‘It’s An ILLUSION’ / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. So, if anyone rememeber when we were supposedly at war with Iraq we had more troops in Afghanistan. We were guarding the Americans building their pipeline. The deal seemed to be we got the opiates. Notice how they flooded health are with opiates that jad normally been a small.l part of prescribing.
    Now I knew army people and read articles at the time that the villages were treated well by the tali an. The villages were well looked after as they help with the poppy harvests.
    Now my thoughts are we’ve had some sort of long term deal. That when over we returned the country to the tali an.
    Now if the epeople were treated well by the tali an why would they not be happy to go back to what was previously good.
    I kneelw people out there than confirmed us being there caused the degradation they now suffer.
    These videos of bumper cars etc are bullshit. You as a fighting force would not make yourselves look like sonplete years to the rest of the world but playing around.
    They’d be defiant and victorious, it would be shown as srmtrength and not through this behaviour.
    Whether I am correct or not this we are seeing is bullshit.

    • I remember reading waay back that the Taliban had virtually wiped out poppy production, then when the US & UK went in it came roaring back.. with allegedly the US military and C I A being the main shippers/suppliers of the stuff, in planes that of course have no customs controls. Wonder if they’ll stamp it out now or perhaps theyve done some deal promising to keep up with supplies in return for the military leaving?

  2. All these refugees they keep letting in – could it be a way of boosting jab statistics given the indigenous population uptake seems to be slowing down? I can just imagine the conversation
    Home Office “ well you can be assured we would love to have you take up citizenship and of course that comes with a free Covid 19 vaccine”.
    Illegal immigrant “ I’m not sure I want the vaccine”
    Home Office “ without the vaccine we will have to deport you”
    Illegal immigrant “ I’ll take the vaccine”

    Reduction of global population via illegal immigrants killing two birds with one stone.

  3. Watch the video of “the human jet” moving down the runway with refugees hanging off it. Is it just me or does it look false. Hear me out… look at the windows of that aircraft, they do not seem real, no depth, no reflection, no transparency even under direct sunlight. Also, jet engines create thrust, a lot of thrust. Yet when the aircraft is moving, using thrust to move its huge bulk thrust enough to move 10’s of tons, that massive thrust has zero effect on the tiny humans in the direct line of the engines discharge. Am I going mad?

  4. 30’000 Migrants? But, but what about Covid?

    And what about insurgent cells? Remember, it was events 20 years ago that sparked this long ass war. 2 decades later and an entire generation of people affected by the actions of both sides doesn’t just go away, that’s 20 years of potential fighters ready to take up the next battle. Enter the next phase of “world war terrorism” and extremest ideologies, the chips are all falling into place… What’s to stop a couple of “terror cells” slipping into the migrant net?

    The Taliban have political influence, and the west have no problem negotiating with terrorists. Also, ISIS are on record stating that they wouldn’t cease until the black flag has been risen in the west, i,e the White House. Now although the Taliban and ISIS are two different factions, what is to stop the Taliban from sympathising again with major terrorist ideologies, just as they harboured Al-Qaeda back then?

    I don’t know about you, but I think this whole Afghan business is just the harbinger of something yet to come. With everything going on, something major is round the corner.

  5. No sign of masks or social distancing. If that’s what it takes, let them do some overthrowing in the UK as well!

  6. If the Afghanistans come here they will regret it. They will be jabbed up as well.

  7. Something is coming ……I’ve not even watched the news but I picked up on this story and instantly smelled a rat! What have these scum bags got up their sleeves now????

  8. The condition of resettlement will be that they have all had their jabs. There goes a cull of another million people….desperate people will comply.

  9. White Hats in control….. keep the faith! Exposure of incompetence is purposeful but still prepare for difficult times ahead because this is a silent war but we will win in the end….

  10. Wtf is that hypocrite Kay burley doing? She should be sacked immediately! Two faced rat!

  11. Just a distraction.
    All carefully orchestrated.
    Don’t believe any of this was an accident or any word that comes out of the mouth of “Build back better” Boris.

  12. It’ll be the Afghan strain – all excuses for more lockdowns. Yes, Theresa May gasping. If she would bother to read the government blurb on masks, she would read that she doesn’t need to wear one “if it causes harm” – yes it does cause harm. Hypoxia and all sorts of harmful health issues. I had a “discussion” with my husband about it after he said he was surprised how many people were masked up in Newbury the other day. It’s the same here in Devon. I said I would never wear one now. He insisted we had to if premises demanded it. Nope, they must not challenge you and they must not ask a reason and if they do then I’ll rattle off all the bad side effects and hope the person challenging me opens their eyes wide and rips their mask off (yeah, pigs may fly). I’ve seen more people without masks here, not a lot – but it is improving. Anyhow look how Parliament is – all jammed up against each other with only a few masks. Yup, OK for them so OK for us.
    As for the Taliban – well, I fear our government more than them – and why do Afghans want to come here – are they just as mad as our beloved leaders?

    • Numbers dropped on time for the masks being dropped, but they closed the schools so the lefties think it’s school related and won’t buy it 🙁

      September end of really bad cause of the schools reopening, I’m pretty sure kids had it, with zero symptoms very early on, but that’d be applying logic and not FEAR!!

      • Hopefully if the children did, then they will build up their immunity to whatever is being shed. Am totally cheesed off with this rabble in control. Poor kiddies – so hard for awake parents, mine are grown up but you never stop worrying about them. Stand firm! xxx

    • Yeah, the big red ‘X’ ‘DO NOT SIT HERE’ on every second seat has gone 😀 It seems that Parliament can’t be arsed keeping up the Convid pretense 😀

      • Got enough jabbed, too much hard work to get more jabbed, just got to sit back and watch the jab work it’s magic I guess.

        Mates got 2 friends, doctor reckons possibly steralised from the jab mid 20’s female.

        So young steralised massively stop the population quickly rebounding and the as you get older higher and higher death chance, 50+ and I bet the death rate really ramps up, why there getting a 3rd Jab 🙂

      • I hope the sleepers will notice! Not seen parliament so full for a long time. Must have been something good in the canteen for dinner then!

  13. The only way you deal with Afghanistan is to use a full arsenal of very large Thermobaric bombs.

  14. New Zealand back in lockdown mostly I see, over 1 case!

    2 more weeks until the world goes proper crazy and counting.

    Order your Exempted and your Jabbed arm bands and use them as required 🙂

  15. It’s Another Fear Factor… It Also Pushes Us Closer To A Social Passport As A Lot Will Come Over Without 1 So People Will Want Them Monitored So More Freedom Gone ‘For Our Safety’

  16. I turned of this Afghanistan nonsense when the TV news showed a clip from the Brad Pitt zombie movie ‘Word War z’ of people supposedly trying to board a plane on a runway with the caption ‘Scenes from Afghanistan’ 😀 ♫It’s just an illusion, illusion, illusion…♫

    • I did wonder, was it from the film ?? I’ll check soon LOL

  17. I soon as I heard there where pulling out I posted a FB prediction, that the Taliban would be back in charge in weeks and was right.

    There not going to spend Billions and go fight then for 3 years just to repeat again, only went the first time for Oil Resources.

    Not a Terrorist threat, after all they can’t exactly fly without there double jab, then there a sheep!! 🙂

    That’s 13year old girls getting preggers and Sharia Law and cheating woman and gay’s being stoned to death, so just like some parts of Birmingham and most likely London aswell.

    20K refugee’s over 5years, pretty sure they’ll be dead in 5 days, let alone 5 years, so BS totally.

    Taliban took back Afghanistan in a few weeks, maybe we should employ them take out China/Russia 🙂

    That’s a rough spitting image puppet!

    • I think China have a deal with Afghanistan for copper mining. Can’t recall where I heard it. But really… A few dozen people with a few guns took over….? I’m not making sense of it….

      • News on CNN, Trillions in Minerals, so Copper or Lithium or similar to make EV’s no doubt, US likely didn’t think they needed that, China Gobble Gobble.

        Army likely paid to stand down and run away, that’s what happens when you pay them min wage 🙂

      • It is like a few guys with guns on a truck with a flag driving into London and taking London over 😀 The whole story is hogwash 😀

    • I’ve no issue with gays being stoned to death. That’s the one thing me and the ragheads agree on.

      • You should move there then, you’d fit in just fine!!

        Woman that nag on the other hand, hmmmmm!!

  18. Priti Patel definitely sounds better speeded up. That way we wouldn’t have to hear the rubbish that she spouts all the time. If the beeb had any common decency they would have speeded up her speeches every time she was at the podium for their press briefings

    • Shitty Patel is like a movie that is nor turning out like you expected from the poster. You want to hit the fast forward button 😀

  19. Hmm…Israel rescued 14,325 Ethiopian Jews in 38 hours from Ethiopia. Didn’t take 5 years, so they’re talking crap about ability. Funny how most of the ‘refugees’ are young men. Not a woman or child in sight. Prepare for more cultural enrichment from the religion of peace.
    Not to mention the vast amount of military weaponry left behind for the Taliban by the coalition forces.

  20. Mr. Taliban man, bring me a dream (young, young, young, young)
    Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen (young, young, young, young)
    Give him two lips like roses and clover (young, young, young, young)
    Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over
    Sandman, I’m so alone (young, young, young, young)
    Don’t have nobody to call my own (young, young, young, young)
    Please turn on your magic beam
    Mr. Taliban man, bring me a dream

    Pedos the lot of em.

    • ♫Hey! Mr Taliban play a song for me
      I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to♫

      is actually the most misheard lyrics ahead of REM’s ‘The Sidewinder sleeps tonight containing the lyric

      ♫Call me when you try to wake her up♫ always mistaken for ‘Calling Jamaica’ 😀

  21. Interesting to see everyone in the House of Commons when Boris was doing his speech. Only 3 people were wearing face nappies and no one was ‘social distancing’ Obviously they don’t need to as anyone with any sense knows covid doesn’t exist but you would think that they would at least try to keep up he illusion of covid to the public. Proves that it’s all about control of the masses.

  22. I have a theory may be there being used for things no one else will do or may be there going to be lab rats they need someone to test there new covid concoction on they have new virus to make cos covid didn’t depopulate at a high enough rate and do you really beleave they got anywhere near what they say of people vaxed its all a sham

  23. Here’s another great review of the situation.


    Also this.

    It comes as the Prime Minister confirmed the UK would be “doubling the amount of humanitarian and development assistance that we had previously committed to Afghanistan this year with new funding taking this up to £286 million with immediate effect”.



    Send Bojo the Clown a message, if you want.


  24. Congratulations, Britain….like other refugees were not enough and now you getting another gift….plan is to destroy nations

  25. We take any ol shit into the u.k fuck the third world…we cant even house our own people yet these filthy fuckers pour into the west.. fucks me right off

  26. I watched some of PMQs this morning and I can’t believe how they were saying ‘we can’t allow tyranny anywhere in the world’ and was wondering if any of them would care to look acknowledge that they have to then stop what they’re doing as they are themselves acting as a tyrannical government

  27. The west is always shouting and hailing democracy is the dogs bollocks of systems and then we see that everything is made in a communist country which is China…everything Britain owns is stolen from Africa and third world countries.

  28. Lithium. There is a good supply.all the electric cars

  29. Well they do plan in culling the population in the Europe including the UK. So maybe these are the people they plan to replace us with.

    • They don’t want to replace us they want to get rid of us

    • If they are replacing the white indigenous population then the population will remain the same – so that’s thet Deagal ‘prediction’ 😀 out the window 😀 The time for a political and economic solution to population replacement has long since sailed – the only chance is for the white indigenous population to fight and to breed like rabbits too. That is what all that not having kids to ‘save the planet’ guff is all about.

      It is like Klaus Swab said. we can expect lots more immigration in the future and we have to learn to be more accepting and welcoming. It won’t be long before we are expected to ‘welcome’ Taliban fighters… immigrants into our homes and support them to boot. I wonder how that will go down with the Guardinista woke politically-correct , latte slurping crowd 😀

      • They won’t believe it, with there hands over there ears, the terrorist’s are already here if and when something happen here it will be Johnson & co failed.they don’t vet there background on them coming in here.

    • i thought exactly same thing get rid all christians give them our homes. i definately smell a rat :::big time,,,,,,,,,,

  30. All bullshit and part of the scheme in things to come in my opinion.

  31. Setting the scene for future false flag terror attacks

  32. I don’t give a fuck what fake variant comes next..tell that fk7n clown Boris I’m not buying into the bollocks at all..ill go out when I want with whom I want and he ain’t stopping shit

  33. 100% a show and distraction. They don’t care about anyone only themselves. The new Afghan Taliban Government are US puppets, their leader used to work for CIA propaganda outlet ‘Voice of America.’ Who actually believes the West is going to sacrifice all that Opium, Lithium and the T.A.P.i. pipelines without a fight? So now thousands of Afghan mercenaries will be flown to Uganda and Central Africa to create havoc and be used in proxy wars, as was seen recently in the holiday resorts of South East Africa. We’ll take a few thousand lunatics who’ll be retrained and shipped over to places a like Syria or Libya. The kid who supposedly blew up all those other kids in the Manchester Arena bombing was transported back into this country, from Libya, on a Royal Navy ship along with many other MI6 trained and financed mercenaries.
    All this faux outrage and concern is just a show but people lap it up because they think and feel the way the person on the box tells them to, so to speak.

  34. Wouldn’t be surprised if Patel is asking the Taliban for advice on crushing dissents.

  35. Tell you what why don’t all of us indigenous people of the UK all just move out and go and live in a other country . As I now feel I am living in another country anyway this is not Great Britain anymore its a fucking dump and the weather is shite too.

      • We being cleansed, people having the poison then dying and other people dying or other illnesses.
        Being replaced with illegal immigrants and now Afghans not working claiming benefits and getting housing and health care this country is a dumping ground

    • Weather,,, tell me about it, they keep promsiing Global Warming and the people in the UK hope against hope that it’s true, but we know they are lying as much about global warming as they are about a virus!

      • Absolutely everything spoken by Government, Green think tanks like Chatham House, big corporation, big education, organised religion, non elected NGOs, large charities is inverted. None of them speak truth and many of them have nefarious operations going on like money laundering and child or organ trafficking. People need to wake up and start doing some research. Apart from that the weather is manipulated and we are not heading for global warming, more like an ice age. I believe in Grand Solar Minimum. I work outside a great deal, I have noted the climate temps in Britain for years in Somerset and definitely know more about it than any office boffin …..

    • Would do the same but for my disabled son, we’re trapped here for good sadly. Would have liked to go to Portugal.

    • People need to know that our nation was only defined as Great Britain to differentiate it from Brittany (small Britain)…. I think it won’t be long before people get to hear that this isle we live in is the most corrupt nation in all the world by Monarchy, Government and the Banking system ….. let’s wait and see. Scary but interesting times, keep positive!

  36. The part of the video I was taken with more than anything else is Threasa May’s diffuclty in breathing through that bloody mask at 1:47, the stupid bitch is giving herself major lung problems. Her breathing is fine without it, just moments before,, then she puts it on and just look at the results!

  37. All mainstream reporting chaos yet a German reporter who is on the ground in Kabaul saying shops open folks going about their business l…lets just wait and see shall we..

  38. What amazes me is how all OUR politicians can get their rear ends into Westminster to talk about a foreign country during their holidays. Yet it’s practically the first time I’ve seen westminster full since the UK (our country!) went into ’emergency crisis’ last march 2020

    • Me too could hardly believed how many of the scum bags turned up.

    • The recall of parliament is all part of the theatre, IMO.

    • These lazy, greedy B we -call for this echo talking crap out there hot air mouths, couldn’t fully debated lockdown’s, masks and vaccine passports.
      They had to have a PCR test before going in chamber and claiming it back on expenses for it paid by us Bunch of crooks some masked especially Labour and useless May.

  39. This is the Kalergi plan/Great Replacement happening in full view of the global population. The fall of Afghanistan to the fanatical ragheads has been years in the planning. A mosque on every street in every UK town and city within 5 years, and every UK town and city turned in to a filthy islamic slum by that traitorous fat witch Paki Patel. String her up!

    • We live in a matrix, where nothing is real!! We are the welfare state of the world.
      Everyone but our own brothers and sisters get nothing the” English ” are despised by them. We are ruled by foreigners!
      It just another excuse to flood us with hoardes of invaders.
      Until the English sink like a stone.
      Human rights for everyone but not for thee(English)
      Will the Christians in Afghanistan be prioritised, not on your life.
      They will be left to their own fate.
      God bless! Viva christo rey!

      • According to Christian website reports, many Christians in Afghanistan are being persecuted and facing death as we speak!
        Pray for them.

    • There already is a mosque on every street corner. Most are discreet in like office buildings. It is only the main mosques that have that minaret thing on the top for show 😀

    • Why make Muslims the scapegoat for the smokescreen created by your democratic governments to to distract you from the havoc they have wrought under the pretext of protecting your health.

      • Well it’s not exactly “democratic countries”. Its the City of Rothschild, doncha knows?
        Replace one US MIC with a Russian/Chinese one. Easy peasy for the BANKSTERS!

  40. Me to good work hugo
    It’s a film and lots of things are going down thanks again

    • You are 100% right I smell a sticking rat why are they pulling out?

      • Next we’ll have the Afghan Variant!… True Lies

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