Now ANKLE TRACKERS For Schoolkids / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. What parent in there right mind would allow there children to wear this tracking device, i would smash it with a hammer.

  2. Thanks for this Hugo – did a quick check on OmniLink and here’s what they say – ‘Omnilink is an IoT-enabled electronic monitoring solution that offers benefits to any public safety/law enforcement agency that needs to keep track of non-violent, pretrial or repeat offenders by reducing the need for direct personal supervision and incarceration.’ Reality is we’re all prisoners and they’re going to use everyone’s kids to show that, from Gillicks competence to ankle monitors – I’ve begged people to get their kids out of the system, whilst they had a chance at the beginning of all of this, written to local schools and teachers, nothing, no-one wants to engage, they all know it’s mad but don’t face them with it or they have to defend it and deny that’s it’s detrimental – complete psychosis – hope won’t save anyone, common sense, logic and love on the other hand will help millions –
    Another observation I made today is that shops that didn’t have mask tzars, now do, which tells us something else is afoot in the not too distant future !

      • Do you have a mask? Have you not got a mask? where’s your mask? – Mask tzar –

      • Covid1984-maskstasinazimarshall….a job for life!

    • Thought the mask thing went out 19/26 July, not sure as I’m not playing their game.The mask thing has been a nightmare for me as I lip read being hearing impaired

      • Seen more pratts…i mean people wearing them today…silly sheep

      • Been wild camping with my wife and kids up in Scotland the past couple of weeks, it’s crazy up there it’s worse in the tiny remote highland villages people are totally brainwashed by it all, it’s like the clocks have rolled back 18months. Sheep in the fields and on the streets!

  3. Normalise this now and then imagine how happy and free they’ll feel in a couple of years when they can finally take it off after having a chip implanted under their skin instead.

    • Not for nothing is it made so big and bulky, so when the kids get blisters and sores and complain, those good guardians of us all will come up with a chip implant AT BIRTH, just in case the little one gets lost, and they will be tracked for all their lives.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me at all, when the agenda is control there is no freedom they will not attempt to take. Thankfully people are starting to realise.
    They are not allowing criminals our of prisons as long as they wear these things ,,, now they want to get kids used to them,, for a condition that has negligible impact on kids,, FUCK OFF.

  5. Treat other people as though they have the virus. Act as though you have the virus. Treat other people like criminals. Act like you are a criminal. Guilty until proven innocent. Which is impossible, because you could always have become infected/guilty inbetween. Therefore you are always guilty/infected.

    Anyone know how to hack the nuke silos? I really, really want to press the buttons now.

    • What is needed is the extinct volcanoe in the Canary Islands to slide into the sea and create a 500 ft tsunami which will wipe out the eastern seaboard of the USA. Pray!

  6. They will say its for the parents benefit….
    Like they said them jabs are for everybody’s benefit…i am glad i do not have children…
    What child wants to be brought up in this sick and twisted society nowadays run by corrupt liars…

  7. This is a war against the people,also has anyone got any views on these High altitude jets spraying us ?here in Ireland if you look up it’s like a chess board of vapor trails?is this how they are spreading the virus

    • Is there something in those vapour trails (an additive) that is influencing the weather, it would explain why nearly every day is wall-to-wall grey clouds.

      • Yes, barium, aluminium etc. To combat take a pinch of borax in 1 pint water 3 times a day.

      • Manmade army drones causing fires around the 🌎 i have videos of evidence

    • Funnily enough, last night I was sat outside and the sky was covered in vapour tracks. So much so that I commented about it having not seen jet vapours for so long. But surely that’s going too far… don’t you think?

      • No, chemtrails have been happening for years. Check out HAARP.

    • David what’s taking place right now the war of independence was fought to stop. The Provisional Government in Leicester house have sold the Irish people and Eire to the UN Joo Banking Cartel, at present that Cartel is trying to collect on it’s deception and investments by any and all means. This country was never belonged to any Government to sell and we are not theirs to own or poison be it via injection or the water that they have been poisoning with fluoride for years.

  8. the next step if you comply is of course the Chip implant

  9. You know , there is a certain lifestyle choice ( don`t ask me how I know ) where this sort of thing is not only acceptable but for many part of the norm to show obedience and ownership. What we are seeing here , similar to masks etc is that lifestyle choice being imposed upon children. We saw it at the BBC as well. We know what the BBC have been accused of over the years. I wonder if the board of this school are into similar things.

  10. The Mk 2 version will not sound an alarm, it will give a tasar-like shock to the wearer.

  11. Oh look!! Tracking bracelets, just like they said in the leaked document about plans for this Autumn. WAKE UP!! if you haven’t yet! Refuse, refuse and refuse again. Do not comply!

    • The words since last march “shove it up your arse “ works for me with all there pathetic rules and restrictions

  12. Don’t know what side is going to win this clash between good and evil but its going to get messy…Real soon.

    • Yes, the darkest hour comes before the dawn. As to which side wins, have a read of Revelation 19:11 – 20:15 and you will find out.

    • Yes, its incredible how a very small group of evil powerful elites can have so much impact on so many good citizens.
      Time for change.

  13. Today I went to pizza hut, but didn’t stay, as from now on they’re now only accepting card payment only

    • Well I won’t be going back to Pizza-hut, I won’t use Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda anymore as I watched how they have been trying to get rid of cash, next it will be the checkout operators and stock fillers that go with automated shelf stocking.

  14. 🤦‍♀️

    They are painful & uncomfortable to wear… So
    any parents allowing this need serious help! !

  15. No doubt the sick twisted trannies will still be bouncing the kids on their knees.

  16. Omg, the psychopaths in charge of all this never do anything until they think the masses are at the point of accepting whatever nefarious thing it is so does that mean we really are so deep into this that people will allow thier kids to wear these and be tracked and treated like criminals!!

  17. The abuse of the worlds children over the last 18 months has been on eof the worse aspects of the plandemic.

    • It is sinister that the people who are paid to look after children at school are in the front line when it comes to undermining their physical and mental health. Young children need as much oxygen to get to their brains for mental development. In the U.S. child psychologists claim that there is no harm being done to children by wearing masks as there has been no scientific study done to say it is harming them. No studies anywhere in the world equals no harm to children. All parents must stand firm against this crime against their children.

      • At my gp surgery on Friday. The TV monitor in the waiting was pumping out about children and mental health problems? I was shocked to read that they reackon children as young as 5 are thinking about suicide and suffering from depression and anxiety??? How does a child as young as 5 even no what the word suicide means ffs. It also said if u see any signs of high engery levels this could be a sign if depression and u should seek help for ur child asap. Bollocks u had to read this page after page of child depression to look out for. High energy in 5 year old lol well yes iv had 4 kids and they do tend to have a lot of energy which is not child hood depression and suicide thoughts. I actually can’t belive this world and what’s going in. I’m so glad my kids are adults. How would kids this young no this stuff the word depression or suicide they may her adults in TV and the Internet talk about it but they actually would no the full meaning of these words . People need to take care if the kids. These things should not even be real kids should be kids not mini adults. Protect our children

  18. My God, what are we doing to these innocent little ones? Shame on all those that agree with this insane use of ankle bracelets. Parents, true good parents would cause an uproar and stop this immediately.

  19. Those prisoners that are exempt from lockdown will now apply the electronic ankle bracelet. You will comply, resistance is futile. Have a nice day 😊

  20. Does anyone actually believe this nonsense? I mean just look at the media outlets who are promoting these stories? Ask yourself this question – Who really benefits from the presentation of sensational news coverage that is bound to enflame the emotions of the people consuming it?

    And besides, 90% of the sensational news that comes from these less than scrupulous outlets actually comes to pass.

    Awhat a load of, wait my steak is ready.

  21. Stop the world, I want to get off!
    This is absolute madness, how can any parent allow this to happen to their innocent children. World has gone mad.

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