N. IRELAND Doctor Talks About MASSIVE INCREASE IN JAB Victims Blood Clotting / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Takes only 30-50 adverse reactions or deaths to have these things suspended….
    Why not now?…companies have no legal responsibility for them as government’s just took them away and use them under there emergency usage programme….

    • Theres an antidote natures earth remedy for graphene oxide toxicity THE hidden blood inflammation ingredient.. THIS GP ISNT CONSPIRACY THEORIST SHES FANNING THE INFLAMMATION OF BLOOD CLOTS
      This is natures hydrochlorquine antiviral antibiotic
      5 grapefruit..5 lemons (1 lime boil)skins and all in 1 lt water simmer 20 mins strain it place in glass bottle keep in refrigerator. Add a spot of acacia black locust tree honey

      Take 100ml per day through this winter
      Devils claw is excellent to treat high inflammation in the body
      The rind of a lemon rubbed on tongue treats a sore throat.
      Taking 3000mg of vit c zinc magnesium. Supports the immune
      Look out for THIEVES a homeopathy remedy that is still used to ward of bacterial viral infectious flus am 1800 bubonic plague remedy will any spewed out varients that floats abt this winter
      Apply a spot on a tissue keep close near ur nose.
      Turmeric cardamon are good for cleansing lungs
      cinnamon ginger
      White cedar conference tree Pin needle tea deals with any convid injection side effects
      Cinnamon is an all rounder to help stabilise u
      Ginger lemon honey get to sip on if ur nauseated
      Star anise is excellent as an immune booster

      MY FAV ARE



    • we must resist this abhorent treatment of people and the truth – even if people do not believe, everyone should be entitled to air their opinions especially those dealing with the issues first hand as this barve GP is.

    • I could not agree with you more there.

      Dr. Anne comes across as so genuine and so desperately and understandably worried. I really feel for her tackling this on the front line and doing so from a position of isolation 🙁 She does so from first hand experience of trying to treat these victims coerced into taking these evil and incredibly dangerous experimental gene therapy drugs.

      Unfortunately though it is, and will remain so very difficult to get these sorts of messages over to people who continue to trust and only listen to the medical industrial complex and corporate media. Again, so sad 🙁

    • Thank you to that beautiful ‘spirit’….l have e-mailed/forwarded/saved this post, as the ‘dark forces’ will not prevail…l think the ‘agenda’ is well underway…..BUT….people are many….power of ‘the people’ is there…the ‘Will’ of the people lm not so sure..thank you to that brave Doctor….

  2. Dr McCloskey, is starting to be recognised as a national hero.

  3. Chills down my spine..
    Honor to this pure soul

  4. With swine flu just in the usa the fda stopped the jabs after 25 deaths….
    Brave woman speaking out,like her i pray im a nutter i dont want my daughter to live in a world like the one were in now…
    Im also worried, i used to work in special schools the main target for the kids jabs…disabled people are being giver dnr orders without their or their families knowledge or consent.
    Someone needs to organise properly, we need to fight. Not protest,fight.

  5. If only we had more doctors with Dr McCloskey’s courage & integrity, but we have so few.

  6. Brilliant and impassioned. There was a roadside placard demonstration in Leicester today which was really well organised and hopefully we will see more GP’S standing up for the real scientific truth.
    Many are scared that they will lose their jobs, but ALL GP’S swear an oath to ‘first do no harm’ and that oath MUST be upheld if GP’S are to be trusted ever again.
    What can the ordinary person do you may well ask?
    What the ordinary person can do is get informed, both reliably and quickly and for the sake of your own children and other family members please please please do NOT believe the government lies and propaganda.
    You must understand the need to have real and proper INFORMED consent and this is being undermined by the psychological tactics employed by those who wish to undermine our society and individual rights.
    Get informed and just say NO to all of it…otherwise it will carry on until we’re all either dead or massively incapacitated.

    • As always, if you let a bully hit you once, he’ll come back and hit you twice…. And then 3 times…and then 4 times. You get the message. 😟

    • She is absolutely correct about the placards. No point writing to politicians or the media or any other institution, they are all complicit. You must take the message to the people on the street in person with flyers, placards or banners. Otherwise your message will be censored and the public will remain in ignorance. You have no idea how little people know about the situation until you get out there and start talking to them. You will also be surprised how many of them have already had bad experiences with the vaccines.

  7. Thank you dear doctor for sharing the truth. I know people don’t want to hear and it’s so hard to share with people who have had the injections…..but there must be a rising up of people on the ground who are daily seeing the adverse reactions and even deaths. Thank you again…..may the Lord open doors for you to share everything you’re seeing.

  8. I agree with her there is something sinister going on for sure!!

    • Sinister?..this is about control not a virus….them jabs are just for passports for society and travel..under these emergency uses they can keep in restrictions…..the jabs spread all over the body and not inside the deltoid muscle like a proper vaccine…..
      The “variants” will stay in as then they can make excuses to use other jabs year after year on people..
      Even last year it clearly said over 18’s on these jabs and yet they said they just wanted to jab the elderly and vulnerable…
      Everybody worldwide has been lied to and scammed basically

    • Oh please, what is going on?
      Vacs have been around for donkeys years, this one isn’t any different. Paracetamol kills some people as does many other drugs, you could be looking for something that isn’t there methinks…

      • This Jab is different, it’s not a Vaccine, it’s the first Jab to contain 99% Graphene Oxide which is TOXIC and the first to use mRNA, India even has a DNA modifying Jab, so yes it’s totally different!!!

        Everything matches what I’m seeing literally and hearing elsewhere all over the world.

        <<<<<<<<<<<< SHEEP ALERT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      • Its different because its spike protein and spreads round the body unlike normal jabs that stay in the deltoid muscle so that the immune system can attack it….my info does not come from a comic book but well advanced virologists….also surpresses the immune system..

      • Please do your own research. This GP is telling the truth. It’s just that folks have been coerced into believing everything that comes via govt & MSM. Best wishes.

      • Have you done your research? Plenty of information out there if you want to know the truth.

      • Correct. As others have said, if ANY other trialled drug had this many Adverse Reaction reports it would have been pulled within a week! Just Google ‘ SARS drug adverse events’, it’s not even being hidden or censored because the WEF/Governments don’t care less!

  9. When doctors put their head above the parapet there is no doubting the seriousness of the situation. Why aren’t all doctors being loyal to the Hippocratic Oath? They all must recognise the harm being caused to their patients by the vaccine. Do they have no shame?

    • I heard a retired doctor say GP’s can earn £50,000 a year for giving their patients the jab. It’s all about money.

    • They have changed the wording of the oath so that doctors no longer have to save life if it is not worth it in their opinion , or too expensive to do so

  10. Thank you Dr McCluskey for being brave enough to stand up.
    I totally agree with her on all accounts including I wish I’d been wrong when I said this would happen

  11. If the police won’t arrest and charge these criminals, the public may decide to do it for them.
    Crimes against humanity..

  12. This is going to get worse and worse, it is the great culling( culling).
    The ‘vaccine is not a vaccine, ‘ it is an ACE blocker that will block the IL1,7 from the ACE receptor, and that will stop the inhibition of the cytokine storms that will follow a viral attack of any type,. The people behind this ia world wide and they are the freemasons, who are and have been promised a part of the Utopia of the Zionist new world order. The other doctors she refers to are invariably all freemasons of the third degree or higher and they believe they are not going to be affected but they are going to be removed as well as the others.
    I feel that there are going to be millions of UK subjects going to die in the next year or so, and they will be the jabbed AND those untreated by the NHS with other ailments who failed to get into see any consultant until it is too late.

    • It also suppresses the immune system that makes it vulnerable to other illnesses

    • Exactly Graham and Bob. I have been trying to explain about the cytokine molecules to people for a while as well. The storm happens when either too many cytokines build up over time or flood the body en mass all at once. Basically the immune system either doesn`t switch them off or completely ignores them. This is why we have seen so many people collapse shortly after having the jabs and for others it can take many months.

  13. Dr.McCloskey is a wonderful person to speak out like this. It just shows how bad things are and she was very emotional. If only more doctors would do the same. I just don’t understand why more are not speaking out. I believe they get £12 for each vaccine.
    My friend has had bad floaters in her eyes a few days after her second jab and can’t drive and finds it difficult to read yet when she asked at well known high street opticians if the jab could have caused it the optician said “what jab?” What planet are these opticians on who don’t realise there are over 12,000 reported eye problems on the yellow card scheme and that is just the people who have reported them. Most people don’t know about it or don’t bother. So many other problems after the jabs, eyes are just one, let alone blood clots, heart failure etc.
    When are people going to wake up!

  14. Brave brave lady the scumbags on mainstream media aren’t fit to lick her boots DR HILERY

  15. In the media’s eyes she’s now a terrorist
    You can’t keep hiding this, we have no comprehension of the evil behind this
    Graphine oxide is a magnetic switch

    • The reason they are pushing the vaccine so hard now especially on the young, because they know its only a matter of time before the truth comes out as people start dying.

  16. Brave lady. Evil surrounds us now…but we will win. We are working locally as group, in our area, informing people, standing at major junctions, bridges and roundabouts, with huge placards and handing out leaflets. Just a few weeks ago people attacked us. NOW they are listening! They want to know more now, especially where it concerns the kids. We are up against the council officialdom and the police (in fact, they seem to be just about getting it too, but can’t speak out obviously!) We will not give up!

    • Well done to you and all that are working along with you🙏🏻🌹

  17. Agree with her 100% the NHS has been in trouble for many many years as for coronavirus it’s been around for long time I’m but not in the way you see it 7 years I lost my son two septic pneumonia which is the same thing breakdown of all organs and to the heart stops they told me 90 days was that and then we could take him off for life support I watched him die in pain and in a terrific never had a cure for it then I never got a care now for god’s sake with matter with these people that like lambs to Salter God give us hope my heart is really crying I tried to speak to a friend and in America why are you not having a job that’s my choice and she’s trying to talk me into having it giving me all Paul s*** about my family needs me I’m no point to my family if I’m dead with a job I’m still working I worked all the way through this I’m 72 all the pains that I have is what I’ll people get I don’t know what to do anymore I tried to talk to people and it all brainwashed too much to tippy tappy on their phones will my grandson is 20 and had two letters from the NHS about is vaccinations please God I hope he put some in the bin where they belong I pray to God

    • Dear Kay, I am so sorry about your son and have prayed for your grandson.

  18. Thank you so much for being brave enough to make public the dangers of the so called vaccine against C19

  19. Bad speaker too slow talking
    Wherr are the other drs this is sickening evil vile pos mfers putting money ahead of lives.

  20. We served a cease or desist common law notice on a GP surgery and the GP came out and went ballistic because we had no masks on.They know they are guilty and the reaction we got was one of deep guilt.
    I have seen people in my pharmacy , mainly young people , with bad reactions.None had reported them.One old lady had had stroke just after a second jab , I told her it was probably the jab and she told me nobody had told her.
    Thanks to this retired GP for telling truth.
    We will see huge numbers this autumn.I used to work in adverse reaction dept at Wellcome years ago and we made the assumption that a reaction within a month was due to the jab.

  21. Wish we had more doctors like her.We need to get across to people what is really happening.Some of my relatives became sick after having the two jabs. They still think it’s alright. I too have known since the beginning that it’s not about our health but depopulation.

  22. You are not wrong, and I support anyone who wants to come out of the Shadows.☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠
    Thank you for your Honesty👍

  23. Nobody I care about has been left without the conversation and unfortunately the ones that are indoctrinated don’t let it into their minds. 😔

  24. Clever, emotive, ambiguously worded propaganda, the usual M.O. for Hugo Talks. She mentions studying real world data a couple of times but avoids saying that it clearly shows nothing unusual is going on. She then “confirms” the existence of covid by speaking about alternative treatments that could be used for it, it’s nothing more than a computer assembled genetic sequence from billions of DNA fragments found with a PCR machine. What she doesn’t say is more revealing than what she does, the devil is in the detail.
    You can follow the mainstream media or the Pied Piper of Hamelin, what a choice.

    • Ah 77th Brigade are present.Freedom of speech let you comment.

    • I take it you drank the KOOL aid then. I hope for your sake we’re all wrong.

      • I agree Gerald, there are some who have clearly been living under a rock 🤦🏼‍♀️

      • Unless as you say it’s a misreading of his comment 🤔

    • Yes, you’ve got it spot on, the only option for people is to either follow the MSM or Hugo Talks, as we know Hugo Talks is the ONLY person offering an alternative take to the official COVID line. FFS. As to this Dr’s video, should she mention that COVID is nothing more than a ‘computer assembled genetic sequence from billions of DNA fragments found with a PCR machine’, or else be strongly suspected as some sort of shill? She’s a bloody G.P, and is giving a report of what she is seeing on the ground. As to your claim that the data isn’t showing that anything unusual is going on, just by perusing something as rudimentary as ‘worldometer’ you can see this isn’t true. Last year in the U.K over the dates of June 21st and August 21st there were just over 1500 recorded ‘COVID’ deaths and 47’000 new cases. One year on and with 10’s of millions of the population vaccinated, and many more millions with natural immunity (supposedly) before the ‘vaccines’ were even rolled out, over the same dates of June 21st to August 21st there have been 1.78M new cases and well over 3’500 recorded deaths.

      From July 21st to 21st August there have actually been 2600 ‘COVID’ deaths and 900’000 cases as opposed to 375 deaths and 27’000 cases over the same 31 day period last year. Or put another way, 7 times as many deaths and 34 times as many cases. These figures alone would suggest that something is seriously wrong with the jibby jab.

      • Garlicgrower, you’re the only one I’ve heard of who has rummaged through world o meter besides my self. It is interesting to note that the definition of pandemic was changed at WHO in 2009 after the swine flu flop that year. The change is from “excess deaths and morbidity” to “cases”. That is why they had to dramatize the ventilators and overburdened empty hospitals and human interest stories on msm. I suspect that is why they had to arrange for automatic DNR and institutional neglect to increase deaths among the elderly. It is nice while committing a crime if there are no witnesses so having people forbidden from visiting their relatives in care homes or hospital was expeditious. Look at the story from Israel. They are blaming the nonvaccinated for infecting the vaccinated. Genevieve Briand from Johns Hopkins did an analysis of the deaths in 2020 in US and showed where mysteriously, deaths from heart disease dropped and deaths from Covid rose. She showed that all cause mortality stayed the same, but the classification changed. They even stated this on msm for their death counts if a guy dies from a gunshot wound but tests positive then they count him as a covid death.What is so unnerving is when you mention this people want to pretend that you just told them that covid doesn’t exist. No. I’m pointing out the accounting fraud.

      • A brilliant comment my friend. Why Oh Why the sheep don’t question any of the BS that government and MSM pump out is flabbergasting. They suck it all up like a sponge without any thought process. Do they deserve what they have coming….? Problem is, I DO NOT deserve what is coming!!! 😠😠😠

      • All cause mortality for the whole of Europe is well within normal ranges, manipulated stats quoting covid cases and deaths are meaningless.

      • The Public health England with the ONS stated that from 28th March 21 ALL flu, pneumonia and covid 19 were counted as on for statistical reason, this account for the dissappearance of flu from the figure, all counted as CV19 to make the fear go up. The testing was counted as a case for every positive test = 1 case. Not illness but a +test of PCR which should not be TCover 27 for any accuracy of a CLINICAL case not 45TC every TC double the count so anything at all becomes a case. Same with the pings. All deaths with a positive test was a covid death. They were testing everybody in hospital and regardless of the real cause of death it went down as Covid.
        All these figure manipulators in the hospitals are freemasons following the agenda.

      • I don’t know or care about freemasons, but I do know is precisely what you say about unreliable testing and fake Convid cases, just to frighten the nation. I’ve said we’ll be wearing striped pyjamas since this BS started. I am still being vilified as I tell the truth. SMH in despair.

      • I asked for a FOI request for burials and cremations from our council. Weekly average of deaths in 2015 was 48.5 per week. In 2018 it was 49.1 and in 2020 it was 51.3 pw. Two extra deaths per week out of a population of 130,000 people! In an area of ex coalminers and elderly people who are probably most vulnerable to bronchial problems. It wouldn’t surprise me if a ‘ bad’ flu season eclipsed the 2020 numbers. SMH in despair. 😟

    • Firstly, Hugo Talks did not employ this doctor to make these comments in order to get copy.
      Secondly if the good doctor was a fantasist, attention-seeker or trouble-maker, as you imply, it’s highly unlikely the NHS would have brought her back from retirement at such a sensitive time.
      Thirdly Dr McCloskey has an unblemished record of serving her community stretching back decades. She hasn’t suddenly gone mad.
      Fourthly she is not alone in expressing both her experience & professional opinion. Here she is joined by over 120 doctors & other medical professionals expressing ‘grave concerns’ the current approach by government. https://www.covid19assembly.org/doctors-open-letter/?s=03
      Thankfully not all of us have lost the power to perceive the truth when it hits us in the face in these crazy times.

  25. It’s inhumane for Gp’s to not speak out, she gets peace of mind letting us know, but for most it’s already to late, no one vaccinated could ever believe what she’s saying, where does it leave the vaccinated that believe her, we can only hope to save our kids now.

  26. This is after the 2nd Jab, imagine the effects of the 3rd or 4th or 5th or 6th or 7th or 8th, we know it’s coming. Once you start, if you stop then the odds are your doomed and if you continue your also doomed.

    Good Doctor, few around like this sadly 🙁

    Sadly we haven’t got the numbers, the support, the media backing, we know for 99% what’s going on, but screwed, all we can do is keep refusing the jab, try to talk others out of it and hope to survive / not die on the first day.

    Government are squirming over the amount of infected double jabbed, errrrr not sure what’s going on yeah right, errrr people mostly jabbed so ofcourse there are more jabbed getting ill.

    6-8weeks to lockdown and MASS and I do mean MASS Deaths to start NHS totally overwhelmed with double jabbed people dying at home unable to get treatment that would of other lived otherwise.

    Remember treatment for the sheep isn’t that hard……….

    Vitamin C and D3 and Zinc all in high doses, low doses 200% RDA before they get just incase, then 500%+ RDA on symptoms. ( talk doctor into giving your Invectime or Chlroaquin or black market get hold of before hand, even better )
    Also do not let them lie in bed they’ll die, get them up, get them walking around, make them use there own lungs to keep them clear, lying down they just fill up with shit, MAKE THEM, what ever it takes, there immune systems are screwed.

    WALK TO LIVE!!!!

  27. Thank you 🙏 to a GP whom , as was trained to do.. tell the truth..
    so many blessings to this lady it’s extremely kind of you to speak out .

  28. Well done for speaking out, this is a very brave lady. Let’s hope other docs learn from her and follow her example.

  29. Truly moving, what a brave lady. Does anyone know if Doctor John Campbell is a shill. I have seen many of his videos and he seems to be on the side of fear whilst being very knowledgeable.

  30. Such a brave lady shared all over Belfast she is so passionate really is trying to give people the facts the real true the children need us to step up and fight with every thing we have got not tomorrow now please people wake up help this brave doctor and yourself speak up now to this shite thanks Hugo

    • I couldn’t off here either
      so I watch on things on BNYTube & then share it off there. you need make a account first

  31. NWO calendar for the next 6 weeks is as follows:

    First week of September: Forcibly inject school children with the poison.

    Fourth week of September: Introduce full lockdown for 6 months due to the number of school children dying from the poison. This will of course be dressed up by the lamestream media as deaths from the “Lambda variant” of the fake virus.

    Early October: Mass riots in London and other major UK cities due to the death of thousands of children, leading to the army being put on the streets, and martial law imposed on the public.

    Mid October: Food shortages across all major supermarkets leading to panic buying and hoarding.

    Early November: Food rationing imposed by the government.

    • You spell out a sad story my friend. I have a feeling that you may be right, but in such a short timescale? Even if 1000’s of schoolchildren were dying, if they were spread around the country, the sheep would only hear about 1 or 2 in their neighbourhood and also they would be ‘natural causes’ deaths. The msm would definitely not report on them either so people would not get to know. But I agree that we are in deep doo doo ! I presume you have seen the Freedom for Australia Videos from last week? Be prepared…..:-(

    • It’s quite a depressing situation. The people in power have a lot to lose too. If the doodoo really hits the fan there will be a lot of parents and family members looking for someone to blame and the establishment could get really out of control trying to suppress the truth. The gallows beckon.

  32. This brave woman is a hero and a light in the darkness which our governments and the media have cast around us. Pass this video on to everybody that you know.

  33. Brave lady indeed. A lot of doctors seem to be in it for the money, have no bedside manner and completely useless, just try this tablet or that one – whichever drug company pays better – been a guinea pig for years – especially with one misdiagnosis and no testing for me (twice) and my husband’s heart attack was deemed to be an anomaly (head of surgery, not our doc in both cases, and an “expert” at EGS) but likely a back issue – trip to A&E found otherwise! Spare me from these so called experts! Most are part timers because of their pensions mustn’t exceed the higher tax limit. Those decent doctors trying to do the right thing are dragged over the coals and vilified. Yet I also feel that many have been brainwashed just as much as the rest of the people and is probably why they can’t see the wood for the trees.

  34. Trouble is there are too many people who don’t want to listen to stuff like this and just blindly believe what they are told by the BBC. I know dozens of them. A friend in Northern Ireland just says they don’t want to watch this nonsense when I them send videos made by this brave lady. Too many out there who refuse to be helped…

    • You’re right. My wife says ‘ I don’t want to know’ when I explain some more BS that’s being spouted by a news ‘ reporter’! The sheep dare not hear of anything that may affect them. None of them are sure that they are on the right road, so they don’t want to hear opposing , TRUTHFUL narrative. That’s why they want the non Vaxxed to be jabbed so that they feel safer if everyone is in the same boat. We’ll f’king tough luck! You’ve had it…. Good luck!!!

  35. A brave and amazing lady. Thankyou. We all need to share and share and share this.

  36. Hi what are the symptoms of the girls arm clot ,only a week after my 2nd jab my upper arm has never been the same, I went back to the doctors and they have said she doesn’t know , I have no strength in the arm and constant shooting pains , it has crossed my mind about a clot , my children are not getting jabbed and my husband has only had 1 .

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  38. Stay away from people in white coats they are very dangerous. Stay away from hospitals they are killing grounds. Switch off main stream media. People who are asleep will take this jib Jab they have decided to turn from the light. Into the dark this is a contract of their karmic presence on earth during this time. There is nothing you can do to convince them against taking the toxin. Many will be left behind and will not ascend. Are you fully prepared to move into the 5th dimension?

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