IRELAND Footballer, 23 DEAD From JAB MSM COVER IT UP / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. You’re right Hugo it’s murder . Thank you for sharing . Can hear the anger and emotion in your voice . Let’s share the hell out of this ! 🤬

    • I suggest we contact and bombard these scum bag journos with emails and comments on the pages . Lies lies and more lies

    • Once you inject mRNA PEGylated lipid nanoparticles that contain Graphene Oxide into the blood stream it is a poisonous death sentence, and nobody but nobody should subject themselves to these jabs, let alone pregnant women and children. Graphene Oxide, has been found in the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca ‘vaccines’ and is toxic. Among other ingredients they contain a nucleoside-modified messenger RNA (modRNA) encoding the viral spike glycoprotein (S) of SARS-Cov-2. Essentially these are ‘Bio Weapons’ …The Graphene Oxide is manufactured in China by Sinopeg.

      Once the blood has been genetically modified it will never react or behave in a way that it should, meaning that tried and tested clinical treatments will never successfully work to heal any adverse condition, whether caused by the toxin or not. No one knows the what the true outcomes will be, but its safe to assume that decades of sound historical medical procedures have been voided permanently.

      The principle of consent is an important part of medical ethics and international human rights law.

      As the person must be given all of the information about what the treatment involves, including the benefits and risks, whether there are reasonable alternative treatments, and what will happen if treatment does not go ahead.

      Technically all of the covid jabs have been administered outside of the legal requirements of Informed Consent and are therefore unlawful as no one has been advised that they contain lead.

      This young man will be one of countless others unless this madness is halted immediately.

  2. My grandsons 19 and he said to to invitations to have the vaccine I keep on telling him not to have it I’ve tried to explain to him why not to have it but he hasn’t gone as yet I think he’s trying to listen to his nanny there’s a reason why I won’t have it I have shared with my friends and colleagues poor boy I feel so sad they’re just scumbags

    • Maybe share this video with your grandson?
      Also ask him if he really wants to take part in a newly developed drug trial involving an experimental sequenced gene therapy and that this experiment isnt due to end until 2023?
      Hope you can convince him there is another side to all this nonsense and he is free to say no. Good luck!

  3. This is appalling. Not surprising anymore, they will continue to hide the truth – it’s for all the marbles, they will not back down.

  4. There was a story in yesterday’s Daily Record about a young doctor who died after a 6 week illness. Never mentioned what the illness was though.

    • Thats exactly what they did here for a fully vaccinated guy in his 80s who got covid but said that he also had another illness but did not even say what the illness is but said he died from the mystery illness then covid and mentioned he was fully vaccinated. This is here in Sydney Australia New South Wales!

  5. Murder, pure and simple. God knows how many children are going to die. Just sickening.

    • Totally totally agree but think we need to be careful about demonising parents as they are so brainwashed that they think they are just doing the best for their kids.

      • People who have had the jab cannot think rationally and clearly, so they’re more reliant on government messaging.

      • I agree. I am angry with parents who have their children jabbed but if any child were to die from it, I would feel deep sympathy and compassion for the parents as well as the child. Any of us who are parents know that fear that lurks in the backs of our minds about the safety of our offspring, the terror that they might die before us and the agonising life-long pain that would inflict on us. I can’t help but feel sympathy and sorrow for parents, even if they are partly to blame. Probably more if they’re partly to blame as they would have the sickening guilt as well as excruciating heartbreak to live with.
        Let’s try and be kind, even if we’re raging!

    • All my familly are having the jab now, so they can go on holiday! I am flabbergasted that they can be so stupid, there are loads of reports about how ill people have been post vaccine but none of this sickness is mentioned or recorded by anyone in authority. Why not is the loudest question you must all ask.

      • There’s a link on fb that they still can’t coz they need a booster now too

  6. And the British establishment have issued a warrant for Dolores Cahill for speaking out about the dangers of these shots.

    • Banana republic tv and the media rags like that corrupt and fraudulant duo “Irish Times/Independent”(sic) should be done away with.
      There is a republican rag called irish news that should be included too

    • This is so sad Delores was one of the first to speak out about the dangers. I think that they are trying to get her before the winter as what she was saying that come the winter cold and flue season people who’ve had the jab, there will be no immune system to combat any other virus or bug, the body’s immune system will be in overdrive and won’t combat anything other than the Covid virus
      ( if I understand it it correctly)

      • Yup… I remember reading about it a year ago and I think it was Dr Dolores Cahill and Dr Andrew Kauffman who first brought it to my attention: lab rats and ferrets all died from this very same mRNA vaccine once exposed to a secondary virus!

        I am terribly fearful for this coming winter as all my nearest and dearest are jabbed against my advice.

        My only hope is that they received a saline solution instead of the poison.

        It would be amazing if a good investigative researcher could dig up any evidence of jab centres storing both saline and poison vials?

        If someone could obtain a tray of vials from a jab centre for independent testing of the contents could be beneficial to our cause. I know of a media in Spain have did it but the evidence is still not conclusive enough.

    • Good. She needs to have her esteemed say , in Court .

      • Yes, that’s another way of looking at it. Prof Cahill is more than well able for herself and if anyone can hold their ground against the system and show them up for the liars they are, she can!

    • What? When was that? May God bless and keep Dolores Cahill, she’s helped inform so many and knowledge is power.

    • 1 in 12987 OMG, sharing that, that’ll erase the fear, dying from in 90days think that’s the number ever ever personally.

      • Run some numbers. Ages and comorbidites. Specifically for 19’s and healthy. Clearly no emergency to justify this injection.

      • Yep 75+ with health issues fair enough risk the jab I guess, anyone else and the jab is clearly higher risk over all health wise not just dying.

        Scam!!! Hoax!!!

  7. Need to start attacking the media (i.e. calling out these corrupt, immoral institutions), the politicians clearly don’t care, nor Whitty and co, they’re making too much money out of it. The media love ridiculing “anti-vaxxers” and “covidiots” if the heats turned up on them in the same way, calling them out for actively killing young men like this and kids next by playing along, with some vim and vigour directed at them, then I think they’ll crack because it’ll be too uncomfortable for them, they aren’t the ones personally making millions from this, and they don’t have the protections the turds at the top of the dung heap have. A bit of self interest might just come into play.

    • The sheep believe anything that the BS BBC say, nothing we say will convince them of any untoward agenda and we’ll be labelled as anti-vaxxers. To be fair, I don’t care what they call me if it save one child from having a totally unnecessary injection of Jungle Juice. We’re in deep doo doo 😕

  8. @Hugo. You mentioned that he had the J&J vax and died shortly after the second jab. Why did he have 2 when J&J is a single shot?
    Is there more behind it or just a slip of the tongue?

    • Just a slip of the tongue – in a rightly angry state of mind – The “media text” that @hugotalks reads clearly shows it was after one jab.

    • Natural causes? At 13? My father, age 67, died suddenly and unexpectedly in 1994 and they insisted on doing an autopsy.

  9. I feel for this lads family! God I’m so fucking angry. I’m begging my son not to have it!!

  10. I am fuming like you Hugo, all normies that don’t come around before new school term deserve to die, harsh I know .

  11. It’s the Jew World Order. It’s their great reset for the goyim, tikkun olam (mind you, they never talk about good, but great). It’s the jew poison.
    I wonder how many jews dies from this injection. I especially see white people. Search loxism.
    Go to know more news on bitchute and watch all the videos with Adam Green and Christopher Jon Bjerknes. It will blow your mind.

    • Almost seven thousand in Israel if you believe the figures.

    • It’s not a Jewish (look what they’re doing to their own in Israel) it’s the Sabatean cult …

  12. I sense and feel your anger Hugo, imagine all the ones who are helping in the cover up, doctors/consultants/nurses/coroners/police/paramedics…the list is endless. There aren’t enough nooses in the world to hang the people involved.

    • We can use a very tall building and just push them off.

  13. Awe Hugo!! We can hear the rage and passion and we 100% appreciate what you do every single day! Don’t you forget that.

    My 16 year old daughter got her death jab invite today, I didn’t even open it, I just wrote in big, red letters “NOT AT THIS ADDRESS” and sent it straight back to those NHS complicit murders, the same as I did with my own. End of communication.

    This story is awful but what else do we expect from MSM? 🤮🤬

    • Great Eva, has i said here before i had 5 letters send to me last one 19 July 2 written on with a marker pen to stuff the experimental jab which is poison causing blood clots and death.

      This young lad was MURDERED just like Hugo said normal people out there they don’t care if they die, just put there deaths down to something else.

      I HATED THE MURDERING B********* i not violent but i would injury them if they come need me with there jab👊

    • Abby Hotfman recommended gluing a brick to the envelope before posting!

  14. Pls allow us to share by text messaging too … don’t use Twitter or Facebook etc.
    Also please darken the print of ppls posts … difficult to read … too light

    • I agree. I don’t have any social media other than WhatsApp. Have been against social media for years.

  15. I’m going to a funeral tomorrow morning, of a friend who died suddenly, age 64. He had the jabs a few months back. He did have Parkinson’s but was going along ok. Just mentioned the day before he died that he didnt feel too well. ‘They’ have refused to do an autopsy, despite his wife wanting to have one done, as totally unexpected.

  16. My nieces son, a fit and healthy 19 year old was persuaded by his mother to get the jab. Minutes later he`s complained of feeling ill, then passed out while still in the place. Luckily he eventually came round, but said he felt sick and had a headache for several days after.
    But when his mother told me, I said well he won`t be getting the 2nd jab, his deluded mother said that he would be getting it, or he`d have to find somewhere else to live! I was actually speechless, how fucking brain washed can people get?
    This is the sort of fucking mentality that has been indoctrinated by the government and the propaganda media. Scum, they should all be hung.

    • Pfizer?? might find he has to get the 2nd jab then boosters as his immune system is basically screwed, not 100% on this yet, zero 1 jab data effect out yet, 2 jabs almost definately but 1 ???

      Yep, once you take 2 jabs, then your then on jabs for life, CONTROL!!!

      • This is a clip from the British cult sci-fi classic Blake`s 7. New arrivals on the penal planet Cygnus Alpha are controlled by the *coughs* kindly priests. It`s all for their health and because they want to help them. I feel like i`m living in the show.

  17. I have 3 sons age 18, 24, 27, all loving at home. I go on and on everyday about this poison. They laugh at me, but so far so good, no jab. My youngest had an invite come to have the jab, I threw it in the bin. I will fight tooth and nail for my sons. I can’t wait to see justice done for these murderers, evil scumbags.🙏💜

    • If there’s a silver lining to be had from state sponsored mass murder, it’s that most of the queers will die, not that I believe for one moment that bender Varadkar has had the “vaccine”.

      • That attitude is precisely what’s wrong in this world!

        Let and let live.

        Everyone is equal.

        We are (or were) all free to choose our friends and associates.

        Broadcasting constant hate indoctrinates a mind. Precisely how the MSM is beating us up and winning over this Covid scam!

  18. I highly recommend the documentary
    ‘VAXED 2’
    Extremely powerful, but heartbreaking. It hurt my heart 💔

    • Thanks for sharing Hugo. Felt so emotional and felt a tightening in my ❤️. I’ve been trying really hard to protect my children. My 20 year old daughter succumbed the other week and had her first jab through worry about restrictions going back to Uni. She was quite sick and tired after and really trying to convince her not to have the second. It’s hard as she also suffers from anxiety and is on antidepressants. My son who’s 16 got his letter for the jab today, I’d hoped to intercept it as he was talking about having the jab to protect us. I’m managed to convince him to hold back and he said he’ll wait to see how his friends get in.

      I’m getting so angry about this as it’s getting harder to protect my children. I pray they stay strong and resist 💪🙏

  19. I agree Hugo, it’s murder in fact it’s part of mass genocide on a scale never before seen and they’ve got people lining up to take the cause!! What wiill it take to wake these people up!!!!

    • It’s impossible, Ian. Almost every day now I’ll come across a story of someone unexpectantly dying who have been jabbed and the family members being totally oblivious to the fact it was the jab.

      Too many people are just too fecked up now, living in their wee fantasy filled lives that their too scared to face the reality of life.

  20. it’s essential for the people of Waterford and Ireland to get on the streets and force the msm to have to cover the real reason why this fella is now dead at 23….
    those eejits taking their kids for an experimental injection should be arrested for abuse but of course they’d have to share a cell with government ministers and media
    editors who are even more responsible and guilty of causing death by fake news and propaganda

  21. Christian eriksen suffered as well….
    5-7 players in each squad turns out dont want that filth stuck in them and they been told the jab or no European or international football…
    Them jabs need stopping as it takes 30-50 severe adverse effects and deaths to suspend a “vaccine”….
    I bumped into a guy who was helping out at a jab site and he was injecting people with this crap and was proud he said…
    I said “your as bad as the goverments force feeding them”…
    This has to stop….
    Many lawyers are putting cases against governments together for the crimes against humanity this basically is

  22. 😞🛐
    Poor young fella this is awful.
    I am so upset to say anymore.. it’s tragic .

    I am just listening to Sheep 🐑 Farm 28 podcast, they talking about spirituality & then you shared this Hugo bless you it’s touched a nerve for sure.

    It’s terrible… bless his soul R.I.P🤲🦋

  23. SHOCKING!!! And they’re forcing people to take these totally unnecessary DEATH JABS or be denied their freedom and made outcasts in society… and the sheeple STILL don’t see it!!!

  24. I don’t know anyone who died of Covid, my friend’s partner recently died not long after after having the jab, despite peeing blood clots and two strokes she still believes it was prostate cancer (sudden onset with no raised PSA levels), I don’t have the heart to ask her why she doesn’t consider it was due to the jab, mainly because she had it too, it will achieve nothing. It’s really heartbreaking.

  25. Primarily Minister Donnelly is guilty of murder but every single person sitting in Leinster House in Dublin who voted to stick this experimental and dangerous genetic muck in the children of Ireland are equaly responsible for this death and all deaths that are coming.
    All the necessary infromation is available, their is no excuse, this is pure evil.
    Michael D. Higgins sits and says nothing, he is supposed to be educated and intelegent, each week there is protests on the streets, he knows and he says nothing, he is equaly guilty.

  26. They are unbelievable, nothing seems to wake them. Was with a guy today that told me he is only going to have the two lol. But said at the start no way he was getting the shot. So I guess booster all the way for him and beyond to keep the Vac Pass………
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  27. This is so shocking. I noticed some of the boy’s relations have spoken out that he died after the jab. It must be difficult to do this but good they are letting people know.
    Heartbreaking and so worrying that people still are willing to let their children have the jab.

  28. This is heartbreaking, another unnecessary death. I actually feel sick, Pray for his family and friends

  29. I know of one care worker who became ill hours after the jab, hospitalised that night died on 8th day, 54 years of age, another with blood clots who nearly died in his early sixties and another PE teacher who had clots but was okay. That’s just out of the people I actually know. The doctors tried to hide these adverse reactions. Still trying from what I gather. The 60 year olds wife also knew of a friend of hers who also got clots. Strange eh? Murder plain and simple.

  30. They won’t be able to hide the side effects of the young for long, people are not stupid and they will put two and two together when fit healthy children and young adults drop dead or start presenting in hospital with blood clots, heart attacks, myocarditis etc etc.
    Parents will want justice.

  31. Breaks your fecking heart watching these tragedies day after day. Klaus Schwab and his cronies Implementing the Jim Jones plan. All the people who are awake at this point, holdfast , take comfort In the fact that you are not alone, there are millions of us who are watching In disbelief.

  32. Here in Oz children where ushered into stadium 24,000 with out parents and Jabbed , two dead so for .not a mention anywhere of it anywhere in MSM

  33. These people are all evil bastards who are knowingly murdering their own people! They must all be publicly executed for these war crimes!

  34. I’m so, so very sick of the sick SAGE members, this criminal government, lying politicians who can’t get off their overpaid backsides to challenge this sick PM. Boris recalls Parliament to discuss Afghanistan, but not to debate >1 million deaths worldwide by the poison promoted daily by the criminal MSM.

    • Boris / Afghan, just pretending to care, we’ll get out 20K in 5years, they’ll be dead in 5days so 100% false promise.

      Not going to admit to anything, it’s 100% safe, anything else would be admitting to lying, there not capable of that.

      Poor kid 🙁

      All peaceful, no intel leaking maybe nothing going on, maybe all to scared to share, maybe it’s all a nothing and it’ll be fine LOL, watch it blow up mid September, quite before the storm I bet!

  35. My doctor won’t take it. My dog’s vet won’t take it. My friend is a Nurse-Practitioner and she won’t take it. We are elderly and won’t take it. All of us have been on Ivermectin prophylactic protocol for 8 months in Florida where the Delta variant is rampant. No issues.

  36. I feel your anger. Fucking bastards. They will never be forgiven

  37. What is wrong with people why can’t they see these pure evil people are murdering their kids so angry a young life so healthy his whole life taken from him by these evil excuse for a human being wake up people they don’t care about you are your family’s thanks Hugo I feel your pain

  38. I think that all the facts should be out there so you can make the choice for yourself. Should never be mandatory. I personally do not want it. Too risky. You should not be made to feel like you are bad for not choosing to do the vaccine as if you will infect other people. If you chose to do the vaccine you should be confident in your decision. You should be safe, right?? If you can still get the virus and die then why bother. Not FDA approved. What will we discover in 2 to 4 years. NO THANKS.

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