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  1. Even if you are vaccinated you can still get it, so what therefore is the point of having it

    • Think it’s 2 jabs and negative test at the moment. After September you must be double jabbed, negative test no longer considered.

    • Edward Bloor,, it’s to make sure you get it!
      “It” being the injection, everything’s about the injection,,, or injections to come!

    • Because they want to modify the DNA to create a new hybrid. Many will die others will be genetically modified and maybe controlled remotely by been connected to the 5G towers. The virus doesn’t exist at all.

  2. Do you remember the ‘leak’ supposedly from Neil Ferguson about the plan to keep GB under lockdown. It was considered false, but interestingly contained just this – spread from festivals.

    • Spread of what?…its been debunked that you spread things without symptons and virologists have said its impossible…

      • True, and i heard that shedding after being jabbed is real and dangerous but not because of spreading a virus but because of poisened cells the body want get rid of.

  3. One step away from the protest variant,, seems obvious!
    I have to laugh about the panic over people testing positive,, coming into contact with something is the only way to get over it, it is how our immune system functions and has done since the beginning of time.

    • Exactly, it’s the best way to get herd immunity. Younger people who are not at risk of major illness can get it and become naturally immune (a far superior immunity that covers all variants and lasts a lifetime). Cases are not all “bad news”, herd immunity protects everyone including those most vulnerable. This vaccine bullsh!t is utter crap, they are NEITHER safe nor effective and have done nothing to stop the spread, even made it worse according to new studies. You can’t abolish corona viruses.

    • Positive test from a swab that does not detect infections or sickness…
      Pretty pointless

    • But now the psychos are saying our immune system is not good enough. Lies become truth and the truth becomes lies. Upside down world as Hugo said.

  4. strand they have just signed a deal with the EU for the land down there to be Mined for Lithium in Batteries 🙂

  5. Get the MSM DOWN PEOPLE. THEY’RE OUR BIGGEST ENEMY. there were 3 massive protests in London prior to the Euros ( almost million in the last one ) and surprisingly there’s not a surge in cases at all nor had any coverage by the MSM BUT how ironic after the Euros thousands of cases have been found and covered on daily basis? You get the point? Those festivals were allowed by same government as pilot schemes for double Vaxxed or negative Tests participants, wasn’t it? Oh, now there’s the festival variant due to this , Give me a break. We need to target the MSM people, I’m not inciting violence at all but I will strongly suggest boycotting them, protests outside their HQ’s and naming every single One. They will not stop this scaremongering until we pay them back in the same way. By the way, have you all seen that asshole GOVE dancing in club no mask no social distance at all? One la for us, another for them FFS.. wake up people. Stand up

    • Most events and some theatres require proof of vax OR a recent negative test. Those are the ones I’m aware of.

  6. The variants
    Vary depending on who they wanna stab next
    School variants next

  7. I wonder when there will be a Pig variant, you know the Pigs yeah,

  8. year on … me not wearing a mask…no covid…go figure.

    • Same here, i went to Leicester Square yesterday no Mask on tube even underground staff never had them on. West end packed out some idiots had them on Outside, walk straight in pub no details pub busy i hope to think people now are thinking it’s all BS.

  9. These mongs do it to themselves, why get tested all the time? Live your life and stop pandering to the shit.

  10. It’s only a matter of time before the Refuser Variant comes out & we all get taken away to the Death Camps.

  11. Ok so it goes like this ..
    Offer the young people the carrot of festivals and “ don’t miss out blah blah blah “ in exchange for taking the jib jab
    Let festivals go ahead despite there being a “ pandemic “
    New delta – festival sub variant runs riot
    Blame young people
    Hospitals “ overwhelmed “
    Lock down autumn and cancel Christmas
    Simples !! Must think we are all bloody stupid ! 🤬😡

  12. Some point very soon we will be in permanent lockdown. It won’t be called that of course. It will be done in such a way that the chained believe they are still free.

  13. I saw a festival recently it was either 2 jabs or a lateral flow test.

  14. This new so called sub-strain is just another ploy to buy time to get more vaccinated if all variants were now in remission then no more pandemic jabs have to be stoped

  15. How can they say variants when they are on a basis of a myth of “a-somatic spreading” and pcr tests that do not test for infection or sickness…
    Its all bollocks and just another thing or excuse to roll out more jabs next year as well…which are not safe and killing people and making them ill…

    Winter lockdown will happen for whatever reason…🤷🏻‍♂️

  16. I working in a woman’s house today an she works in a hospital.. she’s saying there’s hardly any people there that’s dangerous ill. But they still have to test people who needs to be put in wards for example.. leg breaks or other injury’s an she’s noticed a lot of them are positive for Covid an they don’t even know. Shows us that heard immunity was probably reached ages ago an people are walking around even without symptoms yet the MSM are brutally playing the new cases 24/7. It’s a shit show for the masses. Don’t stress over it. Take it easy an laugh. Have faith.

    • Also, the tests are not accurate (up to 98% false positives) so chances are there is no “infection” anyway? And are these people in hospital with, say, a broken leg who test positive but are not ill get counted as a “Covid hospitalisation” !!! I suspect they are.

  17. How many of have been needlecrafted ? This bullshit is about to alot worse this winter

  18. Hi Hugo, I can’t speak for all festivals but I recently attended a certain metal festival in the midlands and can speak for that to answer your question. Originally, they required fully vaccinated people to also do the lateral flow test but then changed the rules like a few weeks before so that they just had to prove their vaccination status. Alternatively you could just turn up unvaccinated with a negative lateral flow and that was sufficient.
    In truth, the lateral flow tests are based on honesty, and you can simply lie when submitting your ‘results’ to the gov website which is exactly what I did. So, I attended the festival without ever having taken a test or jab.

  19. I Went to victorious this weekend in Portsmouth
    They asked for proof, most gave it.
    Those that forgot were not stopped from entering .
    It was all MSM made up as in reality how do you enforce it?
    Riot police?

  20. Just stand up and tell government and their ‘scientific advisors’ to fuck off and, hey presto! It’s gone. That’s magic!

  21. Well that probably answers a question I had a few days ago. My friend in Surrey said she gathered Devon and Cornwall were going into another lockdown. It wouldn’t surprise me, I said, but I had heard diddley squat about it (I did not add that it won’t make any difference to me, I’m going to ignore it). I said it was probably to do with the sandcastle variant. Well, so it is crowds of people at a do – I prefer my version. With a variant of a variant (hah “variants”, yeah right) so that means if it is this wonderful new discovery, proper science would say it is an even lesser degree and in that case they can go stick their heads up their bums. I believe nothing of this pish tosh. Funnily enough all those people that attended protests in London, those vast numbers of people gathering together and yet we haven’t had a protest variant. I find that amazing. Is that because they don’t want people to recognise there were thousands of people marching? Of course – they would have to say why there was and why they didn’t report it.

    • Kerry, it’s funny isn’t it there is no protest variant lol. My thoughts are like you say msm don’t want the public to know about protests, but also those of us going to the protests/rallies also don’t conform to testing, so gives them no opportunity to collect their data on so called positive cases, as we all know it’s a load of rubbish! Glad you can see it for what it is, if only there were more of us.

      • There are millions of us, but unfortunately we are totally outnumbered by the sheep. They will have us all wearing striped pyjamas before long, I fear . 😟

      • Thankies and big hugs to you. I don’t understand why I have seen through it, I must admit I was duped at first but it got more ridiculous as time went on. The drug pushing antics is disgraceful. I have managed to persuade my OH to see the light over masks. Baby steps. And if he tells his business partner who passes the info on elsewhere it is hopefully a chain effect.

      • Your OH may have to be judged as a conspiracy theorist or weirdo and may lose some of his friends… But IF it saves ONE child from this scam, it will be worth it. 👍

      • Then he can join my club! LOL – but agree if it saves someone. I have a way to go on him yet, he’s had 2 shots, but I hope the announcement of booster 3 may help. He’s in denial at the moment whereas before he wanted to travel and get on the conveyor belt to doom, he was on my side. Sometimes I feel I waste my breath as he won’t engage in chat. Whereas the builder does, OH said oh ask her she knows all about it in a slightly sarcastic tone. But I have him on the masks. As you can see I have a way to go before I can fully convert him to the light side.

        Just looked at the comment from Christine above as I write, the bullsh*t variant! LOL – yes, that is it in a nutshell!

      • My wife is on the other bus, too. She HATES me to talk sense and tell her the nonsense that msm is pushing onto the already despairing nation. She sees that its a scam, but always being a sheep, she continues, without discussing the BS with me, continues in the hope that it will all get better soon. The sheep are too far down the road to turn back and once lockdowns appear in October, they will definitely know that they’ve been shafted….. but they will still queue up for their 3rd, 4th, 5th… vaxtermination jab in the hope that things will get better…. and on it goes. Its a shame for them really

      • Agree – we tried and now we wait. It’s hard to think of the inevitable, especially when they are in denial. Sometimes I feel why do we carry on the charade! But we do and we must carry on for our own good. xxx

      • I think that it is human nature to try and help fellow humans who are in dire straights, and the fully-vaxxed sheep are certainly that! We will need to fend off abuse and bile that is spat at our stance against this tyranny and then, hold the hands of those who fall ill……. I just thank goodness that I dont live in Australia at the moment! FFS! My head would be exploding with rage with the Nazi-styled government over there!

      • Totally with you there. Australia and Ireland is awful at the moment, but Australia more so – craziness.

  22. My brother-in-law works in Amsterdam with the Salvation Army. He and four other staff members have been ill with C. I asked him how were your dozens of clients? All homeless, alcoholics and drug users! Nothing wrong with them, apparently a well trained immune system 😜

  23. I don’t know if it’s just me but when I write anything in the comments section on YouTube with the words Yellow Card in the sentence my entire comment is deleted! Anyone else get this?

    • Dave, that happens to me all the time on YT. My comment disappears in seconds when mentioning yellow card report.

  24. My friends son who is 18 got his jabs , purely to go to a festival in September 😪 if double jabbed they didn’t need to test 🙈

  25. Ok ..So .. Fauci has already admitted there is a flaw with the PCR tests…..And the sad and sudden loss of 74 year old Proffessor Kary Mullis … Nobel prize winner and inventor of the PCR test.
    He had stated publically that HIS invention could not isolate Covid 19 accurately ….. …..and therefore all PCR testing is null and void..RIP Proff Mullis !

    • Them swabs are useless…
      Amazing how many people say “i had it”…when its a postive test…
      Like they enjoy the sense of there own importance…
      When they never “had it” in the first place

  26. The only way to end this was natural immunity. So enhance the spread, more festivals, more going out and being with other people. For young people there is nothing to fear from the virus, but there is plenty to fear from the vaccines.

  27. They don’t let you in to festival now unless you have been jabbed or tested. So most likely most of them their would of been already jabbed, once at least.

  28. it’s either or, double jab no test reqd, or neg test or proof of natural immunity.

    You should feel confident that it is now considered safe for festivals to go ahead, but we all have our part to play. The information on this page reflects the current UK Government guidelines and advice from Public Health England on COVID-19 safety at events. This guidance may change, so bookmark this page and check back in the days before your event for any updates.

    Event organisers are working hard to ensure festivals comply with the most up to date guidance on COVID-19 safety. This includes protocols for their staff and enhanced hygiene.

    Individual festivals may have their own policies on some things, so check the website of the event you are attending and read any emails from them carefully.

    All In This Together
    It’s been a strange and at times challenging year for most people. A festival is a community and now more than ever we must look after ourselves and each other.

    If this year will be your first time at a festival, make sure you read about what to expect here.
    Maybe you’ve been to events before the pandemic, but are feeling nervous about being back in big crowds and in the festival environment. Read more about looking after your mental health and wellbeing here.
    Whether you’re a first timer or a hardened festival veteran, read about what to bring and how to prepare here.
    If you are planning on taking alcohol and other drugs, remember that your tolerance levels may have greatly reduced so go slow and stay low. Read more about how to reduce harm with alcohol and other drugs here.
    Over the past year there has been a rising movement globally to support positive change and acknowledge the experiences of those who are more at risk from incidents of sexual assault and harassment. Read more about safer spaces at festivals here.
    If you are working at a festival for the first time, read about what to expect here.
    The experiences of the last year have been unprecedented for all of us. Look after your friends and be a friendly face in the crowd. Let’s make sure this summer is one to remember for all the right reasons.

    You will not need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend festivals.

    That said, one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 is to have two doses of the vaccination if you are willing and able.

    All adults in the UK should be offered their first dose of the vaccine by 31 July 2021. You can check if you are eligible yet and book your vaccination here.


    Enter fullscreen
    Self-Isolating & Quarantine
    If you are self-isolating or quarantining during the period when your festival takes place, it may be disappointing, but you should not attend the event and continue to isolate in line with UK Government guidelines.

    Some events may offer TicketPlan Insurance that will ensure you get a refund if you cannot attend due to self-isolating. Check your festival website for more details.

    Regular COVID-19 Testing
    In order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it is sensible for everyone to be regularly testing themselves using the free lateral flow tests provided by the NHS, especially if you are attending a festival and when you return home. You can order tests here.

    Whenever you do a test, you should record the result on the GOV.UK website here.

    It is a good idea to stock up on tests well in advance of festival season – don’t leave it til the last minute when there may be lots of people ordering them!

    COVID-19 Certification
    Most events will have some kind of COVID-19 certification process as a condition of entry. This means they will ask you to prove your COVID-19 status with one of the following:

    proof of full COVID-19 vaccination both doses received at least 14 days before your arrival;
    proof of a negative NHS COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test taken within 48 hours of your arrival;
    proof of natural immunity based upon a positive PCR test taken within 180 days of the event (including 10 days self-isolation following the result).

  29. I went to Latitude in July, and then it was either double jabbed OR a negative lateral flow test. But seemed pointless being double jabbed as we all know it doesn’t prevent you from getting it or passing it on. So I was probably less risk unjabbed but with a negative lateral flow. Doesn’t make any sense.

  30. Sounds like they are sorted for
    E’s , whizz and Jabs.


  32. Whats the point of making a comment when half of it is removed.

  33. Hugo, I was staying at the sands resort hotel right next to this festival when it was on. I was watching this festival from my hotel room and wandered down to it a few times. On the local news they were talking about it and they said that you had to be either double jabbed or provide a negative test in order to get in. On the last day it was also on the local news that there was a ‘grab a jab’ tent on the way out. I personally didn’t see this tent as we couldn’t get close enough but that’s what they were pushing on the local radio. Personally I think it was a cohesion event where they probably had people on stage talking about how bad the last year and a half had been and in order to keep the good times rolling the best way to do that is to roll up your sleeves on the way out.

    At the time we were there I also saw in the main news that they were reporting that Cornwall as a whole was packed and covid was lurking around every corner. Again this was not what I saw with my own eyes, the roads were pretty empty, some beaches were completely empty and the streets were pretty normal and what you would expect to see in any town. They still had crazy restrictions everywhere for example in MacDonalds you had to ore order your food and then collect it from the front door. I was talking to one young guy and he said “so much for freedom day! This is far fucking worse than before freedom day!” Lol I agreed.

    The festival variant is obviously a bullshit name to cover the fact that testing and jabs don’t work as we all know. And that’s if you believe the PCR tests are accurate and that it’s not the cold/flu rebranded.

  34. They allowed people to behave normally during August with the aim of using events as an excuse to start tightening up things again throughout September…. the music festivals, the football stadiums filled with people, etc.
    Hugo, the World Bank has planned to keep C19 rolling until 2025.

  35. Each and every one of us must ACT every day to stop this juggernaut. Turn off the TV permanently. Stop buying or reading newspapers. Talk to at least one person every day about the lies government is telling. Say hello to anyone you see without a mask and talk about the bs. Call in to radio stations and tv shows and tell the truth. Reconnect with your spirit. Dark winter ahead but we can light it up. This is the big one guys, we are all in this time.

  36. They haven’t managed to isolate or identify the ORIGINAL Kung Flu strain yet , so not sure how they are managing to identify all of these variants . Actually that is a lie , I KNOW EXACTLY how they are identifying the variants , they are passing them all out of their backsides , and until they name one of them as THE BULLSH*T VARIANT the sheeple will remain sleepwalking .

    • I sense that you are a little frustrated that normally sensible friends and family and the rest of society have had a brain amputation and lost ALL of their common sense? You are not alone…. jump onto my bus! How can they not see the BS Propaganda? But I have a thought that these people have ALWAYS been sheep no matter what the directive was. They have always followed rules, however ridiculous those rules were and this scam certainly falls into that category.

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