ISRAEL 3rd Booster Or Green Pass REVOKED / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. It has been said for over 20 years that it was Bill Gates intention to have everyone in the world taking timely injections recorded digitally to his approval. How this information is sneaking up on anyone is the real surprise!


      • Just take your boosters continually until you die, and you’ll be fine. It’s perfectly safe. As soon as you get your shots you can live like normal. But keep wearing a mask and distancing and locking down.

      • Do not be tricked or deceived! By the evildoers! They want your soul to perish.
        Everyone has a divine eternal soul, given to us by God almighty, never give consent of your free will.
        Run to Jesus!! In these times he will show you the truth of all things. “Hope in Christ”
        Glory be to God!! Never lose sight of Jesus! In these times many will fall away and be lost.. Endure till the end and be saved!!

  2. There making money, using your arm as a pin cushion,💉💉💉

  3. It’s worth looking up the ‘Deagel List’, which predicts which countries will have significantly reduced populations by the year 2025. This largely coincides with those countries in which the mRNA vaccines and boosters are being pushed. Another conspiracy theory? Who knows?

    • Yes it certainly is. This is the one that Hugo mentioned recently wasn`t it ? That list makes for very grim reading. The UK doesn`t look in very good shape , just 14% of the population left.

    • Seen it published a few months ago. Difficult to prove since it’s not backed by any real substance.

      • Mike Yeadon predicted this would happen, they eill blackmail you to death… the leaders around the world doing this need to be put up against a wall and shot, because if they’re allowed yo get away with this it will happen again.

  4. They have started with the 3rd booster shot for a while already. Something like 1.7 million allegedly have already received their 3rd dose.

    • The sensible people haven’t had a 1st dose let alone the 3rd one

    • Never had 1 , 2 they can shove there 3 boosted up there backside. 😃

  5. They will fill you with Gates poison until you die aka depopulation agenda.!!! You must wake up or face an early death!

    • It’s too late for most of them. They can’t turn back now and decide that they’ve been fooled. They would lose ‘face’ and they couldn’t do that so they will continue to be vaxterminated by these jabs in the Hope that they’ll be ok. We conspiracy theorists were totally wrong, weren’t we?? NO!!!

  6. Genicide and the sheep still can’t see it💉Thick as 💩

    • I think a lot of the sheep CAN see the mess that they are in but can’t accept that they have been fooled and therefore fight back/abuse/swear/name-call we Thinkers who tell the truth and can see ‘common-sense’, which the sheep have lost the ability to acknowledge. They have gone too far to turn back now……

  7. 13x’s as likely to catch a cold/flu they count as Covid and 6x’s as likely to die, I guess the effect of the booster will help short term but long term make it even worse.

    This proves ADE is occuring, the Jab’s shouldn’t help with Cold/Flu but shouldn’t make it worse, unless ADE!!

    Remember, PCR and Lat Flow can’t tell the difference between Covid or Cold/Flu, everyone has a Cold/Flu here and everyone is testing positive but me ofcourse 🙂

    We need to expose lying about it being Covid when it’s Cold/Flu, Cases being made based on CDC report, arrests mid September 🙂

    • Arrests mid September – your prediction or read somewhere?

  8. It’s a good job they are opening all these prisons because if they put a needle in my grandson I will need a room after I kill the that that did it.

  9. Is there hard evidence that one single jew in Israhel died from the jab ?

  10. Didn’t varadqueer say that Ireland is going to follow the Israel system. Expect this in Ireland now.

    • Noel, I believe that most countries will follow them as a template.
      Wasn’t bell end Gove there a few months ago do exactly this?

      It’s a hive for new tech development as well. So watch this space…

  11. I refuse to have any of those poisonous jabs and if it means me being shut out of events and bars etc then thats fine with me…
    I lived my best years in the social scene and travel anyway…
    Theres nothing about i would jab myself for anyway…
    They can shove the lot of it

  12. Blue pill- red pill.
    Life or death.
    Use common scence.
    Make the right choice.


  14. That really isn’t very helpful. If all you have to offer is antisemitism then perhaps you should refrain from commenting.

    • What I cannot understand about Israels insistance upon progressing down the road of vaccination is, It seems to me they are doing to their own what Hamas and Hezbolha have been trying to do for decades! Where is the sense in that?

  15. It makes perfect sense, like the lockdown first time after the jabs appeared “until we’ve jabbed the vulnerable”. Now they’re already talking about the latest new super duper variant, so we’ll need to be locked down until “the vulnerable are jabbed”. Just like Boris last year “no lockdowns, let the bodies pile high – oh, the scientists say lock down”. This year “Boris is prepared for 50K bodies rather than another lockdown.” Once the chools have gone back and they can fudge the numbers some more “oh, the scientists say another lockdown”.

    People have such short memories, and they think we’re so dumb they can keep using the same tactics again and again and we’ll just keep falling for it.

    Sadly where 99% of the public are concerned – they are right.

  16. If they try to touch our kids it’s time for action. The time for words is getting shorter

    • Dave, I really hope they get stopped as they are lowering the age group all the time.

      The risk of catching a cold or flu is normal for autumn / winter and always has been.
      Wish more people would wake up to these con tests that increase the numbers for them.

    • Action should involve getting the names of the people who go to the schools to poison kids (The Death squads). These people need making an example of they should never be able to rest anywhere without fear of reprisal.

      • Write a letter and get the Head master to sign it stating that you will hold HIM/HER/IT personally liable for any illness of your child. That may just ‘focus’ their minds on the Adverse Reaction reports for youngsters under 16yr old. In fact you could attach a copy of the ONS reports to the letter so the Head can see for sure what you are talking about. 😉

  17. I’ve been lied to and took the first 2. Well I’m not taking no more!!!!Hopefully I will live . God knows what they put in me !!!!!
    Murderers !!!!! Leave the children alone !!! They don’t need no jabs. None of us do. They don’t work anyway !!!!!

  18. This is why we have been on all these freedom marches and sharing loads of information to people the last 18mths and stated all this is going to happen last year, at this point I’m getting really sick of these people that are so small minded and just brainwashed by a fucking TV, they could just listen to what people have to say and look into what we say I’d be happy even if they still wish to believe the TV but not looking or listening really gets to me these days.

    It’s been hard work that’s all we doing is trying to help others and we get kicked in the face for it.

    Sorry I Apologise for Swearing Guys Rant Finished 😔❤

    • Swearing never hurt anybody ! Anybody takes offence Fk em!

    • Julian, it’s all going to plan for the psychological experts who put these things in place.

      They have looked at all the angles and have years of research so no hope for the average MSM followers. It’s probably worse on social media!

      You have to remember… We are competing against hourly news, daytime TV, radio, TV ads, guilt trip ads in bus shelters….
      And then there’s us saying, hold on a min there’s a lot of things that don’t add up here.

      Most people are too weak to question things for themselves which is a real shame!

      • So weak and brainwashed that try had two experimental injections so they could ‘ go on holidays’! I don’t know if I should 😂 or 😢. But, if they ONLY watch the BBC, then they won’t even know there is another side to this saga. Tough luck to them!

      • Correct they even have behavioural science’s to confuse the sheep with subliminal messaging all day long. They are” fear creators”

        Those who do not know Jesus are easier to manipulate, the upper echelons of the church are I posters leading the sheep astray.
        Go to the foot of the cross, repent and Jesus will show you the truth in all things.
        Your divine eternal soul needs Jesus, like a flower needs rain.
        God bless!! Truthseekers.
        Christ is king!!

      • ” if you can’t convince them then confuse them ” . President Harry Truman.

  19. It seems that three jabs take 50% of the immune system from you. I cannot understand why the Israel government is wanting to kill the chosen ones . When it is the zionists who are behind the whole thing. Or is it the satanists wanting to rid themselves of the jews as well as the others.?/?????????? WTF

    • same people financially backed both sides in WW2 providing funding to wipe out its brothers and sisters, please look it up and see who they are…..I will give you a clue, red shield! translate that from English to German and you have your group of people who put profit over religion and even family

  20. This is like deja vu. From what I remember , a few months ago this year the Gov in Israel wanted to jab the children. Lots of parents said no and so the Gov told the parents who had been double jabbed that if they refused consent for their children then their own green passes would be revoked. Shortly thereafter they had a war with Hamas. Afterwards when all the dust settled and the new regime ( coalition ) was introduced the Gov reversed the decision.

    • Mickey, that’s interesting! Thanks for sharing.

      These kind of cases will help to clear up the main issues:

      Isolation of the so called virus – independent scientific proof that it actually exists in the first place.

      If it does then hopefully it can be traced back to where it was made. Two places spring to mind and Fraudcci is linked to both.

      The thing that most people overlook is that the justice system can be bought with the right figure as well.

    • I predicted this Mickey.this is the reason Matt Wankcock attempted to distance himself before the body count rises. What I expect to happen is the likes of him and lots of other Government officials will be bought to justice which will create a void in Governments. The NWO will ride up on white horses throwing all the enemies of the people under the Bus in spectacular fashion. The people will applaud and embrace their NWO liberators while the same NWO backfill the Governments to create the desired one world Government. The people will be deceived and call for the deception. Next phase of the Great reset will be applied.

      • 2 years ago you would have been called a lunatic for suggesting such a far-fetched future for us all….. but in 2021, 520+ days into the ”14 days to flatten the curve” BS, your comments make perfect sense to millions of Thinkers, but the sheep will not/dare not realise the position we are in.

      • I doubt that’s the plan. It has too much of a chance to overblow in the face of the perpetrators.

  21. This is total insanity now….what a dumb ass you must be to comply to this!!!

  22. Not too sure what the point of having a first jab is health-wise. Vaccines are developed to help protect a community from a virus. But this jab is being rolled out and even the beeb and other media say it wont stop you catching covid or spreading it.

    • Pete, so it makes you think what is the real point of having it?

      It’s not made for free and someone is paying for it as the pharma companies are making 40+ Billion out of it.
      Sage members have shares in the companies who make it so it’s in their interest to promote it.
      Sage tell the government what to do in the ‘Deadly pandemic’… Who the hell selected this committee and worse still elected them above the government??

      I think the majority of us know the answers but shouldn’t everyone be asking these questions??

      • People are taking these jabs because they’ve been told it’ll lessen the symptoms and save their lives should they catch it. Then boom, someone dies from the Vax and they still call it COVID because, like they said, it’s only got a 90% efficacy or whatever or it’s the unvaxxed to blame for spreading it to the vaxxed who still canny feckin comprehend the fact that they’re meant to be vaxxed against catching it and not dying… And the saddest feckin part of this is, that these poor people still believe what the MSM are saying.

        It’s just feckin impossible to get through to some people!

      • I have decided to stop trying to educate them now, they are beyond help. They know that they have been fooled but they can not possibly admit it, so they carry on digging a deeper hole for themselves and fight back with insults when a ‘tin hatter’ shares some common sense with them . They don’t want to hear anything that makes it worse for them….. namely the truth! It is too late for them, they have taken the vaxtermination jab now….. and the others that will follow. Good luck with that!

  23. pharmacy latin Greek pharmakeia this is the sorceries mentioned in the Bible Babylon system .. This is biblical the great deception. without belief in God all is lost

  24. Dont give the children to molech… stand firm and seek God . These evil scum are doomed but we are not ,,we have hope…..

  25. dear god. when will it ever end? deeply suspicious about all of it.. something just does not sit right with me about any of this. there’s something really disturbing happening at the moment. I feel it to my soul and cannot shake the feeling that something is really wrong. and it’s this feeling that has so far kept me away from the clot shots i won’t be going anywhere near them any time soon. because there’s alarm bells ringing in my ears… surely they aren’t all brainwashed.

    • Stephanie, no not all of them but we are in the minority.

      I think Afghanistan is a distraction and the boosters will be the next thing being really pushed in autumn and winter.

      I just hope parents can break out of the spell before they hand over their children to be jabbed.

      Stand firm and resist for as long as you can!!

    • No, they’re ALL british…the british have always started wars ALL around the world…if you don’t believe me, go to Rumble and look up Daddy Dragon-the full English…this whole nightmare is all about the british keeping their power to control the world…they need to have their power removed…VOID the acts of Union 1706/7 and the british have no more power…simple…but we need everyone to stand up and say NO MORE…go to your local Stand In The Park 10am Sunday morning and find the truth from others like yourselves. Look up Stand In The Park on the net to find your local stand-they’re all listed for England and let’s take back control of our ENGLAND-the only nation not to have its own parliament-we are the last significant colony of the british empire…THE CONSTITUTION IS THE SOLUTION…the british stopped teaching it in schools in the early 70’s…Why? Because it gives US UNALIENABLE RIGHTS that the british pretended to take away…and you are complying by wearing a mask or being locked away or doing ANYTHING that the british tell you…TIME TO WAKE UP PEEPS NOW!!!


    Only learned today that Singapore are now testing using a breathalyser !

    The beginning of the phasing out of the PCR that will become obsolete by December 31st

  27. 8 extra jabs is another thus 4 years they anticipate. That will take the needles plus current pending third jab on 8 lot system plus prior first 2 to 10 overall. So, that is on average another 4 year and thus taking to 2025. More probable to to extend beyond that. So, that is the immune system spiked to hyper mode 10 times and to increase chances of an array of medical reactions and autoimmune disorders to arise and other problems. Furthermore, the heavy metal toxins and graphene in particular to increase ten fold to the bodies system. So, how much graphene and other materials is that in the body? A lot and accumulative.

  28. Good news finally 🙂 less than 3 weeks before covid is exposed as a hoax, millions killed in care homes with bad drugs that cause respiratory illness and death to fake covid and also jabs are to create deaths they can blame on covid.

    Fauci, Hancock hopefully boris are all going to prison for genocide.

    Watch the latest David Icke video theyvegot the proof 🙂

    3 weeks and jabbed will be feeling pretty stupid lol

  29. The government have brought back Afghan elite troops who will be armed and work along side out troops with no loyalty bitish population how long before they are used against our soon to be banned demonstration complete NWO compliance is the end game.

  30. This will all go to pieces i reckon at some point…
    People even that believe all this crap must see a bit through it as for 18 months its been the same even when promised after them jabs they get there freedom and then they was just for the vulnerable ONLY as hancock stated in january…and they states they was NOT going near kids with them…
    If people just said NO and in vast amounts this scam would lose its legs

    • Less than 3 weeks court cases all over the world exposing the hoax and genocide, the sheep will lose there minds.

      There entire basis belief for the sheep is our leaders don’t lie and are trying to look after us, they can’t accept otherwise, rude awakening coming lol

  31. Once you’ve commited to the first, you’re f*cked basically, because you can’t stop otherwise you’re just like me.

  32. Scientific Study casts serious doubt on Vaccine Passports as it finds fully vaccinated are 27 times more likely to develop Covid-19

    Vaccinated individuals are 27 times more likely to get a symptomatic Covid-19 infection than those with natural immunity from Covid-19 according to a newly published scientific study. The study was conducted in […]

  33. then there will be a 3 month waiting list. and more continued queuing. will never end. and on and on it go’s. so glad im not a part of it. and becoming more self sufficient

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