AUSTRALIA Protest Against Tyranny Enough Is ENough / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • Checkout john overkills channel ,he exposes the paid crisis actors and agent provocateurs.they are always on the front line ,same faces.

      • John overkill is a lying git and a complete tosser

    • I live in Greater Sydney, didn’t attend the previous march the month before unfortunately, this time the police were onto us, blocked all roads in. I was running late, made it into the venue by going a long way and walking up, wasn’t stopped, but unfortunately the protest here ended up being a non-event, so disappointing and deflating. It was a 2 hour journey to get there which made it even more of a let down.
      So much pressure here on particular industries to get vaccinated, I feel Australians need to rise up now before it’s too late but some people are feeling the need to feed their families is too strong to resist. It’s going to get messy here.

    • My fb “friends” are posting “How dare they fight for freedom in Australia after seeing what’s happening in Afghanistan?” I despair. I am actually starting to feel scared.

      • I am with you on that score. The sheep are so frit-scared that they would jump off a cliff if Doris Johnson told them there was a Convid-Free beach below. I put REAL videos on FB and then never read a comment…..I dont want to read abuse and flak that my truthful videos will bring upon me. So the next time, I post another bit of truth…. and hopefully, some sheep may start to think for themselves, but I have grave doubts that will happen. I have stocked up on tinned and frozen products…… I am scared too. Be strong, please.

      • I had to delete fb because I was going insane reading the comments, it’s just full of New Normals virtue signalling, or completely coming down on people who dare to question the narrative.
        Yep, I’m scared of them, only talking with a small group of people these days, trying to avoid most of society, very hard.
        Recently an awful woman put a comment on fb that she was only going to allow vaccinated at her horse training/lessons established (all outside and we don’t even have any vax mandates in that industry or even a passport, yet)! I was advised of her comments by a friend still on fb, let’s just say she deleted them the next day after I paid a visit to her property and left some messages for her letting her know she was supporting medical apartheid and I didn’t like it!

      • I couldn’t give a toss about Afghanistan.

      • The time to feel scared was when the public first let them put people under house arrest, also k own as Lockdown, we were warned then but people let them get away with doing it.

      • You should be scared, these are the very people who will by their compliance kill freedom loving people, notwithstanding the vaccinated
        are no longer represent the human species. The spike protein is designed as a sleeping killer. It also breaks your RNA in half, meaning you are longer human. Vaccinated people will infect the unvaccinated, which is the real tragedy. The majority of them will be dead within 5 years.

        My opinion is that protests will not work on such people, they have the advantage, to which words and protest have no affect, in light of the multi-faceted propaganda machine. Something of more substance is required………

    • The book of Revelation 13 is unfolding before our eyes as Prophecy is coming to pass. The Bible is 100% correct and inspite of the lockdown off and on and the mass protests world wide the Mark of the Beast in Revelation 13 18 is this Vaccines that are being rolled out all over the world In France it’s now mandatory and one can’t be able to buy or sell. There is a time soon there is going to be a One World Ruler called the Anti Christ who will demand worship and those that refuse this Mark will be put to death. Please read Revelation 14. and. it warns us not to take this Mark.

  1. Shame the uk dont man up and protest more than the normal folk have done….
    Never seen such a spineless nation….
    Like there proud to be bloody lemmings and be jabbed on a regular basis

    • I’ll second that.. Pathetic bowing down to Boris n Blair.
      I’ll die on my feet before being ALLOWED to live on my knees.

      • It amazes me how the police are allowed to grab and drag off a protester.
        They are outnumbered, get stuck in and take your fuckin country back!

    • Bob sit down. You’re obviously not paying attention or your stupid. The UK has done more than all countries on earth combined. LMAO

    • Bob, if they start bringing in the same measures here in the UK the public will start to react exactly in the same way. They’ll be civil war breaking out in most countries if these restrictions are applied.
      I don’t think it’ll be long before the Aussies begin arming themselves either.

      • Besides India. They are begging for the jab!

  2. The obviously insane government of Australia have declared war on their citizens rights and freedoms. There comes a point were everyone’s patience snaps, and I think the Aussies have finally reached it. We all need to push back, but what we really need is for the media to be forced to tell the truth. Don`t storm your parliaments as they will use this to justify marshal law. Storm the press, let them know what fear is, real fear not the pretend porn they have pushed on the public for nearly 2 years.

      • Well done bothers and sisters in Australia. Believe!

    • We protested in Perth WA today.. peaceful and respectful. Even had a minutes silence for our war veterans and the bugle.

      West Australian Newspaper reported that “we were dancing on soldiers graves, banging drums”
      and only 1000 people attended…
      Head of the RSL , Mr McCourt called us ignorant and stupid. Police helicopters flying over every time a speech was made.

      Well there were at least 3000 people. All
      passionate about retaining our human rights and more so OUR CHILDREN’s

      • Agreed. I was there too. No such desecration of graves occurred. It was profoundly respectful of the setting, we paid tribute to the fallen Anzacs, thanked the police who were fine, and it was a peaceful, family-orientated rally.

    • I wouldn’t care if some geezers went all Charlie Hebdo on the MSM fuck em.

    • I’m in Australia and have been saying this for ages, we need to force our way in and make a broadcast!

  3. Good for the Aussies! How dare these b******s behave like this? Footage of kids being seized from their parents to be jabbed and all the MAD rules the idiotic politicians have brought in – I’m amazed that it’s taken this long.

  4. Where are the UK protesters? NOTHING, just wearing their masks and taking the jabs like good little sheep

  5. I cried watching those clips . And the poor horses who like the people of oz didn’t choose this. What’s going on in oz is so shocking .. if only more will rise up .. God bless us all especially the Aussies .

  6. Controlled opposition!
    These people hate the restrictions so much, they go to protest wearing a mask!
    Masks that are visible evidence that a person is in support of the restrictions, and believe in the covid scam!
    And what will these protests achieve?
    All the Authorities will do is increase restrictions, and make life even more difficult!

    • The mask wearers in the protest are in the minority.
      So Tony, what are your suggestions as an alternative to protests ?

    • Perhaps the masks are for anonimity, or for some protection against the spray. What will they achieve? More than you sitting at home doing sod all…. Your sort of comment always come from those who do nothing. I wonder why.

    • Protests against the government are allowed because are controlled by the government itself.
      I fear that if a protest goes out of control they will bring in the army and declare martial law.

    • Actually, there were even more severe restrictions planned for Melbourne, which so far have not gone ahead. The protests are having an effect. It looks as though Dan Andrews’ government have realised that Melburnians will not put up with any more of it.

  7. Uk will ne er do this obviously 98% sheep but hopefully they reverse it then we can seek asylum there 🙂

    Mexico and India and parts of Canada are about our only options so far.

    You out number the police, don’t kill any, hospitalise so there are no police to back the leaders yes indeed.

    • What are restrictions like in India like Testing to get in etc n quarantine? I’d like to go… currently in Mexico

  8. Remember it takes 2 police to carry away one injured policeman. So one injured is three out of the game.

    • Why our army use 5.56s injure don’t kill, why also no use against Taliban, they just ignore there wounded and carry on fighting.

      • Yes. The Insurgent force in question are usually equipped with with 7.62, Russian made armaments. This calibre causes lot more damage than said calibre of 5.56 (Nato), like you say, basically a pin prick in terms of damage output.

        Many of the Taliban are seen pictured with Western armaments however, have you seen? So West and East are providers of weapons to their enemy insurgent.

        We’ll soon see more of Western weapons and technology in the hands of the enemies.

  9. Onlyfans no porn ruling that’s being forced on them, a lot of people ( i did great video last week more lined up, just getting into, typical and stopped life! ) !osr jobs, turned to doing porn, it’s a legal way to support yourself ( and fun lol ) , they don’t want people able to support themselves, won’t make for good little slaves.

    Sorry all for restarting porn career and jinxing it for everyone 🙁

    Next plan to get out of the shit is, trying to get a job uggggg how mundane!

    • There is Dignity and Self Respect in Working for a Living, And if you don’t like the idea of working for somebody else, then Work for yourself!

  10. Who the fuck do Politicians think they are, we all know this is a scam, is there a virus, yes but that is dose not provide authority to treat people like cattle.
    This virus is about Vaccines, The vaccines are about the Vaccine Passport, The Vaccine Passport is about changing the system to one of total control and early death via the same vaccine agenda. It is Genocide and the police are now becoming part of this Genocide NWO agenda, but they to will die.

    • This agenda is all about control…
      Nothing more nothing less

      • ITheir endgame is One World Religion ( satanism) and create a new hybrid as the image of their god Baphomet, androgynous. Yes they want to control people but the real agenda is Transhumanism. That’s why the injection will modify people DNA.

  11. The media will just have protesters down as trouble makers, they are showing arrests because they don’t want families to attend marches, if it’s a load of young men they will become easy targets for the 1%. I hope these protests become common place all over the world.

  12. Hates restrictions but still go to a protest wearing a mask? Come on. i’m shocked by how long this has taken tbh. We need more of this. People are beginning to snap

  13. To Tony McNamara & Stephanie,

    Why are you so stupid? They are wearing masks to hide their identity. Police wear facial recognition cameras and drones fly overhead with the same cameras to arrest the protesters later. How dare you kick a nation down when they are still recovering from a brutal day that is not over as yet. Yes no doubt the CHinese social credit score system is coming to you also soon, sadly. But we won’t call you stupid, our manners are far better than that.

  14. I’m glad there have been arrests it maybe proves people have snapped and are actually doing something Instead of just mouthing off and wearing a t-shirt or holding a banner.
    It’s obvious peaceful protests dont work so bring on the mayhem and take back our freedom the freedom we where born with ,sadly its the only way now. Govt puppets you have not listened for 18 months so now we are have to take your medicine and its going to taste awful.

    • I always proof read my posts ,yet the end of this don’t make sense .Are word press in on the scam to discredit ,especially as there is no option to edit after posting 🙄

  15. One day this world will blow up, then God help the msm etc then. As for the fines don’t pay them


  17. Australia and France: low vax uptake = severe lockdowns. High vax uptake = minimal lockdowns. That’s why we have it relatively easy here – so many jabbed up sheeple. No matter, their state control of us all is inevitable and UK too will in time have to grow a pair and take to the streets. Sadly, it cannot end peacefully to my mind. But I believe there will be a better world at the end of it.

  18. Keep going Aussies, the pigs have decided their fate and as for the politicians, they will go to hell.

  19. And dying in yoir beds many years from now would you not trade all the days from then to now to come back here and tell our enemies they may take our lives… BUT THEY WILL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

  20. The media is the virus. Time to drag it out and inject it with a dose of it’s own medicine.

  21. Crisis actors are worse than government..Need stringing up ..I have grown very fond of the Australian people ..God bless

  22. Yep, looks like the chaos in it’s swirl is reaching up against us in the world, but they can’t go past a borderline, that’s set in time.

  23. Don’t understand why some protesters are wearing masks. Crazy but well done peeps.

    • The may be trying to protect themselves from the spike protein from the vaxed! I don’t know, just saying

  24. All those brave police who were 6 a piece beating the sh1te out of individual protestors; they ran like the cowards they are when the lines were broken!

  25. “Happiness depends on being free, and freedom depends on being courageous. ”
    Thugydides c 455-400 BC, History of the Peloponnesian war.

    C’mon people more of us need to be courageous, the war is coming!

  26. Well done to our Aussie, (and French), cousins. Keep going and never stop.

  27. People have a right to protest. The police cannot stop a protest taking place if it is peaceful. But more protests should take place without informing the police they are happening. I think the Trafalgar Square protest was known about by the police before it took place which was a mistake. On a needs to know basis the police do not need to know

  28. what will this change exactly. I am sick and tired of protest they do fuck all. Yes you heard me correctly they do fuck all. People should just get on with their lives, people have already made their mind up.

    • I agree to a point my friend. I attended the April 24th London March. As you say, it didnt appear to change the war that we are in. However, personally this was the most exhilarating day of my life! It was good for ME and possibly good for the 200,000 others who attended on this lovely sunny day. I was surrounded by like-minded folk, all laughing, hugging, kissing and shaking hands. I had not been in the presence of these kinds of ( normal ) people for months and months and months. Everyone that I know is frit-scared of breathing fresh air and want to ‘fking elbow-bump when you meet! FFS!!! So! The march didnt advance our fight, but mentally it was a massive help. Be Strong against this Tyranny.

  29. It will be here in the UK soon enough. Prepared yet? It’s time to get so.

  30. Well done to the protestors. They realise that the Police (who will lose as much as the rest of us) stand between them and their basic human rights. One day this will end, life will not be worth living for Australian Police who are nearly as bad as Adolf’s henchmen, people will not forget.

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