BBC Caller Gets CUT OFF DROPPING TRUTH BOMBS Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • Fair play…. Lol to the caller obviously. I can’t believe how rude the djs are cutting off callers for telling the truth. First Jeremy swine now fatty Vanessa feltz. Mind you it’s obviously a case of truth hurts.

      • Jon, she couldn’t wait to drop that MSM bollox in there!
        ‘What about all the lives it saving?’

        Show us the evidence that it actually works while taking into account the number of people dying from the single & double death jab.

        She was so happy with the previous caller… The good girl towing the line… Yes definitely getting the jab. Twat

        Glad this caller made some people think twice.

    • Don’t you just love taking health advise from overweight people with cushy jobs riding the bbc money train lol…she can take a running jump like all the rest of them.

      • To quote Ricky Gervaise in EXtras. Keith Chegwin asked “How is the dear old BBC still run by jews and queers?” So true!

      • tell me about it…we have Stephen Nolan here in N. Ireland and he is very obese and getting a £15,000 payrise to bring it up to £405.000! makes me sick. This caller had a really good point. Babylon Broad Casting at its finest!

    • This Long Covid crap is a new name for long term fatigue from the jabs and other viral fatigues people get…
      Just rebranded under that stupid 5 letter word

  1. Hi Hugo . I just read the biggest nonsense : Rte news reports : unvaccinated teacher infect 12 kids at school . This is unbelievable, they think people are totally uneducated. Vaccinated people can still infect . I mean Jesus.

    • Expect more story’s like this as Klaus Schwabs window of opportunity closers fast. The unvaxxed are the new yellow star maked. .

      • I’ve been saying that we will be wearing striped pyjamas since the start of this BS….. But, as most of us tin hat wearing people, we are on the right lines, sadly.

      • Blue Light,, I forgot about that Schwab/ Charles Windsor outburst on the “Narrow Window of Opportunity” I didn’t understand it at the time but now the way people are starting to get so ill with the injection the obvious cover up and looking at the way governments are shitting themselves to get them into as many as they can however they can, full steam ahead with blinkers and no brakes.
        The vision through that “narrow window” is starting to look pretty clear at this stage.

  2. I heard this today she finished it by saying his entitled to his opinion! heputtgat fat b….d on the spot and she was proper f….d

  3. Vanessa, out of her depth as usual. Keep going brothers and sisters, we must destroy the MSM, we must expose them all, one lying disgrace at a time. All complicit, all guilty. They shouldn’t be able to walk the streets, they should hang their heads in shame. Disgusting demonic excuses for human beings.

  4. There you go ….difficult to respond to that one…check out Israel and their statistics..VERY high vaccinated persons…(possibly 6 months ago)..very high numbers of seriously ill people in their hospitals…95% ‘double vaxed’ …having to open MORE ‘Covid wards’..

    • Ericka, I think the present situation with all the vaccinated people getting sick in Israel is something coming down the pipe here, it makes it easy for one to see how they will blame it on “Covid” and if they have to will say the vaccine did not manage to protect them against what ever variant they choose to invent at the time. It at least partially explains the reasoning behind the flip floping where no one quite knows what to believe from media and government.

      • ” If you can’t convince them, then confuse them.” Harry Truman, President of the USA.

      • Sorry Ray, but people should know by now not to believe ANYTHING propagated by the msm, especially the BBC!

  5. she eats like Van vs food and farts like mr methane
    Apart from that, why is she of any interest?

  6. What an idiot – yes well there might be more cases and deaths after the vaccine roll out, but think of all the lives we’ve saved. Totally contradicted herself immediately. On a side issue isn’t she Jewish? Does she believe in the Holocaust? So when did she swap the torah for jackboots?

  7. I forgive her because she is a woman plus she was playing my favourite song otherwise its the same old song of vaccines and it’s getting boring

  8. Nothing surprises any of us now. They are cutting people off all the time when they try to put across a different point of view. Why have phone in discussions when they only have one sided views. Jeremy Vile, Vanessa Feltz they are all the same.
    I don’t watch any MSM news and never listen to radio two either.
    Well done to the man from Essex who phoned in. We need more of this.

  9. Nice call and illuminating in the manner that she cut him off. I’ve been banging on about the difference in cases and deaths compared to last summer for the last 6 weeks, it’s beyond belief how worse the stats have been and are getting compared to what they were last year. I suspect that these figures are the jab doing its ‘work’ and this is why the media have underplayed (until now at least) the alarming ‘case’ rates. My dad has told me over the last couple of weeks of friends of his that have been bedridden for days because of ‘COVID’. This in the summer AND after being ‘vaccinated’!! One of them said that he felt so bad that he thought he might die and was on the verge of having his wife drive him to the hospital. They hadn’t been ill with ‘COVID’ until now. Hardly good advertisements for the jibby jab, I think you’d agree!

  10. Latest vaccine breakthrough studies suggest Delta is causing viral loads in vaccinated as high or higher the unvaccinated
    Therefore any passports/apps etc are unfounded as they cannot prove you are safe
    So you vaccinate to stop what exactly?
    As all you are doing is causing mutations and back to square one with a potentially more deadly virus

    • The Convid passports have nothing to do with whether you are ‘ safe’ or not. How could they when Doris Johnson and his puppets tell us that those who have had the vaxtermination jabs can STILL pass the killer virus (😆) to others. It’s been total BS from the very start!

  11. The rubbish Vanessa spouted that thousands of lives may have been saved by the vaccines is more nonsense. The EMA noted of the Pfizer vax that severe covid-19 cases “were rare in the study, and statistically certain conclusion cannot be drawn” from it. Similarly, the Pfizer doc submitted to the fda concludes that efficacy against mortality could not be demonstrated. Thus, the vaccines have not been shown to prevent death of severe disease even in the short term.
    The correlates of protection against covid-19 are unknown. Researchers have not yet established how to measure protection against covid-19. As a result, efficacy studies are stabbing around in the dark. After completion of phase 1 and phase 2 studies, a paper in the journal “Vaccine” noted that “without understanding the correlates of protection, it is impossible to currently address questions regarding vaccine associated protection, risk of covid-19 reinfection, herd immunity, and the possibility of elimination of sars-cov-2 from the human population.” Thus, vaccine efficacy cannot be evaluated because we have not yet established how to measure it.

    • They just pluck numbers out of the air!! How can they tell how many have been ‘ saved’??? My guess is that hardly ANY healthy, fit people would have died….. But they f’king have after being murdered by the vaxtermination jabs!!!

      • Yes the vaccine is the disease and it’s not a new thing. Smallpox only continued where people where vaxxed. There were measles outbreaks where the vaccines were administered and also polio. Also, the Spanish flu actually originated from an Army camp in Kansas where a vaccines was tested on the soldiers causing bacterial pneumonia which they then took with them and spread.

        By the way, the Nazis developed vaccines to spread cancer and many still have SV 40 ( a monkey virus that causes cancer). Moderna is descended from IG Farben who made had factories for Zyclon Gas at built next to the death camps.

      • @Michael – yes I read the same. “The first CEO of Moderna was a Cornell graduate by the name of Anthony Fauci, who was a roommate with none other than Bill Gates. It was at Cornell that Bill Gates designed the RFID (Radio-frequency identification) and patened it under US2006257852.  Now let’s really go down the rabbit hole. Moderna was a pharmaceutical company that started in Germany under the name IG Farben. IG Farben is infamous for it’s mass production of Zyklon-B, the primary gas used to kill millions during the Holocaust. After Germany fell, IG Farben was dissolved and its assets sold off by a Nazi turned American by the name of, you guessed it, George Soros. Soros rebranded the company as Moderna. And who was the primary stockholder of Moderna until his death? Jeffrey Epstein. His role in Moderna is where he made his fortune and established his connections.

    • Yes, they used PCR tests results which is laughable. If only at least the BBC would allow scientists to at least critique the methodology. She is just another virtue signalling sycophant.

      Scientific method has gone out of the window; it went a long time ago, the more you research vaccine development. They really are taking people for fools with this.

  12. …”you say the world has come between us, our lives have come between us… Still I know you just don’t care…”

  13. Your only considered to be vaxd 2 weeks after 2 jab, so potentially those in hospital could have 1 or even 2 jabs

  14. How do you quantify how many lives the so called vaccine has saved ? How does that work ? When actually infection figures and deaths are up this summer which is a quantifiable statement. People like her are either in denial with heads buried deep in the sand or consciously complicit. The short window of opportunity Klaus Schwab spoke of is closing fast and the United Nations and WEF are pushing the puppet Governments to inject quickly before the games up.

      • More appropriate is that V. Feltz is a nazi prompting a nazi like genocide tool.

  15. Anyone notice how cases in Vietnam have suddenly gone through the roof? Odd how it happened immediately after Dominic Raab went there. He is a one man super spreader event. Something very fishy about his visit, why did he go there really?

  16. It appears that the BBC don’t seem to be treating their audience and the people who pay their wages with any respect. It is time that their licence to broadcast is revoked and THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN PERMANENTLY. They have no place in modern society as they have been spreading misinformation for 18 months

    • Pete. The BBC was started as a establishment propaganda tool in 1922 and has been spreading muck since it’s conception,
      If it exists next year it will have enjoyed 100 years broadcasting very balanced misinformation and disinformation

  17. I really think people like her are there just to tickle people’s ears. That’s all BBC radio is, an ear tickling operation: give the people a lullaby of warm and compressed tones from the studio. A dose of critical thinking is jarring; they get rid of the nuisance caller and continue the hypnosis.

    She is clearly not one the most intelligent people in the world, albeit she did a bit more of smoother job than Vine did. They are very complacent about the trust people have built up in the BBC over the years. The MSM won’t be able to ignore all the Jab deaths forever. This is the end for the BBC ; they have contempt for the listeners and underestimate the public.

    • Michael, my brother stopped paying his TV licence because he is so disgusted with the lies from the BBC. He gave the reason that he only uses his set for gaming. They have no way of checking. We should all do the same. I won’t watch the news on any channel.

      • Millions of people are defunding the BBC right now. Just Google ‘ Alex Belfield, BBC’ to see why. 👍

  18. Where’s any real proof of the jabs saving even one life. Excellent work from the caller. Obviously Vanessa Fatz is either stupid or bought and paid for, probably both.

  19. Everyone should checkout India (the home to the Delta variant). They’re rocking it now. 10% of the population double jabbed and 24% single jabbed. (34% total) The numbers have plummeted. How come? See what the BBC says about that seeing as a few months ago India was facing devastation and the MSM would shut up about the place.


    The world has changed! We all see the tyranny. We must mobilise together as a unit for our own self survival, we must work together to find a solution, for the dark side has an objective, and they are working to a timetable. Their aim is the eradication of the majority of the population. They serve powers beyond this plane of existence, in the world of the unseen,unless you have the eye to see. I call on you my friends, my fellow humans, join us and make a stand. Bring your knowledge, bring your skills, bring your peace. Let us build a new tomorrow. Stand united as one!

  21. Does one expect the truth these days from the British Brainwashing Corporation?

  22. Spike protein is causing shedding in people that have been jabbed causing new variants…
    If they contained antibodies then game over…
    So much for people doing selfies with there “vax cards” and calling unjabbed people names…

  23. It’s all going to end in tears.
    I care not one iota for the Covid zealots still pushing this sinister agenda and jabs for kids.
    It will be 2 year olds to 6 months soon like they have proposed in the USA.
    Sad for those that took the poison that now regret it, as many thought it was the right thing to do and was the way out of this insanity.
    I know many that won’t be having the booster.
    Personally I stayed well clear off the poison and mask went over a year ago.
    Stay strong, don’t comply.
    If people don’t want to listen to Dr’s Yeadon, Mcculough, Coleman, Ruby, Malone, or Korrie but prefer the BBC and Sage, they are past saving.

  24. What we need as well is all the Professors, Doctors, Medical people that know this is wrong to get on these Calls not telling them they their job titles until they are live on air, we need to do this to all the radio stations, tv show call ins etc and bombard these shows with facts from professionals

  25. How can there be more lives saved if deaths are actually higher (the vaxed) and roughly 70% of all hospital admissions for Convid are those that have been double jabbed? More cases since roll out of vax? That’s not an opinion that’s a fact in the ONS data base! Fatty Phelps shot down in flames… And the caller before this one was an utter narrative sucking dork…Enjoy your death jab…

  26. Death jab indeed, notice how the afgan fiasco has been used to hide the fact that the vaccine programme is being roled out for our children, who were the main target all along. The daily mail has now put the covid nearly out of sight on their pages while legislation is being processed to mandate a jab for ALL!

  27. All this does is prove what we already know, there’s a cover up going on, and all MSM are complicit in it!
    It won’t stop it happening, even sharing these videos won’t stop it.
    Those who believe in it all, will just say, “Conspiracy theories ” and carry on doing what they do.

    • Conspiracy theories, misinformation, tin foil hat wearers…its all condescending remarks aimed to make people look stupid…
      But most who tell people that are the thick ones and mainly sheep

    • Unfortunately my friend, I have to agree with you. They will never believe that they have been fooled and we have been correct all along. If there are enough of these BS Believers then we are truly fked, and I think there are enough if them, sadly.

  28. The Irony is the caller was only just getting started… the truth bombs were gonna come quick and fast to her destroying the arranged narrative… and the Genie would of been out of the bottle… let’s hope he gets back on … you’ll hear the meltdown live on air

  29. Graphenine oxide incorporated hydrogels these pfizer ones and moderna contain….
    Seen it for myself on a pfizer document…
    These jabs are not fit for purpose and clinical trials for new born babies ends 2027…

  30. Pretty sure at this stage all the jabs virus wise are erasing your tcells memory of corona infections, longer you’ve had the jab the more that’s been erased and the worse your get it, bastards, keeping covid going for ever, we had Herd without jabs in Jan, with never ending bs.

    Everyone jabbed gets covid again, not 1 single person without has had twice, if you get soon after fine, if you avoid and 1 year later, dead!

    Israel JJs 13xs as likely to contract covid than the none J’d, mainly cause few not Js haven’t already had covid.

    Remember this is all about we’ve sold out to China, they need Convid fear to continue so they can push Chinese way life onto us, communist police state 1984 / hunger games style.

  31. As, when and if the wheels fall off this destructive and evil globalist plan, it will be difficult to over-estimate the levels of retribution demanded. Would the BBC survive this retribution? A brand that will have become viewed across the length & breadth of the land as synonymous with the worst types of brazen lies, deceitfulness and toxicity.

    • ps: Within the police force too. Commissioners and Superintendents – most, if not all would be demanded to face charges of corruption and/or dereliction of duty. The political parties, they too would ALL be seen as intolerably toxic. The dawn of a new age of overdue independent MPs.

  32. defund the bbc already, nothing to see here folks except they are uncomfortable with the truth and they know it

    • Its incredible how people have been bought by all this..
      There mindsets will never change….
      Everybody is a risk and places as well and think them stupid face masks and jabs help them…
      In greece they banned unjabbed people from restaurants and bars…
      They are welcome to the sick people i say…

      • October or November they won’t beable to hide the JJ covid ish deaths or all of the deaths from 3rd jab or clotts afterwards.

        Loads of short illnesses lol. Stay strong, coffee shops are over priced shit anyway, they’ll be screaming at us to save them soon lol

  33. “What about all the lives saved” – the lives saved are not based on FACT but on a flawed Mathematical model. The vast majority of people in Covid wards now are the double jabbed and the only people dying are the double jabbed, according to a Covid ward nurse friend of mine.
    The BBC’s directors should be taken out and shot.

  34. Am a support worker for 41 year’s in November I no longer have job because I refuse to take this vaccine

    • Well done Lina for not complying. I hope you manage to get anothe rjob or start your own business. You need to look at taking legal action against your last employer. Best wishes to you.

  35. FFS will this nutty shit not just FUCK OFF!!

    Everyone around me has my Cold / Flu there all testing positive for Covid/Flu they don’t understand the tests are rubbish with a 94%+ False Positive rate and also tests positive if you have the Flu.

    I’ve came to the conclusion the Delta Variant is FLU, Ex got contact traced ( switching phone off FFS ) , wanted to know all contacts 3 -6 days before, what takes 3 – 6 days till symptoms, that’ll be FLU, what does Covid take approx 14 Days FFFSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

    Addie been around last 10days close contact LOL testing negative in hospital, Jess testing negative got my cough.

    People are just too stupid to live!!

  36. Anyone who rings into a media channel. or makes videos on this subject, and is still fooled into believing in the mythical proofless alleged “virus” or it allegedly being able to “spread” “infection” by contagion which has never been proven possible in any scientific test in history, is only reinforcing that there is something to fear and is then justifying the need for all restrictions & toxic clot-shot DNA-modifying, sterilizing, population reducing, digital enslavement injections of total control, that the virus smokescreen was concocted to achieve… all founded on proofless claims, and is therefore only part of the problem by not exposing the fraudulent foundations that disproves all Convid claims..—Aajonus-Vonderplanitz:b

    How we know the test is a fraud:

    Italian doctors test kiwi fruit positive for “COVID” !

    Permission to breathe – The tone of wisdom from Amanda Vollmer,-London,-19th-Sept-2020:0–COVID–IS-ALREADY-AN-EXISTING-CHROMOSOME-IN-YOUR-BODY.-NOT-A–VIRUS—BANNED-ON-YOUTUBE-:2


    The Cure for COVID has been found!

    You create viruses to clean up toxicity in your body


    The Final Refutation Of Virology understanding this is the KEY to your freedom, your family’s freedom and the freedom of all of humanity from its planned enslavement to tyranny… It is time for this scientific revolution to change history.. help make it happen… the powers that seek to control us will never share these facts..


  37. I don’t believe there is evidence that anyone has escaped death by having the jab but last summer we were down to zero deaths and the more people have been jabbed the more seem to be infected.

    • Yes mate! How the FCUK can they assume how many deaths have been averted???!! It’s typical BS propaganda which the sheep suck in and believe…. Notice they are using BIG numbers once again! It’s been total BS since the very start!

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