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  1. It really doesn’t sound so daft these days when you say, “the vaccine IS the virus!” How many people are only getting the bloody virus straight after their jabs!? Despite avoiding it for 18 months or so with no jab?

    • Spike protein is causing variants…
      I know this for certain as a ex senior pfizer worked has the documents on there jabs and she said thats what the jabs are doing…
      Creating basically something out of nothing to get more jabs done next year…
      So when the shit hits the fan its not the unjabbed thats the problem its the people who had them

      • Hi Variants of what a none existent virus

  2. This makes me angry . Lots of people won’t read past the headlines … More bullshit propaganda .

  3. The above has interesting info .
    They seem to be dishing out steroids by the bucket load.
    * More harm than good, and can extend symptoms weeks later.
    More poison to peddle along with their anti life, antibiotics.

    • Les, Unless there’s more to it?

      Think of all the interviews and TV appearances afterwards… She will make a few quid out of this and her popularity will go up.

      Yep definitely got a career in politics!

      Just to make sure it hits home, they do like to add the death tolls in the same news articles as well. Or at least some kind of graph to show in an increase in case numbers… Utter bollox unless there is more evidence and of course…. Isolation!!

    • It’s absolutely insane…lol.

      She has the jab. It messes her up and she’s promoting others to join her in hospital… Hmm great advise. She’s an idiot!!

      I really hope no one is foolish enough to follow her advise. If they do, they deserve what comes…

      • Wait till the stupid c*nt wants to have some babies, lets see her media controllers help her then.

  4. Do we have any data on how many vaccinated people test positive after vaccination? Is it a 100%? These tests are rubbish, but surely the vaccinated will test positive if you are injecting them with fragments of the virus, and then you use a test to look for fragments of the virus, no?

  5. A mid-wife friend told me that they are giving pregnant women the jab and then the mothers can’t feel the un-born baby moving around now !

    • Psychopaths people running this country switch on your brains People

  6. If you are young and healthy and/or have had Covid you don’t need the vaccine. Urging people to have the experimental vaccine when they don’t need it is coercion and against the Nuremburg Laws, so the people that are doing the urging are open to prosecution. I hope more people start questioning what really is going on. This is an unremarkable virus that doesn’t require draconian measures, in the main it only kills elderly people with previous health conditions and doesn’t justify the lockdown measures, as proof just look at the overall deaths for 2020, they were the same as the previous five years. No this is NOT about a virus but control, power and population reduction.

  7. So this is the plan even when get jabbed they will blame covid if you get blood clots

  8. Insanity pure Insanity! The blood clot is the jab not COVID come on people turn off your damn TV set, throw away your msm news papers and stop listening to the bs!!!

  9. You cannot get blood clots from a virus that doesn’t exist.

  10. They will never stop mocking people slowly killing and separating them from each other. Their plans are sneaky and treacherous

    • This has ALWAYS been the plan of the British establishment…we must VOID the acts of union that gives the British their power…the English haven’t had a parliament since 1706 FFS…when will the people of this great land wake up…vote for the ENGLISH CONSTITUTION PARTY…NOT political party…NO POLITITIONS…just law-abiding citizens following the rule of law and standing up for their counties…the way things used to work-very effectively… before the british removed our unalienable god-given rights. We do not need any more politics ruining England…ENOUGH!!

  11. Hugo what 17 year old who read that would want to take that jab after hearing she is on blood thinners and morphine? Especially after three days of taking the jab she suffers this adverse reaction of a blood clot on the lungs. This would make most run the other way. For a young person who is fit and healthy, why would they want to spend the rest of their lives dependent on blood thinners and morphine and lead only half an existance that would cause an early death. I think the DM is publishing this as a false positive and it follows their article from yesterday where the headline looked like they are slowly edging away from the covid
    DM Headline=>
    ‘Is it time to stop obsessing over Covid figures? Statistics reveal virus is NOT the biggest killer – with heart disease, dementia and cancer each claiming four times as many lives in an average week last month’
    If anything I could be wrong but I think there is a smoke screen maybe a return in the autumn with an enforced fear to control.
    It could be that they know the public are fed up with the same headline just like the brexit fiasco.
    They I think will introduce it again but the deaths and hosptalisations are more likely to be the vaccinated.
    God Bless you Hugo and your family.

    • Yes, quite. This article is just too stupid to be actually stupid. Teenagers will recoil at the idea of taking the jab after reading this. Therefore, I suggest that is the real intention. While putting up a few cursory quotes encouraging teenagers to take the jab – maybe to meet some top down directive – the message conveyed is quite the opposite.
      I think someone at the DM is playing the manipulators at their own game by over-egging it. Someone has grown a pair. I welcome this article.

      • Mike Austin Yes, connecting the dots and the hidden inuendo’s, I think you could be right as today they have printed this an event that happened in 1963 :)! The resignation of profumo after the S Ward scandal and the brnging down the consevative gov under Harold Macmillan.
        This 1963 was a planned attack by porton down sanctioned by profumo ‘for the good of the people’ so they said.? Undertaken event on the Northern line in 1963. So What would that have to do with Covid and why publish this after the previous articles that are demoting the severity of the flu / Covid virus? The independent also has this story from 1995 and =>

        Looks like the un jabbed have had a lucky escape.? Maybe this time the ‘anthrax’ is in the jab metaphorically speaking?

      • Interesting stuff. But would the sheep actually believe that it could be happening again…. no fking chance. And they think that WE are the weirdos!!

  12. I had a look at her Linkedin which up for all to see. Very interesting, The Welsh Youth Parliament, in which she served, encourages young people to make decisions at national level, in line with Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: a child’s right to have its say on decisions that affect them, and for their views to be considered (!!!)

  13. Typically would be polictian a LIAR gets blood clots and blames the concovid, not the jab.brainwashing young people she sale her soul to get to be a polictian.

  14. There are now hundreds of comments on this article (including one from me, posted last night), the majority of which are pointing at the vaccine rather than the virus.

  15. People are being paid to do this, and we now know that they will do anything where there is money involved. I don’t think you should broadcast it Hugo as it sends out the wrong message, certainly to people who will do just about anything for money, despite the FACT that it could kill them.

  16. “Covid-19” does NOT EXIST. All the elderly who died in care homes during 2020 were murdered with Midazolam, and the deaths blamed on a virus which doesn’t exist. These death jabs are designed purely to replicate the “symptoms” of “Covid-19” in order to control the population through fear and via never ending lockdowns. Thousands of children in the UK will be dead before Christmas. I’ve noticed how the complicit media are slowly but surely letting the mask slip, with even the satanists at the BBC now saying the vaccines are killing people. The BBC knows what will happen when Bunter forces schools to jab children with the poison from next week, and the fuckers don’t want to be seen as having been complicit in all of it. Well, it’s far too late for that.

    Death is coming. It’s going to be a very long hard winter. The people must rise up or the end will come for all of us.

  17. Got to be honest here, young Maisie looks like she’s carrying far too much timber for a 17 year old. Perhaps some exercise is in order instead of sitting on her fat arse all day debating her communist student politics.

  18. During the last month 5 bodybuilders have died. It would be interesting to know if any of them had the jab.

    • … and your guess would be??? 👍. This is murder. I have been calling it the ‘vaxtermination jab’ since LAST October, but as you will all know, I was not listened too… sad but true. The sheep know what’s coming because we’ve told them, they just dare not face up to it……

    • I would also like to see the answer to that.

  19. It’s hard to believe how thick most people are.

  20. I think she’ll make a fine politician in the future, she clearly has all the traits – lying, deceitful and all round full of shit. She’ll fit in just right.

  21. Must admit when I saw this come up I wondered if she was a young actress urging youngsters to get the jab. I mean we have had the adult actors urging us lot so now it’s the youngsters turn. I did have a quick read of the article and apparently paramedics thought she had meningitis as some of her symptoms pointed to that. God I wish this bullshit would end.

  22. She looks far too healthy no heavy breathing either.

  23. I think they moved from actors to very ambitious young people who very willingly sell their soul to the devil. I dont believe for a second she is sick, she probably made a deal. No jab for me if I convince other to take one. Look at her linkedin, politics combined with medicine… sounds familair and ” keen to go above and beyond” Yeah. Schwab jugend I think is what she is.

  24. I dont think she actually said any of that. The whole thing is such a lie, why would they not just make up all the quotes as well.

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    • I rather suspect this is to blame the expected future blood clots on covid. And can we even be sure she’s really ill? Maybe they wanted someone to blame their blood clot on covid, and knew no one would, so asked her to and she agreed to it. I would imagine that to be the case here.

  25. What’s going on? My comments regularly aren’t showing up for some reason, so I always copy them first, to save having to do it all over again. I did this and I got the message that my comment was a duplicate of one I’d already sent, but I refreshed and it’s still not showing, and I doubt this will either????

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      it does show eventually, so i hope this helps keep the faith and keep strong
      have great day

      • No, there’s tons that never show at all. I know some do show eventually, but a lot don’t appear at all.

  26. This story is so bizarre! You would think that they would keep the story of a 17 yr old getting blood clots only 3 days after having the clot-shot under wraps in case other teenagers saw how dangerous the clot-shot was…. but they have publicised it! How stupid do they think the sheep are???? Orrrrrrr, they have seen the BS that the sheep have gobbled-up so far and thought, ‘lets try this one, surely they will not swallow this…?’ But looks like they have! lol lol lol. Another SMH time!

  27. If an animal came up to you, barked, chased a stick and wagged it’s tail. Would the news identify it as a cat?

  28. Since when was a blood clot the presenting symptom of covid? I thought it was usually from week 2 onwards that sick people with plenty of symptoms then start to develop the clotting disorders associated with covid19.

  29. Firstly, it’s worth pointing out COVID can cause clotting as it’s mainly a clotting disease but 3 days after the shot is very suspicious. The spike protein causes clotting so it’s possible to get blood clotting from either the virus or the shot. Chances are this girl had Covid without even knowing and by adding a shed load more mRNA of the spike protein it caused the clot. Similar happened to a young lad in the US, took the shot when he didn’t know he even had COVID which made the shot side effects terrible for him. Watch the YouTube vid from ‘Dr Charles Hoffe’ and he estimates blood clots in 62% of his patients who received the COVID shot.

    • Convid -1984 has never been accused of giving anyone any blood clots since this scam started. It gave you shortage of breath and a fever… oh, and a cough, which has disappeared in recent months, but I have NEVER heard of anyone with Convid having blood clots since the start of this plandemic.

  30. One of my colleagues recently had his 1 jab. About 2-3 weeks later he cought covid. He was ill,but not so bad. He said he will get the 2.shot and that he is sorry for not having the jab earlier. No comment!
    Some people are hopeless…

    • Yet another Shake My Head moment! They have all been so brainwashed! The husband of the 40yr old BBC presenter actually said on an interview after she had DIED of the clot-shot that he thought that people should have a choice which clot-shot they could have!! I would have shouted that ‘NO-ONE SHOULD HAVE ANY F’KING VACCINE BECAUSE IT KILLED MY WIFE !!” …. but he didn’t!

      • ” The husband of BBC journalist Lisa Shaw, who died from blood clots in the brain as a result of the AstraZeneca vaccine, has called for people to be presented with a choice of vaccines.” FFS!! Would anyone say these things unless they were suffering from some kind of psychosis??

  31. So obviously a clot from the vaccine itself, so obviously a rouse. Fed up with this mainstream bull.

  32. It’s akin akin to: “Schoolgirl goes out on a date that ends up being the worst experience of her life, then goes online to encourage all her friends to go out on a date with him”

    • Very good analogy, my friend. You would think that msm would HIDE this experience… but they must think that the sheep are soooooo brainwashed that they will accept and believe anything! Worst part is that the sheep do!

  33. Try not to get down Hugo! Our prayers are with you, and you are doing a great job at getting the truth out. Draw closer to Jesus, he has all the answers to life.

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