AUSSIE Truckers To STRIKE And Bring AUSTRALIA To A STANDSTILL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

90 Comments on “AUSSIE Truckers To STRIKE And Bring AUSTRALIA To A STANDSTILL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Isn’t this what the government want. A lock down? People to struggle buying food and not going out to travel?

  2. Everyone gets to a point where enough is enough and people in Australia have reached it. I hope they get plenty of support. Good luck to all the truckers. ๐Ÿ‘
    Hope New Zealand do this too as they are going the same way as Australia.
    I wish them all the best.
    Will this get shown on our news? I doubt it.
    Thank you to Hugo for showing this.

  3. Enough is enough seriously I’m truck driver in UK and I will do the same. You went to far with your tyranny all corrupted governments

    • Strength to you and your friends, mate. I’ll be with you ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    • Whats the point the government in UK have already got the ball rolling with 1000 driver already off do you think these people ain’t already got massive storage place full of stuff they need but people like me living week by week will be totally fucked so I just hope all are OK with this think about the bigger picture

  4. Good luck Ozzy truckers next step put the blockades around the houses of parliament and all world government buildings keep them locked up and denied

  5. Just seen a video on BNT in asia somewhere, maybe Vietnam – covid / police dude enforcing rules – guy walks up behind him and chops him in the neck with a meat cleaver. The world is starting to fall apart. It’s going to get really, really bad.

  6. I think it is time for the Australians to directly target the enemy, no more messing around. The people are at war with the corrupt government so the rules of engagement are clear. Threaten them directly. They are all cowards and will back down once they feel peronally at risk.

  7. and do what the american trucker said at the end also remove the bolts so they cannot move your trucks and good on you for making a stand against the tyranny

  8. Sounds like the fastest way to Mad Max – but they have been pushed too far – shame they could not just come up with a plan to just starve the politicians and government buildings rather than risk starving the whole Country, which is most likely what the GlowBallist wants…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit
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  9. Sorry , meant ‘let them hear your voice Austrailia and God be with you’!

  10. God is in your side truckers, your voice Ausrailia make it known that enough is enough!

  11. Good on the truckers bring them down for what the government as done to there country.

    Anti vax and passports protest in London all day today Kings Cross station then ITV News, Google then Facebook last LBC there more to coming ๐Ÿ‘

  12. FFS Ex double jabbed sheep, her double jabbed sheep friends got Covid badly, I gave a lift to 3mins in my car and OMG I should self isolate as not jabbed, had it 20months ago, leave me alone, stop living in FEAR!! i need to stay home, if I spread it to someone and they die, then that’s selfish!!

    Yeah we should all stay home for ever, just incase we get it and spread it, when we could of all picked it up down the local shop and be spreading it all the time with zero symptoms anyway.

    But she’s okay to open her shop, as she’s double jabbed, even though that doesn’t stop you spreading it, madness!!


    God I HATE this universe!!!

    • I understand your ANGER, totally!!!! Why are these people not seeing what is so blindingly obvious????? It makes my blood boil too!

      • She’s with her Sister who’s a Covid Nurse, surely she’s infected with it daily and should never leave the covid ward CRAZY!!!

        Testing herself, she won’t even test positive for 10days area or be spreading it, nutty!!

        You can’t live your entire life in FEAR State, well she can!!

    • I don’t hate this universe, I love every moment on it, but I hate what Governments are trying to do to the average person who has little but a very basic understanding of medical teachings or human biology.

      • FEAR FEAR FEAR FEAR, what IF’s with 1mil to 1 chances made into, if you do X you’ll give and they’ll die, but nobody I know has died Arrggghhhh!!!


  13. Die on you feet or die crawling to government begging, only one is an option.
    Governments do not own us, Bankers don’t own us, both are out of control parasites.

  14. As crazy as it seems this might be the only way out for Australia. Great tip from the driver at the end. Good on the truckers.

  15. This is brilliant. If the trash trucks stop as well you’ll have some very unhappy politicians with stink in their homes.

  16. Brilliant and make it a permanent strike until this madness stops .
    We in the UK are right behind you

  17. Apparently thereโ€™s going to be 22.000 motorcycling ex veterans at the big protest in London this Saturday. Can anybody confirm this? This will surely lock London down along with the protesters.

  18. Australian truckers I hope you get plenty of support from your population and I admire all of you for doing something that will really give your leaders something to worry about.

    • That is just it…. will they get the support of the nation or are they too frightened to breathe fresh air???? I would wager they are scared sh#tless by this BS Scam !

  19. God Bless them all and Good Fortune! The world needs this to work! If it works there, it will definitely work in the UK. Our roads are blocked without a Truckers strike! Bring it on fellas! Love from any like-minded soul who believes in Free Speech and Freedom. x

  20. Class Aussieโ€™s!! I love it when a plan comes together. Keep on not trucking ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿคž

  21. If people didnt comply with them rules and went against all this then it maybe would not of got this farโ€ฆ.they tried doing this with the original sars i heard but nobody wanted them jabsโ€ฆ

  22. Don’t you think this is a great way of taking control of the food supply and causing shortages? I think this is a bit fishy. It seems like the sort of thing that would play into the tyrants hands. I dont see how collapsing the supply chain can be a benefit to society at large. This does not sit well with me.

    • I would hope that the citizens who cant get their supplies would argue with government dept to get the country moving again. They are not seeing mass deaths so why would they be on Government’s side? If it actually affects them, they will join whichever side holds the aces, the truckers.

    • So they stick together as a civilization and make sure everyone has food..Except the evil ones

  23. For Aussie news you could do wiorse than check out Max Igan (The Crowhouse) channels on Odysee/Bitchute etc. He’s been covering the growing tyranny and insanity of the Ozzie Governors and police and has been doing some pretty great speeches at Freedom rallies – eg:

    He’s been suggesting that truckers do this for a while, i.e. if the corrupt Government wants to break the country then the people can at least do it on their own terms and hopefully get to the point of bringing the Government down and bringing the traitorous politicians, media, police commissioners etc to justice. Hope Oz can lead the way as this needs to happen all around the world.

  24. Australia dropping Covid Zero, so it’s working and it’s going the right way finally.

  25. I would vote for them to run over all Australia’s government politicians.

  26. For me itโ€™s looks like fight with people not government . Donโ€™t stop supply people but government with everything they have a army and police but think what all those people who support this shit will do when we be have food and government be banned from this things they can have army and police and lots of government workers but we can stop them immediately just need to stop supply food to them. Army workers police workers government workers should be stop supply with food and we can do it . Us long we be fight with them this never end just ignore them with it and come on we need to stop selling them food!!!

    • So starving people is the way I can’t see any good coming from this its ok if you can afford to stock up on food this is going to end up killing people hospital supplies not getting though and the lack of food and on top of that everywhere gridlocked sounds like your building a massive prison to me or is it a grave

    • If that’s the case then can’t really bang on about human rights then cos not every police man is corrupt and not every political or army people must stop labeling cos we are all just people

  27. They won’t care thats what they want they don’t care about the people infact the truckers will be to blamed when they stop food getting they will carry on where the truckers left off and no one get supply at all your playing into there hands

    • Even if you’re bound to lose, sometimes the victory is the struggle itself. I’m old enough to remember the miner’s strike. They may have eventually lost, but it was some scrap, and history looks favourably on their efforts now.

      • Yes but this isn’t about the fight its going to stop the people getting food do you think they will thank you or people getting to hospital best way to fall out with people this is a bad idea everything that comes from it may effect the government but it will hit the people twice as hard thats not putting up a good fight that chucking others under a bus do you know how many death the truckers will be blamed for civil War comes to mind why do you think there allowed to get the word out on this then its a set up

    • I think you’re right here. People in the industry are warning of “food shortages” but really what you’re looking at is something that would be better described as a famine – a truly Biblical proportion, people will be starving.

      In the UK they’ve already started the predictive programming with the pingdemic and lack of drivers because of “Brexit”, which will just get people arguing among themselves more – Brexiteers are to blame / the unjabbed are to blame.

      If the truckers shut it all down, and that protest spreads to other countries, that hides the fact that food is not being shipped, US farmers are being paid 150% of the value of their crops to destroy them (or they won’t get their govt subsidies next year), there has been no water provided to US farmers in drought hit areas, the Brazilian corn crop has failed, etc.

      It’s a manufactured crisis, and they can instead of it being obvious – blame it on the truck drivers, brexit voters, and unjabbed and watch everyone fight each other instead of seeing the truth.

      Watch Ice Age Farmer on YT. 2 vids ago – lays it all bare.

      • I do get your point. But someone has to stand up and it looks like the truckies are grasping the nettle. The media will definitely make them out to be the cause of everything. That’s for sure, but I don’t think that’s a reason to not fight. If not them, who? Maybe there will be an outpouring of solidarity and they can give the government a proper kick in the nuts.

      • Can there ever be at this time actions taken that the GovCabal wont take to turn a crisis into the a weapon against the people.?

        A person protests becomes a super spreader, becomes a longer lock down and a perceived murderer!

        Oh nearly forgot yet Another Unvaccinated Person that must be imprisoned, forcefully injected, in his specially made quarantine internment camp.

        Free showers are provided of course.

        The Cabal will never stop

        Iceagefarmer I do respect your insightful understandings of whats going on
        Your a champion in my view.

        What would you suggest now please?

  28. The government can’t complain. They tied a total power grab and because of these heroes it will come crashing down.. All Aussie truckers I salute you.. best wishes from Ricky the hat U.K.

  29. A truck strike ‘to remove the shit government’.Really.? Qui bono? Think about it.
    By 2030 you will own nothing.

    • If everyone had that attitude, the world would already be under complete control, thank god we have people with backbone.

  30. Well done Australia!! This needs to happen all over the world, if we unite and push back there nothing they can do. We are the 99%, time to take our power back.

    • Hallelujah praise the Holy One of Israel. Thank you Australian citizens and truckers . Well done . Down with tyranny . I will help pay towards fines a little and would be happy to. May God bless and protect you. !

  31. Aussies – don’t leave it all to the truckers; support them, come out in your cars, remove the masks, surround the vax centres, etc. The world stands with you.

    • Do whatever you want on your island far away from civilization but leave the world out of it!
      The world doe NOT stand with idiots!!

      • If you lived here you’d know how the people are suffering …. just keep your head in the sand mate because that’s where it belongs!!!

      • Thatโ€™s you on your own then!!

  32. I bloody LOVE the Aussies! Go for it! Bring the totalitarian bastards down! Good Day mates๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€โค๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ

  33. Great I hope it works because they needs to be stopped good luck to them wish them all the best in success bring back your country

  34. Civil war begins starting with the Truckies, coming here very very very soon.!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

    • Bring it on!!! So extremely proud of our truckie Patriots!!!! Aussie Aussie Aussie ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

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