‘GAGA’ BIDEN / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Trump is being played now to channel ‘fake hope.’ It’s like Religion, breeds apathy.

    No one’s gonna save you and your kids, only you.

  2. He’s was senile from the beginning reckon obama will rise from his pit

  3. Remember Trump is an elitist and remember who bailed him out years ago, he’s just another puppet and just there for people to believe there is a saviour he’s a Shill.

    People really need to get all food Locally Grown there is no shortage of food just shortage of foods from other countries, all bullshit they are withholding food/deliveries to fear the people.

  4. I am more and more convinced that they use synthetic or cloned persons and Biden is one of them.

  5. It’s my guess they want to get rid of the MSM then we will truly be living in 1984 with the box
    In the corner of your living room chucking out there orders. Good luck everyone 💕.

    • Get rid of the box in the corner. No awakened man or woman should even have a TV. I have not owned a TV or watched a TV in ten years. Wake up and smell the coffee.

  6. It is all games for lies and greed. None care whom they hurt for lies and greed. it is not merely left and right. It is a tirade of ripples of within the fury of the layers all lying and double playing each other to the factions and groups that form the network and agenda. I do not like religion or politics as they are all playing each other and all in cahoots as well. None of the care about the innocent. They all just rationalise their lies perversely and they do not give one iota the sadness, trauma and grief they cause to the innocent. I spent years campaigning and went State level and for what? Obstructed every inch of the way and I can say by first hand experience as i contacted all political parties and official bodies and they all squirmed and avoided the subjects. That is how corrupt it all is. If one of them gave a shit, and they they do not, they would have made the agenda stop and the child abuse and innocent civilians and more hurt. No, not one of them bothered and why? As they are all part of the same club and consumed by their own lies and greed. No justice is allowed and not ever and so the lies roll and none of them have made it stop and none of them have any intentions of making it stop! I could be a hermit and run away and try and hide, but the agenda is global and the vermin and parasites of the network like a malignancy through everything. i do not want to ever see or know any of the scabby arsed duplicitous turds! I hate the news as it is contrived and scripted and all media is controlled to the point it insults the intelligence by the blatancy of the lies. All rainbows in many contexts and yet the rainbows the agenda brings is a huge gold plated turd at the end of it and everyone whom stupidly falls to the deception and willing for blood money deals get their hands covered in the shit of corruption and bound to it flies to excrement! Then they all just lie and keep lying trying to conceal their lies they entrapped themselves by and entrenched neck deep in their deceptions. All they do is cause sadness. That is what they do. They cause sadness, trauma and grief for their lies and greed.

    • Welcome to the USSRA: “In our country the lie has become not just a moral category, but a pillar of the state.”

      — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

  7. Washington DC is a theatre company (The US Inc.) and nothing that happens there matters – especially The Shit House. The City of London rules The Pentagon and that’s all you need to know.

  8. Yet, ironically, people don’t realise that the alternative media is just as bad a fear porn.

    • 95% of it is controlled and I am probably being generous. “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

  9. IMO Doris Johnson and co are part of the same shit show as Biden and Harris. Though I disagree with your thoughts on Trump Hugo. I don’t see him as a saviour but firmly believe he respects the US constitution, which America obtained from England. The cabal are going after common law jurisdictions such as England, Canada, Australia and other countries formerly part of the Empire and aiming to inflict Roman law on its population.

  10. Love you Hugo
    Live your life, your way. Stay true to yourself ❤️

  11. Trump is just another Puppet “ all world leaders now are just puppets being dangled by strings “
    All these strings need too be cut “

  12. I like your thinking Hugo, however I think something even bigger is going to happen to steer the public attention away from the incoming release of the full forensic audit results. One such scenario could be the USA missing the deadline to get all the civilians out of Afghanistan and then the Taliban killing them. It would certainly cause a mass revolt against sleepy joe who would be forced to step down. Not sure how a Trump reinstatement would play out legally. One things for sure the results of this audit are going to be crucial to what happens next from the globalists.

  13. The way i look at it….these governments,politicians and especially corporations commited so many crimes against the people….they need weak donkeys like demented joe….and want Great reset to distract public from realising they been lied for years….i said it before…..hitler looks like a sheep comparing to today’ nazis….you are wrong about trump….i agree on everything with you but will go with donald trump any day. Hugo….its history repeating….from centuries leaders,kings,governments….they never want educated clever society….they need millions of sheep which would follow them on useless wars and crazy ideas to take over the world….fact

  14. Once you see and know the truth, there’s no going back ever. You can sometimes even predict the next moves of these feckless humans.

  15. I’m not sure about Trump, though I’ve always looked at it with an open mind. As an Englishman who’s never voted, I feel a lot more in tune with Republicans than Democrats. It did seem at the time of Trump’s presidency that the media were doing all they could to paint him in a bad light, and you had to wonder WHY. Then there was the obviously rigged election and I thought maybe he was in THEIR way and messing with their agenda plans. Prior to this I had always agreed with George Carlin’s philosophy that politicians were put into office merely to give the masses the illusion of choice. I want to believe in Trump, but, unlike most, I’m not the type to stick with a belief once it’s been made clear to me that I was fooled.

    • “Democrats (Labourites and Liberals) are Stalinists and Republicans (Tories and NeoCons) are Trotskyists”

      — Eustace Mullins

      Trumpstein is regularly seen giving the raised Commie clenched fist salute, with his Commie red tie, as demonstrated here:


      “When I was in my 20s I was a Marxist, Leninist, Trotskyist, revolutionary Bolshevik and I had opinions roughly equivalent to Mr Cleverly’s Conservative Party now – which has become an extraordinarily left-wing party since then.”

      — Peter Hitchens

  16. Fake Trump fake Biden fake bloody everything. Once you realise this and detach completely from the narrative you’re a dead battery for the fear machine.

  17. its all theatre to feed the stupid. Trump the ” saviour” gave the game away when he started promoting the vaccine

    • He gave the game away when he: 1) pimped his family out to the unmentionables. 2) Had his audience with the Rothschild errand boy, Kissinger, before he even entered The Shite House.

    • I believe if Trump gets reinstated the sole purpose for his return is to cause a mass deception. As far as him being the Anti Christ I won’t go that far but oddly enough some people do think Jarod Kushner is the Anti Christ. That’s one rabbit hole I havent gone down so I dont know the full details of why people think this, except it has been said he paid an exorbitant amount of money over market value for some property in New York with a 666 address. I don’t know if his purchase of the property with a 666 address sparked rumors he is the Anti Christ or if there are other things that make people suspicious. Again, I know very little about him but have heard whisperings he will be the Anti Christ.

  18. I had a few run ins with social media accounts pushing the “oh I’m stocking up” types – their rhetoric was so similar to the vax pushers.
    We all get told we’re about to experience food shortages.
    All the sheep go out and panic buy.
    Food shortages occur because everyone bought more than usual.
    MSM was correct with its predictions…

  19. So many people still on the trump train. The so called truthers pushing Q and trump are brainwashed. He’s coming back because he was supposed to. He’s not going to save you. Save yourselves people.

  20. If I wanted Mystic Meg! lmao
    Great advice to get out in nature; sadly in some parts of the developing world that’s illegal along with being out in public or buying food.

  21. Everything is planned, I said at the start of the year that Biden would go and Harris would be in charge soon. They have left billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment for the Taliban, there’s no way they are going to send anyone back in again. They plan to antagonise Russia and allow China to step in and take control of the huge deposits of lithium. The UK will end up taking tens of thousands of “refugees”; all part of the Kalergi plan. The British have always been the target for the Corporate Marxists as they have thwarted their plans so many times in the past; destroy the British and the world’s their oyster.

  22. Trumpet always said ‘don’t listen to fake news’
    …. He always in it!!!! ??!!!

  23. It’s their oldest trick to create two opposing sides eg left & right, black & white, Protestant & Catholic, Jew & Muslim, Trump & Biden etc etc. They control both sides. The purpose is to distract us & divide us. The actors on both sides work for the elite – sometimes they don’t even know they do.
    If there weren’t these manufactured divisions humanity would come together & get rid of their controllers.

    • 98% of the people (citizen slaves) are not even aware that they have controllers, so how do they get rid of something that they do not even know exists.

  24. Switch off for a while. The best advice to all of this nonsense really, it’s easy to forget that everything you are seeing and hearing is simply a presentation of information, as delivered to you as a cleverly edited package of information fed to you through a screen, or a piece of paper.

    Real everyday life is what it is, and if you’ve got the essentials covered, and things to hope for and work towards, you ain’t doing too bad.

    So after all is said and done, ask yourself this question: What do I want to do? And if by some inconvenience, something outside of you is stopping you (like information on a media presentation), ask yourself: Well, what am I going to do about it?

    Live life.

  25. Kamala was a wax work at Disney Hall Of Presidents before Biden was even inaugurated. They said it was to expensive to do them both. Does that alone not show the pre planning that Disney were aware of this all.

  26. No not at all. it just shows that Disney had a wax work of Kamala Harris.

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