FRANCE Business’s REFUSE To Enforce PASSPORTS / Hugo Talks Some More #lockdown

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  1. Won’t happen in England , NO SOLIDARITY.

      • The BBC should be switched off by OFCOM. Not just by ordinary people. They should have their broadcasting licence removed permanently. The BBC are one of the world’s most dangerous terrorist organisations and have no place in modern society. They actively encourage child abuse and are only capable of spreading misinformation

    • It’s sad because at one time and not so long ago there would of been

  2. Unfortunately in Britain the number of cowardly, scared, simple minded population, and the power crazed Karen`s outnumber those of us who understand the Convid virus is an imaginary beast, installed to coerce and frighten the vast majority into obedience and acceptance of the New World Order.

    • Yup, pretty much, even friends and family Id thought at least slightly intelligent cannot see through the trees, look at us like were madmen. The video hugo did about the alice in wonderland technique, working very well on people who have a very strict routines, like 9 5 work etc is so true, theyve been effectively moulded into a cog in a vast machine,

    • Top comment , totally agree, with the sheep we’ve got we don’t stand a chance, our lot will gladly get on the train to the gas chamber ovens

    • … and meanwhile there’s you, encouraging hatred to all women called Karen

    • Lead by example and let the people around you know that you are not complying. This is how mass resistance happens. One foot in front of the other until we are all marching together. Just don’t comply!!!!!

  3. Doubt Aussies have the guts these days too, a few decades ago yes, but now…well I hope we have.
    Time will tell…

  4. strange how Australia is in the commonwealth, coincidence? I think you all know what Iam getting at 🙂

    • hmmmm….I’ve said that too….I’m Canadian and it’s the Commonwealth countries that are some of the hardest hit…and most asleep (or at least that’s what they make us believe)

  5. Unfortunately, a lot of people in the UK seem too happy to flash their vax pass and wear a mask.

    • Spineless and ignorant they are…would never have them types around me now…

    • I live in France and work in a small restaurant and I would say that most of our clients have the pass ready and even offer it up for us to check. On the flip side I just went to another hotel restaurant this week where no staff were wearing masks and no-one asked for the pass.

    • Yeah you are right, when i went to a function on Sunday, one a people i know of worn a mask all the time in there, i ought mug i worn no muzzle on the bus nice to see other people not wearing them especially late in the evening coming home.

      Straight in function going to bar no bar staff had them on paying cash, freely walking about inside talking and this was best one SINGING to music playing see Fuck what Johnson said 😃

  6. Can’t stand Macron the jumped up snivelling little shit weasel.

    Hugo is right, the only power they have is our voluntary compliance. Most of us say no and they have nothing.

  7. Authority only exists if you believe in it, once you realise no-one has any power of authority over you the world becomes a better place, only God has power and authority over us and its only God we should fear, to be fearful of anything else or anyone is a irrational emotion

    • Praise The LORD! (And thank you, Simon.) Now let’s show them who’s in charge, by putting that comment into action.

  8. Trouble being that the BBC and the media have so brainwashed the large number of the population that they are all so shit-scared to fart let alone demonstrate.
    It is almost as if they think the imaginary virus will chase them down the road if they complain or demonstrate. Fear is the main control that is being used.
    fear of fines and fear of criminal action being taken against them. the politician should fear what happened to Ceausescu or what’s his name in Romania when he was strung from a lamppost. A very fitting end for some of our traitorous turds.

  9. My admiration for the French grows daily, my disappointment in my countrymen in England grows daily too.

  10. Brits are too far gone and brainwashed to show any spine and go against there narrative…they dropped there trousers for it quick enough….not all but alot of them and they are turning on people that have gone against it…usual pathetic remarks like “conspiracy theorist” “misinformationalist” that the media have promoted…cowards

  11. I keep saying there are food shortages coming, there’s an interesting video I’ve linked to below re France, don’t know if it is as bad as is being said, but I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ve seen a few other truckers in different countries to France saying they are going to do the same thing – US, Aus, etc – they are going to blockade roads and stop delivering to bring them (and us sadly) to their knees.

  12. Well done to the French people and businesses hats off to you all! Unfortunately I can’t see British people or businesses following the french example we have become a nan toon of spineless sheep in my experience having also closed the door on very very close relatives who are following the British government narrative! I can’t be around these people even when they are my own flesh and blood!

  13. The French have a lot of guts to fight for something. Its a more cohesive people. And then we here in the Netherlands bunch of weaklings, first to ourselves and then another. Take my hat off to this Vive La France.

    • Hey 👋
      Same here in Britain 🤨

      Stay Strong 💪 & yeah.. viva la France!

  14. I got tuffed ooot the dentist for telling them i am never wearing a muzzle they can fuck off NO INOCULATIONS NO SLAVEPORT OR YOUR BULLSHIT-19 TEST OR THEIR NHS APP “”””””””BITE MY SHITE YOU GOVERNMENT BASTARDS””””””

  15. Please all focus on what you want to see in the world, everything is energy, we must give power and visualise on what we want, not what we don’t want. We are all powerful creators.

  16. Their plan for decades was to emasculate the male population, to create a weak adversary. Feminism and the MSM have done a first class job of creating a narrative that you must be toxic If you dare follow your biology. “Weak men create hard times”.

  17. Shame more people’s aren’t following the French. These power-crazed lunatics have either very short memories or are ignorant morons. During the 18th C the country stood against Europe and brought out the guillotine. Nuff said. If they keep up the pressure the NWO there will flounder.

    • No two ways about it the NWO will foounder irrespective of country, people are people, no government their policeforce or army can contol even just a few% of the population, it is not possible and people are getting pissed off, governments have gone to far, payback time is coming.

  18. Yeap well done France where real men are made👏 Unfortunately the
    English are cowardly sheeple that lick the ringers of pedofile politicians.
    They are now queueing up next to inject the poison into their own children 💩💉
    Britain is fuked.

  19. The power is always with the people, the tragedy is that too few realise this and are too easily led by the MSM to accept the rules of the elite.

  20. we the people are whatever happens to anything , so what we say they cannot endorse anything , so we the people should boss the tyrants and go against there crap and illegal rules and live like we have done in the past

  21. the people behind this are the people who control the UN and the WHO and the WEF . they are the globalist bankers the polititions are just their puppets who are following orders .

  22. we the people are the POWER !!!! its up to us to stop this crap !!

  23. The journalist said igger buisness’s and Corps where mire stringent……So Fuck Big Buisness’s and Corps .

  24. We live in Normandy. Had to go to A&E yesterday. Nobody asked.

    Went to local clinic today to ask about appointment with opthalmologist and there was someone on the desk checking passports. Seems a bit hit and miss but as far as medical establishments are concerned the demand for a pass is morally unacceptable. It means that Covid trumps all. It’s the only disease in town. In theory, if you turn up with symptoms that are life threatening and have no pass, you cannot be admitted. I don’t think any medical professional would allow that to happen.

    France is doing its best but without a general strike or something that brings the country to its knees, there will be no certainty. One of the reasons we moved to France was that it was a no-nonsense country. No Thatcher to destroy trade unions and make people ashamed of being working class. If France could just light the fuse, I think even the xenophobic morons in the UK who voted for Brexit would take note.

    • Xenophobic morons?? is that because we didn’t want our laws made by an unelected Commission, on behalf of international bankers? Or is it because we wished to withdraw from an organisation which was designed to lead to a unified European block which would greatly facilitate the creation of a one-world-government? You should really take a look at yourself before you start calling other people morons!

  25. We are unfortunately a country of sheep here in Canada. Far too complacent. We also have the Dominion voting machines here. Same as the USA that were used to rig the vote. This is possibly the reason for Trudeau’s confidence. The courts yesterday 16th Aug. Revoked the State of Emergency Health order making the “Jab” illegal to administer. Not a word on the mainstream of course. B. C. Revoked theirs 30 June but continue jabbing.
    Another note. Our new Governor Generalett failed in her first duty by dissolving lparlliament at the fool’s request. What a disgrace.

  26. These puppets are treading a very fine line. Regardless of what you think about here in Britain with brainwashing extraordinaire, it won’t be long until that line is crossed by our puppets and only 20% of us is still a massive force. There will come a time when they will not be able to walk the streets again. Keep the faith, look after yourself and your loved ones and buckle up as there is a huge force of people resisting this, planning at grass roots level, not through phones or Telegram, the Internet but by old fashioned speaking and meeting. TRUTH wins in the end, it may take time but it will….

  27. Unfortunately us aussies have capitulated to the lies and fear the politicians and media have rammed down peoples throats. They have abandoned there constitutional rights. I don’t think we can recover unless other countries maybe show us the way back.

  28. Sorry to burst your bubble Hugo, but most places are asking for it, at least where I live in France. Bars, cafes, restaurants scan them at the entrance and police do go around checking them too. Places that said they wouldn’t instigate them (my local cinema and casino) now have since the law past. A few small restaurants weren’t asking for them but there are vaccinated people that actually go and rat them out! At the moment there are only for restaurants and cultural/leisure places, not businesses… I wouldn’t be surprised if about 50% of french adults are vaccinated, I know a lot of people that didn’t want it but got it after Macron’s speech. But people are protesting ever week. The 3rd booster jab will likely be the turning point. However I have already heard whispers that the country will lockdown again the 8th or 15th September…

  29. Are bill gates, soros, bezos, rothschild-macron

    communists? They need to be expropriated,

    expropriate the one percent who “own” 50%

    world-wide-wealth and double the wealth for you

    and me.

    End “representative democracy” where

    “representatives” are bought: we need direct

    democracy. Just like you use your online bank

    account (safe isn’t it), vote directly online

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