MRNA SECRET / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Why is it that the Joe Normal’s out there are taken hook, line and sinker when fed bullshit by Vallance, Whitty and the toad Van Scam speak ( I won’t mention the prat politicians) but refuse to listen to other, mostly more expert, health professionals? That jab obviously contains elements that close minds and ears. Even people that I’d rate as above average intel are equally fooled, I’m stuffed trying to work it out!!

    • It must be the times we are living. The Scriptures say clearly that there would be a time when people wouldn’t be able to see or hear the Truth, tribulation time. Read the Scriptures yourself. Cepher Bible (sold by two suppliers in London) is really good, 87 books including the books of Jasher and Enoch.

  2. Absolutely fucking outrageous!
    Not surprised though, the MHRA has received a $7.5m donation from the Gates Foundation.

    • The ‘Gates Foundation’ with the ‘divorce’ story….conveniently pushed out to ‘deflect’ the public interest…all along if you look back..a story pops up to either ‘soothe’ the nervous public….or ‘inflame’ with fake stuff….MSM is heavily involved in keeping up/or changing the narrative…contolled by SAGE…thank goodness for Hugo Talks and others…

  3. We live in a digital surveillance state and although The Resistance use social media to get the message out it has it’s limits. In a war The Resistance would be operating undergound in secrecy and never showing their hand to the enemy. How many times has the security services taken down social media content to maintain their grip on the narrative. Maybe we’re missing a trick here. During WW2 physical propaganda like posters and airborne leaflet drops were used extensively with the message becoming burned into a public consciousness. Well designed stencilled grafiti art slogans that could be spray painted and replicated anywhere and by anyone could help to spread the word if the message is bold, clear and concise. Local authority street cleaners would obviously have their work cut out removing any offending ‘art’ from public buildings, pavements and walls but in any case could so easily be recreated again undercover of night. People feel disengaged, alone and powerless especially when we hear of huge protests in London that lose their powerful effect when the MSM don’t report it. Local Resistance groups are more likely to spring up and gain a following when ordinary people see hard evidence that activists are at work in their own neighbourhood promoting the next public rally against lockdowns and jabs for kids. Slapping an ugly sticker on a pig van is frankly nothing more than an annoying nuisance and can only be read from close up anyway, we have to think much bigger. In the words of Brain Gerrish I’d never condone this sort of criminality😇

  4. What really is in this mRNA gene therapy experimental injection then and the bit about its not in the publics interests, why’s that, is it because their all going to get very sick and eventually die, are they all going to become government controlled zombies when 5g gets turned on, are the government going to withhold the boosters unless you sign into britcoin, are they know considered transhuman and are now owned by big corp through a patent? That could be a excuse they could use not to tell the public cause that’s certainly not in the publics interest to know, poor buggers have know idea what the next few years from them, unfortunately we’re in a similar situation but we don’t have to worry about the potential outcomes by getting injected with that poison

  5. Great to see so many messages pointing to Jesus and his message of salvation for all who repent and get right with Him. A family member became a Christian after seeing so many such messages on forums like these and I have seen her life transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit living in her. We must remember, as Christians, that God rules sovereign and to pray to know how best to serve Him in these dark days. Satan loves us to fear. We are on the winning team thanks to what Christ achieved once for all on the cross!

    For those on this forum who are currently going to a church, do you find yourself in a minority among other Christians with your views on the dangers of vaccines, and where this is all leading? I have had heated discussions and feel I am in a minority with my views.

  6. because it’s a bio-weapon not a medicine or vaccine.
    How would you want to disclose the details of a bio-weapon?

  7. I saw on a conference thread with virologists that have been in the field for decades and highly advanced in this field….Them jabs spread spike protein through the body and do not stay in the deltoid muscle…This is NOT a jab people have had ever before and a new technology and actually suppresses the immune system which can make it weaker to fight other or should i say a actual infection…
    These government’s are using people as lab rats and its not for peoples health benefit…
    If they said what these jabs are and the actual deaths and adverse reactions are from them, then people would not have them…
    This is all against human rights and many solicitors i hear are pressing for cases against government’s over this as they are literally poisoning people and have ruined peoples lives for literally no actual reason…

    Except financial gain for them and CONTROL..

  8. Probably a bit late to leave a comment now but I love this video because it puts my point over so well I don’t share many of these videos but I shared this one

  9. Yes, its too late to show the masses of sheep who have queued up for this Jungle Juice. Their Body, Their Choice, Their Problem. Good luck to them all 🤞

  10. I know but we have to remember they are the victims and not judge them to harshly

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