8 Slots For Booster Jabs On SPANISH Passport App / Hugo Talks #lockdown

93 Comments on “8 Slots For Booster Jabs On SPANISH Passport App / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. What’s the betting when people die with their booster shots not up to date they’ll be categorised as unvaccinated. 🙄

  2. The language on the app isn’t French. Looks like Spanish. Could be Portuguese. Certainly not French.

    • Yeah, it’s not in French, neither Spanish or Portuguese, I don’t know what language it is.

      • Google translate app indicates it is Catalan (a region within Spain)

    • Yeah, it’s Catalan. People were celebrating the decision of the courts in Barcelona yesterday to end the curfew, and yet here’s the same place with an 8-slot vaccine section. Wouldn’t celebrate too much just yet.

    • Catalan. Hate fake news. This is easily researched so I’m disappointed that this is incorrect. Well spotted.

    • Catalá from Catalunya or Cataluña, Barcelona,Tarragona,Lleida, and Girona

  3. This is no longer about a virus, it never really has been. It is now all about control of the population

      • That’s what i said to the guy i was talking today as i said in previous clips.
        Fuck there boosters not had one jab and there score database

    • Of course it’s not about a virus, There is no virus!

  4. Thank you Hugo! I fear the side effects will cause an endless cascade of ‘infectious disease’ narratives. Was Ebola something similar? We all saw the ‘health workers’ being attacked and were told that it was because they wanted to keep the bodies of the those that died, so that they could be ‘buried in the local custom’? What if they had been in a trial? I have a Post Grad in Public Health – I learnt that things are not as they appear to be!

    • I can understand how contagious and dangerous Ebola is, it is after all named after the River Ebola in the Congo it is just jungle and if people are eating bush meat and whatever else then what do you expect. Rona is different, something is making people ill but this is definitely about control.

      • If Rona is killing people then why do the statistics for mortalit not show it? if you look at the death rates as far back as five years they are consistent with the last 18 months. So where are the ‘extra’ deaths? All we ever hear in the UK is the case numbers. This is because the narrative cannot account for the numbers of deaths to support it.

      • Zibbe Zabba. Input in aFOI request to local council for burials and cremation in our borough of 130,000 people for the tears 2015- 2020.
        In 2020 on average, there were 51.3 deaths per week.
        In 2018 on average, there were 49.3 deaths per week.
        In 2016 on average, there were 48.1 deaths per week.
        So! For 2 extra deaths ( not necessarily Convid!! ) in a population of 130,000 people, as in 2018, local businesses have gone bust, people have committed suicide and NHS patients have been left to die due to lack of care. And don’t forget that the elderly were rushed into the ‘ ovens’ of care homes to die! And the sheep still think its about a killer virus!!! 😠

      • The Ebola virus was non transmissible between humans, until they took it into a lab and done gain of function research on it!!!
        Sound familiar??

  5. Language Is from Catalunya, Spain (Barcelona maybe)

  6. Let’s hope this helps more sheep to break their brainwashing.

    • It won’t be shown in the MSM so the sheep won’t see it

      • When they look at their precious passport app they’ll see it for them selves.

      • I send everything I find to any sheeple I know. Some have blocked me…and I don’t miss them…. But some have woken up!

  7. Thanks Hugo! You are making big job. We need to raise the stakes in this game. It’s enough. We need to open the eyes and stop acting like slaves. We are the numbers, we rule this place, it’s time to take control. It’s our lives, they belong to us and not to them. Let’s take it back and reclaim our rights. The power is in numbers!

  8. A Dozy 1.. You would have to be well dozy to get 2 however to get to 8 you will need to have a very good immune system? I’m sure if any survive 8 the APP (33) Developers can add more dozies if needed in version 2.0…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit https://www.silentmajority.co.uk/stop.html
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  10. Terrifying times we are living in now, this is absolutely insane!!! Totally obvious that this has been planned for ages too, and Bill Gates will be laughing his head off with Klaus Schwab! Utterly sick evil bastards should rot in hell for what they are doing!!!

    • Could have sworn we were already in hell, purgatory at least


  12. The only slot I’m going in is the one in between my birds legs .

  13. Hugo you need to put a link on your videos to WHATS APP. So we can spread your videos.

    • Facist Book owns WhatsApp…. Consider Telegram or Signal and DuckDuckGo instead of Boogle
      ❤️ from 🇨🇦 y’all

      • Hugo’s info is usually posted on Telegram by someone. It’s put on our Stand in the Park section.

  14. Disgusting satanic freaks, not taking their poison EVER!
    Keep safe, sane and well and PROTECT YOUR KIDS!

  15. Extremely worrying indeed…..less people in France have been jabbed…..quite unbelievable……LEAVE OUR CHILDREN ALONE!

  16. How can they know there will be a need for 8 shots? That presupposes they already know the first 7 won’t work. In which case why have 1 shot? It’s clearly a plan that, as Schwab put it, there will be return to the old normal, this is a fantasy. THIS is the new normal. As Bezmenev put it – we are being Normalized.

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  17. I am watching Corrie on catch up just seen Sally and Maggie spiting on a map Sally wipes up both there spot with a tissue and shoves it up her sleeve is this the soaps saying bollocks to covid I hope so

  18. Only the diehard sheep will take all 8 booster shots. I know a lot of jabbed up folks who refuse the booster and are DONE with it. So let’s see what happens.

    • They wont take 8 booster shots – they’ll be dead after the third!

  19. it’s never been about a virus… impending social credit system in 3 2 1

    • It’s so easy to see…. Unless you’re a blind sheep!

  20. Oh dear as the episode is progressing I realized they are going to do a story line where they get and spread vivid what a Fool am I to think for one minute media TV might be waking up

  21. Austria also let the cat out of the bag recently when they said 100% vaxxed has to be double jabbed + the booster and if your last jab was more than 210 / 270 days ago it wouldn`t count. So I did a quick working out and 2 jabs + 6 monthly boosters up to the end of 2024 starting September this year = 9 jabs at least.

    Several people i`ve spoken to who have had the jabs say they know it`s all about control. But what they fail to understand of course is that it isn`t just the jabs to get control , it`s control to get the jabs.

  22. If you are dead after the third shot, what is the point of any further “boosters”?

    • The human body has an amazing ability to adapt and survive. Those who accept the ongoing jabs will never be the same but it won’t kill all of them, The perps know this. If they’re going to push ahead with transhumanism (and they will) then the ongoing experiment to genetically prime the human body will have it’s casualties but it will have it’s successes too (if you could call Frankenstein’s work a success) Only when they see the successful sequences like those that lengthen lifespan, slow down the ageing process and a whole myriad of other imagined ‘enhancements’, will the ‘elite’ inject themselves with batch #3071D. Me? I’m old school, I don’t want a replacement for any of my sequences (and they’re not all good) but they are what God gave me. Let’s face it, the world is run by gobshites. Who in their right mind would swap what God gave us for ‘let’s see what this does’

    • …. Just incase the first 6 boosters doesn’t do the job properly!

      • Becoming a SHEEP, everyone who gets it, there sheep power increases 10 fold!!

      • Anyone who has ever seen Cronenberg’s ‘The fly’ will know exactly what you mean.

  23. Well you know thoughts on it all Hugo – They can go f*** themselves! Bollocks to them all

  24. I received a letter today from the company I work for they told me that from 11.9 people who are unvaccinated can’t enter a residential care home but that doesn’t apply to supported living so I am not getting fired yet good I thought but then what will happen to the unvaccinated in residential they can’t fire them because they have a contract that doesn’t say they have to be vaccinated so they will probably offer them work in their suppoted living homes well if they know what’s good for them witch I am sure they do probably had there legal advisors all over it but what are these companies going to do when the government move the goal posts and say it applies to supported living no were else to move people if they fire us we will sue them so they will fire us for other reasons which is very easy to do in the care sector it’s such a shame the company won’t do the right thing and tell the government we won’t complie but course not they are all about the money

    • This is to force people to have a jab that doesn’t stop you getting I’ll and doesn’t stop you spreading the illness…… Why can’t the sheep see the absurdity of this??????

      • Because there crazed by 24/7 media fear and there not smart enough to see that’s all it is.

        Worst still, they think there the clever 1s, dumb + huge ego = hateful sheep!!

      • Correct my friend. Totally brainwashed and scared shitless by 24-7 Plandemic Propaganda. …. they have no idea of what is REALLY happening and if they did, they would dismiss it because the BBC has not told them about it. Shame on them all!

  25. I know and the Jabed think we are crazy but I feel sorry for them because I think deep down alot of them are starting to realize they have been coned

  26. Shit just noticed the date 11.9 in reverse 9.11 is that a coincidence I think not

  27. Get rid of the bloody sheep….they have dragged this along….keep the fighters and free thinkers

  28. I agree but I think the fighters and free thinkers will be crushed because there is just not anough of us but Hay we will carry on anyway and do are best

  29. Once you’ve had your 2 PFIZER’s, then you’ve got to keep taking them, but the issue is the 2nd was worse ADR’s wise than the 1st, so is the 3rd going to be worse still, then the 3rd and 4th and so on until eventually the jabs start having a 30% death chance on there own.

    Problem is,like the animal studies, after a period of time the jab wears off, then you’ve got no defence, if you catch it at that stage your as good as dead, if you catch it at 40% stage ( 6months ) you’ve got a chance, but can’t guarantee it’ll still keep dropping then you can get it again and DEAD!!!

    They’ve realised this in Israel already and there not happy, it leaked for a bit,then got closed down tight for a good reason, 3rd jabs rushed to all.

    India, local curry houses owner, his mom and dad both double jabbed died last week, they’ve stopped jabbing people in India already as they know what’s going on and they don’t want a genocide, looks like they where not in on it, going along with like most thinking doing the right thing, but atleast there not making it worse.

  30. But think of the good sides………………………….

    My pain in the ass street, park in it every night guaranteed.
    Less SHEEP around, infact the sheep will be hiding away that are alive, so none 🙂
    Free nice houses with nobody to buy them, just move in, trash it, move to another, simple.
    Less traffic on the roads.
    I’d say less cues in shops, but less shops so tricky.

    At this stage I think everyone who’s going to take the jab has had atleast 1 dose, very very few going for there 1st dose, there trying to rush through the phase 4 trial by mid September ( that’s when it loses emergency status so can’t be given to anyone,without extending or phase 4 passing ), which is madness, it’s years away to see the longer term effects so making it 2weeks ago, is well proves it’s a SCAM!!

    But always look on the bright side of life!!!

  31. Cheers Hugo

    The feckin Idiots pre plan everything!🥴🤢🤥

  32. Not buying – this assertion needs concrete PROOF!

  33. Check out the video on Alex Belfield, which he has uploaded today, on Australia…..

  34. Ram your jabs and poison right up your arse and your fake swabs as well….

  35. Doesn’t matter what language it’s in really, they plan to keep this bullshit going for as long as they can & kill as many of us as they possibly can, those of us who refuse to take part are living on borrowed time as well, they’re eventually going to take us to the death camps & finish us off out of sight.

    • And do you know what? The sheep, who are still alive, will clap their hands when the see the Thinkers being carted away…. does that remind you of war-time Germany 1940 by any chance? I have been saying that we will all be wearing striped pyjamas before its all over.

  36. ps, just had another elderly relative put down by our “wonderful” NHS, went into Hospital on Monday with a chest infection, tested NEGATIVE for convids, put on end of life care on Wednesday, Dead Thursday, that’s quite a quick turnaround isn’t it? Midazolam sure works fast in the right doses.

  37. In india they have created a DNA “vaccine” that works well on animals but not much on humans in the past and they tested it on kids already🤦🏻‍♂️….
    Under emergency use yet again so more experimental shite coming out

  38. Hi Hugo.

    Don’t believe everything there telling you about flying. I’m from the U.K., and i tour in a rock show. We flew out to the States on July 15th. I’ve not had the jib jab whatsoever. And I won’t be getting it anytime soon. Granted I’ve had to get the stupid pcr test done. But I done it myself with the kit. So it never went to far up my bugle.

    And we’ve been playing to lots of sold out crowds.

    Don’t listen to there shite!

    People need to stop being so afraid and get a back bone!

    We’ve been out here for 5 weeks.

    We fly back soon to the U.K.

    The people need to not listening to the media.
    It is lies!

    Stand up!

  39. Oh! And I don’t have there stupid health passport app. And I won’t be getting it either!

  40. In Australia Scomo (Prime Minister) said on MSM that the government had bought 200M shots for the country. For a population of 25M thats 8x shots each. Yep planned ahead.

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