IRELAND Roy Butler Waterford Vaccine Damage Protest

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  2. Well done Waterford πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠβœŠ

  3. They will never stop mocking people slowly killing and separating them from each other. Their plans are sneaky and treacherous.GOVERNMENT MUST BE JAILED

  4. I have absolutely 100,000,000 % respect to these people for doing this. Thank you and well done.
    A comrade from sunny England.

  5. These wonderful people are heroes!! God bless everyone out there peacefully protesting, so great to see so many people coming together as one after such a tragic loss of this poor young footballer.

  6. Wonderful to see….thank you Waterford…best wishes from a ‘troubled ‘ U K…

  7. That is why there is war going on against Catholics and Rothschild has infiltrated the Vatican and corrupted the heads of the Church long time ago.
    At the end of the day it’s not truth about COVID but truth about Jesus Christ which is the only and the last issue the powerful Jews, crypto-Jews not only from Habad Loubavitch have not managed to address even after the threw billions to destroy it.
    The rest of the population that knows little about Jesus Christ or even were condition by J*wish media to hate it are subjects to Milgram Experiment and follow the orders like Nazis and Communists did.

    • Now Francis is after the Latin Mass, which makes me all the more certain of it’s supernatural power and determined to keep attending for as long as I can get to one! All we can do is put on the armour of God, keep the Faith, go to Mass and the Sacraments and, as Padre Pio said pray, and don’t worry!
      It’s great to see all those people in Waterford though. I’ve a son only a year younger than Roy Butler, I feel so sad for his mother and father, they will never get over it. Thanks be to God my young fella is determined not to take any of the jabs, but sadly, nearly all his friends have. Lord have Mercy on Ireland!

  8. Well done all these people in Ireland. So sad that the young footballer lost his life from taking the jab? A peaceful demonstration. More people are waking up to what is going on. We all need to stand together now. We must stop children being jabbed.
    I Wish Ireland all the best from England.

  9. As a Brit I who also has Irish Nationality I salute our cousins in Ireland showing their protest. The death of that young footballer is such a tragedy.

  10. this is the great delusion. People need to wake up fast before it is too late. Just say NO NO NO save your soul from evil agenda.

  11. I think the desperately high amount of Fluoride in Irish water has been responsible for the slow start of resistance. It is dumped into the water in Ireland on a daily basis by the Provisional Government of the Free State (which is neither free or a state) Provisional government for over 100 years and Toxic Flouride dumped in the water daily for the last 65.

    • That lady summer up now a lot of us feel. We are just ordinary people, not mad nutters and conspiracy theorists or anti-vaxxers, just normal people worried about the covid vaccines and the harmful measures being imposed on us and our children.

    • Yes indeed. We’ve a filter jug that removes fluoride but can only get the filters from England. You can get one that filters the entire system of the house but it costs nearly 1000 Euros. So many people here could not afford that, just like they wouldn’t have been able to afford to pay for metered water. We shouldn’t HAVE to anyway! Fluoride is so toxic and it’s a crime they poison our water with it! Our water is full of lime too, it has the kettle destroyed and I have to descale it nearly every week! It’s a disgrace!

  12. The best part of that video was at 8.25 when the fat uniformed pig sees he’s about to walk past a camera without his face nappy on, and hurriedly puts it over his pig pie hole.

  13. Fuck the so called experimental synthetic pathogen gene therapy injection…Fucking sheep Cunts…well done ireland..much respect

  14. I am quite shocked that the actor that Hugo did a video on recently has died in hospital . Of covid we are told. Anyone know anything about this . His wife is pregnant how awful for her. .. ..

      • I read it in daily express. I don’t know if he was jabbed. He died in Stoke hospital . It’s a bit shocking , I don’t know what happened. Anti vaxxer died at Stoke hospital. Actor from lads army . Wife pregnant.

      • He’s called Marcus Birks.

        I downtime this cherry-picking by the media. They are silent over 20,500 deaths in Europe from the jabs (even if they are merely cladding them as suspected deaths), 13,000 in USA, 1600 in UK alone. Yet they jump on every unjabbed (anti-vaxx!) person dying, one or two, in millions. It’s all to scare and coerce younger folk into getting the jab.

      • *I’m sick of this cherry-picking *classing then as suspected deaths.
        (Apologies, auto-correct in action)

    • Always sad to hear of people dying, however, it really is important to know of the jab status of younger people supposedly dying and what drug they were administered.

      Without such info, our argument will be difficult to justify.

  15. Love and huge respect to everyone in Ireland who is standing up for the truth.
    Blessings from England.

  16. Ireland fought oppression for 800 years men women and children died for there freedom to have a free society from tyranny and oppression to be a Country once again , Ireland is now under oppression again from a corrupt government part of this global plandemic Roy Butlers death didn’t need to happen fit healthy young man with his whole life a head of him from a so called virus with a 99.9 survival rate ! Roy is not the only one ! The Irish government are guilty of murder gone against the Nuremberg code shame on them , I hope all people stand up to this tyranny across the globe

    • If you study Irish history, you’ll see the Irish government’s current behaviour hasn’t changed from WW2. They’re appeasers and always will be. They appeased Hitler and the Nazis by refusing to send soldiers to fight along side the Allies, and then ostracized the Irish soldiers who went to fight along side the British. Now they’re sucking on the NWO/Schwab/Rothchild/Rockerfeller cock.

      • Thank the Lord God Jesus Christ for all who protest and all who expose the truth like Hugo thank you all.

    • Most of our politicians here are career politicians with no interest in making Ireland a better place for the ordinary Irish people. Big Tech has many of it’s European HQs in Dublin, Big Pharma has a large presence in the State too; both of them seem to have enormous influence over policy making! Their puppet politicians are deeply corrupt and are commonly referred to as “gombeens”!
      None of the 3 main parties got more than 25% of the vote last February in the GE, so we got a coalition of Fianna FΓ‘il, Fine Gael and the Greens, who themselves only got 7% of the vote! Our political system is not fit for purpose but people just put up with it, probably due to the fluoridisation of our mains water! T’would wither you, as they say! It withers me anyway!

  17. Thank you Hugotalks
    You are a voice of reason in an insane world

  18. I’m from northern ireland, was down south last week on holiday. Phoned to book a table in a pub for dinner for my family, 3 kids over 18. We weren’t allowed to eat inside as we’re not double jibbed!! We could eat outside though and been eaten by midges… thanks. Glad to see Ireland fighting back, anyone I talked to was completely compliant. My daughter and ex husband were screamed at and thrown out of a pharmacy for not wearing masks….didn’t want to know about exemption!! This gives me hope….stand up fellow islanders. Heartfelt sympathy for this family

    • Janey! I never wear a mask and only have been asked about it on about 5 or 6 occasions! I’ve certainly never been screamed at nor told leave a place! That’s an absolute disgrace and I’m very sorry ye were treated in such a fashion!

    • Andy Heasman, who lead the prayer, is with Anti-Corruption Ireland so if you go onto their website, you can contact them from it and once they have your mobile number, they will text you every time a protest is due.

  19. Well done to these people!

    A lady in the clip was asking about the non use of ivermectin and others… the medical protocols that were scripted for the health authorities and medical professionals to treat the so called COVID clearly states and recommends that the very inexpensive and alternative treatments that do work are not to be used (Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Vit C & D and Zinc)

    I urge anyone reading this who has been vaccinated to start taking zinc and iodine. They will extract poisons and heavy metals from your body!


    Lists US and EU vaccine deaths/adverse reactions an names recent deaths

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