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  1. You are correct, Hugo, to see this as Satanic.

    Satan, his demons and his minions fear nothing EXCEPT one Name: Jesus.

    • That seems typical of all superstitious things like religion. Even Christianity uses blood. Think about it.

    • Correct Brother,they try to normalise satanism.Christ and only Christ can redeem you.This ain’t no joke

      • There are none so blind for them that wish not to see.
        We are in a spiritual war.

        I have seen and known about it for a long time, the symbolism is everywhere.
        People must understand we are ruled by demonic forces.

        Illuminati masonic bankers rule over us
        I care not which puppet sits on the throne I only care who controls the money. And I control the money.
        Nathan rothschilds 18th century. British empire was/is controled by them.
        The English were mere cannon fodder!
        All wars are bankers wars,
        Monarch, media, politicians etc are all masonic puppets who dance to the tune of the devil..

        Virus hoax is the perfect storm to depopulate the world and bring in NWO..
        All under the guise of saving lives. They created communism to control the masses.
        Where all churches will be erased but synogogues will not be touched.
        For they are fake jews(synogogue of Satan).
        They have obliterated education for a touchy feel good mush mash of inane nonsense.
        Pushed God out of the schools, discipline, morality truth are seen as hampering progress. And God is irrelevant, so let’s just do as we please because we can.
        Oh! my oh! my how they have lied.lied! Lied!!
        “The fool says in his heart there is no god”
        I know the truth!! 2019 I encountered the blessed holy mother the rosary is a beautiful thing and powerful.
        She truly is the intercessor to Jesus Christ her son.
        I repented at the foot of the cross with all my heart and soul. Jesus heard my cry.
        When everybody else abandoned me, Jesus never did!!
        I thank God everyday for giving us the free gift of Jesus
        Truly! I tell you Jesus is real as you and I.
        I want everybody in these despicable times to save their divine eternal souls.
        This life is a mere drop in the ocean your soul is eternal.
        You, choose brothers and sisters heaven or hell!
        Time is short. Viva Christore!!
        Glory be to God!! Open your hearts to Jesus!! Do it!!

    • Zephaniah 3:8 kJB

      Also Jesus came to make peace through the Blood of the cross. Think about that.

      I will be like the most high. Blood?

    • Tryed to leave this comment on u tube , wasn’t even shown ! Look mate I have respect for what you believe also envious that you have them beliefs,I really wish I could believe too.I also know you’re heart is in the right place for humanity . please leave the Bible bashing off the comments tho , even if where on the same page it puts people off in a way that they think your crazy!we need all the support we can get so please just quote facts for the uninformed! We will support you and your beliefs so just try and help Hugo and the tribe ,and when where in a place where we haven’t got to worry anymore you can preach till your heart is content 🤛I’m truly sorry I’ve even had to say That ,that is the reality we live in at the moment tho so we need to do something about it.get smart organise spread facts,we are already fighting against our own people who have been propergandised to the point they can’t think logically about anything, just please try and support us in that way because I know the Hugo community has got a place for every religion 💗😉💕

    • Hugo you have been infiltrated! My important comments don’t appear on this channel!I have tried with vital information and nothing can be seen ,the corruption is very real and we need to get behind Hugo now because we only have a short time left

    • Amen! Hugo your on the correct lines, and they are not myths, the Bible is the Truth, it is Gods Word.

    • Do you know, I believe that the mad people at the heart of this scam fear no one, not Jesus or any God because they believe themselves to be the new Gods, the new second-coming. I do not wish to offend but if Jesus or God is our saviour, kind of what one or the other to get his skates on and sort out the bad guys. At the moment it is like waiting for James Bond to make an appearance ….

  2. I would never get a bloody transfer/donor after the vaccinated people now they are infected, bloody donors have dropped massively in 2020-2021 and hospitals are in serious need of unvaccinated peoples blood .
    And did you see them numbers come up again lately with “T206 Honus Wagner baseball card sells for $6.606 million”

    • Literally just walked by 6 blood donation motorbikes by a blood donation stand outside my local Asda. Then another , riding nearby. Must be a big push at the minute.

      • They are desperate for unvaccinated blood it is incredible, yes they can have vaccinated blood but there is a lot of work to clean it up first before use and no guarantee, we warned people of this last year that blood donors will change and now they are finding out big time. Keep an eye out you will see a lot more about this issue popping up 😉

      • And to think that ASDA was one of the first to declare you could get the shot in their shops… They also went really overboard at the beginning of the scamdemic with their arrows on the floor etc. I stopped shopping there, and only visit if I really have to.

      • @grouchoone1195 problem is that ASDA has a lot of court cases pending as they breach the Nuremberg Code for experimental gene therapy treatments as GOV will not protect the businesses of course but the businesses are so stupid they have not looked into this at all. And I am one of them that is taking them all the way 😉

      • @grouchoone1195 Asda is owned by Walmart. Walmart were some of the first (if not the first) to trial face recognition in some of their store I believe and I noticed recently that Asda have decreased staffed checkouts and increased self-service checkouts, at which your face is seemingly filmed/recorded/surveilled. Has anyone else noticed this?

    • I think we are ok so long as digital clocks dont display 6:66
      My unvaccinated blood should sell at a premium as its loaded with 40 years worth of THC 😆

      • Yeah same here we will be worth more than gold, lithium by now I got 50yrs+ and I used to donate my antibodies LMAO

  3. Its warped and desperate and I too feel there’s something sick and evil, behind this, as it absolutely is warped. Even as a so called controversial sales point, it inherently gets my gut instincts , kicking off , as its not fkn normal .

  4. deranged sick twisted weirdos…. May they rot in hell where they deserve to be.

    • And the apostle Paul reiterated God’s law to the Christians, in the book of Acts, chapter 15 verse 29 when he said “For the holy spirit and we ourselves have favored adding no further burden to you except these necessary things: 29 to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols, from blood, from what is strangled, and from sexual immorality. If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, you will prosper. Good health to you!”

      • That was addressed to the first century non-Israelite Christians, not to the Israelite Christians, who didn’t need telling, for they already knew The Law, plus The Law is written on the hearts of all Christians, who now live under His Grace. Thanks for your reply.

      • consider Paul/Saul as Fauci
        consider Christianity as covid 19
        consider covid 19 as Christianity 2.0

        body of christ and blood of christ are cannabalistic artifacts.

        Rome was not winning control of the Jewish tribes. A man called Jesus, who did live was used to spear head a collective of of those opposed to barbaric Roman Law.

        at the time there were two options at the Mithridates or Christianity. the former was that of roman army elites and acolytes. the other was a troublesome group of Jews who were caught and sold to the Romans as slaves and scapegoats for Romes destruction at the time of Nero. these latter were often charged with non religious crimes so as to not give empathy to their atrocious but entertaining demise in front of blood sport hungry Romans. Saul/ Paul (sheep in wolves clothing) was a roman citizen of privileged Jewish birth and I argue he became the uncontested Fauci of the day. (Fauchi
        faux chi= fake energy)

        Paul/Saul never met Jesus (adaption of the word Zeus)

        (letters make words, words require spelling. Spelling is occult. occult means hidden)

        Worshippers of Mithras had a complex system of seven grades of initiation and communal ritual meals. Initiates called themselves syndexioi, those “united by the handshake”. They met in secret in underground temples, now called mithraea (singular mithraeum), which survive in large numbers.
        Sounds very much like Masonic practice today?

        according to history (records are written by the victor) Mithras was persecuted by Roman authorities right up until the 4th century. which oddly coincides with the Constantine’s Nicean conference of Bishops (christian church could not have been a small thing to already have had a hierarchy of bishops). A Roman emperor overseeing the writing of a new testament and formation of a Roman catholic church? rebrand much?

        Mithras(war machine) became the wolf in sheep clothing of Christianity.
        consider.. Mithras ..

        *sharing a banquet with the god Sol (the Sun)/last supper (sun of God– each new day a sun/son a

        *slaughtering a bull/crucified (blood and flesh) (bi-bull)

        *born from a rock/rose on third day

        The New testament is dominated by the writings of Saul 14/13 (Fauci indoctrination an echo?). Of the thirteen, seven are considered by his hand. The book of James apparently that of Jesus

        the more you stand back with perspective it becomes more difficult to believe the indoctrination of the New Testament..

        The New Testament in my humble view is the game book for social control by those using Christians as a very deceptive veil.

        (please forgive my writing style, I am a valid invalid)

        Humans think in terms of mere
        years. Others think in terms of millennia)

        ask yourself why you are surrounded by obelisks, seeing eyes, Horus symbology, the Egyptian royal house colors, pyramids, ISIS , set,. Even the Vatican has its
        phallic obelisk set into a vesica piscis (vagina). London has Cleopatra’s needle, British intelligence building is constructed to look like a sphinx.

        all hidden right under your nose.

        anyone who challenged the narrative was murdered by fire or hanging.. both symbolic to the church and Masons.. do a search on hanging with red scarf. consider the holocaust of souls.

        you can choose not to be a lamb, kneeling, eyes closed
        head bowed and hands clasped. research psychological fake future.

        Be well

      • No God can’t, but you are a mere mortal and already you colour words you don’t own, as your own. You may as well be a parrot.

        Get off the internet and find an english person face to face, to practise your second language.
        You are crap at intwrpreting nuances and te internet only compounds te bad mistakes you make. You ate doing yourself a disservice.

        God sent me to tell you.

        God Bless ans be well

      • mrmigido I am a messenger for Yashua Messiah (The Lord Jesus Christ) and He always uses ‘mere mortals’ (your words, not mine) – ‘mere mortals’ are just the kind of people He loves.

        1 Corinthians 1:26-28 (MCV) For you see your CALLING, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are CALLED: 27 But God hath CHOSEN the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath CHOSEN the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; 28 And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God CHOSEN, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought (zero) things that are:

        What’s it like to be brought to nought – nothing – zilch – zero!? LOL

        Here are a few ‘mere mortals’: Abraham; Isaac; Jacob/Israel; Moses and Aaron; Samuel; Elijah; King David; Ezekiel; Isaiah; Jeremiah; Daniel; Hosea; John the Baptist; Peter; Paul and John.

  5. Whatever next…so sick of all this Hugo…great post as always…as for young blood what if most young blood is vaccinated blood? Bet they didn’t think of that eh??

    • ANY blood that comes from any provax, must surely be, ‘Questionable’ !

  6. Revolting……. (And yes it’s all about Satan – disgusting people – is that all they can come up with?) The world is mad.

  7. Skateboarders have always loved the whole death and skulls and gore but I have to say I’m absolutely gutted. Skateboarder all my life now 47. Breaks my heart seeing this from a man I had so much respect for. Now he is nothing more than a pawn in this satanic world… So disappointed..

  8. Biblically, the Law commanded people not to eat blood. ‘The life is in the blood’ Leviticus 17:11.

  9. none of the anti-aging works its just another way to rob the poor & vulnerable.

    blood inside objects is repulsive !

    thank you hugo

  10. I have to say that that’s a really disturbing advertisement for the skateboard. They do appear to be targeting young people products and I don’t like that. However, I must just point out that many people who practice magic of all sorts aren’t bad people. Like anything magic and the occult can be used for good or evil (occult only means hidden). Some people are getting a little bit carried away believing pentagrams etc are evil. They’re not. I wear one, admittedly the right way up. They’re a protective symbol which has different meanings. The main one most people know is that the points represent spirit at the top then the other 4 points mean the elements of fire, water, earth and air. I honestly believe that those behind all this are orchestrating this to create more division against those of us who follow a different spiritual path. Those of us who don’t follow mainstream religion and prefer to respect and work with nature. If you look back through history anyone who worked with nature and natural healing was called a witch and told they worshipped Satan. What utter rubbish. The majority of pagans don’t believe in Satan (all people used to be pagan at one point including our ancestors until witch burnings etc). Satan is a concept created by the Catholic Church. Satan is related to the planet Saturn which is the planet of limitation and control. Lucifer is related to the planet Venus which is the planet of excess. Venus is also known as the morning star and evening star because that’s when you see it in the sky. Anyone who has watched the series “Lucifer” may recall his name was Lucifer Morningstar. Planets are neither evil or good but what they do use is the energy of the planets and attempt to bend it to their will. As you can see Lucifer and Satan are two different characters (two different planets). I hope this helps you a little. I honestly believe they’re playing up to the bible which was edited by those who run the mainstream religion. If they turn people against pagans they’re maintaining their control.
    Keep up the good work and thanks for the videos Hugo.

    • So glad you posted this as I believe the path to enligtenment is many and varied. 😇

  11. Drip, drip ,drip…… They’re trying to implant it in our brains so we become accustomed to it, its sick!!

  12. If there’s currently too many people on the planet while nature is allowed to take its course, surely there’d be even more if people never aged, so becoming even more of an issue??? But I guess it’d only be the elites of this world who would reap the so-called benefits of this forever being young perk, and they’d have already rid the world of most of its ‘useless eaters’, so it wouldn’t be an issue….. food for thought!!!!

    • Peter, I read this book, written in the 90s, he pointed out that all the people on earth (then 4.5billion) could be put in the state of Ohio on 50x50ft lots. Ohio is a smaller state. So you can see that population is not the problem. I don’t doubt we could do better but the satanic plan of mass culling of humans down to 500 million is nothing more than a narcissist blood bath.

  13. Blood Magick rituals have been performed by man since the dawn of time.
    A famous example is Elizabeth Bathory who bathed in the blood of virgins to retain her youthful appearance.
    The Blood Sacrifice of the leaders of the 1916 Rising in Ireland achieved its aim. It gained energy and attention on the barbarism of empire.
    Good examples given of using food to create a connection between the creator and consumer, (the way to a man’s heart is thro’ his stomach).
    Energy Vampires are so noticeable nowadays, such as the yootubeses and facesbookses, leaving us drained of energy and motivation.
    Science is no more than alchemy under a different name. The scientific method is to repeat an action so many times to say that it is Probably True. Very useful between defined goalposts, tho’ it can never be actually proven in all cases. For example: Newton’s “Laws” of planetary motion are not true, they are false; but they’re very convenient to calculate and predict motions under narrowly defined everyday earthly conditions.
    Blah, Blah, Blah; preaching to the converted!!!
    Thanks for the videos…….

    • These people are darn well playing with people’s brains. They may act that they don’t believe in the bible and a deity called God but every darn thing they do is in opposition to him which shows that they do believe in him but they hate him, are Satanists who have chosen the other side as it is more ‘free’ and they can be their own little god.

      The sad part is when they behave like this, they are not setting people free, they are setting people up for a fall as misery loves company and they don’t actually care about people. Unless you are insane and irrespective of your beliefs, you got to be so horrified by the way they are promoting this usage of blood.

      Blood is seen as ‘life’. In old testament times, the israelite people were prohibited from eating anything with blood in it also blood was and still is seen as unclean. God knows why these people want to play around with it.

      Oh silly me, I know why.

  14. It’s a pity the full 8 pints were drained off. More boards would probably have been produced, but that would have been worth it, just to get rid of this pillock!

  15. There is no water in hell . They live on blood. May God protect us and have mercy on our souls .
    Good work Hugo.

  16. You are exactly right Hugo-100%- it’s clear and not fictional. All the populations of the world need to try to get their heads round to this way of thinking. If more people don’t start having the courage to explore such appalling truths then I fear Humanity will be not only under attack but destroyed 🙏

  17. Dr Phibes rises again , more topsy turvy shite , in a world apparently full of deadly diseases let’s put our blood everywhere, great idea …not .

  18. Blood and organs from ‘vaccinated’ people are poisoned, so they will extract it from the so called antivaxxers who are put in the camps.

    • I envisioned a politician somewhere in the near future saying that it’s just 2 masks, 2 metres, 2 more shots, 2 more weeks and your kids can go back to school, Oh, and 2 more leechings to screen their blood for parasites.

  19. Demons appearing to be real was my biggest surprise of 2020 and against unusually stiff competition that year.
    Plague, Aliens, Huxwellian dystopia, AI and climate change being a con, to name but a few contenders.

    Identify, oppose and hound them.
    Liars and cowards don’t deal well with truth; the very thing that emboldens and empowers the righteous.

  20. I think one day you will believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, Hugo. Repent of your sins. Forgiveness of sins is through the blood of Jesus that He shed on the cross. He rose again on the 3rd day and ascended to Heaven. He will soon come back here and take the world back after the 7 years of tribulation as described in Revelation.
    I believe the true Christians will soon be taken away (the rapture). But we’ll be coming back again with Jesus when He comes to take back authority over the earth that Satan has usurped and given to the Antichrist.

  21. As I said before this world has gotten more and more satanic over this last year, everything is opposing God.
    Had a conversation with a man today who was preaching to the people about God, I asked him if he thinks if we are in the end times and he said yes. He told me he didn’t get the vaccine because it was genetically modified with embryonic stem cells which opposes God’s will. So I just want to encourage everyone to give their life to Jesus now, repent, and be ready for his return, amen x 🙏🏻

  22. Right on the button as always Hugo, thanks for making everything so accessible 😀
    The so called elites are using adrenachrome which is harvested from children that they terrorise and then inject or drink and the youthfulness in their appearance is palpable. We are definitely in the days of Revelation or the End Times and although the vast majority of us are horrified by what is taking place in the world and would not participate we will all stand before GOD for what we have done. Time to turn to Him and ask his forgiveness and trust in Him.

  23. A great video Hugo, you are in the eye of the storm with this clip .
    Things are not ‘getting’ twisted … they always Have been !!
    but, we Are being shown it more now though, a lot more! The last few years have been chock a block with all this stuff, it’s only when you join the dots does the picture emerge .

  24. Covid vaccine protest in Aylestone Leicester holds up traffic 👍. More info Leicester Mercury

  25. They will imprison we non vaxed people and harvest our organs because the organs of the vaxed will be poisoned. The chinese have been doing this with political prisoners for years.

  26. My comment on the protest in my local paper got deactivated I guess you can get censored in your local rag for speaking the truth about the vaccine 🙄

  27. Rothschilds are all interbred…
    Lot of “celebrities” have ended up being part of weird cults and practices…
    World is one fucked up place…

  28. You know how they say that the truth is hidden in plain sight. Well look at the film “Daybreakers” from 2009. It depicts a vampire society where those who are normal are a group of rebels hiding out who are being hunted down for their blood because of diminishing supplies.

  29. Had I drawn that blood from Mr Hawk I would be marking urgent on the lab label.

  30. This just brought back a memory to me when my nan had dementia she used to go to hospital for blood transfusions because they said it helps with dementia this was over 30 years ago I had completely forgotten about it

  31. And to me the look on his face and from what he is saying is wtf I got conned there but what can I do I feel very sorry for him

  32. The elite already use young blood! There’s a chemical compound called adrenochrome that is supposed to stop aging!

  33. I wonder if this is why they will not accept donated blood from vaxxd doners. I thought it strange that if they wanted to cull the population, that they wouldn’t be bothered if the blood was tainted, the more people that die the better. So with that logic, are they using the blood for themselves and its not going to patients who need it??

  34. If their goal is to cause division, fear, panic anxiety – to make people ill etc then playing into peoples superstitions and religious ideas would be a good way of doing it no?

  35. During a deadly pandemic? He’s a desperate has-been! The more I see this type of stuff, the more I turn to Jesus!! 🙏

  36. It’s almost a bad as the babies foreskin facial that the celebs promote 🤮

  37. l found a line of blood that’s been skating around me for many year’s, they know me and l know them from hidden experience, in my shoes….wink, wink.

  38. On the trainers is a ref Luke 10:18, this is a Bible reference and reads ‘And aid to them I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven’
    Clearly this people want the kingdom of Satan on earth!!!
    This is beyond frightening!!!!!!
    Satan is not a comic figure who is a bit like a naughty school boy, who has a crafty some behind the bike sheds.
    This is his a fallen angelic being, who got thrown out of heaven, who lead worship to God!!
    He wants all to worship him, instead of the one true God.
    His mantra is to ‘steal, kill and destroy’
    That’s it!!!!
    Once he is manifested on earth in person, all people will have to bow to him or physically die.
    Only the second coming will end the nightmare.

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