IRELAND Footballer, 23 DEAD From JAB MSM COVER IT UP / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Omg just makes you cry with anger , this one world government is culling the population as written on the Georgia guide stones, they will not stop , most of my family have recently got the snake oil , and refuse to listen to the true facts, heart breaking , and our brothers and sisters through out the entire population of the earth, truly sick of these satanic deluded killers, hugo we are all feeling this pain , be strong, keep focused, thank you for your research, and bringing truth to light, your a blessing our kid

    • The goal for the one world government has nothing to do with the Georgia Guide stones recommendation. The elite and the International Bank of Settlement want many people being born and dying as fast as possible because the profit from consumption and death. The vaccines are an experiment using MRNA and a way to make ridiculous amounts of money. It is truly an experiment to collect data so they can prepare to implement Elon Musk’s starlink for Biometric data implant control. We need to reduce the population as humanely as possible or were is serious trouble as the breakdown of nature is occurring very fast. With the current rate of growth we are set to add 1 billion people every twelve years while throwing more and more people into starvation and hunger every day.

      • You live under a delusion mate! There is no climate change and what there is, is natural. We live in a world of LIES, or hadn’t you noticed?

      • Without weighing up my position on what you say I know this. You’re comment is very relevant because it makes one think about what you say.

      • That’s not true. Mathematically we would max out at 11billion. I’m not here to fight but it’s pretty egotistical to believe we will defeat nature. The great mother will smack us down in time

    • Yup all my immediate family too ,and all have got it after double jabbed but im the conspiracy theorist🙄

      • This is what happens when u let yourself being used on stupid poison trial and it is only the beginning. Wait one or two years and the number of deaths will be by hundreds of thousands and all those labs know it

  2. Hugo, you hit the nail on the head: They are fucking covering up murder!!!

    I don’t like to swear but reading things like this makes us all so fucking angry!

    I do believe we are all fucked now because they bastards are getting away with it!

    I don’t know anymore where we go or are going from here, but I’m losing hope every feckin day 😔

    • Tbh bro the majority of our fellow beings are why Jeremy Kyle was so famous. Scrubbers everywhere gossiping shite about shite

      • You’re not wrong at all. They behave just like sheep. Follow and talk shite , just like their friend who follows and talks shite, just like their friend who follows and talks shite just like their friend who follows and …..

    • Put your TRUST in GOD not man!!!
      And spread the LIGHT of Truth whenever you can to help wake the brainwashed SHEEP out of their trance!!!

  3. All media have signed up to the trusted news initiative
    Research it 👀😉

  4. Majority of the pimps working in MSM are just professional sluts, in the true sense of the word, male and female.
    Those that only watch and listen the MSM are screwed and don’t know it, most will only see the word ‘untimely’, murder wouldn’t even get a glance from them.
    There is no crime scene to see in their eyes when blindfolded.

    • MSM causes the brainwashing then reinforces it because the lies of MSM fit with the propaganda that MSM installed in people. It is very sad that so many innocent people will die. We who know have a duty to stop the genocide but we can only fo it acting together

  5. The Media, who owns the Media…hmmmm.
    Rothschild owns Reuters News Service, which bought the Associated Press. Rothschild owns or virtually controls every major media outlet in America, Europe and Israel

    • This is factually incorrect – Reuters is owned by Thompson Reuters which is public company quoted on the Toronto Stock Exchange – as it happens the major shareholders are the Thomson family who are NOT jewish.

    • No they don’t. Reuters was acquired by the Thompson Corporation in 2008 owned by the Thompson family out of Toronto, Canada, another rich, elitist gang.

  6. This is such a terribly sad story, and the narrative controlled by the media yet again… My thoughts are with his family…

  7. I wonder how that went down in the newspaper offices. You would assume that the journalists would have contacted the family for comments. It begs the question: where did the guidance come from that lead to every single media outlet saying “short illness”? It’s so sad for the lad and his loved ones, so so utterly irresponsible and disrespectful from the media. Other young people will die too and they are partly to blame. Great content Hugo Talks.

  8. Another sudden death of an Irish niversity student called Cian was reported by the mirror a few days prior. No mention of the cause of death.

  9. Thanks for this video, it’s so sad what happened. I just pray that slowly some people will wake up also thanks to these videos. One question, I thought Jansen vaccine only requires one shot but death after the second shot is being mentioned ??

  10. Amateur Photographer published a tribute to model Stephanie Dubois who died 3 days after the jab. When I asked the editor why they didn’t publish the cause of death he replied to stop encouraging nut jobs and conspiracy theorists. THE MEDIA are the conspiracy

    • it’s a Jewish conspiracy that is being sold to other crooks

  11. My lovely neighbour Martin, had his second jab, 2 weeks later Dead. Fit healthy guy.
    They should be bloody well ashamed at what they are doing.

  12. They not only target brainwashed people (I cannot call them sheep or sheeple because it’s damaging to that animal) but also the opposition and I think it works like that.
    TARGET: a brainwashed person watching MSM and BBC (COVID exists and it’s deadly)
    MISSION: instil disinformation and fear as usual (IDAFAU)

    TARGET: frail opposition (COVID exists and it’s deadly but I have no freedom!)
    MISSION: instil fear using videos about some scientists who gone rogue who talk about vaccine misuse, deadly variants and an imminent disaster Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Judy Mikovits and I also suspect dr Byram Bridle since he is showing up on Fox News to “debunk” mainstream agenda. Interesting.
    At this stage TalkRadio can still look appealing to some of these people.

    TARGET: medium level opposition (COVID exists but it’s NOT deadly, I want my freedom back!)
    MISSION: maintain false confidence about the success of the “revolution” “People are waking up! MSM cannot stand the pressure and are opening the discussion, what a success and I didn’t have to leave the couch!”

    TARGET: high level opposition (COVID does NOT exist, it’s a HOAX)
    MISSION: overwhelm the subject with a mixture of contradicting stories, marginalize and isolate a subject using algorithms, bots and agents on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Telegram to drive him mental

    TARGET: strong opposition (COVID does not exists but not only COVID is a hoax whole VIROLOGY is a HOAX pushed onto people for decades (HIV and other “viruses”))
    MISSION: further marginalize and isolate, ignore them as they are a tiny minority, our algorithms, bots and agents on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Telegram obliterate their influence.

  13. When they done this in America they sent men. They said women and children but they sent men. Then those men attacked a gay nightclub in Miami. We listened in horror as those people made their last phone calls to their loved ones.

  14. I’ve a son only a year younger than Roy Butler, Lord have Mercy on him, so this has upset me deeply. His poor parents must be devastated and will never get over this. They will be in my prayers.
    So far my young fella has refused the jabs and reassures me he will never give in. Most of his mates have had one though. They stayed in with him for most of the evening one night because he isn’t jabbed and only went for the last hour of the pub so hopefully, they’ll continue to stick by him. He says he’ll be a bit pissed off once the nightclubs open but I said they are unlikely to be open for long, because it’s a given they’re going to lockdown again soon and he won’t be missing out for long anyway and I’m glad to say, he can see this coming himself. He’s very copped-on in this matter!
    God help the young people of Ireland. They are the future of this country and that future is being thrown away as, even if they do survive into middle or old age, they will be unlikely to be able to have children of their own.
    May God rebuke the Irish government, the H.S.E., RTÉ and all who are complicit in this crime against the Irish people and against humanity itself! None of us can escape God’s Justice!

    • I’ m from Italy, I read this info and Found your chat. It’s Easy to see how we are in the same position. People brainwashed by politicians and media. Constitutional rights cancelled. In Italy you Need green pass to work inn hospiral and to work in School otherwise they suspend salary and …students to attendo university!! You are obliged to vax or pay a test every 48hrs. same story for Museum, cinema, restaurant (only open air) … Every saturday in all towns there are people manifestation but we are not listened…TV shows people freevax or novax as responsibile of pandemia that do not exists!!! How can we do ? People continue to have vax, they are Happy … How can we do something all together to have our rights respected? For out common future? Pediatrica are thinking to do obligation of fax even to childrenn from 6!!! Upto 18 years!! How can we do? I have 2 sons of 11 and 15 years and don’t want they are obliged buy I think soon Italy corrupted Italy as usual Will oblige everybody directly or indirectly as they are doing now with this nazist green pass

      • We are in real trouble my friend. I do not know where this scam will end. Be strong for you and your family. We are at war with our rulers…..

  15. No sympathy anymore for these ignorant vaccine lovers. If they trust science so much, let them have the side effects, let them all bloody well have it. The sheeple will laugh until they laugh no more. But it’s their loved ones who will suffer, even my whole family has been vaxxed, brother has only had 1 dose (not sure if he will get the 2nd, probably will) although he has recently been in hospital after suffering seizures that he never had previous to getting the jib jab! Hmmmmm, nope they say, it’s not the vaccine, can’t be. Mother who works in NHS has had both doses of the COVID-lieteen vax, followed by a short Flu like illness, and she has the flu jab annually. It blows my mind. I’ve never had a Flu jab, or any Hoax-19 jabs and i havent had a legitimate illness since i was about 21. I’m 31 now, the closest thing I’ve had to a life threatening illness is a hangover! We live amongst morons with no discernment. I will resist this poison. It will take a strong gang to hold me down against my will before i take that utter shite.

  16. On Thursday I will be attending a funeral of a dear friend of mine, He didn’t turn up at a friends house Thursday before last & couldn’t be contacted by phone (he lived alone), So being worried she contacted police to see if they would go & check on him as she lived so far away, They eventually entered the house last Sunday, There he was found deceased in his bed, I had spoken to him earlier on the Wednesday by phone & he said he didn’t feel too good but put it down to working nights, It was estimated that he died on that Wednesday night, One of his neighbours agreed to ID him before he was taken away but was advised by police not to mention what he had seen, Luckily he ignored that ‘advice’ & has informed us that there were blood trails from his eyes,mouth & nose, He had had his second AZ jab around 1 week before his demise, I will be interested on what the postmortem says but going on what was seen I have no doubts what the cause was., , ,RIP dear friend.

  17. And it has been reported in the papers today that booster jabs are coming in September, which as we all know damn well here have been planned all along! I’m really worried that my husband will have it as he has a heart condition, and he had the 2 previous jabs in secret without me knowing. I’m really terrified of what will happen to him in the autumn if he takes this shit, and there’s nothing I can do to stop him! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t want to lose my dear husband as I really love him. If I lost him, my life would be completely over! As I have said before, I have refused to comply with any of this garbage as I know that it’s utter bullshit. I’m proud to be a rebel, and will continue to fight for what I know is right! Just where is the backbone in the British people to fight against this garbage? So utterly tragic and heart breaking, I despair now I really do!!!

    • I’m heart-sorry Carolyn because I feel the same way of I lost my husband too. You’re in an awful position and I wish I could offer you some practical advice as to what to do to discourage him from getting a booster, apart from begging him not to. All I can think of is that pine needle extract or tea is supposed to be able to prevent the side effects of the jabs- please read up on it- and if you have faith, to pray for him.
      Bless you, this is very upsetting to me to hear because I wish I could help you!

    • No point in havingv’backbone’ if most people feel they need the injections due to psychological manipulation ie severe fear engendered by MSM to increase jab take up.

  18. Every instinct tells me not to have the not a vaccine but sadly everyone else (not my wife and daughter thankfully) seems to have been brainwashed. They are so insular focusing on england or boris but wont look at the bigger picture, chinas call for wolf warrior diplomacy in a call to communist groups worldwide. A computer nerd being the worlds expert on vaccines klaus the hutt and the great reset.emergency piwers thatll never be relinquished . They seem to think we get off on it all, that we want it to happen…..but we dont actually, i would love nothing mote than to be proven wrong, I’ll go on international telky and look a bit of a tit.
    But i dont think i or any if the tribe are wrong… And more frightening the Christian community are seeing it as well. One world govs obe currency cant buy sell or do owt without your app (soon to be put in a chip in the hand to combat fraudulent passports)
    I have a sixteen year old daughter, all she wants to do is wirk with animals . I dont want her to live in a dystopian dictatorship

    • It’s hard to believe that billions will die/be micro/nano chipped…We who know are the only ones who can try to stop this but we (me included) mainly just write on the Internet but don’t do anything to end the destruction of the human race.

    • I did a FOI of burials and cremations in our Borough for years 2015-2020. In 2015, 48.3 people died per week. In 2018, 49.1 people died per week and in 2020, 51.1 people died pw. This is in a town of 130,000 people! Our town is ex coalmining area with an elderly population, so we’re ‘ vulnerable’, I suppose. It Wouldn’t surprise me if a bad Flu season had more deaths than this plandemic. This scam was/is never about a killer virus!

  19. I am 13 and I AM NOT BRAINWASHED ,my mom sended this and yet she and my father still tells me to put vaccine , school is starting on August 29 and I HAVE to PUT VACCINE othervise ,I can’t go and I will be marked “absent” my father has paid everything and even brought books I have seen this tragedy since 2020 and I found some articlee proving the Coronavirus was made and all those stuff ,here is the article by the way just more proof “World Bank shows that COVID-19 is a project that is planned to continue until… end of March 2025! So the intention is to continue it for another FIVE YEARS. ) I have already had the first vaccine and now today I am going to get the second dose ,I tried telling him and he yet don’t believe both my parents and pretty much my whole relatives have gotten vaccines,my mom believes this but she is just like we have no choice ,and yeah we don’t I can’t study or go anywhere if I don’t get this few drops of some kind of liquid that promises me that I will be safe from Coronavirus ,I also know that this vaccines are not STRONG ENOUGH FOR THE NEW VARIENTS like delta , it’s like I will be putting new vaccines every month ,all these sudden deaths ,all these presidents who didn’t agree for putting vaccine died unexpectedly like in two or three days can you believe it??? Like for example the Tanzania president ,John Magufulli what some kind of coincidence,NO! ONE MILLION COINCIDENCES can’t be coincidences ,there are clear proof ,there is an excuse for every thing and that’s what media is doing,*sad*they are trying to become gods but the real ONE TRUE GOD WILL PUNISH THEM ,I promise just wait the best movie is going to come out.

  20. My comments aren’t appearing on this page when I add a link. This is about the 4th time this has happened now, so I’ll have to post it again without the link, so just google Birmingham mail, Neil Etheridge, covid.
    In total contrast to this sad story of the Irish player, the recent Friday HEADLINE in my local Birmingham Mail – not that I buy newspapers, I just happened to notice it – was this article about the Birmingham City goalkeeper Neil Etheridge who had covid, said how he felt he was going to die, battled it, but is now fine. The media just seem to want to print anything they can get their hands on to support the covid narrative, whilst ignoring everything which suggests the vaccines are anything other than life savers.

    • You’re not wrong, mate! So, let’s get this straight. A fit fella catches a flu and recovers…. and is now fine. Where is the story??? I have felt like ‘ I’m gonna die’ after a few beers and the following couple of days I’ve felt felt really rough, but that’s not news, is it? The MSM appear to be pushing the Agenda all the while. That alone should make sane people think twice about this scam. Stay strong 💪

  21. I checked the West Brom Twitter page to see what people were saying about all the 2 fans yesterday, Oct 23rd. A couple mentioned the vaccine, and were duly ridiculed, then I found this reference to your website and the Irish footballer Roy Butler;s death. But check the response from Adam Townsend; he thinks “what a load of complete and utter bollocks”, stating it’s an isolated incident and there’s no proof it was vaccine related, adds that the media have no reason to lie and says this is a dodgy website that cannot be trusted. Ironically on his profile he described himself as never sleeping; what an irony.

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