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    • I am a four year old boy and i have a fever so i have covid which is very bad so i want to say to all the children and my friends to take the vaccine it doesn’t hurt at all.

      Did i say that right, mum and dad ?

      • Yes well done that’s perfect fear porn propaganda son

    • Obvious false flag. I doubt she even has sars cov 2.
      Also antibiotics are not given for a virus as they have no effect on virus’s. So there is a lie straigjt out.

    • they are smacking us around the face wigh a wet fish and laughing at us IDIOTS

      • The latest smack in the face is shortage of blood test vials!!!

        2 people I know have had adverse reactions after the jab and the blood tests that would have revealed the damage done by the jab were conveniently lost!

        Now the fake stream media are telling us only tests are available for special cases as there’s a shortage of blood test vials!

        Perhaps if so many blood tests weren’t ‘lost’ there wouldn’t be a shortage!

        Anyone else smell a rat?

    • I was asked by my doctors surgery if I wanted the jab a week ago. I said no I’m not putting poison into my body. Then I received a letter from them with an appointment to go to the local church for 2 jabs. One arm for a flu jab, which I have never ever taken, and one arm for the jib jab. I’d be lucky if I made it outside alive with all that poison in my body. at the same time. These people are murderers as they must know what they are forcing on you. They say on this form they will update your details, but they still keep pushing have the poison.

  1. Media are telegraphing the truth whilst still obeying their masters narrative…
    Quite clever actually, because even sheep can see the stupidity of it… Well, okay maybe not all sheep but surely some, surely, hopefully, possibly, maybe!?

      • They even put “THREE DAYS after the jab” in capital letters just to drum the point home that it’s the jab wot dunnit lol

  2. This is more common now and actually becoming easier to spot as this positive test crap is being dumped on everything yet again from adverse jab reactions to common flu symptoms and other actual natural causes of illness that require hospital treatment like last year actually….
    They obviously do NOT have the claim of 90% jabbed and if they can falsify the case and death figures over a PCR test that is not even used to test for a infection or sickness then they can easily fudge the jab figures to get people to have them from this pathetic propaganda and scaremongering day in day out…there getting at the youth through the social media crap like facebook etc now…this is all tyranny actually and thousands have died from them jabs and by rights should of been suspended as they are not fit for purpose either

  3. Smells of desperation the articles in the Daily mail.
    No one suffered blood clots last year from Covid, only post jabs!!

  4. I know! It is totally insane out there today! Spot on Hugo. Omg!!!

  5. The virus is in the jab ya pricks..wake the fuck up…u can’t get a clot from a fkin virus…

    • The brainwashed masses will believe it but fuck em i say as they are just beyond any help now

  6. My prediction till may 2022,

    ADE ( killed everyone 60s who had jab + reexposure, also same current jabs with animals 100%)
    Currently Flu and Colds not actual covid19 is going around just being called Covid, so no ADE respose and looks fine and safe.

    So when Covid19real goes around, just a flu no biggy, its going to create ADE and wipe out the JJs !ike crazy 75%,obviously they’ll blame us and a new variant covid 22 hyped so might not start till 2022.

    This is going to vet ug!y!

    • Jabs are creating variants through the spike proteins and the poison in the moderna and pfizer ones are causing heart inflammation…they think they are doing good for others through media crap but they are harming themselves and others in the process actually and the only ones actually safe from illness are the unjabbed…
      Its like a twist in a movie this really

  7. Maybe the headline is deliberate because the vast majority of people can see what the message is. Even if it wasn’t intentional, even the m ost idiotic of people will be able to see through this

  8. Because as admitted if you are jabbed it’s not counted as vaccination till the 14th day so if you die within 14 you die as a civid patient this is why figures so high classed as unvaxxed even tho ya have been dimmiler here

  9. Where is the headlines for all the other kids that had a blood clot since Jan2020?????

    Again another headline to continue the brainwash to get kids to take it. I know my Sister will fall for it, she loves living in her little East Enders world.

    The fact that your body is now making the spike protein, means you will test positive. It does make it a perfect cover up for them.

    I wonder how they will cover it up when she gets her net jab, and is pushing up daisies.

  10. Stupid is as Stupid does!
    “Covid related blood clot”???
    I can’t recall any study that shows a symptom of covid being a blood clot???

  11. Just what you need when you’ve got a blood clot in your lung … a really thick black mask over your mouth!

  12. The big drive to complete everyone before 2022. Well if she has got it then she’s been brainwashed – and still speaking the mantra of the parliamentarians. Hang on 99.7% healthy and unaffected especially the young? Have they forgotten that? They just don’t register anything anymore. I think we are doomed. I hope some of us can hang on long enough. Or we are headed for those prisons. I’m too old to be held for any length of time, I’ll be disposed of in the extermination camps.

  13. Maisy Evans = brainwashed, doctor wannabe “Throughout my whole life, I have sought new and exciting opportunities. As a young person interested in pursuing medicine, I am keen to go above and beyond in the run up to doing so, as well as whilst I practice the profession. My aim in life is to work around the world, tackling infectious diseases like HIV/AIDS and conditions like diabetes in developing countries whilst simultaneously using my platform as a social justice activist to continue to influence change. “

  14. A personal friend who said they were never going to be jabbed was persuaded by his aged Mother to get the jab, he’s now waiting for the second one & already feeling the effects, you just can’t talk to some people.

  15. Just found out that millions of people haven’t been for their second jab!

  16. This cull will continue unabated – sadly, there is no hope for most of the sheeple!

  17. I started to think that maybe she’s is a crisis actress that is trying to start a new trend of promoting this poison. Just like that Greta, NWO ‘enviromentalist’.

  18. Unbelievable! ….Well, actually Not, the powers that be will stop at nothing it seems to push the dangerous toxic gene modification therapy. Yes I agree Hugo, WTF..

    • She’s clearly a bit intellectually challenged………….

  19. Obviously another political puppet actress being paid to spread yet more disinformation.

  20. Hugo, My husband who is 52 was coerced relentlessly at work for months and told if he didn’t get the jab his job was at risk. We are both wide awake to what is happening and have been for a very long time but he felt he had no choice. He had the Pfizer 3 weeks ago, collapsed in the vaccination centre, ended up in hospital with chest pains, shortness of breath and a sky high heart rate. Long story short, 4 days later a CT scan revealed a clot on his left lung. A D Dimer blood test told us the clotting was recent. We are in no doubt whatsoever what caused it. How could we be??? I begged him not to take it but it’s not easy for him to change career and he studied years to get where he is. He is a good man. Needless to say neither of us will ever let this happen again.

  21. They are working overtime to wear down parents to offer up their children to the great Globalist God. “Anger is an energy” to quote Mr Lydon, but we have all got to keep It In check, these monsters want us to get sick through stress, all part of their PSYOPS.

  22. Anyone who accepts this narrative is, well, an idiot and not fit for human life… Good luck to them I say. Don’t waste your time on idiots, they’ll only wear you down!

  23. It’s an IQ Test – nothing more nothing less.

  24. I’m starting to get cold to these people now. I find it hilarious when they are in hospital or even drop dead, bring it on I say. Go get your toxic poison and roll the dice. Depopulation by this method is truly taking out the stupid in society. I don’t feel comfortable with my thinking but f the lot of them, there’s enough out there to warn you. Jacques Attali was right all along by in 1981, the stupid will ask to be treated and they shall go to the slaughterhouse alone……

  25. She obviously got paid to turn her jab related illness into a covid is bad you must all get the jab wasn’t the jab BS!!!

    And the SHEEP will swallow it up!!

    IDIOCRACY is upon us, the Stupid, following the stupid to there doom!!

  26. This girl is just another bad actor does she need that job that bad she is willing to kill people are maybe she just plain stupid either way get out of that bed and just piss off feel your pain there no hope for some people they have chose there path what goes around comes around they will get what going to them thanks hugo

  27. Child sacrifice in plain sight. As most will realise, this year is the 20th anniversary of 9/11, another satanic ritual sacrifice. All part of the plan by the bloodline families to take us out. Their turn is well overdue.
    Thank you Hugo for bringing us the truth.

  28. It’s more than likely controlled opposition. Deliberately confusing!

  29. If she really had the jab, she may well never get to be an MP.

    • If she is anything like the other hospital actors Hugo exposed and politicians that have had “covid” then she isn’t ill. She appears to be a wannabe politician who loves the camera so it says it all.

  30. I saw a BBC report earlier today saying that a woman from New Zealand had died after having the Pfizer jab. The media are up to something.

  31. The media has been trolling us for more than a year with obvious shite, that probably means either:
    1. They want to be caught and are trying to wake up the herd from the algorithm induced hysteria.
    2. The in your face absurdity of it all is part of breaking the group psyche.
    3. Algorithms are following their objective of maximum engagement of all souls. I didn’t live in the digital space pre 2020, now I’m 18 hours a day jacked in.

  32. Hopefully, many young people can put 2 and 2 together – unlike that idiot girl.

  33. 3 days after she had the vaccine so it was obviously the vaccine that out her in hospital not the FAKE virus that don’t exist

  34. Not even Ill …eyes, skin all look healthy…it’s nonsense

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