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  1. Hugo you have no idea how very close to the truth you are with what you said towards the end of this video.
    You seriously need a Bible because scripture is coming true as prophecy is being revealed.
    People need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    • Yeah!! OUR King Yahushua Ha ‘Mashiach is coming!
      One big last battle for our souls before it all ends!!

    • 666 is the mark of the beast. Because that’s what covid 19 is all about. The bible talks about it in the book of Revelation 13: 18. And the bible says you can’t buy or sell unless you have the number of the beast 666. People need to repent and come back to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

    • Amen! BIBLE – Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth – Its all in there!

    • I have four bible’s i inherited my grandma’s bible. She passed age 97. I’ve noticed some of the wording is different this means definition are different. I am blessed to have her much loved bible. One of my favourite books of the bible is proverbs.

  2. If you look up at the patent for the television it was patented as a mind control device, so they’ve been programing and manipulating our thoughts and way of thinking since at least when tvs first came into our homes, glad I don’t have but I do have a smartphone, sorry Hugo

  3. You’re on the right track Detective Hugo….’they live’ in the shadows and while they lash out and about, their hold & reign is coming to an end.

  4. they have pattend the weather …now they own the pattend on the jabbed

    • Very true they has now become the owners of your genome but not your body as such

  5. Yea, great Final Thoughts speech Hugo. lol

    Things are being revealed at an alarming rate. Iv always believed in the “most high” but would always wonder… But now I’m seeing so much prophecy of late along with this number that keeps appearing and it’s not just on the main stream. I see this everywhere especially when using smart devices, tablets, TV and video games… I think it’s all slowly being revealed. By now u should have no Dought. The world is flat, we are sealed in and the heavenly waters and the “most high” is just above our heads… God Bless and keep up the great News Reports. Yours is the only news I watch n pay attention to now 🙂

    You may not realise but I believe you are one of “The Most Highs” chosen soldiers. Your driven to help wake people and show truth n facts against the narrative (which is all negative). As this Evil system has ramped up so have your reports. I remember a year back when it was just 1 video report a day you was doing. Now it’s like 3-4 per day… So you are truly driven and must research all your waking hours to bring us these well needed and appreciated reports…

    Think about that. For every negative there has to be equal positive. They have mainstream, we have HUGO 🙂

  6. 100% Hugo, the ramble was good!
    I have felt this for some time.
    There’s been a coordinated strategy to dumb down, celebrate immoral activities & material wealth.
    Social Media and MSM have been the vehicle for this.
    It stagers me that so many can see it, but then well, I guess that’s the point.
    Thanks Hugo, another great one!

  7. Here’s the facts. God has given man 6,000 to demonstrate man’s ineptness; He has reserved the final 1,000 years for Himself to rule on earth through His Son, Jesus the one chosen by God. We are about 7 and a half years from the start of that rule, so of course everything is becoming clear to the wise and observant: we’re entering the most climactic period of earth’s history. And yes, the players have been moving their pieces for a long time to position for this. No, not some flesh and blood conspiracy (though that exists too), but the prince of the power of the air has been whispering suggestions for a long time and is often well received without credit. And he knows his time is short!

    If you doubt the timing, all you have to do is survey the bible from Genesis to Revelation…it is all there but not taught in ‘churches’ because most of those have been infiltrated by wolves…keeping the people dependent on drip-fed fluff so they don’t crack the bible and wake up. God fooled the wise of this world by hiding His plans in those ‘stone age goat herd’ stories but anyone who takes them seriously can read His plans.

    Anyway: the wise are getting ready to meet their God…that is what we live and soon, for many, will die for. To God be the glory! Because He has the power to raise us again, has proved His ability to do so, and have promised us and cannot lie. Look up and rejoice, because this race is almost finished!

  8. Revelation 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six.


    HUMANS are 12% CARBON

    GRAPHENE is CARBON – patented and in the jib jab

    Is it possible that this is a means for the beast system to gain ownership of human race, especially as we have to consent to it.
    Could it be that the elites are signalling each other with their sneaky little 666’s everywhere – about how successful they are! who knows

    I agree with you on your thoughts about how we have been morally indoctrinated since birth

    God bless you Hugo

  9. Well spotted Hugo, your rationale is totally sound. If it is a psy-op, Jesus Christ himself (“the Word” whom is God), has told us beforehand (Revelation 13: 16-18) through John the beloved disciple, to write down that the reader should use wisdom and calculate the number of the beast, “666”. It is the unholy alliance between Satan (aka “the dragon”), the coming false prophet (who heads up the false church), and the antichrist of antichrists (the self-appointed final president of the world).

    Man was created on the sixth day, but when he fell from eternal grace with his creator in the garden, Satan became his legally adopted father. This is why John also writes that the whole world is under the sway of the evil one (1 John 5:19). Jesus had no compunction to tell the religious class that they belonged to their father, the devil (John 8:44), in whom he didn’t dispute could have offered the world if only he would have bowed down to him. Thankfully Jesus Christ had other plans and served notice on Satan. We are informed Jesus’ mission for coming to earth was to redeem the earth and man from the grips of the evil one (1 John 3:8). What a mighty God we serve!

    As Satan likes to counterfeit the divine patterns that Jesus Christ threads through the Bible (refer to the heptadic structure, the multiple of sevens) so Satan is permitted to leave his calling card of sixes. That’s what it is, the devil and his disciples have left his calling card!

  10. I think the use of 666 is more Psychological than anything to do with anything Satanic.
    Personally, I’m Agnostic, so I believe as much in Satan, as I do an Omnipresent God!
    But I do believe that there is Evil in the minds of people, form the lowest to the Richest and those in positions of Power!
    I maybe proven wrong one day, who knows? And that’s exactly it, no one knows!
    I think we’re being played 100%!
    We’re being manipulated, played off one another.
    And it’s all about control!
    There’s definitely a plan to reduce the Global Population, and that is in effect right now!
    We’re going to see a decline in Children being born over the coming years, and yes, I do think that Chemicals in this Covid Vaccine will be the cause, along with People’s Diets becoming nutritionally susceptible, through GM Foods etc.
    We’re already seeing an increase in Health issues amongst different Generations, this is just the tip of the Iceberg!

    • Whether you believe or not in Satan is beside the point. The Elites believe in him and worship him.

  11. Yes Hugo you need to start studying the bible really xxx He (Jesus) is coming back and this is just the start of things to come. I never thought I would ever in my lifetime think this but all this has been leading me closer to him. He is the only TRUTH. Trust me in this one x accept his saving grace while we still have time as there will be a time when it will no longer be there and for a short period when it is it will be really hard to follow him without danger for yourself. Check out the website Truthunedited (and on you tube). He explains loads really well. Please. Xx thanks for all your hard work and waking me up x

  12. The triple six thing is all deliberately put out there in order to induce a feeling of helplessness. It’s deigned time make the individual feel it’s the end of days and you can’t fight it. Hitler and Nazi party played on revelation in the same manner. This strategy is straight out of the Tyrant handbook. My advice is to take no notice keep true to what you believe and keep you and yours safe. The lie will become so big they won’t be able to hide it no more and as history has always shown the people will rise up. Unfortunately a large number of souls are lost forever and you can’t bring them back so work with the like minds your close friends and build small bubbles of resistance then eventually all the small bubbles will come together full of unbreakable resolve. Keep safe anyone and keep the faith much love.

  13. Hi Hugo and everyone in relation to the big question how will it all end? My feelings are they will be enough of us awakened to bring about major changes what they will be nobody knows. You can only imagine but it will come at the right time. Who would have imagined the Germans 40 miles from invading Russia then the weather kicked in . Thanks to England defying hitler for six weeks in the Battle of Britain. Then hitler was defeated. These people who are vaccinated are supposed to be and the ones who haven’t will all be fine have faith!!

  14. Please don’t forget that here in England lockdowns have been for 6 months, people can only meet in groups of no more than 6 and social distancing is 2 metres which is 6 feet 6 inches. Is this all a coincidence? Satan shoes plugged by celebrities, what’s that all about? Fair enough if you don’t believe in God that’s your choice but it seems to me that the people doing this certainly do because if they believe in Satan then they must believe in God. All this stuff has been in the back of my mind since the 80’s when I saw The Omen on TV. Sure, I thought it was fiction and a good horror movie but now I believe it was pre-programming. This has been happening for a long time. I’ve been watching comedy shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm recently and every 5 minutes the main character is throwing up the 666 hand sign or the devil’s horn hand gesture. Coincidence? They’ve been breaking down the morality of Western society for a very long time. They are definitely following the blueprint of The Protocols even down to the way they are now controlling and censuring information and that was written in 1897. As I type now I know my comments are being monitored so they know who is for and who is against them. Yuri Besmenov describes the Art of Subversion perfectly. Whoever’s been subverted cannot be saved. They will only realise their mistake when the boot is on their neck and they’re thrown into the Gulag! This is clearly a spiritual war and it’s exactly like signing a contract with the Devil. If you take the jab Satan will give you all the material things in life – your job, freedom to travel, the car, the house, freedom to drink in a pub or coffee shop etc. but only for seven years then your soul is his. If you don’t take the jab there will be hardship and starvation and no material things in life but no matter how you die you will still have your eternal soul. I have no idea how bad it’s going to get but I just hope I can remain strong and not give into temptation so my soul can remain intact. In Star Trek: The Next Generation the character of Data is striving to be more human. To have love, compassion, feelings and emotions. They are trying to turn us into Data, to take away all of those things from us. Everything that makes us human to turn us into robots. This goes against God, Nature and the Spirit of the Universe. Only a force like Lucifer who hates God and humanity would want to do this.

  15. Hi Hugo,
    You are on the right track when you speak of the battle between Good and Evil. The Bible is a wonderful but very big and very complex book. A marathon rather than a sprint where good coaching is very helpful. Try beginning with this book by a modern Irish mystic who started out just like you, with questions which needed answers. It’s a very easy read but it will challenge all your beliefs. http://sevenmansions.org/the-house-on-the-rock-brian-cleeve/

  16. For me bro – you’re bang on the the money – AGAIN…

    i find myself having similar observations about every day life – when you try and talk to people, sometimes people youve lived with for a long time, they look at you like youre mad, like theyre happy dreaming and immune and youre wide awake and can see it clear as day…

    Youre right, if its all true, what happens then? what now? There are NO coincidences.

  17. Where do we go from here?….step by step by step by step leads us to eternity, our reason to be here spiritually and electrically.

  18. Hey Bible thumpers! What IF They are using these symbols ON PURPOSE so that you will just SIT BACK and let this evil happen. You think about that.

  19. That’s what consumerism is all about..getting people addicted to material things

  20. 666, in Greek is actually spelled like SEX. In German the 6 is pronounced as sex (sechs). The word sex/six is everywhere here inside the Matrix. Sequences like www (hebrew) or bbb (666) turn up everywhere. Once you get people focussed on sex, in all its forms, they get distracted from the truth, which in essence is love.

    The book of Revelations is in its core satanic. It’s like 1984 or A Brave New World. These books were written with full knowledge of the plan that is now unfolding in the exterior world. That is why it looks like the prophecies are becoming true, while actually it is the script.

    In my perception, 666 is part of the code of the Matrix. More precisely I think it is the hack (virus/trojan horse) that has been installed to mess with the original Matrix mentioned in for instance Genesis. Things turn bad from the moment man and woman see each other naked and sex comes into the equation. Which is the fall from grace.

    The human race is indeed becoming spiritually and moraly bankrupt Using sex (without love), amusement (non inspired mind) and violence as their major tools of distraction and desensitization.

    We need to focus on keeping our values and virtues high

  21. I am glad you touched on the fact that they could be using this number as a way to mess with peoples minds, I almost feel the satanic side (amongst others) of it is purposely pushed to make people trying to solve the puzzle seem crazy when talking to the unaware. Are we ruled by satanists? or is there a mine field of intentionally pushed conspiracy theories to waste your time and energy, taking you off the track.

  22. Rev 18-23:- For thy Merchants were the great men of the earth: for by thy sorceries (Pharmakia) were all nations deceived.
    I would say that all Nations of the World have been decieved – Sorceries in the Greek = Pharmakia.

  23. This has been a long time plan , playing out for many decades if not hundreds of years . Thankfully , the
    GREAT AWAKENING is coming soon , and all of this EVIL AND THOSE RESPONSIBLE ARE BEING TAKEN OUT , and everything will be shown to the world . Corrupt Governments worldwide will be removed , and l can’t wait to see it happen here in UKanistan !!!!

  24. These numbers are not a Coincidence.

    Given the masses having no understanding of the meaning of life, aimless going day by day like horse with blinders, given secret society have been around for decades.

    Why these societies so secretive if Ultimate well-being for the earth, and off the inhabitants of said earth is the goal?

    One could make the argument, humans goal to ultimate well-being after our basic needs, desire are meet. Could be easily obtained if “ psychological “ marketing Tactics weren’t used on the masses. Making people desire things they do not need.

    How many companies make useless products then use marketing skims to stuff their garbage down our throats and our minds?

    We would obtained peace on a earth on a grand scale, but shareholders need to make profits so down the shitter we are

  25. It’s not six, six, six, it’s sechs, sechs, sechs in German, like sex, sex, sex. You see, you can imagine all kinds of stuff.

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