Aussie Police ADMIT FINES ARE UNLAWFUL * Secret Recording * Hugo Talks #lockdown #Australia


24 Comments on “Aussie Police ADMIT FINES ARE UNLAWFUL * Secret Recording * Hugo Talks #lockdown #Australia

  1. Well done yo those brave Aussies. I hope the whole of Australia marches in protest and support of NSW

    • And their motto ‘Uphold the Right’

      …more like ‘What a load of Shite’

      These people are so beneath contemptible, I’m actually lost for words to accurately describe them.

    • It’s an upside down pentagram, a symbol of Baphomet – the devil. It explains the evil going on down under. Police are prob freemasons like they are everywhere else.

  2. So basically – the police know what they are doing is wrong, are doing it anyway, and are making up charges to supress peoples rights. Which Police college did they go to? The one in China where they lock people in chair-cages and yell and scream at them until they comply? Australian Police – you should be so, so ashamed, you are a disgrace to justice, the law, and policing, and most importantly of all the Australian people.

    • when this fiasco ends, which it will. Some of these cops will be looking at jail time, as ‘just following orders’ is not acceptable. NWO will collapse as people around the world rise up against them

      • Many are already threatening to hunt down the Police when the time comes.

    • Is what I was thinking… They actually doing this knowing it’s not Law. That makes no sense…

      So basically fuck them now. If they try to arrest people, people should fight make and arrest them instead..

      Those are NOT real police officers as they do not serve the public..

  3. Absolute scumbags! A real credit to their families…not! 😤

  4. I think the biggest crime in their and other law enforcers is they got caught

  5. British police are no better. Trumping up charges & fines that don’t stand up in court.

    • A disgusting display of authority by the Victorian Police Force
      Encouraging violence by their inappropriate actions.
      It was if it was in Communist China but no it’s in Melbourne Australia.
      What has Melbourne Australia become?
      A southern Communist China where free speech and speaking out against a Tyrannical Government is not allowed.

  6. How brave of these people to record this, well done. Outrageous how these police are treating people in Australia, power has gone to their heads, just who do they think they are. Don’t they realise their own families could be treated like this, how would they feel then. It’s just getting worse and worse, treated like animals rounded up even children being escorted in by police to get jabbed but parents not allowed. The police are a disgrace.
    Good people are rising up against this.

  7. It will not play on the youtube link. Can you put it up on Brandnewtube please Hugo?

  8. The cops know that their actions have no legal or lawful standing, yet they disrespect the people that pay there wage by being abusive and stepping outside there authority. Is it any wonder people around the world are calling to disband the police, this type of thing justifies it,, then again perhaps government are telling them to do it for exactly this reason a noose by which they can hang themselves.

  9. The police are committing more of a crime from made up charges. The corrupt police won’t get my backing.

  10. The game is rigged more than you think.
    Read and listen to these men:
    It just makes life easier in this ocean of disinformation not only on MSM but also Telegram and other controlled opposition sites.
    Telegram, Signal, SafeChat are all compromised by the intelligence.
    If you spend much time in there you actually help them to be ahead of you.
    Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube are for mainstream people they created the same for the disobedient.
    The safest is to meet in the park.

  11. Its taken 14-16 months for the ozzies to start protesting. Up until just 4-6 weeks ago, the ozzies were silent and compliant!!! Uve only just joined the wirld wide revolt against tyranny.

    • because until then they thought the pandemic is for real an expansion to the reality show we exhibit since we were born.
      The crypto-J*ws run the show and turn reality into a bit chaos and confusion.

    • They are not corrupt they were and are paid for by the crypto-Jewish Elite who pretends to be English aristocrats who really are some old J*wish families who almost five centuries ago with Henry the VIII stole a lot of property of the Catholic Church.
      Anglican Church was and perhaps still is mainly J*wish and it was to facilitate that property theft.
      Now they steal your wealth.
      Read Miles Mathis.

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