AUSSIE Truckers To STRIKE And Bring AUSTRALIA To A STANDSTILL / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Yeah, it needs to hit the bastards who are running this. Do you think they’ll care if supermarkets are empty, no fuel, businesses closed forever? They’ll be fine, they always are.
    Miners strike was organised by government and union officials – miners fought with police, entire mining towns left to rot.
    End result – Arthur Scargill (after his highly photographed arrest) retires on his million pound pension to his luxury apartment, thatcher wins another election.
    People always end up on government side, criticising the few people who refuse to comply.
    Even in wars where call up was compulsory – what was the perception of people who refused to join the fight? They are called cowards and treated as pariahs by everybody.

    • Scargill tried to bring the government down because they were tearing mining communities apart, destroying the unions, who had a lot of political power back then, and laying the groundwork for the complete deindustrialization of Britain, leaving communities up and down the country scarred for a generation. One of the reasons they lost was that people broke the picket lines and allowed Thatcher’s government to keep the lights on while it happened. Together we stand, divided we fall. That’s as true today as it was then. Maybe we should all just spend our time on internet forums shitting on people who try to take them on. You’re buying into the media bullshit that was in The Sun and Daily Mail, propaganda that painted the miners as “the enemy within”. That’s exactly what they are doing to opponents of today’s agenda.

      • There was also the problem that the government had been preparing for years. Coal stocks had been brought up to such a high level that they wouldn’t run out, no matter how long the strike lasted.

      • Astaroth, yes it was well planned. This situation, though, is orders of magnitude bigger and much worse than the strike. Agree or disagree, but I think Thatcher’s mob thought what they were doing was the right thing to do. This situation is global and really needs a global effort. I hope we have an absolutely huge protest in Glasgow when these criminals get together in Glasgow this year. The people need to create the agenda and ruin their party.

  2. Go Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί

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  3. This doesn’t feel right to me. TPTB want a breakdown of society and this will further their agenda. Food shortages etc…..

    • They going to break down society anyway. In this way we break it down and evict the rulers. Those who won’t join will soon make demands and expect rulers to sort it but they won’t be able to and will lose support. Rulers will have to eventually abdicate when they are unable to rule. Its time for house cleaning.

  4. As much as I like the stand the Truckers are taking I can’t help but think the people being this Tyranny will be happy with any systemic collapse. This could play init their hands as it will put pressure on the public by proxy. I think a better idea is to flood the the systems they think will control is. For example they believe prison and fines will control us and rightly so in the vast majority of cases. This is no ordinary situation so I suggest when we have protest of 400.000 people we attempt to fill the Police stations. We could confront the Police and tell them they are the enemies of the people and attempt to take their hats off. This would result in a arrest but then the next man/woman does the exact same thing until will completely overwhelm the police stations, the prisons the courts. Then the system will be completely useless people power will destroy the social control. We could do the same thing with the courts turn up on mass and stop the process not afraid to be detained. We need to encourage graffiti artists to display information about the jabs and the tyranny. We can use the streets as our media platform. Keep the faith people.

  5. Where l live in rural Victoria OZ, it’s not so tough and l never comply, metropolitan Victoria different story, my sister tells me.

  6. The truckers blockading the roads would definitely get the government shitting themselves. But only if the truckers did it in sufficient numbers. Something similar should be done in the UK but maybe with a slight difference. Hitting the banks and financial institutions and hitting the government itself. Blockading the centre of London and major trunk roads in and out. Lorries parked at the entry and exit points of major airports and ports.. It ground the country to a standstill with the petrol protests of 2000

  7. hi all im all for it im in have been waiting for this day to come one in all in lets shut down this country and show them we want our country back .

  8. People just need to get out of their houses and stop complying with their stupid rules.

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