Toronto Police OPPOSE Mandatory JAB / Hugo Talks #lockdown #Canada

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    • Well progress of a sort – happy to impose Trudeaus laws on the citizens, but when it’s their turn they don’t want it. Possibly this will happen everywhere. Wonder what the Aussie police will do when they’re told it’s their turn for the mandatory jabbings.

      • I luv that comment. Me too, CANT WAIT to see if the Aussi Police accept it after all the shit they’re putting there Citizens through….

        See if they fine themselves and think it’s ok to be subjected too $3000 fines. Even if u can appear in court to get it dropped. Who has time to waist fighting fines in court every week. “At the rate there dishing them out ” fecking heck mate”

      • The police refused to violate the constitutional rights of citizens last year when Ford tried to have them stop people randomly on the streets and in their cars to ask where they were going etc. They said no. They are not our enemies. They and their families are in the same position we’re in. I took my flyers I had made up a d went to our main city police station and talked to the guys there about how people were feeling stressed and threatened by their own government violating our constitutional rights, snd how it felt to have your bodily autonomy threatened. They listened, they said they’d share my flyers with their colleagues and tell them about how people in the community are feeling. They were great. They seemed to already agree, or at least be aware of these issues. Of course they didn’t tell me their thoughts, but I came away feeling encouraged. Putting ourselves against them, or the military, as if they’re our enemies will not work. We need them on our side. I took my flyers all over the military base last week. I met lots of people who have family members in the military who feel threatened just like we do. We need to connect with them. Get out there and make those connections. Remember, this is being done to all of us. We can’t leave anyone behind.Reach out; you’ll see we are all of us, brothers and sisters in this.

    • Last summer the Province of Ontario wanted to implement a total Aussie style lock down and they said “No”. Yes, they are enforcing other stupid rules and giving out fines, but the fines are always thrown out, because they are not legal.
      This is coming to a close sooner than later.
      If we support the police and military in this,
      Then freedom will eventually prevail, since no force can be applied by the government as opposed to what’s happening in Australia where the police have abandoned the people and their civil & human rights.

  1. We all know it’s not a vaccine look up Prof Dolores Cahill folks educated yourself

    • Just brainwashed…its amazing what fear actually can do to people…

  2. Great! Our police already refused to violate the people’s constitutional rights, and refused to follow the premier’s orders to stop people and ask where they were going.
    I visited our police station a few weeks ago and talked to the guys there, and gave them my flyers about the constitutional violations these vaccines represented, and the guys were great. They listened carefully and theynpromised to share my flyers with their colleagues. We have a group of our Ontario police suing the government right now too over Covid restrictions. Many here in Ontario are grateful to our police for their integrity in standing up for our constitutional rights.
    We feel like they won’t let us down. It must just be the ‘hypnotized’ that want them not opposing the vaccines.
    I’m going to visit the main station again tomorrow and express gratitude and support.

    • That is great news. If only our lot would do the same, all those cases presented by citizens have probably been filed in the unimportant filing cabinet under the coffee machine. Or just the waste paper basket. Please let them know that across the pond we support them too.

  3. Why are the general public do dumb we are all fucked

    • No, Elaine, we’re not f…d, cuz we’ll stay strong and stay together, so screw the idiots.

      • Remember at the beginning of all this Hysterical theatre that we had Human rights, not blame.

        We are only in this together if we stand together.

    • There brainwashed into believing what they are doing is right for themselves and others…
      When there doing harm to themselves physically and emotionally actually…

  4. Those people on social media criticising the Toronto police for not taking the Jabs are most of them non human, they are all bots .or at least Troll employed by the government .

  5. Immune from what a a fake virus FFS ,Fuck.the general public ,it seems they are the as much of a problem as the Elites .

  6. Yes sorry just felt very depressed there for a minute

  7. I actually think it is great that idiots are screaming for the Police to be held down and force-ably injected with the Bill Gates new business plan, it will get the whole thing more attention and the majority of people will come out with the police as they don’t want this stuff that is an ever growing controversy stuck into there kids, dogs, cats or themselves.

    • Great Comment!!! “Bill Gates Business Plan” Wicked loool

  8. I’m not building my hopes up they could be persuaded by a pay rise.

  9. Unjabbed Delta airlines (ironic isn’t it) staff to lose $200 each month just because they don’t want the poison.

    I thought coercion is illegal?

    Only one way to help them is for Americans to boycott the airline.

    • Coercion into Any medical procedure is illegal , so tell you what Govt if your gonna just pick and choose the laws you follow then I’m gonna do the same .

  10. Saskatchewan and Alberta are two provinces in Canada that at this moment also seem to have encouraging news in that they are not mandating vaccines for certain workers and are not imposing restrictions like indoor masks. So it’s good to keep focusing on the positive we see, and to count our blessings that we have many dedicated truth tellers like Hugo out there.

  11. It’s got happen all around the world so let’s see??

    as someone mentioned above .. yes the public are Fools!
    For Taking others down because they are ignorant & blindsided!!

    Have great day Every one

    Thank you Hugo

  12. This is yet another trick I think but I don’t trust nothing this will be the way to get police out the way for a bit while courts proceedings take place so they will replace with a private security just to keep the people safe

  13. Well done to those policemen. Annoying that the brainwashed public is becoming nothing more than a pack of baying hounds. They’ve been turned into animals – and it is sad because they are victims of an illegal agenda. Hold out long enough for those to start dropping and there will be silence.

  14. Dear Hugo, you are doing a fantastic job keeping people informed. One thing bothers me though. There are a lot of basic spelling mistakes, usually the same ones in different people’s comments. Some people may find this suspicious. I can only assume these mistakes are introduced if original comments are copied and uploaded to the reply section on the site.

  15. if the police refuse then it is our right to refuse surely.

    • It is our ‘right’ regardless of what any other organisation chooses to do, including the police.

    • Well done Canada 🇨🇦 don’t take the snake oil ever 🙏🏾👍🏾💙

  16. I wonder if Macron saw this coming when he exempted the French police from mandatory “vaccination?”

  17. I’ve noticed different countries are trying different sectors. its almost like “that sector refused so lets try this sector”

  18. Stick with Toronto police but please don’t then decide to uphold the mandating it to people who work in other areas!!
    We need businesses and the police here, oh and the armed forces to do the same!!

  19. The world we live in now- because much of the jib jabbed have drank the kool aid and feel stupid now in doing so, they feel to ease their stupidness they think the rest of us left should drink it too.

  20. According to my news feed a coronor has confirmed the BBC presenter Lisa Shaw did die due to complications with the Zenica jab. Well we knew it was the jab anyway.

  21. If it wasn’t for the paranoid brainwashed bastards having them jabs in the first place this may not of got this far…

  22. Interesting. They have come for the cops now, but they refuse to comply.
    I wonder if they will be arrested. 😂😂

  23. Chicago PD have told their ghoulish looking mayor to shove her jab where the sun don’t shine, too.

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