NHS Leaked Document Will SACK UNJABBED For OTHER REASON / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • I think over throwing con lib lab as they all been paid to keep covid going to control and depopulation

      • Don’t forget sturgeon’s snp scum

      • What are the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse (remember the 4 “Horsemen” coaches that brought the people back from China)?

        Pestilence [check], Famine [coming this winter and being done deliberately – check], War [Afghanistan and wait til violence erupts in every city – check], Death [check – clotshot].

        Full house.

  1. Would that be the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month? What a travesty!!!!

    • 11 11 is the devil !!! World health organisation declared pandemic on the 11th of march which was the 11th week of the year !

    • I thought the exact same thing!! Talk about seeing how far they can push us!! They have lied and lied in full view and couldn’t care less because the majority of this country believe the plandemic BS!

  2. Ate you surprised? The NHS is one of the worst organisations to work for

  3. Hahaha Hahahahahaha this is what happens when you follow the devil. He can dump you in the 11th hour. They know that if we take then to court, we will win….

  4. This would seem to be typical cowardly and dishonourable behaviour within the NHS, other caring organisations and bureaucracies in general. As someone who has tried to support whistleblowers, I’ve known dismissals or disciplinary actions to be justified by management, not for the whistleblowing incidents, but for some imagined and confected conduct.

  5. This is very dodgy grounds, on a legal basis.
    The Employer would have to use a Watertight reason for dismissal, like Redundancies. But, if those who have been made Redundant, then have that job vacancy filled, the Employer is liable!
    It would be interesting to know where this leaked information has come from, as in what Government department has sent it out?

  6. Scumbags will step to any level, but the numbers and timing will reveal the facts of the matter,,,,, staff just need to band together,, perhaps some sort of class action.

  7. They should do as the health workers in Guyana have done and all go out on strike when the unvaccinated are sacked. Most won’t have the courage.

    • Absolutely, but we have too many “woke” sheep who’d sell their own mum out if it meant a few quid extra or some feeble freebie!

  8. So what should we do. Can we opt out of council tax and national tax and start public funding healthcare without borders so free people can access free people doctors and free people system of care? Is this a viable idea? I know there’s doctors and health staff needing jobs. Hmm

  9. Yes I read that the same way as you Hugo. It looks like they will have to invent a reason in the same way that they invented the bogus info about hospitals being full and Hancock told people not to visit them in Mar 2020 (obviously so people didnt discover they were deserted of both patients and NHS staff)

    • Simply not true. I work in a hospital and mine was full during that time! I’m not having the jab but don’t discount hard work that people have done during a difficult time simply because you didn’t see it for yourself. You’ve never seen me take a shit but that doesn’t mean I don’t do it.

  10. Ive just watched a video on Tim’s website (on YouTube he’s fair play now but obviously some stuff is too spicy to go on there) regarding a leaked NHS document explaining how to get people to get the jab. Basically manipulation and stuff. So the document in this video is probably genuine.

  11. They are going to shoot them selves in the foot. What it needs is NHS staff to walk out & leave them stranded. I thought they were already short staffed.

    • Walk out and leave who stranded? The admin would still draw their salaries. It’s we the people who fund it and expect good medical care from our health service who would be stranded. From crap NHS to no NHS. I don’t know what the answer is but NHS staff walking out wouldn’t be one of them IMO.

      • Sometimes needs must just to make a point. The NHS is finished now anyway after all this!!! We, the People, need to make a stand!!!

  12. I have a long working career and I have seen things made up to dismiss people.

    • The people who make up a reason have to be very careful. If they get caught out lying they themselves will be liable.

  13. I have heard lots of suggestions from senior people in different organisations how to get rid of people. They have their legal people to give a good advise, it is not so simple…they know how to do it legally.

  14. The ones being unlawful here are those who are mandating a vaccination.

    It is all rather crazy any way, because even if these nurses have a vaccination and continue working in care homes, they are still able to be infected with covid ‘apparently by the government own admission’. So whats the point? The longer the push for vaccinations goes on, the more I am becoming convinced that it is purely to see who will comply and who will not.

    The primary thing we need to be doing is not getting stressed about what is going on in front of our eyes.

    I am wondering if the Afghanistan situation isn’t being promoted to make an example of any peoples that think they are going to band together and overturn their government. I think it will end badly for the Taliban so as to send a strong message to would be revolutionaries…

    • Lol, i think your way off the mark, nothing eends badly for the Taliban, they are masyers in a war of attrition.

    • With reports coming out that people are still getting the virus after vaccination, just shows the point that it’s useless. No good against the ‘Delta Variant’ either!!! It’s all a Huge Con anyway. Also re Afghanistan, the pull out as we know was deliberate & badly implemented, but what do you expect from Biden, but I also think that some good will come of this for the people. They are starting to push against the Taliban in their villages. So maybe this was the necessary kick up the backside for the people to do something for themselves & their country. This is BADLY needed here in U.K. How about we bring back some of that Bulldog Spirit & FIGHT???!!!


  16. This will be great in court… For those in the NHS, make sure you print this off and keep a copy, your gonna need it. Seems there’s gonna be a lot of people walking.. All that money the NHS made from killing people with midazolam, all those convid covid deaths, looks like the money gonna shift over to all those winning court cases.. The lawyers and courts will never be so busy.

    • Yes I have court and gallows wet dreams too but do you think will get that far? The system is stacked against truth and justice.

      I think it has gone beyond greed and profit. It feels like there is an evil lurking in the land. The mass vaccination of 24,000 children in an Australian stadium will be remembered as a dark blotch in the future I belief. How far will they push it? How far can they push it before we snap?

  17. As a former union steward I say this document would be beneficial to refer to in a negotiation/dispute or tribunal although these days I recommend representing yourself directly (legally if possible) – the main unions I know of have supported government messaging about the injections – I feel it’s a wiser option representing myself & have stopped being a trade union member after 3 decades (gutted but the trust has gone)

  18. I don’t know what percentage of NHS staff are unjabbed, but if it’s above a certain amount and they all get the sack then the NHS will have a real health crisis on its hands – as opposed to a fake one. What will they do then? A downside will of course be that the mainstream media will rush to accuse the unjabbed of ‘endangering lives with their selfish and reckless behaviour’ – this time made worse by the fact that healthcare workers who ‘should have known bettter’ were involved.

  19. It’s not NHS staff that are being forced out. At the moment this is only cqc homes.

  20. All unvaccinated employees of the NHS need to get together and commit to making a schedule of dismissals from Nov this year, noting date of dismissal, and reason given. When you have all been dismissed, and when, presumably, all vaccinated employees have NOT been dismissed, you should have a very strong case for unfair dismissal on the grounds that whatever the reasons given, only unvaccinated employees have been dismissed.

  21. This maybe true. They will give them till November then redeploy them. But if they cannot they maybe able to dismiss them. I have heard this from my friend who is in care. They are trying to make her quit by applying pressure. Saying what will she do when she no longer has a job. Verbal tactics.

    • I work as part time position in care and yes they give people till november to have them jabs and 4 people are leaving as they refuse to have them where i am…
      Its all against freedom of choice and rights…
      Social care cannot get staff in let alone lose more and will suffer big time eventually

  22. This is the government passing the liability on to businesses and other authorities, etc. 😂 sue them. They’ll lose. Class action people.

  23. The NHS is on it’s last legs anyway. We will be having something new with new technology

    • When all this “Covid” bullshit comes out on the wash, and the likes of Johnson, Handoncock, Whitty, Vallance, Van Tam, and Ferguson have been summarily dealt with by the lynch mob, the court cases against the NHS will destroy it. It will cease to exist. We’re already looking at the end of free healthcare in the UK, quite possibly any healthcare at all. I can’t get a face to face GP appointment as they refuse to see me in person, and my father, who’s on the verge of being legally blind due to a life long, hereditary eye condition, and who has a cataract, can’t get an appointment for his operation, having already had his pre operation assessment a few month ago. He’s tried to go private, but they won’t touch him because the operation is deemed to risky.

      • I am very sorry to hear about your father and am praying for him.

  24. A bottomless cesspit of lies, deception and corruption is what I think

  25. Those in parliament are exempt from having a vaccine Nazi pass port so that means they don’t have to take the snake oil , same in USA politicians are exempt . Wake up people . W t f are they doing ??? I think the virus was made for the vaccine 😱

  26. Ivé just downloaded a free book, PDF format, from Dr Breggin MD, from USA. It’s entitled ‘We are the Prey”. The book itself is $19.99 and with postage and customs too expensive for international readers so he’s letting us have his working manuscript for free as people need to know what’s been and is really going on.
    Thought some of you may be interested. 🙂

  27. The NHS management & therefore, the organization, hasn’t been fit for purpose for years. Exposes Human Resources at their duplicitous best.

  28. The legal term Hugo is ‘Constructive Dismissal’. What that refers to is when an employer manipulates a way to make an employee resignbor a forced redundancy
    under false/nefarious/manipulative circumstances. Its legally very serious and there are many cases won as a result from companies using this illegal tactic.
    I’m very surprised because NHS Human Resources are very familiar with Employment Law and the ramifications involved. Perhaps they have calculated the financial loss to the NHS legal costs as viable but, thats purely a guess on my part.

    I’ve worked in Recruitment Consultancy and on NHS contracts in various NHS PSL lists. I would be interested in seeing the whole document rather than just the highlighted sections. Who was cc’d into the email etc? Was it a specific department like social care, nursing, logistics? Which Trust did it come from? Was it NHS Scotland or England, too many questions that need answering before we can take this serious imo.

  29. So the govn are making the bullets but getting the care homes and nhs employers to do the firing , putting them in a tricky legal position which will almost certainly end with class action lawsuits . Oh what a tangled web we weave when we conspire to deceive.

  30. I believe this means they cannot be dismissed under disciplinary as a reason but can be under the category ‘some other substantial reason’.
    So it does not mean make up a reason to fire them. It’s just the label
    At the end of the day it still means your sacked.

    • If silent majority were genuine about fighting the cause they wouldn’t be charging a membership fee. They’re in it for the money.

  31. I don’t think this is an NHS document as it relates to ‘Care Homes’ where the deadline for the double Jab is Nov. 11th. My wife works in a senior position within the ‘Care Sector’ (resisting the ‘No jab No job’ policy as hard as she can). They are already seeing an exodus of staff into the NHS where the ‘No jab No job’ cannot be enforced. This will lead to a shortage of care staff in many homes and may cause them to close which will negatively impact upon the health of their residents. The Government needs to reverse this policy ASAP for the benefit of all concerned…shame that the Government are taking their orders from somewhere other than the British people. ☹

  32. Staff have to be aware that they cannot be dismissed as a result of a meeting. Firstly they must be made aware of what the meeting is about and they can insist on Union representation or a KNOWLEDGABLE friend to accompany them at a mutually agreeable time. If a dreamt up violation is offered as explanation staff are within their rights to ask for the evidence, time and who the witnesses are and importantly why their line manager has failed to inform the staff previously to allow them time or updating of training etc.

  33. Says it’s an NHS document but then mentions care home staff?? NHS staff work in hospitals, not care homes?

  34. Theres a video on youtube were a barrister has been sent a letter from a hospital in dublin i think saying to take unvaxxed of f waiting lists for transplants

  35. Anyone working in Nazi Health Service or care homes anywhere in England or Wales need to immediately join the WorkersofEngland.co.uk (or Wales.org)and you will need to pay 3 months’ upfront fees, but, unlike unite and other government-funded unions (who’s interest is only in your employer keeping his money) WOE(W) work completely for YOU and are winning ALL their cases either in or out of court!!! Wake up people this will normally cost £9.95 per month so you’ll need to pay just £29.85 to be covered for ANYTHING against your employer…with this union you can also take your manager to court under English TORT LAW which means any costs you can make them pay including if neccesary, losing their house to pay the costs of your case…The English Constitution IS THE SOLUTION and the ENGLISH WILL WIN THIS… TEAR-The English Are Rising!!!

    • Thank you, Bill!
      Invaluable information!
      Wishing you well.

  36. I can kinda see this backfiring cause isn’t it just going to wake some more of the normies up? Surely you know it’s only the start of this rule and it’s only going to spread from there. Has anyone else noticed it’s only seems to be the poor and poor working class covid effects? At celebrities parties you see no mask or social distancing but the serving staff are always muzzled up, looks like am screwed folks cause am fecking penniless but I hsve family and friends who I love, I have lwarmth, shelter and am blessed enough to money to feed myself. At the moment am living in a converted garden shed while am building my house, got no electricity so have candles for light and if it gets cold I have a paraffin heater , a gas stove to cook with, I can honestly say I have never been happier. Sorry bout talking 💩 but I’ve just had a Calvin 🤫😁

    • Well done you mate yoi have my full admiration. Wherabouts are yoi?

  37. I do think the general public have to stand together, march on London and physically trmobr all these “people”.

  38. NHS staff need to get onto their Unions and ensure the Union(s) is ready for these tyrants and useful idiots.

  39. This coud possibly be a fair reason for dismissal for alleged health risk to other members of staff and patients. However we must prooce that the covud jab does not protect the indivudual from contracting covid and in tbe event that they do get it does not stop them passing it on. We could use the NHS own information to prove the above . Then agree to weekly or twice weekly lateral flow test to protect staff and patients.

  40. This needs absolute concrete, provenance. I believe the post regarding the Spanish (not French) app having space for 8 booster jabs to be extremely improbable as no evidence was provided was provided as to its veracity.
    I speak as one of the great unwashed, unjabbed, unmasked minority swimming in a sea of bullshit who requires proof of claims, leaked or otherwise.

  41. If this is the case then the sheep will find themsrlves in the slaughter house quicker than they thought

  42. Sinister and more evidence it was never about public health.

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