Huge Crowds In LONDON Yet MSM Talk About This!! / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. The change in attitude is remarkable in the last number of weeks, people are talking to each other and the thing I am surprised at more than anything else is they see that government are lying, and media are covering for them,

      • Because they’ve always been fascist!

      • David I make a point of speaking to people each day, I create the opportunity where possible to casually gauge there views. I would say that at least half the people around know there is lies being told and do not trust government at all now, In the local shop you only get the occasional person that wares a mask but if I go to the supermarket there will be about 2/3 wearing them, again this seems to vary with time of day, It seems many are wearing them out of a sense that they just don’t want anyone thinking ill of them, not for any other reason.

    • i didnt know there was another protest today ile definatly be on the main one

    • Uk all sheep here, switched off don’t care, lile there zombies, scares because they’ve got Delta which I’ve had for 10days and it’s 100% standard ass kicking Flu but tests positive, stop the damn tests ffs!

      • Turvey, can you please elaborate more on your comment?.. You have Delta variant that you say is flu? It’s ass kicking? It’s August so my concern is we shouldn’t have flu in August?

      • PCR test wont tell you anything…
        Its not for a infection or sickness…

      • DC,

        Its a bad cold had 10days might be a mild flu, it sucks everyone in Kidderminster has it, half are doing tests and self isolating as its the right thing to do, then hating on the grow up its a bad cold lot ie me, every year we get this literally.

        Ased on PCR with 50 cycles and 98% are false positives but there to dumb to realise this.

        Covid Delta symptoms and incubation time is exactly the same as a cold.

        Keep getting told get a test, might aswell flip coin be more accurate.

      • Use ivermectin it works from South Africa

    • People need to ditch any covid related app and STOP GETTING TESTED! Why are they still doing that when it ruins the lives of all those around them, bloody selfish if you ask me.

      • The people brainwashed are messing it up for others and dragging this along and not the other way round…

      • Too bloody right it is. They’re currently getting 30,000 positive tests a day. Running pcr tests at 45 cycles they can get any ammount they like because they will all be false positives.

    • Lots of truther freedom festivals taking place and being organised at the moment, we are at one all this weekend and it’s rammed hundreds here it’s amazing. Many taking place including this one are private and on private late by invitation only to avoid infiltration by police etc…the rebellion is growing people✊🏻

    • First thing Hitler did was take over the Media. Controlled information and spewed out his Propaganda. Then and now can be clearly seen. Look up and Genocide. Interesting.

  2. Makes no difference if the MSM ignore it – they’re just prats – reality is that the GOVERNMENT knows it’s happening.

  3. Gbnews have ” anti vaccine passpoer protesters blocks traffic in central London ” I don’t look at sky lying news or BBC bullshit broadcasting company. GBnews have been discussing about 12-15yrs getting vaccinated. Have seen that laurence fox is going to take his children out of school for fear of them being vaccinated without him knowing.

  4. There was an article in the Daily mail covering the protest. There was also a snail protest in Leicester which was covered in the Leicester Mercury and showed a lot of positive comments

  5. I couldn’t make this one I’m so gutted but see you all next time guys 👏👏👍❤❤

    They use these other stupid protests at the same time as ours so if people hear/see the hundreds of thousands of people protest in London they think it’s for that and not ours peaceful protesting march, Psyops

    You know who are against the people the MSM they never have reported us throughout all this they are the SCUM OF THE EARTH and ALL the REPORTERS that just following orders, We the people will NEVER forget who they are.

  6. Hugo. Rebels on Roundabouts. It’s a thing. Telegram. Please cover this. It is local protest, very effective. We get cars, trucks, Ambulances. … to honk for Freedom. It is the way forward., Not London marches ignored.

    • Exactly this and banners on busy roundabouts for the English Constitution Party…not a political party…not right or left-just the rule of law-the british only ever divide and rule-take back your future…also the Stand In The Park in your local area 10am Sunday mornings…the bastards have shut our pubs, clubs and meeting places down over the years so go to your local parks on a Sunday 10am…see Stand In The Park on google and find your local stand…it’s working to wake everyone up -these guided walks by the met police are just getting you corralled into a place where they can attack you plus these speeches are rubbish-we need a solution-not to be told time and time again what the problem is ffs!!! The English Constitution Party-go back to the way it was before the british took our English parliament in 1706 and with it ALL our unalienable rights…time to wake up people 👍 TEAR 👍 the English are rising!!!

  7. There were not quite so many people today: a few hundred thousand maybe – certainly under half a million. However, the organisers did well! They routed us south of the river – Vauxhall, Kennington, Brixton, Clapham. Excellent! If the mainstream media will not show us to the public, we will show ourselves to the public! The public are now aware of mainstream media agenda.
    There were more toots from cars than ever! Also, most protesters were well-behaved – not harangjng the public to take their masks off. I think fewer people attended because they think the protests are not having an effect. But today showed that there is indeed an effect on the general public. We need to persist with these actions! It IS working!

    • The establishment are laughing at you but you can’t see it-these pre guided tours (they have to be pre-arranged with the met police so they know where they can attack you) are a total waste of time-all you’re doing is following the orders of the establishment-wake up…go to your local park on Sunday 10am…look on google Stand In The Park and find YOUR local stand where people talk and exchange information…that’s the reason a lot of people aren’t bothering with these guided police tours anymore and it wouldn’t surprise me if the organisers had something to do with helping this commie establishment as they NEVER give answers…only why you’re doing it…at the stand in the park people are there to GIVE you answers and a positive way forward!!! 👍TEAR ✌ The English Are Rising👏👏 Vote for the English Constitution Party if you know what RIGHTS this commie establishment have removed from you since they got their power in 1706 because of the Acts of Union that needs to be VOID…then we can get ENGLAND back for the English once more ✌✌👍👍😉👌

      • Clearly not a waste of time.
        People pushing a political party though are not to be trusted.

      • I went on a ‘Socialist Workers 😀 ‘ march with a mate once. The ‘orange armbands’ , you know like ‘Socialist Worker’ stewards or whatever they call themselves grassed her up for nicking a cop radio 🙁 It just goes to show they are all on the same side.

    • The French are doing it better which I believe is evident in the amount of vaxxed and unvaxxed standing and sitting and protesting together.

    • Excellent comment totally agree with your observations of the day.. The effects could be seen on the faces of normies…

  8. Great to see these protests happening more often in London. I would like to support any local groups in my area ( can’t get to London) but I never know how to find local demonstrations.
    My son in New Zealand has said it is now law there that children over 12 can be vaccinated without parents consent. He is part of a group who now want to keep their children out of school. How sad is it that you can’t trust the government to be able to send your children to school safely. Parents are responsible carers for their children not schools. Will they brainwash the young ones to get vaccinated so that as soon as they are 12 they will want to get it done. Also children often want to be part of the crowd and not be different. How can a 12 year old understand what is going on, they can’t vote until they are 18! for goodness stake. We must protect the children from this experimental jab.

    • Shirley, I think it is actually a good thing as people are now realising that they can’t trust government where before all this happened they just would not have thought to question the system, “Conspiracy Theorist” is no longer a term of shame people are embracing the term just as gay people learned to embrace the “queer” term in the 80’s and 90’s they made it a fashion statement and dis-empowered the word.

    • The death squads that term up at schools injecting children need to be exposed. They then need to be dealt with. They will say they are only doing their jobs in the same way the concentration camp guards pushed people and children into gas chambers. They need to be held to account their identities put into the public domain so come the revolution they are held to account. They need to never be able to rest in the meantime.

  9. MSM will never cover protest against vaccine passports and young children wanted by the government to be jabbed.
    But i feel there is a change hopefully lets keep spreading the word

    • Look on google for your LOCAL Stand In The Park on a Sunday morning 10am…they are happening ALL round the country and in a lot of cases ALL round the western world…these commies have closed our pubs and clubs-all the places we used to meet and talk so now we have a way they can’t stop us…look for the yellow flag once yo know where your local stand is and meet and talk with local people just like you and lots of people are finding answers as to how we take back control of our ENGLAND as the only people controlling and removing our unalienable rights since 1706 are foreigners…the british and most people can’t see it…we haven’t had an ENGLISH parliament since 1706 due to giving the british OUR power through the Acts of Union…we need to VOID the Acts of Union then all these liars (the british establishment) will have NO MORE POWER and they can be removed (in a lot ocases by due process!!!) from ENGLAND never to return and blight our normal everyday lives again…TEAR The English Are Rising ✌✌👌👌👏👏

      • Dont you think you’re overstepping the mark somewhat? What you’re calling for is more divisive separation measures. Don’t you think we’re separated enough over this scamdemic? We have to be in unison in this battle.

        I’m a Scot living in Spain but should be in Singapore where I have been based for 8 years. I can’t get back to Singapore because I refuse to have a swab stuck up my nose, I refuse to quarantine for three weeks in a place they choose for me at my expense and I refuse to be tracked by the mandatory track and trace they have there. I refuse to comply to any of this shite. Yes it’s making my life more complicated but I refuse to trade “OUR” freedoms for a little bit of normal life for myself. I’ve fallen foul with countless amounts of people including friends and family due to my stance. I’m barred from shops for refusing to wear a mask. However, I have noticed my firm stance against this shite is beginning to rub off on some friends here, who are slowly awakening to my truth telling and are coming back more accepting of my beliefs.

        The point I’m making is to not use any divide n conquer narrative (aren’t we feckin sick enough from that) and instead stick by your guns to keep supporting the truth of this situation.

        I’m just my own one man army unfortunately, but see people gradually siding with my stance.

        It’s not easy but it’s worth it!!!

    • Who cares??? Waste of time…see my replies above!! Don’t go on police guided tours…you’re as bad as the sheeple…the low IQ’s!!!

  10. I live in a part of the UK where masks are mandatory on public transport today I was challenged
    ” Are you exempt or something ” the stern bus driver enquired
    To which I replied
    ” Yeah exempt from Bull shit”
    I then went happily about my journey.
    Having said that I did see some mug driving a car on her own wearing a mask ffs , there really is no hope .

    • Nice one Tommy, been on London Underground yesterday i and few never others didn’t have them on 5 young women got on talking and laughing great to see it.
      I plan to go to west end today with no mask 😃
      My protest against Sadiq Khan who wants to muzzle people.

      • Yeah Darren another foreigner in a top job , Sunak probably gonna be next PM .

    • I seen a bloke mowing his front lawn wearing one….i cant be doing with these dickheads anymore so i ignore them…they will feel more stupid one day when they realised all there bullshit and jabs they had account for nothing

  11. You can’t call the media fake and then ask why protests aren’t in the media. That would be a double bluff. I think Hugo you are spot on about media and now is the time to really question everything we read. How do we even know if you can be trusted ? god bless buddy and keep up the good work x

  12. and as usual the main stream media label it ‘antivaxxer’ ffs. none of us are antivax, does my flaming nut in. the brainwashing in the comment section is staggering, far too many are still fast asleep!

    • It’s just a lable used to discredit people.
      They know these people are fully vaccinated but just reject the unsafe franken jab.
      Same MO used to discredit Brexit voters or climate change sceptics.
      They play the man not the ball.
      People are so concerned about their social media following and perceived virtue that avoid any groups that may negatively affect them.
      Irrelevant that it may be factually correct.
      Sad times indeed for mankind and a sinister agenda from government

      • “Fully vaccinated”….both terms of them words are wrong…

      • Yes, that’s true. If I recall correctly the term ‘gammon’ was coined to describe Brexit voters 😀 As you say playing the wo/man not the ball 😀

    • Stephanie, sorry but me personally, am anti vax and proud to be so. My immune system will take care of my body, and therefore I refuse to be injected with chemicals, death is the preffered option for me, nobody lives forever. I’m nearly 70 and am doing good without interference from the national sickness programme thank you.

  13. Part of me wishes I lived close enough to join in a freedom rally but the other part of me is so glad I live way, way far away from the cities and the places where freedom rallies are necessary, Of course I know that could change for me here but for now it feels so removed from what so many of you are going through.

  14. There is something seriously wrong with this… a village near here was plastered with Hugo Talks Stickers.. The Chartered bank fake blood smear protest was a complete joke!
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
    Help us Build the Truth Cafe – Join

  15. A few weeks ago I put a shop worker in his place when he insisted I put on a mask before he served me at the till… “I’ve just watched you filling shelves with your bare hands whilst frequently touching your mask and in your mind it’s ok for people to then pick up those items, not to mention the fact you’re handling people’s groceries on this till!” “Think about that, mate, and then think about what you’re enforcing.on others!”

    This is in Spain.

  16. The realisation of having to Vaxxthe Children will be the turning point in my opinion.

  17. Q. What is the difference between sheep and goats ?
    A. Sheep will only eat choice grass and goats will eat anything even washing off your washing line etc.
    Q. What are the offspring of sheep called ?
    A. Lambs
    Q. What are offspring of goats called ?
    A. Kids.
    Q. What are human offspring called ?
    A. CHILDREN !!!

    Jesus will separate the sheep and the goats, in judgement sheep to everlasting life and goats to everlasting destruction.
    Stop calling our children kids they are children.
    By calling them kids you are, unwittingly, acknowledging you stand against Jesus,
    Save our children, stand with Jesus he wins

    • It was Tony Blair who always talked about ‘kids’ when he should have said children. It really stuck in my craw. In fact, everything about that despicable war criminal sticks in my craw. I actually met the tosser once at a film theatre. Odious creature if ever there was on. I have also met Cameron and Boris and a few others I can’t be bothered to mention.

  18. I want to take my daughter out of school. And homeschool as what little respect and trust I had of the school has gone with the willingness for admission for administering vaccines without consent. The age range are usually too shy to disagree so will be coerced. There are new rules from september no mobile phones on site. Oh what a coincidence. My daughter wants to carry on at school purely for the socialization. I have agreed but will be seeing the headteachers with a letter and making him fully aware that she is not to have this jab and I’m coming for him holding him personally responsible if there is any manipulation.

  19. Lets hope that these evil media outlets will crumble very soon and the people who spread the lies on them for self reward get their comeuppance, these are the people who are spreading lies to cause maximum damage to our societies and people, they say the vaccines are safe and there is no danger to our children and pregnant women these people should face the death penalty for putting our future at risk and the most vulnerable people in our societies in harms way.

  20. The world’s MSM is ultimately owned by just 12 people, and one of them owns the main source of all news (Thomson Reuters), all Freemason Globalists, so what should we expect but their lies by omission

  21. Loads of crops being destroyed on purpose, or left to go to waste at docks, the manufactured famine is upon us soon, control us via our food supply, there doing the same for oil aswell, fuel and power shortages and huge price increases.

    Phase 2 about to start, total hoax again ffs!

    Sheep with colds are all testing positive via a test that’s pointless trying to force me into a test for.A hoax, alot of people are getting deleted this week, to stupid to live!

    • Seen something yesterday on activist post or another media – American farmers being given 1.5 x their cost to destroy their crops. Same thing for those with oil drilling rigs on their fields, being paid to dump the oil onto the fields roads to manipulate the oil costs.

      Our world is controlled by dictators and monsters and it has to end before there’s nothing left in the name of money n power n control.


    • The European Union has been destroying crops for like ever under the Common Agricultural Policy; dumping apples and bananas in the sea. And then the beef mountains and wine lakes. All supposedly to keep the prices we pay in the shops up. Food is aplentiful. It should be dirt cheap. Therefore these demons
      have to destory it. As the Masons like to say, there is nothing new under the Sun 😀

  22. I got a cunning plan…..

    Tell the Sheep, it’s in the water, get them to do a Lateral BS Flow test to prove this, this will either go 2 ways.

    1. they’ll never drink again, dead in 4 days.
    2. they’ll realise the tests test positive just for fun and there basing a decision on bad flawed tests.

    Hoping for more 1 at this stage Deleted going out today, covid cowards goodbye goodbye goodbye!!

  23. afternoon hugo
    thank you as always

    great to see so many people…. yeah!
    keep it up everyone ALL AROUND THE WORLD 😉

    have great day to All

  24. The MSM is owned big time. They have no connection to reality, to what’s happening on the streets


  26. as truth lovers asi am, it might be a good idea to forgive them people who are misleading the vulnerable.
    Please read Matthew chapter 18 verses 18-35.

  27. They get tested because they get £500 and 10 days off work if they (invariably) get the positive.
    People are generally scrounging scum, well certainly in snp-land anyway.

    • Yup, don’t want to work and happy to be pinged.

      Nevertheless, wait until the end of September should they indefinitely stop the furlough. That’s when it’ll all get more messy!

  28. Your have the sheep saying “spreaders” “there killing us vaccinated people”..
    Bollocks i say too the sheep..
    Im for free thinking and freedom of life and speech and never been a conformist or more so a slave to a scam…
    They can shove this “pandemic” up there bum hole

  29. The pharmaceutical industry is a parasite on the back of humanity.

  30. The globalists who fabricated the C19 fraud want people protesting, since this gives them the excuse to increase police state measures. See 2001 NASA’s doc “Future Strategic Issues/Fiture Warfare” [by former CIA director Dennis Bushnell], where one of the 140 slides show that they expect people to be ‘dissatisfied’ and protest – it is part of the general plan.

  31. I started asking those who still wear a mask and it seems they are the ones who always say they had both jabs – could it be that they want others to join them in this party game because they are afraid they made a mistake. Now the government say the jab wanes after six months so they will need to be jabbed often to keep up with the variants whereas your own body retains memory in the B &T cells permanently. Does this signify that the vaccines disable the natural protection for life?

  32. Wonderfull , great job . Only in unity can we stand.

    The media is coluding with hiding truth by not reporting our concerns and talking to us like we are children. Telling us Gary stories and backing it up with the wolf stats instead of true facts. We meet at continue ✊🏾❤️

  33. … well WHO EVER SAY THERE IS NEW VARIETY OF COVID …DELTA ,,MELTA …PELTA ..ALL IS CRAP … TILL TODAY NOBODY WAS ABLE TO POINT OUT AND TO SAY “THIS IS THE COVID VIRUS” so how come you ppl are talking about some variety of thing NOBODY SAW YET and we have thousand of electron microscopes around the world you know …ALL IS PROPAGANDA AND FEAR MONGERING to support PHARMA MAFIA WITH ENDLESS NEW BOOSTS FOR NOTHING JUST TO SIPHON MONEY FROM all of us to THEM …. that as I see it

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