MORE BBC CALLERS Drop Truth BOMBS And Get Cut OFF / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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    • The video contains too many truthful things for the flocks of sheep to see. YouTube wouldn’t want you to see things that might give you 2nd thoughts about this plandemic.

      • I think there must be a special way of copy & paste the link because it was still available on youtube to see…

  1. We Got A Problem gave Hugo a ‘shout out’. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Stop paying the TV license. Letโ€™s keep ring up the BBC with facts. The sheep might start to wake up.

  3. @christina price It makes me fume when the government/media/health officials go on about coronavirus as though it’s THE virus as in all one virus when clearly it isn’t. As you say cold/flu is classed as a coronavirus. I saw a comment on YouTube ages ago which said a woman came up to me today and asked me about coronavirus and when I said which one she gave me a funny look.

  4. I heard a caller get cut off on ‘any answers’ at the beginning of the jan roll out, just as he began to describe his horrendous adveree reactions the BBC and Legacy media in general has to rely on tax payers money to spread Globalist propaganda. They were on their way out before the case-demic even started.

  5. Everyone complicit in this must hang from every available rope.

  6. What a position for a supposed independent broadcaster to take.
    By all means discuss the alleged benefits of the vaccine if you choose too but to silence and censor the number
    of deaths and ARs ,are down right criminal behaviour.
    At the end of this sorry saga, there will be many people with blood on their hands.
    Not just political leaders and the medical profession but the whole of the MSM.
    I hope these individuals realise what they are doing.
    Saying “I was only doing my job” will not be an acceptable excuse for the gravity of these crimes.

  7. Do you think that this will lead to radio stations only using fake crisis actors on phone in sections? Hopefully not.

    • Hey! That is a distinct possibility!! When it gets to a point that the sheep are turning then they will have to call on the ‘ specials’ to confirm that the vaxtermination jab is the right thing to do! F’king BS scam!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก

  8. The first one “Any Answers” I was listening to it live! And thought to myself “that just about sums up the BBC” once had “respect” for them them had “some respect”
    Now what a bunch of tossers

  9. Hm?.. The word is getting out about these Corrupt, Racketeering Carpetbaggers at the BBC. I applaud anybody who speaks their truth, and outs them as the Vile corporation that they are. (Incidentally, if you break down the word ‘CORP-ORATION’…
    It translates exactly as ‘DEAD-SPEAK’)

  10. They find it absolutely detestable, these media people, when they’re caught out like that. Every trick in the book is applied as well as to cut off. Arrogance and complacency…sigh.

  11. Do you guys realise how serious is and telling is the fact they wont give an opportunity to people they claim to serve,to report a crime or even a fact he suffered from vaccine!!! Its despicable…..someone says … relative died few hours after it and gets cut off….this is a fascist style… hatred towards these spineless propagandists getting paid to misinform and censor the public. I mean seriously? So tomorrow i call and i say my brother was killed by someone,and if this goes against their agenda,its not a murder????

    • Email sent

      Dear Jeremy

      I am astonished at the berating you gave John from Manchester the other day on your show. The BBC notorious for propaganda is perpetuated by you. You would not have given him air time had he told researchers the true nature of his call because you are being coerced to spread a false narrative by your wealthy donators and you know it.

      You have blood on your hands by indoctrinating your listeners with a biased viewpoint. I have campaigned for the BBC to do a live debate with world leading virologists epidemiologist and immunologists together with Van Tam Witty and Vallance to evaluate the real science on COVID 19 and I have been shunned. If you choose to not look deeper into the subject that is your choice but the people have a right to know different viewpoints on the matter and I hail John a hero for speaking out.

      If you are laughing to yourself and disregarding this email, the following may resonate


      Shame on you Mr Vine for being complicit in a money driven exploitative biased organisation that I though was once a national institution.


      • Superb Suzie. The BBC were the envy of the world…. But! Have they always been corrupt and we haven’t seen it until this load of irrationally BS was used against the British people?

    • Theres going to be big protests in France this weekend , lets see if tbe msm cover that and im sure they will say only a few people turned up when it looks like hundreds of thousands are going.

  12. Well we have been saying it for ages now people are waking up and questions are being asked. I really wish someone would lay into Dr Shillary give him the facts after all the fearmongering he’s done. Thing is hes like piers Morgan he gives as good as he gets. I remember what he was like with piers Corbyn last year.

  13. 10th August James O’Brian show on LBC a caller got through claiming to have been jabbed as has all her family except for one who was a total anti and had shown the family proof of the harm they do. JO’B tried to discredit all the info she said her cousin had passed on but she had an answer for everything by quoting her ‘cousin’ in the end he cut her was great! James was truly beyond disrespectful and she got some truth bombs out there. Im a technophobe and cant work out how to post the link here..sorry. its on his podcast on the app for another 3 days..can someone please post it here for Hugo or Hugo you can check it out. Its in the last hour of the show but the whole show shows you what a total ignoramus O’ brien is๐Ÿ˜€

  14. A lie carried on no matter how big will always be conquered by truth if you keep asking enough questions. This is why they censor or cut you off. Itโ€™s like a crook being found out and doing a runner, only option they have left.

  15. Disgusted by the people playing a part in the harm of humans for whatever incentives or reasons they may use to justify it. I actually would rather die of covid than be in a room with one of these spineless people that wonโ€™t let real concerns and experiences be heard. It is disgusting sure you can believe in vaccinations ability to keep you safe. I had one such conversation today with someone who is double jabbed and the conclusion we both came to is that no one should be bullied into either taking or not taking it. It has to be personal choice because there are risks both ways. These sick people behind this have tried to create a group of people who they can abuse (unvaccinated) and demonise and to then normalise that behaviour too. You cant get much more evil than that coming from someone who was abused as a child by my own brother and then after I told adults failed to protect me and he continued every form of abuse he could until I escaped in my early 20s. He took my choices away and so much more for so long. The people putting fellow humans through this are absolutely abusive and evil. Those types aim to wear you down and remove all hope. I have a heart and a husband who I love dearly and a few other people including my sister and I do volunteering with other disabled people and that is fulfilling for me. Looking after others is the opposite of what the people who are behind this are doing. No matter how they try to bully and control my choices it wonโ€™t ruin my hope nor will it sway me. Vaccination almost killed me in childhood pushing people towards one risk to reduce the risk of another risk is beyond stupid and evil. At least Iโ€™m not an absolute arsehole like them. I donโ€™t know what makes them feel important enough to choose others risks and I am glad I donโ€™t have my head far enough up my own butt to understand their train of thought. Happiness isnโ€™t something they can take from you. Have your drained days where you feel the horror of it and then get braver every single good day. Pick others up from despair and remind them of their humanity. keep the caring people who respect your right to autonomy over your own body and the people minus that can go to hell, because if there is a such place, that is where they belong. There is no nice or good option. There is no option in this scenario without risks. They have hijacked one of those risks (the one they wish to portray as the popular one) for their own benefit and are acting like gremlins with water spilled on them. Forcing children to go through psychological harm because you think you are right is abusive. I am seeing videos of children being forced to have vaccines and those people involved have lost their humanity. Children arenโ€™t here to protect us itโ€™s the other way around. The closing of the on air conversation is them running scared. I have no words for how it feels as a disabled person myself to try and reassure another disabled person who is running out of patience with zoom sessions that are different and yet the same and wondering why they canโ€™t see people in person. Someone asked me who I thought would know the answer and I donโ€™t and she doesnโ€™t either and the people there donโ€™t. Only the people pulling the strings who are never accountable or contactable coincidentally. Power drunk people and in the end their power is an illusion as their rules are illogical and I am seeing more and more people not following them. Was I going to argue with someone who wanted in a lift beside me instead of waiting for the next one for example. First time I followed rules and someone jumped in after it zoomed to the second floor. Second time same place) the woman said to the man behind me I donโ€™t want her (referring to me) to be annoyed at me. I honestly couldnโ€™t give a toss. I see human first and thatโ€™s where we all need to get back to and urgently. We never acted this way with any other diseases and unprecedented times do not justify dehumanising people, psychologically abusing people, brainwashing and manipulation of people the list can go on and on. I canโ€™t wait til the tide turns on them because it will be a tsunami.

  16. These presenters all sound like James O’Brien’s love children, you have to be some kind of scumbag lowlife to protect the kill shot garbage and other B/S. Most likely these shows are all run from GCHQ so they are now going to have to have a re-think on the phone in part of the show or have more staged / paid callers as O’Brien benefits from in order for him to spin his poisonous script…
    For those that want to Stop This follow simple methods here since April 2020.
    No protests, no legal cases, no cost. Visit

  17. Hey Hugo I hope you will read this.
    Sorry for my broken english
    As I have been writing before regarding death numbers from vaccine in denmark

    Here in denmark the official number of vaccine deaths, which was shared with someone demanding insight was 4500 total within 30days after vaccination
    And that was leaked in FEBRUARY

    Before they really started going big on the vaccines.
    After that it has been hidden of course.

    But that number is only in denmark with a population pf 5.8million. And at that time perhaos 7-15% vaccinated.
    Now almost 78% is vaccinated here!
    So the death toll must be way higher by now

    Regards Ion

  18. Anyone see ukcolumn news regarding the Gates foundation reintroducing Polio with an experimental drug into Africa, Bet you wont find the BBC reporting that!

  19. Oops ๐Ÿ˜ฌ dropped the bomb. Shameless shameless Puppets for BBC. Thanks Hugo and the brave callers. We slow and small in number but mighty in action.

  20. Basic facts!! The story so far.
    Can’t get any answers to basic but factual questions


    The latest data shows Covid 19 death rates continue to rise. (Not included in the announcements) Mainly because we have demanded that all deaths up to 28 day post positive test for covid will be included in the Covid death statistics. Obviously if a person died from terminal cancer, heart disease, heart attack or anything other than covid, 28 days after you have tested positive for covid, we will not make that known to the public to insure the propoganda of fear continues.

    Announcement : Our amazing government paid scientists have discovered a vaccine to prevent and treat Covid 19 (in 10 mths, as opposed to the normal, approx 15 years)

    They didn’t announce this vaccine has been going through many years of trials… because it hasn’t been trialed, the human race are the vaccine experiment


    Its not “a” vaccine.. You now need 2 vaccines


    Its not 2 vaccines.. You will need to have annual booster Jabs, because when we said a vaccine had been discovered to prevent and treat Covid 19 what we actually meant was… Even when you’ve been double or tripple jabbed you can still get Covid 19 and still a transmit it ๐Ÿค”

    Top non government paid scientists and medical experts in the fields of epidemiology, virology, immunology, global respiratory, immunologist specialist etc, etc all being ignored

    NHS Staff on the front line speaking out about the lies.

    Media refusing to interview these people, refusing to give them a platform, if the mainstream media were not involved in theses perpetual lies and cover ups would they not take the opportunity to discredit them in front of a world wide audience.. That alone speaks volumes.

    AND THE MAJORITY OF THE WORLD SLEEPS ON ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ˜ด

  21. I have always believed that the best way to cause serious damage is to infiltrate their influence points. Exactly what has been done to us. We should be applying for jobs and what ever else they offer, record always, nod and go along with it while building evidence.

  22. The lying media and BBC are desperately looking for as many stories as possible of former anti-vaxxers who refused the jab and then apparently regretted it later. They are clearly NOT interested in the hundreds of thousands of stories of cases where people WERE vaccinated and then regretted it!!! Corrupt bastards!!!!!

  23. Very suspicious that these things are suddenly cropping up – anti vaccine etc callers mysteriously getting through to msm.
    They are allowing this for a reason.
    You can’t believe anything on msm, even if you agree with it.

    • There’s no mystery.They’re allowing it because the callers are being devious, and playing the bastards at their own game, and then others are following the examples set. I’m going to try it myself.

      • Oh Peter!! I hope you are successful with your radio phone ins. I would have a go but I’m afraid that I would stumble , become over nervous and talk too quickly and therefore appear to be a crackpot!! Good luck to you!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

      • Of course the first time you are going to be nervous, especially if you are phoning Jeremy Vine about Covid. but like most things, with practice it will be second nature. Do not phone in about Covid, do not phone Jeremy Vine, do not phone Jeremy Vine about Covid for your first call. Like they say about job interviews, go for jobs you don’t want for the practice. So phone up your local radio station to talk about something inconsequential. That way you will get used to being ‘on air’. The Radio 2 breakfast show has the biggest audience in Europe and probably the world. Vine’s programme will have a good few listeners ๐Ÿ˜€ Do you think Jeremy Vine started off on Radio 2 talking about Covid? No, he was on some local radio station talking about something inconsequential. The more you practice, the faster you will think on your feet, you won’t get ‘paralysed’ when you get that Christ Almighty, I am ‘on the air’ feeling. It is like ‘John from Manchester’ said it is a pressurised situation. You are going to feel your head explode when it dawns that you are speaking to Jeremy Vine, a seasoned pro, and you have an audience of millions. When you come off air you will be wishing you said something or other or didn’t say something or other. But like with Convid you can’t spend the rest of your life ‘shielding’. Bite the bullet, breath deeply and go for it. Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€ Pro-tip: As any other broadcaster, including Vine, has been taught, remember you are only speaking to ‘the listener’, or ‘the viewer’; you are only phoning Vine at home for a chat ๐Ÿ˜€ Easy, peasy! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Brilliant advice my friend. Ring the ‘ locals’ to get climatised before going for the jugular! Great stuff! ๐Ÿ‘

      • And something else. In any conversation it is whoever that is asking the questions that is controlling it. Like any ‘interaction’ with the filth. They only ask a serious of (inconsequential) questions until you make something up and can be accused of lying ๐Ÿ˜€ So, take a leaf out of politicians books, say what you are going to say, get your message across, don’t answer the question, answer a question with a question. Otherwise, someone like Vine will just keep asking questions until you can’t think of an answer off the top off your head, then he can can you off and make you look like an idiot kind of like how barristers work in law courts. “So, tell me your qualifications in virology epidemically and origami'”, “Eh”, “We are going to have to leave that caller there, moving on to trev…” Together we will win this battle of the airwaves ๐Ÿ˜€

    • David,, I don’t know what you heard but my ears seemd to detect that they were cut off,, in fact if you listen Sarah Gorrell near shit herself to get pressing the reject button and was really rattled trying to recover the situation.

  24. Love the irony of a BBC presenter saying “they would have that conversation in a more balanced way”
    Beyond parody!!

    When can we lock up these criminals?
    They are defending murder and racketeering..

  25. Listening to this has really perked up my spirits. Shows me that if each of us use the power we have we are truly powerful.

  26. Excellent! Keep going guys. Their house of cards is crumbling.

  27. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ…positive solutions focus. Definitely the way to get the beast. Silent weapons for silent wars. #Love Hugo Talks

  28. Thank you Hugo as always fella

    Thanked John to ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ’ช

    Have great weekend everyone ๐Ÿฆ‹

  29. Let’s continue to fight them like this. But as media respond by so obviously shutting down the debate, that too exposes the Covid & vaccine crimes.

    • Brilliant! Well done people! That takes some real courage! Amazing we have to lie to hw able to tell the truth! They are clearly desperate for “antivaxers” if they reply that quickly!I wonder what would happen if we created a show for pro-vaxers who regret getting the jab!

      • Ohhhhh!!! The BBC wouldn’t do that, that is not part of the Agenda!

  30. “If we do this debate we would have to do it in a much wider context, giving all the facts…” following which, the BBC producer scheduled the debate for Noneday the twelfth of Neverember 202โ™พ๏ธ at 25:00 hours.

  31. All the colluders, should be brought to task. Sarah Gornell, hopefully will be among them.

  32. Great way to get the truth out and humiliate the fake mainstream at the same time

      • The video must have contained some TRUE comments then!

      • Amber, that video had been censored by YouTube and is no longer available. It MUST have contained truthful things then! It makes my blood boil that the sheep still think this scam is about keeping them safe and saving the NHS! FFS!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

    • The fact is though that they WON’T have a debate about this subject – despite the fact that the interviewer said they would allow him to speak if it was in a balanced debate. But of course they won’t have that debate because they dare not.

      • Yes you are right, they won’t have a debate but at least the listeners of that programme were presented with information they may not have heard before and get enlightened.

      • Correct my friend. The listener would probably never heard of anything other than Save the NHS and Case numbers. It’s been total BS from the very start!

  33. thank you hugo, yr becoming my prime source for info .

  34. BBC scum. Tells you everything you need to know. Just think about this for a moment. Someoneโ€™s child could have a really serious adverse reaction to this vaccine and the evil media are cutting people off from even discussing this. So much evil in the world but itโ€™s starting to come out, let the truth calls continue. Might make one myself.

  35. Great to hear people using their weapons of propoganda against them keep up the good work defund the bbc

  36. Boils my p**s, I’ve got covid which is not as bad as the flu.
    When I was in my mid 20’s I got the flu, it put me in bed for 2 weeks and I lost half a stone in weight and I was in a really bad way.
    Almost 20 years on I’ve got this covid and all I feel a bit off, slightly run down and some hot and cold sweats.
    This is a joke, I have to do a PCR for my work so I have to get that done.
    I won’t be isolating, the sooner this crap is spread throughout the population the sooner it will be gone.
    Don’t isolate, if anything let’s have covid parties like when I was a child and we’d have chickenpox parties.
    If people want this gone, that’s the fastest way to go about it.

    • DANIEL
      I agree totally and everything you said relates to mee too

      • Graphene oxide could well be on the test swabs (as well as ethylene oxide) and those single use plastic surgery type masks too. They put it on all sorts I think, sanitary pads etc to sterilise them but there’s no requirement to tell you on the packet. But yes, the water supply being filtered by GO treated filters is concerning. And apparently the loss of taste and smell is a biggie for poisoning by such substances and metals.

    • No, you don’t have ‘covid’ because it doesn’t exist. Saying you’ve got it means you’re part of the problem. You’ve just got a normal cold / flu / sweats that we’ve all had a thousand times before.
      How do you know you’ve got ‘covid’?
      The pcr test?
      Don’t me daft. The inventor of the test said it cannot test for a virus, end of. That’s why they use it, to lie and deceive and give people false positives. Take your lemsip, drink your Tropicana and stop telling people you’ve got ‘covid’, when you’ve just got a normal bug / flu/ cold.

      • Have to say I also have been told I have Covid
        Been in hospital 2 wks and itโ€™s been hell
        Itโ€™s nothing like the flu and pneumonia has over the yrs
        What it is though is a coronavirus
        There is no cure for colds and flu
        They are all coronavirus
        Like u say itโ€™s a flu like illness with a label to meet the agenda
        The one thing Iโ€™d say is up your health and fitness to make yourself the best u can
        Itโ€™s random

      • Or graphene poisoning that they are putting in water and food. Graphene causes the exact symptoms of โ€˜Covidโ€™ not surprisingly!

      • You are absolutely right, also this so called virus has’nt been isolated so how the hell can you produce a vaccine !!!๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก

      • When did folk start losing their sense of smell or taste for weeks or months after having the flu?

    • As a child I remember being taken round to a house in the next street to play with the two brothers who had chickenpox, my trip was sucessful, lots of cousins were brought along to play with me , that was the days when we had an immune system and Dr’s had opinions, before there professional organisatiions and collages silenced them and started pushing the pharmacutical industrys agenda in the name of sponsorship and dirty money.

    • You make a good point, I have also said for a long time that if Covid had been allowed to spread we would have all had it by now and we would have been out of this ages ago. Or would we? It has never been about Covid, that is the excuse for the great reset.

      • All about CONTROL, always has been. They wanted to see how far the public would go after being fed BS. I bet they can’t believe how stupid’ people’ are!! Most of our MP’s are just doing what they are told as they do all the time. For them, it’s a case of moving up the political ladder . They’d sell their granny! Makes my blood boil!!

    • This isn’t about a virus anymore so isolating for it to rip through the population or not makes zero difference, they will find some other excuse for a lower grab

      • They will continue to move the goalposts and the sheep will continue to comply and be frightened of the fresh air. We’re in deep doo doo ๐Ÿ˜•

  37. Just seen they live again……..looks like a documentary

  38. This really is a great way to fight them – they either have to let you speak THE TRUTH for which they have no answers, or they have to cut you off, in which case they look like they’re hiding something – which of course – they are. I’m going to have to start listening to the radio for opportunities.

      • BBC should be stripped of their broadcasting licence

      • All you have to do is create doubt in the listeners’ minds. Never express opinion, just official data and science fact. Kary Mullis is their weak spot as it is his invention that is being used to drive the scamdemic.

      • And of course…. Poor old Mr Mullis passed away just before the scamDemic and before they started his PCR procedure for a job it was never devised for. It was handy timing for WEF that he wasn’t still alive to explain his test wasn’t for virus detection, very handy indeed ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”๐Ÿค”

    • They cant censer your house get signs put on your window woth figures n websites. Im thinking of lamp post signs every where ive found a new hobby lol

    • I know someone who codes for a hospital. The supervisor there is very pro vaxx, she ran in and got the jabs in February, just yesterday she came in saying she has blood clots in her leg. Later in the afternoon my friend also coded a person who had just taken the first jab and now has Bells Palsy. No lie.

    • The very fact that this heavy”Screening” and one sided censoring is going on throught the main media,, should make people at least wonder why ? Surely?…. If it doesn’t make you question things… truly are lost and on the wrong side of history.

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