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  1. A Statute  is…
    “A legislative rule of society given the force of Law by consent of the governed”

    A society is defined as a number of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal.

    Defined by Halsbury’s laws of England 🇬🇧

    • Any one may renounce a law introduced for his own benefit.
    • No one is obliged to accept a benefit against his consent.
    • He who receives the benefit should also bear the disadvantage.

    Principles of informed consent; There are 4 components of informed consent including
    Decision capacity,
    Documentation of consent, Disclosure,
    Is informed consent always required? Yes

    • Icky WRONG FLAG-That’s the british flag-If you talk of ENGLAND please use our George cross-TEAR-The English Are Rising!!! Be VERY AWARE people!!

    • If you think yourself as a “Person”, then you are putty in the hands of the government, governments are filled with barristers for a reason.

    • In the Winter, Army are getting ready, starting to creep into civilian life as we speak 🙁

      You’d understand all of this, if was a 95% will die that catch, but for 0.05% it’s just madness.

      The problem is there sheep likely want this, like 18months ago, when the sheep where crying the people going to the beach will kill us all which is safe,while running into Tesco’s the biggest spread area to find loo roll LOL

      Or harassed by the police for walking around in the country side 3miles away from anyone else, but still there drone went and filmed them LOL

      Masks, PROVEN to double transmission, if there putting masks in, they want transmission!!

      • Big food shortages coming world wide this winter as well, they are actively destroying crops on top of the poor crop yields (see iceagefarmer vids). No doubt that will be the excuse for army being everywhere, probably rationing and to get it you’ll do what you’re told, or else.

        Probably why we’ve left Afghanistan, tropps are going to be needed in their own countries.

      • Yep, agreed!!

        Wasn’t Afghan a waste of 20years and 1000’s of a soldiers lives 🙁

        Guess we don’t need there oil any more LOL

      • Tesco’s is not a spreading area you prat!

      • Mark, YES they are and the shops similar obviously, just can’t be arsed to list all, not the beach, they closed all the low spread risk and kept all the high spread risk open, odd that, only there to cripple the businesses. Government Stat’s on this 🙂

        And if you think social distancing and arrows and masks work, well since all droped 19th July, the cases and R rate have gone done so guess not, the opposite.

      • Why are you trying to cause division,I was asking a valid question,that you seem to have trouble understandimg,we don’t need to fight just non-compliance by a sizable proportion of the country would stop this scamdemic in its tracks,anyway isn’t your 77th brigade tea break time ,now trot on.troll.

      • <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< SHEEP ALERT <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

      • This is not a direct response to your comment, Amir, its just the first section in the thread whereby I could reply …

        I noticed a few mixed opinionated comments. It seems some people on here believe the virus is real? I’ve read and researched enough to personally conclude that it does exist but is not real… it is a computer generated fear campaign to implement what I termed the “Global Reset” and voiced to acquaintances in March or April 2020, even before the outing of the WEF’s “Great Reset”.

        The Afghanistan fiasco unfolding bamboozles somewhat; I read peoples comments going on about oil, however, I have always been of the belief that its more to do with the control over the poppy fields? My understanding now, is after failed occupations of both Russia and the West in modern times, the American withdrawal from Afghanistan is to make way for China to move in?

        I might as well use this slot to inform/suggest of “potential” vaccine antidotes for removing the vaccine toxins from your body. I say potential because I think more research is required… If you know of a loved one who may be now worried after receiving the jab, what’s the harm in trying some of these listed below?

        1. Iodine
        2. Zinc
        3. Magnesium
        4. N-Acetylcsteine
        5. Glutathione

    • Agree from Monday Bojo announcement from 16 August, people still believe it about a Virus not tyranny of our life. I never follow the rules if this comes to here they can go F off .and there threat of fines.

  2. Am glad I have got fk all. They can’t have what I haven’t got.

  3. I’m so sick of this bit by bit nonsense. I live in western Australia, I work in the mines. They have just introduced if you are coming from NSW you will need a receipt of at least one jab. It won’t be long before this becomes standard for all. I will lose my job, my family will be homeless. It is illegal and a crime against humanity. To have tea, you have a security guard literally standing over you, making sure you wash your hands with soap and water and use sanitizer after you electronically swipe in with your card, only to touch two filthy doors to get in. It is a farse, it is a joke and I for one am at breaking point. Being at the mercy of these fuckwits is beyond me. But I need to work right? Go and root a kangaroo.

    • So sorry, that sounds awful. 🙏

  4. Those police and army should be ashamed of themselves, a fucking disgrace!

    • Those dumbwits don’t seem to realise that they, and their families will also be hurled under the bus, when their ‘useful idiot’ status has run its course!

  5. Why is someone who is doing hand language, not wearing a mask? lol

    • Because those inflicted persons Also rely upon facial expression to get the gist of the messages ! Wearing the mask would not allow for this to happen. FACT !

  6. I want to get off this freaking planet, what I’m witnessing is insane.

    • Your passage is probably being arrange at our time of typing!

    • Silky, just hang in there!
      Look at the facts to keep you sane and to make sure you are on the right path.
      With enough resistance and civil disobedience this nightmare will be over.

      They seem to have heavy fine for the most ridiculous things!

      Surely taken to court the government can be asked to prove the existence of Convid or drop the charges.

      • I agree with you, we must stay strong. It is time for united civil disobedience. Lots of it. I got fined for attending a peaceful protest of 70 people last May in Perth, WA. Offence – failure to comply with a direction. I was not given a direction and I wasn’t even spoken to by police. I fought it in Court but the unenlightened pro vax magistrate found me guilty and increased my fine to $3,000 and gave me a criminal record!
        I will stand strong and not pay. If we all stand up and refuse to pay the fines, the government will have no power. The courts must be getting overwhelmed with the extra work. Fight back everyone. Your body, your choice.

  7. insanity comes to Australia, what next? firing squads?

  8. Yes Hugo, most Australians are turning away from the the MSM which bombards us 24/7 with Propaganda BS” and the people can smell a rat 🐀 “ I’m originally from New South Wales born and bred “ and I’m now living in South Australia “ and I’m extremely angered and mad 😡 at the cruel and horrendously oppressive way the average New south Welshman are being treated, even seniors being thrown too the ground “ it’s horrible “ these are most certainly “Crimes against humanity “ and I sincerely hope someone records this against these evil Australian authorities “

  9. Government Masonic connections
    Pedo,s rife
    Can only be there all a part of the great reset , with the boys from Davos
    Jab take up will be interesting

    • Aussies, didn’t comply, this is the reaction to not complying, huge fines and the army on the street.

      French not complying either, not that the president cares, just ignoring and carrying on with his script regardless.

      There to invested in there plan, to let much get in the way!!

      • Its all a big shit show to intimidate the population into getting the vaccine which has had a very low uptake until now.

      • France is very interesting. Growing numbers more frequently taking to the street but still being shit on by Macron. Essentially, the police need to switch sides for this all to stop. If the guards of his/the evil stop the protection of his/this objective, he/they will run as fast as he/they can to somewhere else, to be comforted and sheltered from the Lynch mob.

  10. This is war but it’s not against a virus it’s us against the puppet governments and the elite who pull thier strings

  11. I keep saying we are in a war…..problem is people or not brave enough to fight

  12. and we the people are letting it happen right before our eyes ?? so we have to fight back to go against this . we are the many they are the few , its time to gang up

    • To fight back you have to be smart. They have guns, you need to stop using all there systems.

    • I agree totally with you, Chris, but the problem is we are the few and they are the many. They have managed to gain the trust and support of our fellows, to turn them against us (the awakened)! I can’t see a solution to waking up the sheep. They’ve become so zombified it’s like talking to the dead!

      If you give one of them a needle filled with poison and ask them to inject you, explaining to them that they understand that once they inject it into you you potentially could die or be permanently impaired,,, they still wouldn’t think twice, and that is the greatest problem we have ever faced. Dehumanised, disconnected and divided we are going to fall. HOW DO WE STOP THE ROT???

  13. Why not have a FINANCIAL approach to the matter?
    Them- `Stay at home and Do what we tell you to do`
    You- YES, CERTAINLY (this eliminates the controversy because there is now agreement) it`s just that we charge you $999,999 (well it IS an emergency….isn`t it?) to DO that for you and because we have NO-CONFIDENCE with you administrating OUR Trust (the Trust is collapsed) payment must be with us immediately, thank you`
    After all, THEY are NOT volunteers…….so why should YOU be?
    The secret is just two words……CONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE
    Exam question 1)- The Pen(Business) is mightier than the Sword(Violence)…..Discuss.

    • As though that is going to work, – Really?

      So you stay at home – they cut the power off, they cut the water off – they cut the food supplies off . Yeh I can see how that is going to work !!

  14. Absolutely absurd.

    ANYONE who complies with this madness needs to stay locked away anyway.

    I simply will not engage in any contract of agreement with these reptiles.

  15. The world governments are literally killing people! They want you dead but they can’t just shoot you so they want to fool you into letting them inject you with poison! Then when everyone dies they will say oops it was an accident and also blame covid!

  16. I’m Australian and I see people wearing facemasks everywhere including in cars on their own and walking alone outdoors. I see everyone signing in with the offical State checkin app. This week the WA premiere announced that only people with one jab are allowed to enter his State. Australians are so trusting even as the fines and lockdowns increase in severity. They can’t conceive that their politicians could be loyal to groups outside of their country. At the end of 2020 the Aus Gov changed the Defence Act to allow foreign troops and military to act inside our nation with immunity. I think this is treason but my fellow Australians would say I’m the crazy one. World wide totalitarianism is upon us now and pain is going to be the teacher in a few years because they won’t listen to anyone but the media and the Gov.

    • Exactly. You try to tell people but they look at you like are crazy or they just roll their eyes, here we go, another ‘conspiracy theory’. It is difficult to get the message through to the zombified. This is what scares me the most. People just don’t want to know, like it’s too hard. Meanwhile our country is collapsing from the inside. Very sad.

    • I live in a small town in NSW, and it’s like I am one of the very few who can’t believe this rubbish, the rest just go along with whatever they’re told, it’s hard to keep quiet about it, but as I am alone here, I think I need to keep quiet in case things get worse. I do have a few people who agree, but being an older female, with no family nearby, it’s keep it to myself or be beaten down with all the propaganda about. They actually thinks it;s the right thing to do????? Hoping something comes along to change things for the better.

    • UK Same, I know of in total 3 Covid Deaths, nobody I know personally, where as suicides 2 personal and 4 not directly so friends of friends the last 20months.

  17. I should like to see someone present Gladys Berejiklian with a fine that will remain at the forefront of all politicians minds when they think of trespassing into the private lives and inalianable rights of people.
    We did not elect politicians to lock us in prisons of there black and cortorted minds.

  18. Its a wars against the innocent poor people who voted them in office and unfortunately the same victims are divided which will make very difficult for everyone 😕. Once again thank you very much Hugo. Lets continue with the live radio station bombardments. A journey a thousand miles starts with one step. One day at a time and we will win

  19. Cases are not infections just false positives!
    NWO agenda 21😈😈😈

  20. so it is alright for police and military and media and the rich to be free yet the common person is attacked. this country is totally unlawful

  21. Freedom won’t be returned it must be taken.
    The globalists see us as cattle.
    “Useless eater”

  22. Will somebody in Australia please murder this woman in cold blood.

  23. In the US Biden is ‘considering’ banning the unvaxxed from interstate travel. I’m sure that will be implemented sooner than later. Also the National Guard has active job listings for Internment/Resettlement Specialists and yes the job description is exactly what you think it would be. I counted 71 open positions across the US. A simple search brings these available job openings up so unless you have fallen into cognitive dissonance there is no denying something evil comes this way. I mean conspiracy theories aren’t a conspiracy anymore when there are open ads hiring detention center staff. There are two types of people right now, the woke and the awake. I know which I category I fall into.

  24. This is a war against the protesters. They’re getting WORRIED now!

  25. Looks to me like Gladys Pugh is a dirty jew. The name and the nose give the game away. These fuckers are everywhere and control everything.

    • Discovered that over twenty years ago. Realised, that at the top of every enterprise is a Jew. However, they are not the real Jew… They are, along with all the heads of state and their ilk, are from what is termed as the ‘Sabatean’ cult … (may have spelt it wrong)

  26. It strikes me that limiting movement (for exercise, shopping etc.) to 5 miles from your residence is a great way of limiting the numbers of people taking part in protests. Unfortunately, some of the bastards behind all this are clever bastards!

  27. I see we have sheep trolling us, likely trying to discredit us ofcourse, interesting.

    If you spot 1, don’t engage them just do this!!!

    <<<<<<<<<<<<<< SHEEP ALERT <<<<<<<<<<<<

    They CAN NOT just fine you for going outside, breaking the 2m rule with someone, ect….that is a VIOLATION of our rights!
    REMEMBER! the government, police, military serve US….OUR TAXES pay for them.
    Fight back and turn to Jesus Christ, our Lord and saviour, amen 🙏

    • More easily said than done, but they’ll just kill you and maybe, just maybe ask questions later. They don’t feckin care. We need a better solution. They keep placing roadblock after roadblock to stop our movement, silence and control us. We need targeted protest, and in massive numbers.

    • Brad Hazzard is an arsehole.

      Hazzard by name …hazzard by nature and a hazzard to the people of Australia.

      This moron may be down under but he is symptomatic of all politicians pedaling this shite.

      Rude, arrogant and congenitally stupid.

      Oxygen is wasted on him.

      • Power tripping patronising prick!!! Hmm, Remind me who elected him?!

  29. don’t even look like you can even go of grid anymore, cart escape now, still think its about a virus. there proper locking Australia down. id get out now walk away from your homes, why do you think there’s a 10km restriction? to stop people escaping get out now pack tonight get out beforw Monday i would .its time, get some survival food and get the fuck out of there you cart live in fear like that’s, 5000 dollar fines are just a excuse to put people in jail or camps we are under attack be our own government, time for survival instincts to kick me. time to boycott the city over there, we are going to win this. its us vs them. lockdown for punishment for not conforming to the great reset fuck the great reset, this is what the covid hoax was use for. so obvious now.

  30. Hi Hugo and everyone
    The fines do get upheld in the courts. We got fined $1000 in Western Australia for attending a protest in May last year, a Mother’s Day protest, approx 70 people, very peaceful. We fought the matter in court – fines increased to $2,750 and we got criminal records. If we don’t pay, the government suspends our driving licences/prevents us from taxing our cars and will take the money from our bank accounts without our consent. Disgraceful, corrupt legal system. We won’t pay and we will fight the fines to the grave. Stand up everyone. Power to the people.

  31. basically this is telling me the government declares war on its own people from Monday, and the 10 km restrictions in place to stop people even escaping. they have planned that out well, trapping people, so what are we going to do now. so what’s our next move. its going to get worse if you don’t get out. you will have hourly helicopters telling you to self isolate. you wanna like like that. so i would try to get out now before its to late, Australia is being imprisoned. boycott and get out. escape overnight. bit like north korea a few escape the powers the be. and they lose power and control and they cry like a baby. funny how this is happening on islands where you cart escape, that’s the trap. need to boycott the city’s its the only way now. that’s even if you can even leave or escape

  32. Hi Hugo – I live on the north coast of New South Wales, a beautiful rural area. Nobody is sick here at all but it’s the same as everywhere, People blindly complying, all wearing masks outside and in their cars, talking about being worried about getting sick, checking in and out with QR codes. It’s a sort of collective schitzophrenia. Australians, despite our traditionally rough larrakin nature, are extremely trusting and compliant, and now look where it has got us. I’ve really managed to piss off some people I was very close to by trying to warn them of all this. But of course I was called crazy, a conspiracy theorist etc. They will never thank me or say Oh you were right Sean! They will never see the bigger picture, even when there are armed guards on every street corner shooting anyone who leaves home. They’ll just say Oh it’s just the government keeping us safe! An appalling display of stupidity from people I thought were intelligent. The mainstream media here is so alarmist, toxic and relentless and it’s impossible to get anyone to see outside of it. It just spews propaganda 24 hrs a day. Also it’s winter here in the southern hemisphere – might be a sinister test run for those of you in the north.

    Big hug to all, fasten your seatbelts!


  33. Apparently last night announced via Twitter “Who’s on Twitter” that there was a 5km new rule even including the Blue zmountains. Most small villages in the upper mountains don’t even have a supermarket!! You would have to travel 10 km just to get to one. There may be a corner shop but they have limited stock and are very expensive. Oh and you can’t get out. There are road blocks preventing you changing states. Who would want to go south to Vic or north to Qld? They are even worse. Gladys is Arminian and yes many yrs ago it was the proud ANZAC s of long ago that freed the Arminians from the Turks. True freedom is only ever found in God Almighty. He did warn us in the book of Samuel in the Bible. But we didn’t listen. We wanted earthly kings or prime ministers or presidents.

  34. I’ve had a bit of a troubled past and spent sometime in prison which I’m not proud of cause I’ve hurt a lot of people expecially my family but anyway what I want to say is Australia is turning their citizens into prisoners, in prison you’re allowed 1 hours exercise a day which involves everyone walking clockwise surrounded by 20-30′ of security fence, all the australian government are doing is taken the 30′ security fence away but other than that these poor souls are living in a prison and most of them don’t even see it

  35. Speaking in half-truths in order to deceive and mislead the masses without actually lying is the modus operandi of the psychopathic elites and their puppets in governments. When they tell you that “This is literally a war”, you naturally assume that they are talking about combating the COVID bioweapon, and you would be wrong. Once you come to understand that the COVID-19 bioweapon is actually part of their weaponry, then you will also come to understand that the war they are waging, is against you; the citizens of Earth. But of course, they’re not going to admit it outright to your face, and so they only give you half of the truth.

    Think of World War 2, and the millions of innocent men, women, children, and babies, who were imprisoned and locked down in concentration camps and subjected to cruel, sadistic, and inhumane “medical” experiments by the Nazi’s, against their free will, and without their consent, many of whom were permanently injured, disabled, or died as a result or were later deliberately killed as part of the experiments: Sound familiar? This is the same exact evil scenario that is being perpetrated on the entire world at this very moment in time.

    What the world doesn’t realize is that World War 3 began at the end of 2019; and it is being waged not against rogue or fascist states, but against the citizens of Earth, by the fascist NaZi (National Zionist) elites and their puppets in governments all around the world; but it is a war unlike any fought before, as it is being waged with “silent weapons for quiet wars” and with “verbal instruments for mental torture”; not with missiles, but with viruses (bioweapons); not with bullets, but with experimental “vaccines”; not with bombs, but with the constant bombardment of doom and gloom posed by the COVID bioweapon, impending lockdowns, and threats to remove the rights and freedoms of those who refuse to take the experimental concoctions, to be experimented on, “blasted” all over the world through their propaganda arm of the MSM (Mainstream Satanic Media) – all to deliberately engender fear, worry, anxiety, and uncertainty in the minds of the masses and force them to give up their right of free will and comply with their illegal demands; and because the “silent weapons for quiet wars” cannot be heard, and the “verbal instruments for mental torture” cannot be seen, the world doesn’t notice that it is in a war and under attack.

    Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars

    And so the NaZi (National Zionist) elites are once again waging war on the entire world and picking up where they left off in world war 2; only this time, they come not in military uniform, but in the guise of the mega-rich psychopathic elites such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Elon Musk, who control and manipulate virtually every institution of power and influence on the planet including the Sabbatean-Frankist cult of the UN, the WHO, big pharma, big tech, the media, and world governments, including China, with whom they collaborated and planned the execution of this COVID-19 plandemic, so as to create the pretext, the opportunity for them to:

    *Carry out this sadistic genetic experiment on the whole of humanity, and;

    *Implement the draconian and nefarious measures outlined in their Agenda 21 aka Great Reset “sustainable development” communist manifesto world-wide, which includes the depopulation of the planet through the forced mass sterilization and culling of the population with vaccines, and the suppression of individual rights and freedoms, including the right of free speech, right of free movement, right of free association, right of free assembly, and the right to own private property, just as we heard Klaus Schwab – Nazi leader and executive chairman of the “World Economic 4th Reich Forum”, confirm a few months ago while commenting on the “great reset” with the words “You will own nothing and you will be happy”, in a narcissistic and condescending manner reflective of a slave owner talking down to his slaves.

    Science Meets UN Agenda

    And in continuing their cruel, sadistic, and inhumane “medical” experiments from World War 2, the National Zionist elites and their puppets in governments all around the world have this time around, turned the entire planet into a concentration camp, imprisoning and locking down its 7.8 billion citizens – innocent men, women, children, and babies, into different sectors (countries and states), and subjecting them to unproven and experimental mRNA and DNA concoctions that continues to injure, disable, and kill thousands of victims around the world with no recourse for compensation – just as happened in the German concentration camps of World War 2, and threatening to remove the individual rights and freedoms of those who refuse to be part of the experiment, to be experimented on, against their free will and against their expressed wishes, in complete violation of their human rights as set out under the guidelines of the “Nuremberg code”, the “Declaration of Helsinki”, and the “Belmont Report”, which were specifically drafted in response to the very atrocities that are once again being perpetrated by the modern-day Nazi (National Zionist) elites and their puppets in governments, but this time against the entire world, to ensure that such crimes against humanity are never repeated, with the “Declaration of Helsinki” adopted in 1964 reaffirming the need for informed consent in all research and warned that the “interest of science and society should never take precedence over considerations related to the wellbeing of the subject.”

    Human Subject Research: International and Regional Human Rights Standards

    When governments deliberately withhold already existing safe and effective alternative treatments and prophylactics like Ivermectin from the people, proven to inhibit the COVID-19 bioweapon from binding to and infecting the cells of the human body, allowing them to get on with their lives, and instead, focuses solely on the unproven, experimental mRNA and DNA concoctions, and continually threatens to force people to take them, to be experimented on, against their right of free will and against their expressed wishes, despite the fact that it continues to injure, disable, and kill thousands of victims around the world, not to mention the fact that they don’t even prevent the jabbed from contracting and transmitting the virus, then you know that there is an evil agenda behind this entire scam, and that it has nothing whatsoever to do with “protecting” the populace from the COVID-19 bioweapon that they created.

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