Another BBC Caller Gets CUT OFF Dropping TRUTH BOMBS / Hugo Talks #lockdown #BBC #LIARS


55 Comments on “Another BBC Caller Gets CUT OFF Dropping TRUTH BOMBS / Hugo Talks #lockdown #BBC #LIARS

  1. Well done to that caller. People will hopefully start to investigate these things for themselves when they hear clearly intelligent and educated people exposing this evil agenda. Tge Dr who done afterwards could barely speak through his stuttering. Probably because he knows its true!!!

    • Hitlers right hand man when he was asked how they took control of the people he said all yoi have to do is build enough fear within the people and they will do anything that is told to them to do. To do this you must do it little by little so they dont notice what actually is going on, which will make them submit willingly.

    • Because they were a load of baloney. And this video is another load of baloney 😀

      • Please point out the parts that you consider to be ‘baloney’. Be specific and be prepared to back up what you say or we may be inclined to think that the only one coming out with baloney is you.

  2. It’s obvious to anyone with a brain that the fear, the lockdowns, the uncertainty of the future, the loss of income and financial worries have had a DRAMATIC effect on peoples mental health and have MASSIVELY increased suicides and substance abuse. The bumbling doctor at the end stuttering his way through dismissing it was completely unconvincing and the radio host shill just cutting the guy off is so obvious to everyone listening that she’s just part of the propaganda machinery that they are starting to unravel their own lies. Cowards, this will effect them and their families and children as well. Sod your job in journalism, grow some and tell the fecking truth. It will only take 1 to get the ball rolling.

  3. Wow 😯 These people are being complicit to psychological abuse of innocent people. They could never justify the behaviour throughout this it has been absolutely appalling. They clearly tried to dismiss that but it can’t be dismissed because it is fact. They did it! I hope I never meet one of the soulless ghouls involved in this charade because I don’t think I could control my anger. I hate bullies and the oh we just did what we were told crap isn’t good enough.

  4. So glad that people are getting through to these fake news channels with real facts hope it spreads

  5. Nice, my ex longest mate was so scared he hid away 1 month before the first lockdown and won’t even take a phone call or answer a text / email, always been mental obviously, tried to scare me, hell no I’m not afraid of no virus, 99% death rate I’d still out be rocking it and trying to have a good time!!

    We don’t call it project FEAR for nothing.

    Project Climate Change FEAR being mostly ignored, people just don’t care there LOL

    Project PLAGUE Fear is about to start seriously, there testing mRNA jabs for the Plague ie 1800’s and the rats plague, which is treatable with antibiotics as it’s bacterial not virus so makes about as much sense as everything else makes these days, ie zero!!

    • I think with climate change there is little we can do on a personal level, apart from cutting-down on things you don’t really need. People like us on a low income have it sorted already! We cannot use any less electricity at home. We don’t have a car and we don’t fly. The fear factor with this fake pandemic is pretty obvious, thanks to people like Hugo, UKColumn, Vernon Coleman etc.

      • Climate change occurs everyday because this what the climate does it changes. But climate change aka global warming is also fake, but I do agree that we should reduce on disposal products that do cause pollution which is the greatest threat to our environment.

      • The CL!MATE$CAM was created by the same crew that created the C0NV!D$CAM – Open your eyes, you can see the C0NV!D Lies but not the CL!MATESCAM Lies – they were both fabricated by the same hands to push the same agenda.

      • Corbett report did two very good documentaries on climate:
        “how big oil conquered the world”
        “why big Oil conquered the world”. Worth a watch

        Also all free docs on

        He’s pretty thorough.

  6. As long as they keep giving themselves ’emergency powers’ they can do what they want, and forcing businesses to mandate their guidelines and advise is a crime in itself as they know, (the government) that they can’t mandate anything as it’s illegal, it’s a complete fucking scam and in the process millions are dying – latest news in Scotland, Edinburgh Castle was taken over by the people for the people, STV did quite a good report the rest were obviously the usual diatribe, sadly the heavies are getting sent in if not already and on the grapevine from an NHS worker, they’re expecting another lockdown in October – those emergency powers eh – it’s up to us the people as we are the ones with a vested interest in our own life, that of our children and loved ones and our businesses – schools here are stopping lunch boxes, the food has to be taken in a clear plastic bag !! And what will that do…it’s a complete psychosis and not many have been spared.

    • I don’t understand why packed lunches need to be in a clear plastic bag?


  8. Anyone seen a percentage of Covid related deaths that are double jabbed ?? seen nothing since 62% was released what 6+ weeks ago, must be really good news if there keeping it quite LOL

    • Yeah and whit trying to backtrack on 60% hospital double jab.

      Lets say he was incorrect and only 40% in hop jabbed. If 62% of those deaths come from the 40% then thats far bigger chance of death with a jab than without,as only 38% of the deaths are from the larger 60% un jabbed.

      However if he was correct then is too close to say about diffreneve in chances.

      So without knowing anything about anyone entering hospital all we can presume is a jab does not lower your chances of death,in fact for some it could even be seen to have increased the chance.

      • Can’t find any data yet, all being hidden, Isreal rolling out triple jab, as deaths in double rising, then got media blacked out LOL

        I / Most of us, expect increase over the winter, a variant ( BS ) that kills the double jabbed badly, all the unjabbed fault and we still need to get jabbed to stop other made up mutations ofcourse.

        Steralising the young is pretty much proven at this point, unless a few I know of’s periods resume.

  9. Ps..if you don’t like the swear words tough shit..stop being a fkin SNOWFLAKE clown when the government are poisoning it’s own people..get a grip

  10. It was great that they had a Doctor sitting in wait to provide a bit of resuscitation’ to government narative,
    seems to me Dr’s are now trying to find alternative employment due to lack of work at the NHS

  11. Don’t be afraid of what the main stream media idiots tell you.

    Be afraid of ( In my opinion ) the Taliban fighters arriving in Dingy’s 4 to 600 a day on our south coast, + the ones taxied over here by the RLNI.

    One day in London I can predict a mass take over of Parliament by hundreds of fighters just as they have in Kabul.

    We will not have the resources to stop it as there will be so many.

    But what is the Government doing about ?


    Note, This is as I said my own opinion !!!!

    • Chill, parts of the UK are already under Muslim Sharia Law and within 15years we’ll be the minority, then finally they’ll have to treat us as nice as we treat them or they’ll be racist, ha! oh hang on they won’t care, just using it to move in and take over, sorry forgot.

      Drive around Birmingham, if you see a pregnant muslim 13year old girl walking around with her dad holding hands, although it might be her dad, it’s likely the babies dad aswell, by the time she’s 30 she’s of popped out nearly 20 and this is how they’ll out populate us.

      Atleast there all getting there jabs 🙂

      • Hear Hear this is the truth what’s going on the government and MSM are covering it up.
        Muslim men have no respect for Women and young girls, like grooming and sex attacks on them.

        James Whale on Talkradio needs to get these phone call as he hates us unjab people and calls us names.

    • We have a functioning well equipped army aswell, they have no chance against us and they struggle to make explosives work or get basic weapons, why they use lorrys and knives not guns.

      Plus they’ll turn capatalist and get corrupt from all the Mineral sales to China who’s likely backed and armed them,greed corrupts they’ll be just like us in a few years.

    • We had a lot of help from afghans so don’t tar all with the same brush

  12. I’ve seen thru the bullshit and lies since the fat tyrant potato told us YOU MUST STAY AT HOME in March 2020. I have NOT complied with ANY of their shit. They are cnuts all of them. Their Constant psychological brainwashing NEVER worked on me. I actually think they should all be hung. There has never been a more evil corrupt bunch of criminals in charge of this country. and boy have we had some nut jobs. I’d like to see every single one hanging. Id pull the lever personality. I despise them.

  13. Hahaha Hahahahahaha. Thank you very much Hugo. The prey has seen the hunter first. They shameless nowhere to hide cows.

  14. It has been widely reported that Taliban leaders used Facebook’s WhatsApp and Twitter to help capture Kabul. Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid enjoys free reign on Twitter with an account that has over 300,000 followers.

    Facebook’s WhatsApp has become the de facto communication platform of the Taliban, who reportedly used the service to spread propaganda, communicate with residents of Kabul, and share official statements with the world.

    In messages apparently distributed to Kabul residents via the messaging group WhatsApp, the group proclaimed that “we are in charge of security for Kabul.” The messages listed telephone numbers in various neighborhoods that citizens should call if they saw problems such as looting or “irresponsible” behavior on the part of armed individuals. Source

    Meanwhile Twitter and Facebook banned the sitting President of the United States back in January and millions of conservative Christians face shadowbans, deplatforming, and blacklisting at the hands of Big Tech companies. If you are a Christian conservative in the United States of America you are treated worse and have less freedom online than the Taliban.

    The significance of Big Tech’s involvement in the destabilization of Afghanistan is largely being ignored by the likes of the ADL, SPLC, and the many other activist groups who for years have lobbied Big Tech platforms, hosting providers, payment processors, and more to deplatform and defame Gab and our community.

    Facebook and Twitter are once again getting a pass for the many horrors of humanity that they allow to occur on their platforms, while Gab is demonized and deplatformed for giving a home to political dissidents in the United States and other Western countries.

    Gab doesn’t host the Taliban. When the U.S. government tells us America’s enemies are on the platform, we take action. Facebook and Twitter do not.

    Gab has zero tolerance for threats of violence, terrorist propaganda, and illegal activity. Our community has thousands of group moderators and volunteers who proactivity report and take action against illegal content on our platform.

    Gab permits politically incorrect, but fully legal, speech on our platform. The vast majority of the tens of millions of people in our community are normal Christian conservative people who are simply fed up with Big Tech tyranny. A small minority of people in our community use “offensive” but legal language that the mainstream press, activist groups, and Big Tech tyrants have painted as “dangerous.” Apparently more dangerous than the Taliban.

    In times like these it’s “dangerous” to think for yourself. It’s dangerous to speak freely. It’s dangerous to point out that Facebook and Twitter get a free pass on the rampant child exploitation, terrorist groups, live streamed murders, and illegal activity that pervades these platforms.

    Big Tech played a tremendous role in the embarrassing travesty that is unfolding in Afghanistan and it’s time to start talking about it.

    Andrew Torba
    Jesus is King

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  15. Max Igan recommended Hugo to his followers. He has some great info on his bitchute channel The Crowhouse. Doesn’t mince his words! Well worth checking his channel as he has some great info.

  16. To be fair, Bruce got a pretty good run there. Had that been Vine’s shows, he would’ve been cut off after 5 seconds.

  17. He says covid won’t be harmful for most people implying its existence. This kind of propaganda goes over most peoples heads because they’re hearing the sort of things they want to hear.

  18. Doctor Peter Rice seems to be having a stutter fest defending the mainstream narrative: Stuttering is a sure sign of panic and is often associated with lying.

  19. He doesn’t sound like no doctor that came in he didn’t know what to say he was stuttering 😂🤣

  20. Dr Peter Rice, fumbling, stumbling over his words like a fiend on Tramadol. He knows the score and there’s nothing else to say. Covid is Bullocks.

    • No, it IS NOT WORTH WATCHING. Nobody wants to wants to watch your infernal click-bait youtube videos that have been up for years but WILL BE TAKEN DOWN SOON 😀

  21. The caller is correct about the fear factor. Covid obviously doesnt exist as has been proven many times over the past year. But governments used the idea of a virus which people cannot see to create mass fear in the population. Hancock constantly said if you come within 2 metres of someone else you will die. No ifs no buts. Interesting to see the Taliban in Afganistan. There was no social distancing there and I didnt see loads of people suddenly dropping down dead in the bbc scenes. As I have said before THE BBC HAVE NO PLACE IN MODERN SOCIETY. THEY NEED TO BE STRIPPED OF THEIR LICENCE TO BROADCAST AS THEY ARE ONE OF THE WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS TERRORIST ORGANISATIONS

    • Woman said to me tonight her family has covid…
      All based on a PCR test that never was made to test for infections or sickness..
      This whole thing is a scam…

  22. Number 24 in the highest death figures in the uk…on national statistics
    Agenda for society control?…yes

  23. Ha, that Quack Dr Peter Rice tripped over his tongue lying in his mouth a number of times there, very unprofessional.
    The caller was smooth sailing with his delivery.

  24. someone sold the details to BBC TV Licensing because first time in history I got a letter re no licensing with my name on it before it was just an Occupier
    has anyone noticed that?

    I kept receiving them as Occupier for years but this is their first time they put my name on it.
    Where do they get this information from?
    My impression was that perhaps I mistakenly registered in some honeypot service database that is then secretly used to match people in Rothschild/BBC/TV License cartel database. But I didn’t.
    Yes, I will chuck it away. I don’t watch BBC and even good BBC productions cannot seduce me because it’s all about taking the advantage of the viewer when he’s no longer on alert.

    • Well, that is interesting 😀 Since when has this been happening? My last monthly threato-gram was addressed to ‘The Legal Occupier’ 😀 What happens is that for six months after payment ceases to TVL the letters are all ‘friendly’ ‘Hey, you forgot to renew’ for six months and are addressed to the previous ‘licence holder’. The threats are ramped up, join the regular ‘stream’ and after six months revert to ‘The Legal Occupier’. Local councils sell the ‘edited’ version of the Electoral Roll to every Tom, Dick and Harriet. If you are on the Electoral Roll and haven’t ‘opted out’ is the most likely culprit. And if you are ‘opted out’ and especially if you aren’t even on the Electoral Roll then a deeply sinister data breach has taken place. Or the Council has taken to selling the full Roll to TVL like it does to credit reference agencies etc. I would have your local Town Hall more in my sights as the culprit than the Lord Rothschild 😀 Still, I would just continue to ignore their ’empty’ threats. It is like the ‘recorded delivery’ threat-to-gram they sent a few years ago 😀

      Here is a collection of their threat-o-grams 😀

  25. I think they do all sorts of stuff and this SPI-B thing is coordinated between sold out governments, media and tech.
    They not only target brainwashed people (I cannot call them sheep or sheeple because it’s damaging to that animal) but also the opposition and I think it works like that.
    TARGET: a brainwashed person watching MSM and BBC (COVID exists and it’s deadly)
    MISSION: instil disinformation and fear as usual (IDAFAU)

    TARGET: frail opposition (COVID exists and it’s deadly but I have no freedom!)
    MISSION: instil fear using videos about some scientists who gone rogue who talk about vaccine misuse, deadly variants and an imminent disaster Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, Judy Mikovits and I also suspect dr Byram Bridle since he is showing up on Fox News to “debunk” mainstream agenda. Interesting.
    At this stage TalkRadio can still look appealing to some of these people.

    TARGET: medium level opposition (COVID exists but it’s NOT deadly, I want my freedom back!)
    MISSION: maintain false confidence about the success of the “revolution” “People are waking up! MSM cannot stand the pressure and are opening the discussion, what a success and I didn’t have to leave the couch!”

    TARGET: high level opposition (COVID does NOT exist, it’s a HOAX)
    MISSION: overwhelm the subject with a mixture of contradicting stories, marginalize and isolate a subject using algorithms, bots and agents on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Telegram to drive him mental

    TARGET: strong opposition (COVID does not exists but not only COVID is a hoax whole VIROLOGY is a HOAX pushed onto people for decades (HIV and other “viruses”))
    MISSION: further marginalize and isolate, ignore them as they are a tiny minority, our algorithms, bots and agents on Facebook, Twitter, Google, Telegram obliterate their influence.

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