopers either as they usually do when controlling an ugly mob. I fact a few of the posing coppers are smiling. More BS from msm…. when will it all end?? Is it just me who is finding it difficult to cope, knowing that the majority of people in this country believe in all this BS?

      • Videoman, an easier way to cope is to limit the amount you take in.
        That goes for both sides. The BS and other sources… Especially if it gets you down.

        Just be aware the news is there and use it to your advantage. And not to let it get to you or cause a device between you and family or friends.

        Stay strong!!

      • Cheers to that, mate. Only this morning, I’ve decided to put this scam onto the back-burner. I think that we can all see what’s coming, I don’t need reminding etc. You are quite right. My wife said yesterday that she doesnt like my anger when I hear BS news on radio etc, so I am having a week or two off and see how far down the rocky-road we will be by then. ‘Stay Strong’ to everyone. 💪

  16. The great and powerful behind the curtain, was unmasked from this dot in OZ, in a set up with someone in 2002, the only ‘power’ it has is manipulation, no other ‘human’ emotions whatsoever.
    It’s in a bloodline which they mask & face on earth to hide behind.
    No hate is there towards this one from my experience downunder, because only love from the heart was the key which beat.

  17. The whole contagious pathogenic virus scam depends on a virus being a living entity. It cannot be contagious if it is dead and immobile and this is the truth.

    What the medical establishment calls a ‘virus’ is wrong. This name is Latin for poison. This the name they’ve given to particles of dead cell material. I’ve concluded this by correspondence and collaboration with Dawn Lester, the co-author of ‘What really makes you ill’. DEAD CELL MATERIAL, KNOWN AS ‘VIRUSES’ ARE DEAD MATTER AND LIKE ANYTHING ELSE WHICH IS DEAD, CANNOT MOVE OR PERFORM ANY ACTIVITY.

    While ever the virus lie,and diseases are caused by it is maintained, medical scientists will not look for the real reasons for disease, which, I opine in most cases, are toxins, especially microwaves from mobile telephone operation. 5G would be a catastrophe for humanity.

    • Was it not another German doctor, Doctor Stefan Lanka, who published his study on the non existence of virus and the German courts agreed after trial?

  18. Dr Gary Namie is a very well respected social psychologist and author in America. He has done some excellent videos about bullying. In the videos below he talks about bullying at work , the gatekeepers and what a bully is and what it is not. Although it relates to the working environment I think the points he makes though are very relevant to what the world is going through right now. It is definitely worth checking out.


    • Edit: Sorry for the full screen for the link. There are actually two links but the second one for some reason went full screen.

  19. ” Do you see all those people in brown shirts there on the yellow brick road Tin man”? .
    “Thats right Dorothy….this is not a dream…. you’re not in Kansas anymore”……..

  20. Unbelievable! By the time the kids have had to follow these bl#@dy steps it’ll be time to go home!

  21. Disappointing that a trades union leader is promoting covid restrictions, l would have expected them to be better informed, but it appears that the brainwashing has done better.

    • Trade unions are government agents just like all the political parties. I have no time for any of them.

      • Workers for England seem to be doing a good job of supporting careers that are having their jobs threatened

  22. Maybe everyone should turn up in Edinburgh on the day and protest there. That may cause a few logistical headaches…..

  23. A face like a sprung rat trap reflects the inner thoughts and prejudice.

  24. I live here in Glasgow where is this meeting does anyone know

  25. They are all so caring!… interesting that you can stay 14 + minutes in a destination but not 15 + without listing as a final destination…I guess CONvid gives you a little time before going to work on you in a location lol
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/truthcafe.html

  26. Same bollocks from last year…
    Its so predictable its boring now and i know many that are just sick to death of it and just dont pay attention to it….
    I never obeyed any rules or restrictions or any of that mask shit…
    If people want to become slaves to the system then let them…
    There life they are messing up…
    I ignore the mask wearers and all the same crap from people this year from last year…
    Just tedious robotic brainwashed conditioning…
    Comical in a way actually

  27. United We stand ,,, divided we fall..

    i seeing more people without masks by the way which is encouraging i personally feel

    stay grounded & strong
    have good evening All
    cheers hugo

    • Janie, yes I see more and more but there’s still so many on auto pilot!

      Go to the shops.. mask on.
      Pub… Mask on
      Petrol station… Mask on

      Talk about programming!!

  28. I’m not afraid anymore of their treaths and coercion, because I believe this too shall pass. We got this and don’t comply and keep praying! Also now its the time to learn how to stand on your own financial feet and don’t be dependant on goverment or a corporation for your survival. Self-reliance is the way to go.

  29. I seem to remember certain people out there were panicking in September last year when schools went back then we get to this year and it turns out there wasn’t actually anything to worry about. So as this nonsense is now so predictable I’m guessing when we get to next year it turns out again people panicking about rising cases caused by schools was unnecessary. I dread to think what the fake stream is going to come out with in the next few weeks.

  30. Phoned school and they will not give jab without consent. Let’s gets the main facts straight first.

  31. You know what,,, this is one big exercise to bring together Government, Silicon Valley (big tech), Pharma, Banking and media to work together and trial ways on shaping the future. To elaborate on this I’d need a few books worth of narration, but yeah, you get the gist?

    When they really do start to push the ‘Warming’ hoax on us, this will be when the United Nations step in – Their job will be to bring all nations together with the eventuality of the UN becoming the Global Government.

    No sooner than ‘Covid’ struck, they started pushing and pressing for a greener future. Anyone awake would not have failed to take notice of that …

    Think about how clear the skies are today, how much longer people are living etc. The problem with the environment isn’t co2 emissions, its the feckin amount of Deforestation, Drilling, Fracking, Consumer Culture and throw away goods.

    Only 30/40 years ago or so you’d be lucky to see the sky due to all the heavy pollution from manufacturing etc. Average life expectancy was much lower also compared to today.

    Climate change has been planned since 1971, when it was first “invented” to control the population. Not my words but that of ‘The Club of Rome!’

    I’m sorry, kinda side-tracking the subject here, but the problem isn’t “Covid” I think, its a test run to enforce more stricter measures with the climate hoax with a reduced population.

  32. THERE WILL BE A PANDEMIC all the vaccinated 1000s AND who will get the blame us the Christians the unvaxed. P LEASE IF everyone kept their children home from school what would they do. The vaxed are shedding onto their families. KEEP CLEAR.
    The new variant in South Africa is C12 the chemistry for C12 is CARBON VERY INTERESTING.

    This is never going away we are in end times. things are going to get very bad. prepare stock up on food and water.

    Have a look at the new way they are going to cremate people Alkaline Hydrolysis dissolves the body and it gets flushed down drain.cannibals dont eat bodies now drink them:::???? Evil times we live in,
    Some people are just so nasty no friendliness any more They killed poor Geronimo I cried so much. I think what gets me the most is the cruelty in
    this world breaks my heart . Come Lord Jesus take us home… I pray for all those who have young children for animals that suffer for the elderly i am elderly but thank God I have all my faculties and loving family. I want to be with them all in new earth and my dearest husband who i miss so much. we who believe long for this peace love and contentment no more pain and suffering no more death .
    they killed thousands of elderly with midazolam last year that was the first wave. there was high stock and they used it up did same in America saw it bit chute doctors have spoken out said this . was mentioned many times.

    Trust and believe there is nothing else.

  33. Love ya Hugo but want to pull you up on a significant point; you keep saying that if it were your kids you’d have pulled them from school at the start of this malarkey. Well it Islas easy as that and I’ll share my own saga as a single dad of 2 teenage half Thai sons and the pressure the authorities laid on me:

    Pulled youngest lad then 13 just before first lockdown and school closure after he was ever so coincidentally given a homework assignment extolling the virtues of ‘philanthropist’ Bill Gates.

    That annoyed me and he hates school anyway so he didn’t return. Informed school I would home teach him but was immediately referred to social services who investigated me which was humiliating. Then council elective learning dept harassed me for monthly evidence on top of man hating social services intrusions increasingly intimidating me as they deemed me a soft target. On top of that school bullied me more and more to reconsider and insisted on home visits to ‘check on his welfare’. In March this year I told them all to do one and they set police round here! Social services threatened me with council legal action for possible forced adoption into their care!!!

    At wits end I reluctantly flew both boys back to their mum in Thailand just before Thai free state quarantine deal ended in June. I’m bereft and heartbroken but they’re happy to be outta here and I cant blame them.

    All I have left is the debt of buying those flights on borrowed money.

    Authorities are evil and take kids at will. I got scared. Became a nervous wreck and still am.

    Only saviour that keeps me going is Skype contact.

    Don’t think it’s easy to take your kids outta school mate, because it isn’t

    Whole worlds fukin evil!

    • Gee Whiz, Jeff! What an awful story, but we Thinkers knew that this kind of tyranny would be coming soon…. unfortunately you are in the middle of this saga. I have no idea how a man can reconcile himself when he sees unjust behaviour from those with the power of the state behind them. Look at New Zealand and Australia, locked-in their own homes as the Gestapo Police ensure no one leaves! I have no idea how you cope with your problem. I am so sorry for you. But! If your lads are fit and healthy and living in Thailand, free from tyranny and Nazi-styled authoritarianism then you should praise yourself for your sacrifices. Be Strong, fella, Be Strong. ( You and your lads are both alive and kicking… that’s a definite POSITIVE 😊 )

  34. Funnily enough an extinction rebellion group has just popped up in our small Somerset town, they’ve even been in the local papers and people are really taking in all of the BS but to be honest the majority here are jabbed and still masked so I’m not really surprised. Sometimes feel like I’m the only sane patient in the asylum!!

    • I feel the same mate!! I try to laugh at some of the antics of the mask-wearers, but it does wear you down after a while. Watching their ridiculous routine of putting a face nappy on to a bespectacled face as they walk, usually carrying a shopping bag and getting tangled up, such fun!! lol lol

  35. I’ve got college starting this month. The college did a big recorded induction spcheel about get your vacks it’s not required but strongly recommended, mask up, gel hands once in school. Take your testing kits test twice a week, scrape that sensitive blood brain barrier, scrape until there’s a hole. 🤡🤡🤡🤡These poor people that think they are protecting people by ruining their lives.

  36. I have always said it, the sheep will be our downfall, without complicity the establishment falls….I also blame the parents allowing this bull shit to happen, one day these stupid idiots will wake up and it will be too late..and it will be those who will be bleating like lambs to the slaughter…then everyone will listen, how crazy is that…

  37. To Hugo, there is no 99% there’s only what percent have not had death shot,and we be lucky to wake them.you selling a dream. Mate be a not more realistic .PS no need get rid of smart phone just get a Linux, or degoogled phone. If your only access to internet your phone,4g not 5.

  38. That’s not all they’re preparing sheeple for, ITV have ran a story about babies with covid. I think we all know where that leads, they will not jab our children. I have a 5 year old, im telling you they will never get to him.

    • Good for you Wayne!! Get ready to fight for your rights. We may ALL have to take up arms befure this BS scam finishes, if ever! 😠🥊😠

  39. What is it going to take for people to wake up and end this madness because it wont end until we end it.

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