ANOTHER Footballer Collapses / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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      • Gerald, and you NEVER see the word ‘vaccine’ mentioned in the same breath with any of them.

      • a welsh rugby player has died after collapsing on the pitch (31)

      • Cwmllynfell rugby player Alex Evans dies during match (BBC)

        Hugo you’ll get no comfort from knowing you’re right …what can you say to people that said they wished they’d listened to you?

        Keep up the good work and perhaps the government agencies that monitor your site to judge the mood of the people will realise they have blood on their hands too!

    • Dkayyy66, right at the start of all this when the vaccines were first mentioned back in 2020, I sent an email out to about 20 people, all copied into the same post, warning them about the vaccines and copying the links to a couple of videos I had hoped they would watch. Not one of them responded back favourably, just 2 replying to basically say the usual stuff about silly conspiracies, the rest not replying at all. These were people I don’t interact with on fbook. You’d think, what with all that had happened since, they might have given me a bit of credit and said they’d start questioning things a bit more now, but NO, not a word from anyone. In fact, one person in particular accused me last week of STILL going on about all this vaccine conspiracy rubbish, almost as it I’d been proven conclusively wrong. I don’t think they venture any further than their television sets, so would have no knowledge of any of the deaths, probably not even realising that one single person had died or had had a serious adverse reaction… which, of course, is the impression one would get if they solely relied upon the TV and mainstream media.

      • Peter, the Eriksen one seemed so obvious. If he genuinely hadn’t been jabbed, the BBC would have endlessly shamed the “conspiracy theorists”. I bet the lad himself would have made a public statement about it too.

      • ” no one is more hated than he that tells the truth”… Some clever bugger penned that Centuries ago, it wasn’t me! 👍

      • That’s exactly what it’s like for my self and my husband. We’re always saying, thank goodness we’ve got each other, to remind ourselves that we’re not going mad when our friends and acquaintances say things or act in a way that says they think we’ve lost it. Take care. Keep believing. You will one day, sadly be proved right

      • Don’t expect thanks or gratitude mate,they will only resent you.Human nature,you tried now move on.Fuck the sheeple.

    • A rugby player died today during a match.. Cardiac arrest

    • I know of one guy had a heart attack.One went temporarily blind in one eye and is suffering blood clots still.Both after the vax.One guy I know from football and tennis collapsed a few weeks ago from a brain haemorrhage though I never asked if he had been vaxxed.

    • Please find the video with Dr David Martin and Reiner Fuellmich on bitchute or elsewhere not YT. Hard facts and not theories. All this is about money and profit. As they inject a computer generated rna sequence that cannot be found naturally, you practically can be patented and belong to whoever patents you. Anyway, please watch the video even though its long.

    • YouTube babylon is alive and well by David Assherick. It’s this pagan philosophy that’s behind this for world denomination as this pagan system had for 1260 years and is soon to regain that lost dominion

  1. How about a montage of these emails anonymously reviewed.

    Some people don’t truly knew the scope of the adverse reactions and death in some cases.

  2. Why footballers? I was expecting on or two of the Olympians to experience this too??

    • Same here, i just posted a comment to that effect, i was positive we would have seen this in the Olympics as Tokyo was super strict on jabbing for competing.

      • They all probably got the placebo so as to not draw attention to any and all that may have gotten sick otherwise.

    • I didn’t follow the Olympic crap, but I heard of at least a couple of instances people having what looked like could have been issues from the jab. And that famous US gymnast secret tyranny who backed out with some lame excuse about anxiety seems to have possibly been related to a jab. I have not evidence for this and not looking for the related news now, but from what I heard about it all it sounded very suspicious to me. I’m sure there was a lot we weren’t told about the jabbed at the Olympics.

    • They did. There is a clip somewhere where a commentator is saying to his mate that more will drop. At least three fell to the floor during games that I know of during Olympics. Hard to find now as of course covered up as they went peeeeeerfectly right?

  3. There is a pattern developing however what i would say is, surely you would start to see this throughout other high intensity sports. Does anyone have any other examples other than the cricket in other sports?

    • My dad. Golf. Not even high intensity. He was fit as a fiddle then dropped down dead on the course. Played badminton weekly, golf twice weekly, physical job, no signs of decline in cardiac function prior

  4. To be fair, professional footballers having heart attacks isn’t as uncommon as you might think. It’s been happening for some years. First widely reported death was of Marc Vivien Foe who used to play for Man City. There’s a rather morbid video collage on YouTube of in match deaths, at least there used to be.

    • Yes it has happened but no more than perhaps one a year, this has already happened enough times in the last couple of months to prove the jabs are causing it.

  5. The thing is that they are extremely looked after with doctors/medics/dietitians etc for fitness so are they all not doing their jobs or is it fact that they may have been jabbed hmm

    • Head injury is one of the precursors to a Cytokine Storm Syndrome i. e. spike protein attack. Just getting your head slapped hard a few times can do it.

    • No, it’s being reported more. A few years ago the death of a player in a local rugby match would not have been known outside of Wales, maybe not even outside of the county never mind an international website like the BBC. We had a 13 year old girl die in her sleep here in Leicestershire the other week, she played sports, no national news coverage.

  6. I hate to think about this coming flu season,… All those who’ve had the jibjabs 🤦‍♂️.. But they’ll blame the other varients obviously. 😢

    • Gary, yes they’ll blame whatever (or whoever) the government and media tells them to blame… probably the UNVACCINATED!!!!!

    • Or blame we Thinkers who show signs of intellect and will not be bullied into having the jungle juice.

  7. Alex Evan’s age 31 rugby player died today on pitch.

  8. My sister had the first jab and now she has nerve damage and cannot get about any more. She says her fingers feel like the bones are exposed. She cannot move when she wakes up in the morning and may need a carer. she is coming up to her 70th birthday!

  9. How can a vaccine be needed for a virus nobody actual knows they have….
    Its picked up by a Swab test that does not test for infections and the symptoms are identical to the flu and pnemonia etc,
    and the “variants” are identical to common colds….
    Nobody actually really knows they have had this thing 100% because it has been attached to other common illness and even deaths..
    These jabs and face masks and social distancing are all just compliance measures leading to the jab passports…
    None which are of any use or have any science behind them..
    Thousands have died and had severe adverse reactions to these jabs and by rights should of been stopped months ago

    • Very,very true my friend. But! Don’t ever let a sheep hear you say such things because they will call you names and demand that you’re forced to be jabbed like them ( it makes them feel better because everyone will be in the same boat when the sh*t hits the fan… But I won’t be !!! )

  10. I just watched the Odysee film “Take your vax you filthy humans”. It is heart breaking what damage has been done to young people and babies in America. It is a must to watch.

  11. You cannot show that this was the result of any vaccination that the player may or may not have had. This is not a new phenomenon, players have collapsed, had cardiac arrests and some have died. Not all cardiac problems are apparent on ECG before they happen. An imbalance in electrolytes, particularly potassium, can cause cardiac problems.

    • Sometimes these things come along in twos or threes out of nowhere it’s true but if this trend continues in the coming months… hmmm

      • One estimate is that 12 children and young people (aged under 35) die each week in the U.K. from sudden arrhythmia death syndrome. If this is multiplied across the world then that is a significant number of people. If, as is also suggested, for the majority the first symptom they get is cardiac arrest then that is still a significant number. As strenuous activity can precipitate the problem then sports people with the predisposition for the condition will be prone to this happening. The fact that two people in two different parts of the globe happened to have a cardiac arrest is nothing more than a tragic coincidence, until proven otherwise.
        It is disingenuous to suggest that everything that goes wrong is down to the vaccination, the bigger picture has to be looked at, such as what is the rate of each event under normal circumstances, has that rate increased/decreased/unchanged, what are the confounding factors.
        Before anyone starts going on about Vaxer/antivaxer I do have my concerns about the mRNA vaccines in particular, but I am not going to blame every adverse event as being due to any particular reason.

    • You can’t say for sure. But it looks suspicious, you must admit. If you do various Google searches around words like “died suddenly” or “unknown cause of death”, and search the news articles a lot of recent stuff comes up from all over Britain. I kid you not, in the past week two middle aged men dropped dead in the street where I work. Coincidence? Maybe. I’d like to see the statistics regarding cardiac events by week/month. We could make a better judgement then.

      • We have not been given any context for any BIG numbers that the BBC has brainwashed everyone with. Have you EVER seen a number of people who have SURVIVED this Con-or-a-virus? Or the number of cases where they have NO symptoms and feel fine? No! It’s been FEAR, FEAR and more FEAR from msm. 😠

    • What you say is true. Yet, when did we last know of 3 footballers who have collapsed on the field within a short period of time of each other? Statistics usually run smoothly/same, for them to be considered normal

    • Yes & so can a double jab of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J or AstraZeneka, JohnC your 77th Brigade badge is showing.

  12. As almost every premier league game is televised live. It be interesting to see how the authorities react to something happening in one of those matches.
    Especially in light of the fact that premier leauge players are being FORCED to have “it”.

  13. From
    SADS = Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome

    “It is thought that 12 children and young people PER WEEK die of SADS in the UK“. (Young person is anyone up to the age of 35)

    “ Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions (or ICCs) are a group of different genetic conditions that mainly affect the heart or main blood vessels.

    There are 4 main groups of conditions:

    Cardiomyopathies – these conditions mainly affect the muscle of the heart.

    Examples include:

    Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – when the heart muscle becomes too thick
    Dilated cardiomyopathy – when the heart enlarges and the muscle becomes weak
    Arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy – when the muscle of the heart is replaced by fat and scar
    Ion channel disorders – these conditions mainly affect the electrical system of the heart. These electrical anomalies are associated with deaths due sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), where the heart structure in the affected individual is normal. Examples include:

    Long QT syndrome – when the heart takes too long to relax
    Brugada syndrome – an unusual condition with a characteristic pattern on the heart trace
    Catecholaminergic polymorphic VT – a rare condition that causes heart rhythm problems during times of stress or exercise
    Neuromuscular conditions – these conditions affect both the muscles of the body and the muscle or electrical system of the heart.

    Muscular dystrophy – conditions such as Duchenne and Becker’s muscular dystrophy can cause significant weakness of the muscles of the body and can also cause heart failure
    Myotonic dystrophy – this is a condition in which the muscles of the body get tired easily and it can also affect the heart electrical system
    Conditions affecting the major blood vessels – these conditions affect the major blood vessels.

    Marfan syndrome – a condition that affects many different aspects of the body including the eyes, the joints, the heart and the main artery called the aorta.
    Ehler’s Danlos syndrome – a condition that affects the skin and joints and the main artery (aorta).”
    “ Some patients with ICC can report cardiac symptoms such as blackouts, palpitations, or breathlessness. However, in the majority of cases, patients do not have symptoms and unfortunately in some of these, cardiac arrest can be the first presentation of their condition.

    Some individuals can be identified by cascade family screening in clinic after identification of an ICC in a family member.

    A proportion of individuals can be identified incidentally (e.g. by having a ECG for another reason such as athletic pre-participation screening)”

    “ Anyone with one of these genetic conditions causing SADS can have a cardiac arrest at any time, but if the heart is being pushed very hard (strenuous sport, diving, exercise during extreme heat for example) SADS is more likely.”

    See also

  14. What you said about the nurse I’ve been feeling the same and I’m not jabbed, but I’ve been around jabbed

    • I’ve had symptoms 4 times around jabs, SEVERE FATIGUE, and HUNGRY like 5000cals can’t stop myself.

      17year old kid, period stopped, mom had the jab but didn’t tell anyone which worked out perfectly with the timing.

      The technology exists to make jabs spread to the none jabbed, to ensure 100% of the population has it, this is ofcourse highly illegal, do you really think they care about that, why it’s all secret aswell, they’ve done it.

      We’ve all had it, just from being around the sheep, the RNA part, thankfully without the blood clots from the Graphene Oxide, so still better off.

      If so even the none sheep are screwed FFS!! Won’t be cowering away like the sheep mind, rock on till the end, like it’s my last day, so no change.

  15. For now do we all hold our Armour in the Highest Esteem. I hope these people are ok. Remember they all been exposed to serious propaganda we have the Full Armour..

  16. Friend who is a nurse had the injection a while back. He was fine after the first one, a few days after the second he was rushed to hospital with a H/R of 183 at rest. Diagnosed with AF, Dr said it was work stress and he bought it. Form that he now has to use a C-pap machine when lying down and his liver enzymes at through the roof. He looks terrible and is not getting any better. He is just about managing a few half shifts a week and nothing heavy,,, some work related stress! I don’t know where these Dr’s get there ideas for diagnosis.

    • The same happened to someone I work with about a month after the second jab. His heart was only working at 40% and there was a puddle of blood at the bottom of it. Completely out of the blue. Couldn’t walk the length of himself. He had his heart shocked and seems to be a bit better but who knows what damage there is. You have to watch what you say where I work but I have my suspicions. He’s almost at retirement age so I suppose it could be coincidental. Just another anecdote to add to the collection.

  17. I feel sorry for people who can’t see real enemy in their life they so naive and trustful.

  18. These type of events are the best way to wake up the masses. Unfortunately it’s necessary!!

  19. In some people you’ll be spit in in their face they will say is raining feel sorry for them looks like we have to protect them if they only want

  20. There’s a new interview with Bhakdi on Brand New Tube that has some interesting ideas in it I hadn’t heard before from him or anyone else, including re lymph nodes getting infected and sentinal lymph cells getting attacked and knocked out, resulting in old dormant viruses like Shingles etc flaring up, and tumours.

    The tumours one got me because shortly before that I’d seen a Drs for ethics or whatever talk it was with Dr Cole, where he said “I do tissue sample tests and the numbers of cancers etc were seeing has gone up by 10 to 20 times”.

    It’s getting scary, what will happen when they start jabbing kids and kids start keeling over or getting ill?

    I can’t believe they want to do it, it’s bound to happen, if they try fobbing off grieving parents and relatives I think it will get really nasty really quickly.

    • If you don’t kill or atleast steralise the kids then when the kids hit 70 the population will be straight back to 7bil in say 60years time, because of all the rest killed would of been dead by then anyway, so straight back into the 7Bil+ and growing over populated world, they don’t want.

      Obviously don’t agree with, but I can see why there going to need to go after!!!

  21. I am an awake Social worker with a highly professional group of friends. I’ve been ghosted, told not to share information and called a conspiracy theorist by most of them. It’s a very lonely place – being awake.

  22. Unrelated this bit seen on fake stream today a fella who has apparently become an tiktok sensation for having his covid QR code tattooed onto his skin …yeah whatever ….Also.seen sky announcing their autumn line up including the return of cobra which for anyone who doesn’t know is not about snakes and nowt to do with Bear Grylls
    It’s a British Drama with Scottish fella from trainspotting Robert Carlyle that’s the one as the British PM ….Anyway the new mini series focuses on a Cyber attack ,the 1st series was about a power cut that cripples the nation ,worth a watch and the Scottish fella is surprisingly good as the PM ..

  23. Re the cricketers collapse think this detail shows it was the Vx – Here is extra info re the cricketers – pretty sure it was the V –

  24. 3 people under 60 have dropped dead from sudden heart attacks out of the blue near me. It could be coincidence but I’ve never seen that many in a small town within the space of a couple of months.

  25. In my football loving years (do not like at all now) I remember Asa Hartford collapsing – but he had a hole in the heart. I think someone else died but it was found to be a congenital disease that they didn’t know about. But never so many in such a short space of time. This is too much of a coinkydinky.

  26. Welsh rugby player, in his prime at 31 years old , dropped dead on the field from a heart attack.

  27. Glad you mentioned Eriksen. I visited his Insta account after you posted a video about the footy player Roy Butler having died after receiving the jab, purely out of curiosity. And one of the main images you see is Eriksen wearing his face mask, which is a sign of compliance. People like this are often used as scapegoats. And compliance means promoting the jab, even if many elite sportspeople aren’t actually given the jab in the first place. An internet search for Eriksen vaccine will be nothing but lies about him having not had the jab. Likewise, there is no mention of Roy Butler having received the jab either. And if you’re stupid enough to still take football seriously, all you’ll see is countless news articles about “£50M signing” here, “£200M signing” there, transfer windows, “£39M signing” here, “£800M signing” there. As if the people running this business are going to kill their multi-million pound players by getting them all jabbed

  28. Hugo, 1 meter rule outside at tables is because facial recognition camera’s need that distance to identify accurately at present. Loves ya X

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