POLICEMAN Writes OPEN LETTER Let’s Stand AGAINST TYRANNY / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • That policeman is spot on that’s exactly what we need the police and army to come together like the veterans are doing. Great job by the way.

      • What a hero! Well said. Now is the time the police and soldier now stand as one and strike regardless. We the people, will stand with you in respect, and gollow your orders to protect our freedom.. Don’t help them win.. They will kill you as much as theya re trying to kill us too.. We are all one..

      • We’re ready to take arms and fight for our freedom and our God given rights. This tyranny must stop. I’m an old an who has lived a comfortable life but I can see that future generations will never get to enjoy what my generation did, but I’m prepared to fight for the to have that right.

        My only concern is that the fuckin useless snowflake woke generation will bend over and take it up the arse rather than get angry and fight back.I hope I’m wrong.

      • What a marvelous letter from a true friend of the people. He is an example to us all.

    • High five sir …you have summarised my thoughts and experience as a nurse of 41 years …
      Thank you sir x

    • So good to hear such eloquence from our police and to hear that in his ranks he is not alone. We will need them if things go further – let’s hope all that is happening on a positive front will avoid any (currently) unthinkable actions.

      • To be fair hugo was reading it out he maybe didnt use the punctuation and maybe mispronounced some words,but what was said is the truth how can anyone except jeremy vine disagree
        I read earlier the FDA have aprroved the phiser vaccine one of the main people approving it is paid by phiser

      • Thank you it nice to know, it’s just not me and others thinking this is not right and questioning the facts.
        Good for this police officer writing this true fact letter he and yourselves are the REAL HEROES. Just watch yourselves has the powers above come after you as we know they are slaves to the government

    • A real hero – surely people in these services must realise it will be their families that ultimately suffer …. at the hands of their own family members – what does it take for all of us to understand this. As Hugo quoted yesterday and reinforced by this policeman, the authorities care little for the people of this country yet they are allowed to do as they please by what can only be described as a mindless public who are too concerned about their supply of fast food and visits to Majorca. We need more policeman such as this chap too speak out – the public may then take note and see what is actually going on.

  1. The standard of written English is poor in places, and has a lack of basic punctuation. I’m willing to give the letter the benefit of the doubt for now, but I suspect it’s a wind up. The pigs just do as they’re told, like being made to drive around in those ridiculous rainbow fagmobiles. I don’t see any protests from them about those.

    • So he’s not got a degree in English he’s clearly done a lot of research I do think that a lot are at the end of their tether with all this tbh but they don’t know what to do

    • This is not a wind up. With respect, if you had been doing research from the start, you would know all this. This is a superb summary.

      • Yes, but anybody can say this. Why would he go into a great long spiel about everything? He would have just stuck to the legal and policing side of things. No copper would write this. It’s balls.

      • We all know the top of the pig ladder is and always has been thoroughly corrupt. Just look at the Met pig dyke who manages, time after time, to get away with murder. . literally. If you were a low level pig, would you really speak out against these freemason pigs at the top and risk being murdered? No.

      • Precisely; it’s the last 18 months summarised by a person who happens to be employed by the police in some capacity!

        Now, if he or she were to submit a letter to their peers without hiding their identity then that would be heroic.

        I’ve said a few times on here that without the support of police and armed services, we are doomed.

        Whilst an awakened official offers a glimmer of hope, it will only be more encouraging to not hide behind an anonymous synopsis of the Covid agenda, instead heroically stand up and stand out openly to encourage all others to disengage in their actions against humanity.

    • I keep trying to access the letter but haven’t been able to, can you send to me please?

    • I know two policeman who watch Hugo, so I think you’re wrong. Their all scared of losing their jobs.

    • We’re in the middle of the worst crime against humanity ever …and you’re commenting on whether this missive is Grammatical!!

      You’re at the wrong gig pal …my level of incredulity is only matched by your level of congenital stupidity!

      If anyone is guilty of a wind up I suspect it’s you!

      • True story I’ve personally seen it with my own eyes my Aunty’s husbands father a chief inspector was the head guy at his lodge. My Dad encouraged me to join up which thankfully I declined.

    • If the Police or Army don’t stand by the people.. them & their kids & grand children will experience the same tyranny as the population are facing. We need to all stand side by side to fight the rothchild/ Gates / Soros funded mass genocide & global tyranny.

  2. It’s so much more than just money and power.

    It’s the replacement of a new international monetary system. It’s the withdrawal of individual freedom It’s fascism and communism. And most of all, it’s genocide.

    • WOW thank the Lord 🙏🏿 some of our Police officer’s are waking up to this nasty evil pagan Babylonian new world 🌎 order the nasty evil governments are putting on the people’s all over the world 🌍 enough is enough it’s time for the people’s to rise up against this tyranny thanks 🙏🏿 so much Hugo talks God 🙏🏿 ❤️ bless 💕 you and keep you safe

  3. Wow just wow I think a lot of police are on our side I just dint think they know what to do , they could start with doin what the Italians did and stand with us on the next protest

    • I live in southern Italy and to be fair to the police they don’t push the ridiculous rules. Many of them think like we do. It’s all political.

  4. great work thanks, we need more officers with brains !

  5. 100% behind this policeman. Lets hope others of subconscious wrong doing speak out, join together and show support for the public. The public will back those that do, against those that do not.

    • The evil one’s know first you must destroy the four pillars of society faith, marriage, family, nation, over a period of time..
      Then it will eventually slide into moral decay, all planned for a very long time. Excellerated from the 60’s (free love) drugs etc.
      Where being rebellious to all that is good and from God was seen as hip, goody two shoes all the decades since have had by design a detrimental effect on society, once you destroy God’s moral order, with all the fakery of this world your in deep trouble and far from the creator of all things.

  6. What a brilliant letter that sums up the situation so eloquently!

    If that doesn’t rally a call to arms amongst the forces then nothing will!

    There are three causes which ruin a State,—inordinate privileges—corruption of justice—national apathy.

  7. May many police and military persons be stirred by this. We need you!!! In my book he’s already a hero.

    • The letter is really preaching to the converted. How do we stand up with this man and his like-minded souls? We, the Thinkers, need plans of action… forceful action if needed!

  8. What a good man and he is so right. Add to all his other points that many of the public now hate the police when we used to respect them and felt they were looking out for us.

  9. Thank you Hugo and thank you D

    We need the police and the military on our side. My dh and I are retired, we have never been in trouble with the law but we are prepared to do whatever we can or die fighting for our freedoms.

  10. Gotta love a man in uniform, that stands out from the rest just fancy dressed in a costume then, if this is so.

    • That’s what the defund the police agenda is all about. In the (near) future there wil be probably only robot police in combination with the 5G surveillance technology.

  11. I hope it is the Police, but it lacks the tone of language they employ which is officious, predictable psuedo-legal words like surmise, and a general robotic civil service type verbiage.

    However, I’m sure there are lots of Police and Military who are not happy, they need a way to co-ordinate and plan a course of action.

    • Your best video yet, and you’ve posted some bloody good ones!

  12. Total wind up. Poorly written, no mention of the banking cartels, pointing the finger at gates who is clearly a mere front man like so many others that can be thrown under the bus at any time, more smearing of Germans that were clearly against the global banking system and tried their best to stop the international banker sponsored communist push across Europe. Don’t take this in people, it’s false hope, it’s what they do. Hugo has told you this many times in videos before. If this is the conclusion he has come to from “digging into history” it’s a very poor one and barely scratched the surface. Look into gadafi, Hussain, Kennedy and hitler.. you will find the links, and what they said which seems to go amiss with so many truthers these days will absolutely shock you. It’s so obvious when you piece it together. Bitchute channel TheCrusader001 … knock yourself out, when you hear it you will find it all sounds very familiar.. stay strong all 💪🏼

    • How long did you want his letter to be? I challenge you to write a similar letter to Hugo, defining all the red flags, lies and propaganda, the history of regulation change that has assisted those at the heart of the deception to get us to where we are now …. Well, you get my point. Be heartened. The police are human, mostly, they have children and grandparents. Out of uniform they are like you and me. Give D a round of applause whilst keeping your fingers crossed.

      • Have done, and sent videos. He never picked up on it, or replied. If you want to check my channel I have mentioned be my guest, and please let me know your thoughts after taking it in. No hate from me, I’m not here to cause argument or to make enemies. There are huge amounts of videos on my channel which clearly points the finger at the banking gangsters and many speeches which seem to be lost in history which make things much easier to piece together. Take care Keith.

    • So he mentioned Gates ( big Pharma) only, and not the
      Banksters, tech corporation mafias as a united corrupt evil cartel: so fekin what?

      Did you require a fuming masters degree thesis or something?

      So his literary skills leave a bit to ease desired: so what?

      Was his message not ciear?

      Do you doubt his sincerity?

      I don’t!

      Tough situation and this guy has a conscience!

      Can’t see the woods from the trees, mate?

  13. I believe this is Genuine and this is what we need , this corruption as gone to far and we must now all Rise , even if it means Civil War and I am prepared to go to War with this corruption to bring it to it’s Knees .☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

    • I’ve said for years! We live in a de facto communist state, while we were fed bread and circuses.
      My siblings laughed at me.
      We are ruled by the cabalist (masonic) Jews. Modern day pharisees and scribes, no different in Jesus times.
      They own all communications and have been brainwashing us for decades with anti white hatred.
      The jew revolution of Russia of 1917.will tell you where we are heading for the same fate here.
      Classic divide and conquer they can’t fast track the Muslims in fast enough for our destruction.
      We are ruled by pure evil who hide behind fluffy (nice) slogans. Tolerance will be the death of us.
      England has fallen into apostasy,
      The ruin of our nation is not far off, but here. Turn to “Jesus Christ”,, and put on the armour of zGod for our spiritual battle ahead.
      We are Anglo saxon Christian warriors!! The English have warrior blood that is why they hate us, we are a threat to their world domination. We must fight the good fight and stand in the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer is powerful! Never forget God hears our cries for justice!.
      Viva christo rey!! God is good!!
      God bless all truthseekers!! In these diabolical times!!!

    • What would be your enemy?

      Who would you be warring with?

      Where would your “civil” war take place when opposing tyranny on a global scale?

      It’s over already. The majority are vaxxed, soooo,,, we’re basically screwed.

      • Sadly, I have to agree with you. There are far too many who believe this BS, far too many who are prepared to give away their freedom because ‘ thats the rules’ and far too many brainwashed zombies who just want an easy life and go with the flow…… We are fked. We will all be wearing striped PJ’s before long…… 🙁

  14. My daddy was a police dog handler in Nazi Germany, he along with a few others refused to participate in what the Nazis ordered and were thrown into prison without trial. He was released just before the end of the war and became a prisoner of war here in England. He was my model to live by even though the marriage to my mother ended in divorce when I was young and I was not allowed to see him.
    He is the reason I will never back down from the stand I have taken against what “they” are trying to do to us.
    Like he and a few others were good policemen, so too, there will be others today.

  15. Dear Pig, Hanging on to your pension are we, show your face or your bleatings are of no use.
    Just watched 5 cops beating up a busker in Bournemouth.
    It’s so easy to hate all Pigs
    You won’t take on Irish travellers, Muslim grooming gangs, cause you are all cowardly scum.
    FUCK OFF, cos all we have here is another cowardly policeman, with his worthless anonymous letter.

    • Calling the police pigs is so 70’s! No need to be so derogatory. Question: What are you doing to fight back against this tyranny? Are you an armchair activist or? Please be quiet unless you have something useful and constructive to say. Nameste….🙏

  16. The time is now to call for a national strike, every sector of society has been suppressed since the early 1980’s we have all been shit on ……..all of us including doctors, nurses, police, army, local authority etc etc, point is….its always been them v us, they despise us, we are a cannon fodder or useless eaters is how we are described, the only way to push back is by ALL the working class standing up together in unity, the Aussie truckers are putting us to shame, we haven’t got to block the motorways, we just need to stay home and do nothing, then the tables will turn and then we take our country back, sack all politicians, empty both the House of Lords and commons, install a system based on natural law with morality as the benchmark for a real chance of living a future instead of existing till we die💙

    • Bang on Neil, except the Ausie truckers are only talking the talk so far. Lets praise them when they walk the walk !

  17. None of these “heroic voices” of opposition featured in these videos mention the most important point, covid 19 is completely made up. Most of them imply it’s real.
    For instance, in this one he quotes Churchill saying “never let a crisis go to waste”, implying the covid pandemic is real and the govts of the world have used it as an opportunity to impose this tyranny. Like it was just a spur of the moment decision after covid broke out.
    Then there’s the Irish nurse, promoted on the BBC to a wider audience, speaking of alternative treatments, again implying its existence.

    • Rob, he doesn’t imply the bs is real by quoting Churchill’s “never let a crisis go to waste”. That’s not fair.
      Within the context of the entire letter he plainly explains that he believes the ‘crisis’ is a manufactured hoax with many examples why.

      See a few others here slagging him off just because he’s police.

      Can’t diss them all… though it’s tough not to these days, sadly.

      • Jeff, maybe you’re right about this one , I only watched the first half, up to the mentioning of Churchill.
        My comment was more directed videos in general on this channel, like the new “truth bomb” one. In it the caller talks about infection rates among the vaxxed and unvaxxed as well as comparing variants. Implying the virus is real all along.
        This kind of insidious propaganda misdirects from the fact it’s all a hoax and controls the way people engage with the narrative.
        Soon it will be completely erased from the minds of those who don’t follow the official narrative that this is all made up.
        There are some very sophisticated psychological games afoot.

  18. Superb letter! Let’s hope it gets enough traction to convince many to start thinking about the evil that is surrounding us and to cross over to the right side of history.

  19. Welcome to the pantomime..
    The elites run this show..
    Unless we rise, we’ll all be meeting at an internment camp soon
    Mass physcosis in operation

    • Yup, soon the “ping” will be an order to check into a jail to quarantine!

      Stupid stupid stupid feckin sheep; sold our freedom to go on holiday 😒

  20. We all believe the Nazis were the worst. I suggest you watch Europa, the last battle. You will discover, with horror, that there was a worse evil!

  21. More of this is needed, and it’s only a matter of time before the shift of the awakening will spread to our servicemen and police alike.
    Well done to you sir

  22. Fuck me i hope he doesn’t read out statements in court ..we would have the apocalypse before he finishes

  23. why why why have you not posted a pdf of the letter (obviously redacting any personal data) so that we all can send it to every politician, police station, government office, etc?

  24. My husband is a police officer in Scotland. Community Bobby!
    He has always been the type to take instruction and do as he is told, however there is a change a foot….mainly because he is married to me and I have challenged and protested my angle at every new revelation that I have come across on this matrix journey. He is on board. He has refused the jab, refused any tests unfortunately he still wears the mask but overall he is more one of us than he is one of them. We have decided he will give up the job or push to be sacked before accepting any vaccine or testing. He has spoken up several times to colleagues and been challenged.
    In the first lockdown the turning point for him was when he was paired with a woman who was covid police who asked a knackered and unwell man to move on from the park bench. He told me that he felt sickened and vowed never to tolerate any collegeue like that again. He is one of the good guys and he is someone willing to stand with us but he seems to be the only one in his city that feels this way. Or so it seems!
    Well done to the officer who wrote this letter. I will be forwarding this to him so he’s not so alone!

  25. Does that really matter Kevin Hancock? Any relation to Matt by any chance? I 👏this police officer. Thank you for sharing Hugo.

  26. Has D heard of Police for Freedom? They have groups in Europe & Australia. Maybe he could start up a movement in UK.

  27. Everyone forward to 101
    Let the boys in blue know how it’s done!

  28. Thank you thank you thank you. This gives me hope. Please don’t be deterred by the nay sayers in these comments – could be paid opposition, who knows.

    I keep saying we need the police and military on our side. If they’re ordered to scoop us from our homes and take us to camps, we need these people to refuse, we need them with us. Don’t tar them all with the same brush. Perhaps some need reminding of why they joined up in the first place, I’m sure it was to help people not to be minions of a tyrannical force. Minions are disposable after all, they would gain nothing from tyranny in the end.

    Thank you to this brave man for speaking out and trying to rally others to help us. Some might not appreciate how important this is, but I do. I’m scared of what the next few years holds for us and for my children, but if there’s no one to enforce the tyranny there’s no reason to live in fear.

    I hope you read this, D, and know that from the bottom of my heart I appreciate your words and I hope you are successful in bringing others to our side. Thank goodness there are police officers like you.

  29. The police serve the Crown not the people. Nothing will change until this oath changes, irrespective of what this well meaning policeman says.
    He needs to be campaigning to get the oath changed.
    “I do solemnly and sincerely declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve the Queen in the office of constable, with fairness, integrity, diligence and impartiality, upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people; and that I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law.”

  30. This scam will go on forever at this rate if people keep having them jabs and believing the crap the news and media shove down there throat….
    In fact today its fact that people getting jabbed are becoming more ill than unjabbed people…
    Asymptomatic spreader is a lie made up last year..
    PCR tests not fit for purpose…
    And now there talking about putting restrictions back in and after 6 months you need more jabs…
    People will have them because they been brainwashed

    • The PCR is being phased out no later than 31st Dec this year, to be replaced with several other types of testing.

      For those of you unaware, all the private companies set up to offer Covid tests have politicians on the board. Therefor, for as long as people comply to testing, politicians will forever insist it’s necessary.

      Before the vaccine arrived any death was Covid. Since the vaccine arrived, vaccine deaths are still Covid.

      Ffs people, just stop complying!!!

      My heart goes out to all those who got stooped into getting the jab and hope i am very wrong with all of this…

  31. Thank you Hugo

    Hopefully then others in the forces will follow ‘D’ .

  32. I’d like to believe this is from a genuine policeman. But I’m an utter cynic about everything, and can only hope that this does prick the conscience of police officers and anyone in positions of trust,power and influence who know in their gut, that this is abuse of power and manipulation and corruption, on a massive scale and work with us,not against. I’m not arsed about the grammar,as I can’t be bothered myself anymore, texting,emailing,messaging. We lose the habit of writing correctly and we pick up so many more bad habits. I used to be great with my vocabulary card grammar, but its too much like hard work without a pen in my hand. So let’s not judge D’s grammar and vocabulary. When angry you just have to let it flow..
    The point though is we know there are people worling in positions in public services Poluce, army, nursing..who simply must think like we do , in all probability, but dare not voice their opinion for fear of losing job or being laughed at. But do it,speak out, refuse to morally bankrupt yourselves in contributing to tyranny. You do have support. You should be heard. It matters.

  33. If anyone has taken the time to do any research into what we’ve been told, this information won’t come as any surprise.
    The problem is, it won’t get heard by the majority of people who believe in this hoax!
    And besides, even if they do read it, they’ll just wave it off as a, ‘Conspiracy Theory ‘ and, just some nut job masquerading as a Police Officer!

    • You’re so right! Too many frightened sheep who will dob-you-in if they think you’re a dirty Unvaxxed Death Super-Spreader. There are, by comparison, far too few of us THINKERS to be any problem to authority ATM. I think we’re the next ” Australia”, so start stocking up on tinned foods. 😟

      • Tinned food? Might as well get jabbed 🤭🙄😂

  34. I hope he’s got growing support of his colleagues, we need them on our side to bring down these psychopathic globalists.

  35. A superb summary. I am so heartened to hear that there are constables who see this and will stand against it. There are scientists too who are speaking out. We stand with this constable and thank him more than he can know.

  36. Great to hear a member of our police force speaking up and talking sense…I pray that there are many more like him who see what our government is doing. Thank you 😊🙏

  37. The guardians 400 already exists and many police officers are part of it veterans and those that have left their position and wages…. In other countries like here in Spain we have policia por la Libertad / Police for Freedom, whom are working police and ex police…. Would be willing to put him and fellow humans in touch and on re education courses. All they have to do is Google search…. Less words, more actions… In Italy the biggest union of the Carabinieri have made a stance against vaccinating forces and applying green pass laws…. They stand for the people not the government… I could go on….. If you want links and details I have emailed you Hugo, several weeks back.

  38. A few men of conscience is all it takes to conquer tyranny.

  39. As a former serviceman of over 13 years I would refuse any mandatory vaccination first and foremost and have the courage and moral fibre to go to any Court Marshall knowing I stood for the truth. If ever asked to go against The People I signed up to protect, on the orders of this corrupt evil puppet Government I would instantly refuse regardless of ramification. These psychopathic globalist may of sold their souls but I wouldn’t offer mine up that easily. Good work to the Police officer and God willing he is not alone in this war. God bless everyone and keep strong.

  40. Sounded genuine but a lot of it was waffle. I would have been more interested in hearing about the masonic influence in the police, and about the orders/instructions they are given internally relating to this. Stuff like that might have given a good insight. Instead he was wasting time telling you about Bill Gates etc as if it would be news to you.

    • I agree: recordings of daily briefings etc would be a wider eye opener in the context of things.

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