MORE BBC CALLERS Drop Truth BOMBS And Get Cut OFF / Hugo Talks #lockdown


108 Comments on “MORE BBC CALLERS Drop Truth BOMBS And Get Cut OFF / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I like how polite these callers are. It shows that we can be better than the “shills”.

    • All roads lead to Rome and the Vatican that seats the third Antichrist, who’s name in Latin adds up to six hundred and Sixty Six, Swiss Guards protect it too!

      CERN is a concern!

      Bush, Blair, Brown, Biden are all in the club to mention but a few, all Roman Catholics too Mmm.🧐 A bit Mafioso if you were to ask me.

      A national strike would be a great start, in fact why not make it a worldwide strike!

      They’ll soon listen then when it hits them in their pockets, and they realise that the people have the real power.

  2. There is another way.

    It is all very disturbing! Things go much deeper than one can ordinarily conceive within the mind, good old saturation politics at work. MK Ultra techniques on the masses me thinks.

    Boris & Co must go!!!

    Be they left, right, or indifferent they are all one body a government connected to Klaus Schwabzenegger, who is pushing for a Pope backed Fourth Industrial Revolution Aka Forth Reich for those in the know, and the Great Reset is a cover name for the New World Order, which is being created by the the following tactics of; destabilisation, denationalisation, and finally depopulation.

    Remember the following parrot fashion statements coming from all Governments around the world do you?

    1, “We are all in this together”
    2, “We want our planet back”
    3, “6uild 6ack 6etter”
    4, “You will own nothing and you will be happy”

    Event, 201, ID2020, Agenda 21, Luciferase Biometric Tattoo, Cyberpolygon, Agenda 2030 etc.

    We all know who the culprits are and who they work through, choosing their base in Davos Switzerland, so what are we going to do about it to save our children, enough is indeed enough!

    • Ash,
      You are absolutely right in what your saying. A lot can’t understand it but yes it’s a lot deeper and sinister than one thinks. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.👍🏻

    • Absolutely, what are we going to do about it??? Agreeing with like-minded folk doesn’t really cut the mustard does it? What is to be done….. ?

  3. BBC..what a load of government puppets..what wankers..DEFUND THE LIARS AT THE BBC..hope they all get the jab and DIE

  4. We need more of this. This is far more effective than protests and marches. Listeners have no choice but to hear the truth even if it is for just a few seconds.

    • Protester marches do work don’t ever think it doesn’t because they sent a much louder statement but also this is super effective as well so just bear in mind and keep the two going because having a protest gives the people faith and you can see how the results of that has been going on in France

  5. Actually it is common practice for presenters to insist on sticking to particular subjects but it is a good opportunity for listeners to hear truths they might otherwise not be a aware of.

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