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  1. Blood Clots and Heart Problems, Strokes, is what I think if when I hear someone died,,, the first question I ask is when did they have that injection?

    • Covid 22,,, now hold on a cotton picking minute,, it the illness was called Covid 19. What happened to 20 and 21, or perhaps Bill Gates and Fauci have been doing a bit of fortune telling/investing again. Then again it could be more Fear Propaganda which we know they thrive on,, but more likely it is caused by that leaky toxin they are still trying to label “Vaccine”

    • I’ve been calling it covid 23 as that’s when the “vaccine” trials are up, but my maths could be off?

    • Releasing Covid 22 into the public to explain why the double jabbed are going to start dying, no never, those unjabbed has caused a mutation they all need shooting.

      We know the jabs, mean your ownly protected at all and badly for that spike protein, a version without that spike protein will chew you up and spit you out and go straight through you, without passing GO, ie DEAD!!

      Getting so much hate of my jabbed mates to try to force me to stay at home and get jabbed, it really couldn’t come any quicker!!

      • Why did you tell them, strange kind of mate??

    • I carnt wait for the new I-covid 2000 with bluetooth spreadictivity, with all new headline features, developed in china, perfected by the agenda.

  2. That is exactly what I ask myself as well Ray. When did they have the jab ? I think it speaks volumes that we don`t even think to ask first ` if ` they have they had it or not.

  3. Dom Busby: BBC radio presenter, 53, dies after short illness;
    BBC radio presenter Lisa Shaw dies aged 44 after short illness:
    John le Carre Dead: Beloved Spy Novelist Dies After Short Illness
    ‘Chariots of Fire’ star Ben Cross dies after short illness
    Belfast woman, Sheila Fleming, who has died after a short illness
    Popular and passionate Cheltenham agent Phil Pugh dies after short illness;

    • Its rather misleading to say: “died after a short illness” because a short illness infers that you recovered. eg: “I had a short illness last week but I’m OK now.”

      • How on earth you can draw that conclusion from that statement, is absolutely beyond me.

        I imply, you infer. There is nothing implied in the statement. The person concened may well have died after a ‘Long’ illness, but didn’t. The ilness was ‘short’.
        At best the statement can be described as obfuscation – dodging the real reason….maaybe!

  4. Tanya, I had another friend cremated yesterday, I didn’t go along as I can’t look at those subservient clowns in masks and I didn’t want to cause drama at a funeral. I will get up and see his other half in a week or so to see if it was a short illness,, but I know he was the type that would have just had it.

  5. You are exactly 💯% right.
    The media today have said that you are also more likely to get blood clots after having covid. Not after the vaccination. Is this more propaganda to try and swing any blame from vaccines ?. I have not heard of one case of anybody having clots after covid infection throughout the entire pandemic. If it was true surely they would have used the situation to their advantage in the original vaccination rollout. I have personally complained to the BBC about this and am awaiting the answers from them. However I think I could be waiting for some time. I suggest that everyone looks this up ,as sky news,the guardian and many other MSM are reporting this today. Seems very strange that it’s only a day after the post mortem results for the death of the lovely BBC reporter and host came out and blatantly said she had a clot caused by the vaccination.

    • Why are you even watching TV? Stop the TV stop their control! In the UK you will be paying their licence fee so helping them. Ditch it! if you want to watch fake news plenty on the web for FREE! S Keep fighting but please ditch the telly you dont need it!

      • Spot on John!

        Get rid of your TV licence & defund the British Brainwashing Clowns

    • If Bhakdi is right, which I think he is, then you could get clots from covid if you get a severe case of it, where it gets into lungs, capillaries, etc and your immune system damages (kills) infected cells and causes clotting, it’s the same mechanism the jabs cause it through.

      But 99%+ of people do not get severe cases of covid, so the number suffering clots from covid must be miniscule.

      On the other hand ANYONE getting a jab can get a clot, Dr Charles Hoffe did D-Dimer tests on his patients who had the jab and 62% of them got clots, so the chances of a clot must be almost infinitely higher from the jab than covid.

      It’s just lies, lies, and more lies.

    • They have been told to lie because the ones who own the MSM are the “elites” and they must be very afraid that the news of all these deaths of previously healthy, and also young, people shortly after the jabs will cause more people to refuse them, or to refuse any “boosters”. To at least hesitate and start to ask questions.
      They want every single man, woman and child on the planet jabbed so they cannot allow this. They don’t value Truth but believe that the ends justifies the means; thus, they will do anything, including lie through their teeth and make others lie, to achieve their ends. The ends they want to achieve is population reduction. Keep resisting lies and hold fast to Truth!

      • I’m not so sure that people will think twice about the taking of the vaxtermination jab. The husband of the 44 yr old BBC presenter who died two months ago did not say ( in his live BBC interview) ”DO NOT TAKE THE CLOT-SHOT!!!” What he said was that he thought that the sheep should be offered DIFFERENT vaccines so that they could choose which one to have!!! FFS!! If my wife had been murdered by an unknown injection I would be advising folk to keep well away…. but not this sheep-husband ! I don’t know what has happened to common sense…. the psycho-war is being won by the oppressors. 🙁

    • The only ones having cobid and getting clots seemed to be those who were put on ventilators!

  6. ‘A SHORT ILLNESS’ has been used by the MSM for over a year on the Convid deaths at first and now with the vax, just more Propaganda wording from the MSM. Just like Pandemic ended June 2020 as they changed from deaths to cases from June onwards to fear the brainwashed and to this day people fear the word “cases” although cases do not mean deaths at all but brainwashed people believe mass cases are mass deaths. But if you check the recovery cases they would understand that it is all a load of bullshit

  7. BBC Radio Host Died of COVID Vaccine Complications, Coroner Confirms
    Lisa Shaw, 44, died from vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, a condition that leads to swelling and bleeding of the brain, about three weeks after her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Studies link AstraZeneca and all three COVID vaccines authorized in the U.S. to blood-clotting disorders.

    • They want to jab new born babies as well…
      I seen the proof of it and children…
      This is all crimes against humanity since day 1 of this scam

      • A short illness also known as death by poison jab!!!!!

      • Children are not at serious risk from the c infection , it is a mild illness for those that are healthy and they will quickly become naturally immune, so why are they now being targeted to get the double doses of spike protein? Will this in retrospect be seen as child abuse or even worse child sacrifice , I think so but I suppose it depends on the short/long term outcomes for those innocent children but to allow children’s lives to be put at risk to save others is sacrificial. Are parents really willing to possibly sacrifice their children’s long term health for the sake of others? God hates the sacrificing of children as recorded in the Bible, I would not want to split hairs in a comparison of today’s practice on the alter of experimental pharmaceutical inventions.

    • Thousands have died in the states….
      Theres so many things that can go wrong with them jabs i seen them on proven articles yet nobody in the media or goverments mention it.
      As of march last year “covid” was downgraded to severe flu by goverments…
      There was never a pandemic but a society reset with jabs for “vax passports” and travel

  8. I think now we need to question when someone dies Did they have the jab , remember the same NHS said people die of covid not any other illnesses and there media lie people not having the jab are dying wish they had taking it and telling others to take it.

    It’s all coming out now

  9. Its rather misleading to say: “died after a short illness” because a short illness infers that you recovered. eg: “I had a short illness last week but I’m OK now.”

  10. They are a bunch of lying fucking swines and I wish a “short illness” on each and every one of them.
    There will loads more “short illness’s” when they start booster jabbing.

  11. The chaos in Afghanistan is not a mistake by Biden.
    A carefully thought out distraction.
    The truth about the death’s from the jabs and its efficacy are running ahead of the propaganda.
    Too many people are now aware of this plandemic.
    Hence the MSM switch to Afghanistan.
    No accident,

    • Sleepy Joe can’t even sit the right way round on a toilet seat. Kamala is just Biden her time

    • 100% correct. if you trawl back through news events you will see the distraction events popping up all the time. The royals where and still are good for distracting the sheep.

  12. Pfizer has shafted themselves and moderna…read some articles from a ex pfizer worker and they could be facing criminal charges…the spike protein had caused people to become spreaders of variants…none of these jabs was authorised…this whole “pandemic” is a scam…

  13. I totally agree with you Hugo. Whenever I hear of someone dying now I ask “what from?”

  14. ‘A Short Illness’ code for ‘Death by Vaccination’

  15. The day after the BBC presenters death was confirmed as blood clot due to the vaccine astra zenica release the news that you’ve got 9 times more chance of dieing from a covid 19 blood clot than a vaccine blood clot after your first jab – good timing hey

  16. 3 days is a bit short for any illness! Its obviously the VAX!

  17. Dr Harps said, way back in my time, l saw short symptoms that maybe the MSM are full of crap, now my diagnosis is correct 🙂

  18. Obviously Jab deaths 🙁

    Covid 22 talk, there prepping us to blame the unjabbed for a new updated version that kills OMG the double jabbed, to explain the double jabbed rising deaths.

    Told 3 jabbed sheep to fuck off and never talk to me again, OMG stay away your not jabbed, FUCK OFF DELETED TALK TO ME AGAIN I’LL KILL YOU!!! Gets to the point I think.

    There coming for us, we need to hold out long enough that they there dying on mass so they’ll drop the jab BS!!! Stay Strong, SAY NO TO DRUGS!!!

    • I’m with you my friend. Who needs sheep as buddies? Ok…. A Welsh farmer, perhaps! 😉

  19. Its more than likely to be death jab related & bound to come out somewhere on social media?
    This family being centre of attention must sign up to all platforms.

    If it was something traceable they would have stated it.

    Also… Has anyone else see the ‘NHS Covid pass for travel from England’ advert bollox??

    Was looking up a video from Dr Sam Bailey when it popped up on YT.
    Hugo’s probably covered it…?

  20. It is from the jab. Lisa Shaw has been confirmed. Astrazeneca

  21. Died after a short illness. Come on msm your not fooling us now. I bet as from next week when schools go back (or week after) the msm will be coming out with the bullshit firebreak Lockdown needed as cases rise and NHS become overwhelmed. God it’s so predictable we could write a book on what happens. It’s also a massive bore.

  22. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m fighting off my second ‘cold’ this month. I suspect Bill Gates and Faucci have ordered the release of many gene-altered, ‘gain of function’ coronaviruses in the past three months which will mean at least a year of further misery for us unjabbed, but will lead to millions and I’m not exaggerating, deaths among the jabbed ones, following ‘a short illness’. I truly dread what winter is going to look like in the UK this year.

  23. Sorry, not with you on this one, although I am 99% “After a short illness” is a common phrase that’s been used as long as I can remember. Let’s remember our heightened senses at this time.

  24. No one dies of ‘ a short illness ‘. They die of heart attack, traffic accident, fell off a ladder ! A Short Illness is NOT a disease or failure of your body. But the sheep aren’t clever enough to see through this BS!

  25. Can someone help me out here? A lady phoned in to talk radio the other day with the same question I am asking my self. Why are the government so so keen to get this jab into us. I personally am racking my brains for a logical answer. If I was told by having this jab it would turn you into a life long tory voter this would make sense and it would explain it but seriously , I just don’t get it?

  26. I agree with the narrative here “short illness” is clearly a cover up. If it wasn’t they would state the cause of death.

  27. The actor “Marcus Birks” who was featured here by Hugo a few weeks ago after he was interviewed in “hospital” bed while suffering from “covid”, is now being reported by the BBC as having died. Strange. He looked perfectly healthy in the “hospital” interview. So now we have state actors who are “dying” from a virus that doesn’t exist. He’ll pop up again in a few weeks with a wig on under a different name.


  28. Well, 62 comments, made before my comment. Once again not appearing. Copy and pasted the same comment, message told me I had already made that comment, even though it still said 62 comments as before. I asked a friend to check and she said 62 and no comment by me. Only certain comments of mine are showing, and there’s no reason why any of them shouldn’t be. Not sure if this one will or not

  29. I’m from Poland and polish pop stars are dying like flies in age of 60 70s red light

  30. We’ll be able to tell a lot about people who don’t question why a previously healthy person, especially if they are young like poor Roy Butler, was killed by a “short illness”! Those who don’t even question it are to be regarded as having captive minds; captive to the propaganda. Worse still, they could be suspicious or even be sure but choose not to question because it suits them not to! We need to be wary of such people!

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