The First Covid Victim/Actress That Got The Ball Rolling / Deep Dive

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  1. “I had no idea it was gonna be uploaded”… yeah right

  2. “I thought I was going to die”
    “I recorded a video from my hospital bed”
    “It went VIRAL”

    By comparrason I was very poor after some surgery three years ago, it was touch and go at one stage and I can assure you I was not thinking of anything that looked like a mobile phone or anything else in such a state.

    Some peopel will do anything for attention today.

  3. So she’s supposedly suffering from a severe respiratory virus, but apart from the occassional put on huffing and puffing she isn’t having the flow of words stop while she has to catch her breath. The only thing that’s breath-taking isn’t covid, it’s the rampant lying and cheating propaganda. And the gullibility of the public to believe it.

  4. Well I had Covid around the same time , no hospital no ICU but at home quite ill and short of breath, 6 words and gasping, so fake it’s untrue oh and I am 75 far more at risk than her snd no jab, ever

  5. Gutter when your called out!

    Shit actress anyway & now she has helped bring our country to its knees WTF!!!!

    Cheers Hugo & whom done this video thank you.

    • She won’t care about that as long as she’s got her 5 pieces of gold.

  6. i was dying but feel much better the cheque has arrived and got to go gotto cash the cheque

  7. crap actor …perhaps she should go into porn she can scream as much as she likes

    • She probably would get her bits out as she said MONEY MONEY.
      Hopefully in time What goes around comes around for her soon 😈

  8. Imagine being married to that creature. I know, it’s not PC to say that, but it’s the first thing that crossed my mind. Ghastly cnt.

  9. She will be known as a fake and part of the problem with this fake pandemic. She can go to hell with the rest of the crisis actors.

  10. Memory from my nursing days. Patients with serious respiratory illness had to have any nail polish removed, in case of cyanosis.

    • To my surprise this video is sill up on youtube.. 19k views not enough eye balls for them to take it down for slander or some other bs excuse

  11. I’ve had the bug, not even close to fucking dying, I felt rough for a couple of days & that was it.

    • Only knew I had it, cause 2weeks later all my mates had it, whooopsss, OMG Every 1s had it, ahhh no just everyone I saw that week, nobody bad, everyone lived.

  12. I am fascinated by those who lobby our governments like the pharmaceutical companies and arms industries etc. I’ve noticed with the upcoming planned martial law they have done their best to vilify our police force and lately even vegans. Don’t know if anyone noticed a new marketing campaign for milk during lockdown? I don’t watch TV but apparently milk is still good for you? The following is an excellent expose by a brilliant American some years ago on how the Dairy industry lobby has worked in America and the truth behind dairy I can’t lie, I was raised on Bull shit and clearly continued the brainwashing process by feeding my sons the way I was raised. I gave one of them a kidney 5 years ago, I so wish I’d have known when I was nurturing them the stuff I know now! I don’t know what its going to take people to wake up? 50 years ago every good Dr smoked Camels. And the brainwashing bull continues…… good look and best wishes, thoughts and prayers to the awake.

    • Ann, I don’t consume the flesh of any animal, dairy produce including eggs.
      If it does not grow from a tree bush or in the earth I do not and will not alow it into my body.
      At the same time I refuse to call mysefl vegan as vegans have generaly got the name of being very militant in the name of peace.

    • How the hell your opinion on the lethality of dairy has anything to do with this video reveals your proclivity to get it out on any platform.

      • If you don’t know by now we are all interconnected. If the government would oversee the killing of our children 20 years ago for a nice backhander you don’t think they would do this to our children of today? Wake up or be part of the problem!

  13. Ray, I’m 51 and know on my path I still have so much to learn, my pantry is now vegan, my cleaning products are cruelty free. I would love to change my past but I can only change my future. I still smoke & drink but we are all still works in progress Xxx

  14. OMG!!
    And I thought I was pretty good Factual research,I have to hand it to this creator of truth . VERY WELL DONE AND THANKYOU!👍👍

  15. After this I’m sure she’ll suddenly die of “long covid related illness” and so she will have been hoist by her own petard.

    Good riddance on the one hand, bad riddance on the other because it will scare the sheeples even more.

  16. If anybody is sick enough to be in icu the last thing they will be doing is videoing themselves not like the dirty tramp in this video.

    • stand-in-the-park all round ENGLAND is THE ONLY WAY!!! There is NO simple way-you first need to know the TRUTH about the british civil service and parliament who are KILLING THE WORLD with LIES!!!

  17. To learn the truth and be with like-minded people go to your local “stand-in-the-park” and learn the truth about this “plandemic” and what YOU can do to STOP IT ALL. There is a new party being form-not a political party-not left-not right but following the rule of law-ENGLISH COMMON LAW like our ancestors did before the british forged their way into our houses of commons and lords and REMOVED YOUR RIGHTS-UNALIENASBLE RIGHTS GIVEN BY GOD-even the british can’t remove those rights!!! Every Sunday at 10am in your local park there should be a “stand-in-the-park” for you-check on the net for the local one to you and let’s TAKE BACK OUR ENGLAND and remove ALL the people that hate us-mainly those who have taken over our ENGLISH PALIAMENT-they are ALL FRAUDS and need to be brought to justice BY DUE PROCESS-a judge and 12 of his/her peers as in our English Constitution and common law-which STILL EXIST and even the british use it WHEN IT SUITS THEM!!! Tomorrow (15/08) there is a stand in the park in Jesus Green, Cambridge CB4 1EG and next sunday (22/08there is one in Billericay, Essex. Hope this helps get the truth to people!!!

  18. Lights, Camera, Action!…..the show must go on (…and on and on)
    Good investigation, especially as ‘the producers’ had not covered all the bases regards her maiden name.
    Guess in a few years time she will be claiming she ‘was only following orders’.

  19. What a pathetic woman, won’t even call her an actress, a liar fits better. so many people willing to sell their souls.

  20. CLOWN WORLD 🤡🤡🤡🤡
    But seriously tho stay strong out there people, DON’T let the government make you comply, keep fighting, and turn to Jesus Christ, amen xxx

  21. Well done for exposing this lying bitch! She’ll do anything for money.

    • Total actress! What an amazing amount of research, I hadn’t heard about the droga5 part! Really well done! Hopefully this stuff coming out will make people wake up

  22. They all have blood on their hands, and if she’s not judged in this life then she will be in DEATH
    Evil bitch along with all the others complicit in this scam. They won’t be saved when TSHTF

  23. Imagine taking an active part in a crime against humanity.
    She should be charged with racketeering as a minimum.
    Her bosses for genocide.

  24. Something very significant about the date that Tara’s fake covid illness video first appeared. Mar 20th 2020 was the day that Boris shut down all pubs and restaurants and closed all schools in the UK. Almost certainly her covid video was released to coincide with that and allow the BBC to step up the propaganda war

    • Very good point. BIG named ‘ celebs ‘ apparently caught it! 😂, but we all know that was to frighten the nation into the first stage of the BS psycho wars.

  25. My comments been deleted and some how as ended up pasted inside my browser NOT from the clip board , yet theres no way I wrote the comment in my browsers search field. I posted it a while ago now its gone. more strangeness..

  26. Great report! I think we can and should safely assume that anything and anybody we see and hear on MSM is fake, manipulated and absolute BS! And anything the government say, we ought to believe and do the opposite. Job done.

  27. I must say that little cough she did (if that’s what it was) definitely sounded fake. Thing is if your seriously ill with covid your not going to be making videos which literally the world can see. Same with the NHS last year dancing around (well debatable) making Tik toks. If things were so bad there’s no way Tik Tok videos would be made (ok supposedly they were done during lunch breaks but even so)

  28. To my surprise this video is sill up on youtube.. 23k views not enough eye balls for them to take it down for slander or some other bs excuse?

  29. She doesn’t think she may have Cancer. She aught to worry about that really, more likely to contract and die of Cancer than from ‘covid’, with its 97% recovery rate!
    Current UK stats, 1 : 2 people will contract Cancer within their lifetime, and we all know that the odds of recovery are far and away, more bleak than from kungflu!

  30. Brillient research done on this one. Amazing how you managed to expose how much Low Life there is living under the same rock!

  31. She had no idea it was going to be uploaded.
    Of course not you were just making a video for the fun of it.

    Let’s see. She’s in a hospital bed sick with covid. Somehow someone knew her password and uploaded the video.

    I wonder how that could be done done.
    She got busted with her fake nonsense. Amazing how the people who have covid trurn out to be actors.

    So much for the pandemic, hope they paid her millions to lie to the public.
    We can smell the bullshit.

  32. She has a long acting career playing opinionated sanctimonious loudmouths. Ideal for this part.

  33. Wow! Evil , lying , money grabbing bitch. Amazing digging on the rat Hugo.

  34. I’m against vaccines and not vaccinated, but I’m starting to think that I might have been wrong, because my father who is not vaccinated (I opposed him getting it) is now hospitalized with COVID and in a very difficult situation, and my 91 yr grandpa got 3 shots and still got infected a month after the 3rd shot but is recovering much quicker.

  35. Sitting up speaking in full sentences. 2-4 litres oxygen delivered by nasal specs. That is not an ITU or even HDU, but an ordinary ward.

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