66.6% Efficacy / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Another 666 for thé record is the 66.6 axis tilt on our pseudo science spinning globe

  2. Mmmm, a hard decision to make here. A 66.6% efficacy jab or a 99.7% natural recovery rate, leaving my natural immune system intact!

  3. These things happen not by chance.. All bad things, evil things comes from Satan not God, including Covid, the vaccines, tyranny, abortion, etc. etc. the list is endless.. This is so clear to me, I find it astonishing that people are falling for this great deception..

  4. No surprise then that the WuXi AppTec research lab situated in Wuhan (also funded by NWO megalomaniac George Soros) has the address 666 Gaoxin Road, East Lake, Wuhan, China.

    Yet again, those numbers pop up.

  5. For starters – check out this short re Gematria …numbers into words – used by the elite. Kabbalah mysticism. Fascinating subject that goes much much deeper than this simple versio, but it’s a good intro. Eg. The numbers 56 and 201 have had centre focus throughout the covid period. It’ll make your head spin ! I can’t say I understand it but
    I know it’s not just ‘coincidence’

  6. Yes. I keep thinking about ‘that’ time in Revelations. I’ve never been ‘religious’, but always wanted to discover ‘being’ and meaning in life. I’ve reread that passage in the Bible many times now. It’s unbelievable, but it seems that THIS can’t be anything else but THAT time. It amazes me to think that. What’s good about it though, is that we win. Yes we do. How could it be anything else anyway; life is too miraculous, too amazing, too full of sacredness, for anything else. Life wins. Humanity wins. Of course. We are birthing in the new, and demolishing the old. The birth pains are very painful. Shiva.

  7. Personally I think they want to strike fear and that number plus the video slip of devil worship yesterday is all mind games. All religions must be respected – then again all religions have a similar teaching which is to be good people, not bad. They would seek to destroy everyone’s beliefs, whatever god you follow. They are psychopaths. They have no empathy, they have no respect for anything. They seek to destroy by fear. They are fuelled by greed. But sooner or later the plan will implode on itself – they will kill each other. We may not be around to see it, but they will turn against each other for sure.

    For those wanting to research how subversion and propaganda works, just check out Yuri Bezmenov – he tells it exactly how it is happening now, and religion is a target.

  8. PEOPLE, please turn to Jesus now and be saved, encourage others to do the same, put on the full armour of God, and please pray for my deliverance, thank you and amen xx

  9. Was just looking up root word meaning of spiritual, as in a spiritual war, you mentioned. you should have a look , basically spiritual means respiratory,air the wind Breath. So there isn’t is. I’d say you couldn’t get more spiritual.religious meaning where added later.

  10. Yes this is real Hugo, it’s in the bible, please read Revelation Chapter 13. The end of the world is coming, and the only thing you can do is turn to Christ to be saved. In Revelation Chapter 13 it talks about 666 and the mark of the beast which is the death jab. Truly terrifying times ahead!

    • if you truly believe, it’s not terrifying, it is the act of God. the coming of Christ is in all books! koran, Bible, Hindu books some say the 4th!? what a time to live in! we are here as Gods witness we fear no evil, bring it on!!

  11. Hugo: Thank-you for the davidjcaron video. I went to the website. Yes – control of the populace has been going on since the dawn of man, as we know. Organized religion, etc. As Klaus Schwabb has been quoted as saying – “The covid-19 outbreak is the first big step towards unprecedented control over mankind”. All has been working toward this end game. We are just caught in this space in time. The bible does say the church is not a house of god. We can only sincerely hope there is a god. Psalm 37 is my hope.

  12. The WHO declared the pandemic 666 days after the 2018 ‘Clade X’ pandemic exercise.
    Also look at the numbers on the fake plane in Kabul – first there is 1109, which is 911 reversed, the numbers below that add up to 22, and all the numbers together 33.

  13. Hugo love your angle of approach. Yes the intensity is rising numbers and symbols everywhere for those who can see.

  14. John boy what process are you doing when you have the vaccine? You’re choosing the dark side and pledging your support hence your transhuman they have a patent on the vaccine so whoever owns the patent owns your soul !!!

  15. Language, neurolinguistics, semiotics, numerology, etc., etc., all function on assumed sets of denotations and against conditions defined and or assumed or measured depending on validity of parameters. A number or a symbol can mean anything as per set to context defined, but equally it can be redefined by someone else and removed from original intent. Moment it is by what intervention or evolution of it is no longer of the point set down and has become something else different. What this reveals is that anything is only relative to time and place as any person or person’s so choose it to mean. Beyond that and before it means nothing to any assumption or measure formed and only to context any apply or removed. When looking at how any misuse code in any ways consider more the construct of the delivery and surrounding factors to determine intent and more than the number itself, as meaning can shift and change to anything a person would set down. i noted this to people and tried to make understand. A full stop for instance. . I could say is good and if i say that dot is good then by conditioning people appropriate and end up believing it is good, but if some then says the . is bad and same means then people believe it is bad. More psychology than anything else. The point is all this that players do with numbers in all direction, media and more it only means what they want it to mean in their head games with the minds of the masses. As for a number meaning anything no it does not as any set of numbers could be contrived and apply whatever denotation and such is fact. Those whom bandy numbers in ploys and games i think is useless and pathetic, as it actually serves no purpose for any to in the end and merely their own assumptions made. i ignore all the players misuse of number coding, semiotics and more as it is their drivel and any fall for it are a fool! A lot of contrived crap by them.

  16. you have hit the nail on the head!! I was an engineer for a british gas company for ten yrs, ask to join the peekaboos twice, they made my life a misery and still do try, i’m back to my roots as a christian, and pray to keep them and fear away! we have prayer! the devil has his dancing shoes on! they destroyed my life my relationships and morality. God restored me. you think they don’t have that power? they do. i’m in gods hands here now! trust god people he’s brought me back from death! Love to all

  17. The dark have been here on earth a long time. Since 2012 the light has been streaming onto planet earth and us humans. The light is also showing up the dark, so they cannot hide any longer what they have been doing for a long time. We are all working towards Ascension, from 3d, 4th to 5th. They are trying to stop us with fear etc. We are their food energy. But this battle belongs to us. We will win it because it’s our time now. Blessings.🙏🌞💜🌎⏳

  18. 100% Hugo! Spot on! For years the Luciferians have been working on eroding our moral values and numbing our God given conscience through music, movies and books. Yes, what is going on is real. I wish I could say it wasn’t. Satan, the arch enemy of God, is real as is God. The Good News is that God wins and He will have the last laugh. There is no neutral ground. You are either on the winning side or the losing side. Choose you this day whom you will serve: Satan or God. I am praying for you, Hugo. Stay strong and stay questioning. Thanks for your honesty in sharing. You will find all answers to life’s questions in the Bible. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, call upon His Name, and you will be saved from the worst that Satan can throw at you.

  19. I think it was Tesla that said if we knew the real meanings and power of the numbers 3, 6 and 9 then we’d know all the answers to the universe. The number 3 amazes me and it follows me everywhere, as does the number 66, I should look it up to see what it means, numbers is what everything is made of

  20. If it’s not a coincidence what is it then. Bullshit?

  21. That’s strange my bank card has 666.
    Noticed it when I had to pay for something I thought wow 666.

  22. Its cos they no longer give a crap there not even hiding it any more they know the damage is done they just trying to wind people up they actually do think weare stupid

  23. Yes Hugo your really getting the picture it is a spiritual war. There after souls and by complying that’s what you’re giving away. You’re correct with the numbers spiritual laws govern they have to inform humans of there presence that’s why there’s been all zombie films etc etc. We’ll done Hugo your doing a great job

    • Yes but if u was really spiritual u would know they can’t take your soul thats something you give away no matter who you are

      • You can’t sell what isn’t yours..every soul will be judged for their deeds in life and then they will go to either heaven or hell.
        Please pray, if your are not already saved..get saved, amen xxx

    • I don’t comply but if u do comply don’t mean you sold your soul it just means u been tricked just like many others

  24. Is anyone surprised by anything any more? This winter is going to be grim, no food, no power, people dropping like flies and we’ll still have to watch braindead Boris telling everyone to go get jabbed and we’ll be back to normal.

    • If you’ve got no power, you won’t be able to watch Bunter telling you to get stuck with the poison. Be thankful for small mercies.

  25. Clearly this is deliberate and I do not subscribe to the law of coincidence. What we’ve got to understand is that these people are pathologically insane, and they just cannot resist blowing their own trumpet, no matter if it blows their cover. They are barking mad devil worshippers.

  26. Again hugo your on the money mate.
    There’s so much more to this reality then what we believe it to be!
    We’ve been hoodwinked into believing we are just mortal beings created by pure chance in a big bang accident!! Yeah write.
    This reality has been hijacked by dark forces that use fear and suffering to feed from.
    They’re now being exposed and this whole shit show is crashing as we the awakening reaches critical mass.
    Well done Hugo for playing your part x

  27. You are so insightful Hugo. I agree with you completely…the slow drip away from morality, away from heart goodness. In the late 60s the God is Dead movement started. Situational ethics kicked in. It’s been downhill from there…..to this.

  28. Scientists cannot tell how effective they are in the clinical trials go from placebo to vaccine status to quickly like they have done…

  29. Don’t forget the yearly wage for all those school vaccination officer jobs in the UK works out to £666 a week. As for the deliberate “immoralising” of society, it started when Blair legalised poofterism and banned clause 28. I’ve always thought Blair was Satan.

  30. Morally bankrupt and materialistic.Making gods of godless celebrities.We are living in Biblical end times.Turn to Jesus Christ who is coming soon.

  31. I think more and more and it’s the only way a lot of things make sense…………..

    We are living in a Simulation Matrix Style, there are human/whatever/us players and Computer Generated players NPC’s and something is going wrong with the simulation and the NPC’s are being culled to save processor power and getting dumber and dumber, maybe Ver 2 of the Sim is out soon and we’ll all wake up and start playing that, or maybe we are the NPC’s and Human Players have left to Ver 2 and they’ve got stupid fill in bot’s repeating the same shit and unable to learn or grow and just keep returning to default, even fellow people like , just switch to mindless sheep for no reason.

    Been thinking this for 20years, I always as if by a miracle get by, never more, never less, something also by sheer luck comes up and I don’t believe in luck!!

    Which is why I don’t worry about shit and do what I want and shit just does not stick to me. ( Holistic Dirk Gentry Holistic Dectective style )

    The people walking around the town with masks on earlier all looked like zombie’s, nothing going on at all in there heads.

    High odds they’ll kill of this Sim with a Zombie outbreak or a Alien Invasion, go out with a bang!!

    See you all in Ver 2!!!

  32. Moral / social relativism and atheism has been agendas for a long time.

  33. You will see it quite a lot in science, it really just equates to two thirds, but yes it certainly takes on another wholly unpleasant and sinister meaning.

  34. Please realize that the world is actually biblical. The “elites” are actual luciferians. Jesus Christ is Lord. Get saved now.

  35. The covid test from the ‘filantrophists’ Bill Gates and George Soros calls Mologic.
    You know, Moloch, the God who eats firstborn babies.

  36. It is impossible to target or test for a genetic sequence of what has never been or cannot ever be isolated/purified, in order to prove it exists.. the genetic sequence of which was concocted in a computer model and which is identical to the body’s own chromosome 8.. part of out DNA!

    New censored, cryptic-camouflaged, Censortube-permissable version of “TOTAL CONTROL”, after a weeks ban punishment for sharing inconvenient truths..

    The track & video that all of humanity need to hear & see..

  37. That alot like a chemical the Germans used in the 40s

  38. Why would they settle on a jab with such poor efficacy?, you’d think they’d keep trying until they found something better and worth selling

  39. Read revelation 13 in the bible . The number of the beast 666 . The bible clearly states no person great or small can purchase or trade without the mark..
    If you are not already saved . Belueve that Jesus is about to return . But first as the bible says satan will have his moment. Repent ,believe and be baptised and you will be saved . ! Godbless and protect you Hugo and all who read this . In the mighty name of Jesus the Christ of Nazereth Amen. !

    • Lmao, your God Jesus, also a lie this been going on for longer than you could imagen.for one the letter j did not exist at this time in any language of that time.Man has controlled men through ideologies of god’s through out time. Through fear.has made man fear death and life, through ideology of heaven and hell. When in truth you your ego character ,persona ,are not real.and you are not your body. Where does your body end exactly?under a microscope you are millions maybe even trillions of bacteria ect which one is you? when did YOU begin. at birth in the womb,the sparkle in your dad’s eye? You can not die because the real you not in the film. Of life so to say.

      • Yeshua is the Hebrew name for Jesus. Our Saviour is NO lie, Jesus is the Truth! He will return soon to judge this world, you better believe it

      • Jesus is the English pronounced term. I believe Aramaic or Hebrew was the language spoke at that time

    • The rabbit hole is deep. Hollywood = Wizards use hollywood to cast their spells.

      David McGowan was a brave intrepid warrior for the truth. R.I.P.

      Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream

      You are Being Lied To: The Disinformation Guide to Media Distortion, Historical Whitewashes, and Cultural Myths

    • The all seeing eye (Horus) is the elites pledging their allegiance to their Deity, their God. In Islam he’s known as The dajjal in Christianity the Antichrist

  40. hugo great video…… ive been thinking exactly the same thing about everything has been leading to this for years too 👍

    • Hugo, you are so close to the truth of it all. I suggest you listen to the podcast from James Delingpole talking to Alex Thomson. Alex explains all about the evils we are seeing now and how from the very beginning how the satanic agenda has been here all along. You are thinking correct. Great content in this podcast.
      Read a Bible and pray to seek the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ, he’s the one that will save you, and the battle is already won, so what ever happens this is the end outcome, he has overcome the battle of evil already. Satan is having his time but not for long.

      God bless you

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