Wind Up Merchants / 4 year olds / Scotland / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Maybe Hugo forgot there are many different Clowns yet we must never forget the EVIL CLOWNS and these are the ones whom are playing psychological games.. Eyes open in Clown World.

  2. I’m gay person and I know LGBT organisation is supported by corporations please don’t judge gay people this way you can see who show their orientation for money. Simply there is no need for that

    • Daz, nobody is judging you, same side here, common enemy which is the media / governments, this is just divide and conquer BS, don’t fall for it 🙂

      Just don’t get jabbed 🙂

    • Daz, like yourself I’m gay. Not many give a toss as to anyones sexual preferance today but what is happening at present seems designed to outrage people.
      I believe that gay people are being used at present, and the silly ones think it’s great, you get unthinking people in every walk of life.
      Not all gay people buy this shit they see it for what it is.
      A phychological ploy to undermine society and the family unit, just another way to divide people.
      Thankfully many gay people understand this

      • This kinda shit is past being just gay. It’s messed up as well as horrifying that you could send your kid to school and they could do that to your kid. I say thank god I haven’t got any little kids as it might put me off having any but then again that’s probably what they want.

    • Daz, we are talking about 4 years old children here. I believe you’re an adult making informed choices?

  3. Just a thought—- one a friend planted in my head some time ago and I have been mulling over—— the seeming encouragement of this leads to less births in the long run.
    Thanks for your updates Hugo… from an island in the pacific near Vancouver, Canada…. You help us feel less alone in this strange reality

    • Yes, I think this is another avenue to achieve depopulation. If young girls get manipulated into thinking they are transgender or lesbian this will inevitably result in fewer pregnancies.

    • It is to drive down the reproduction rate of the white Caucasian indigenous population. This is the same agenda behind the dodgy sexual offences laws. And laws don’t apply to certain groups as we found in in Rotherham among other places. Meanwhile certain groups continue to breed like rabbits. All part of the plan. A blind person can see what is going on. The UK is going to look hugely different in demographic make-up. The seeds were planted a long time ago.

  4. Hugo you should take this video down as it just typifies the nonsense so don’t give this BS any credence .

  5. Henry Makow : “Organized jewry is a corrosive acid that seeps into the fissures of society in the name of “social change” in order to undermine it. Despite this moral posture, there is no genuine desire to empower the goyim. See liberalism, feminism, homosexualoty, migration in this light.”

    • Very good! “Eyes wide open” they see us as cattle, goyim.they scream “anti semitism ”
      Our ancestors were wise they knew all about them and how manipulive and corrosive to any society they are.they were barred from 109 countries throughout the ages.
      They especially hate “Jesus”
      , nothing has changed in 2000yrs.

      “we will make the west stink to high heaven”
      this is exactly what they have done. Go to university learn to hate your white skin and country. Very clever!!
      We are being overrun with immigrants.
      “The future people’s of Europe will be coffee coloured in appearance ”

      “Coudon hove kalergi plan ”

      They run every facet of our society with the help of their useful idiots.

  6. America, 5year olds, without parental consent can start gender reassignment surgery, can’t choose what time they go to bed mind.

  7. It is almost exactly Yuri Bezmenovs explanation of how the West will fall, but taken to even more extreme levels than even he could have imagined. You allow the mentally ill to drive the agenda and process, attack and imprison anyone who points out how mad it is, and it becomes normal. And in the meantime the world falls apart and no one can work out why – they just keep blaming the people who disagree while not seeing it all happened after the loons took over the asylum.

    • First you brain washed everyone with PC, with is that you should pretend things that are just wrong, are right in order to stop hurting peoples feelings, that’s been going on for 10+ years easy.

      Then no matter how insane it gets, as long as the sheep are following the insane, then PC means that they are Sane and everyone else is insane.

      Yep we are insane, not being driven by FEAR and able to think for ourselves.

      * GREAT Meteor Storm tonight, seen 1 great 1 leaving tesco’s HUGE, I suggest everyone goes out side somewhere dark and enjoys it, takes a night off, before the shit really hits the fan, can’t watch it next year from our FEMA camp, thanks Bill!!

  8. Maybe there that stupid they have forgot that these children do not belong to them don’t mess with there mother’s big mistake

  9. what next 4 yr old changing their name on their driving licence to avoid points and named parking spaces in the car park ….l

  10. Wtaf, I am a gay woman but I sure as hell didn’t know when I was 4!! I also think all these million and one indentify as this that and the other gender is about confusing and dehumanising kids, making them effectively all the little robotic clones of each other.

    • lanfearv, like yourself, I didn’t really know until my late teens and even then was not sure until my early 20’s. Yes I was always closer to men and I imagine it was an [
      phisicial attraction. It was only when I was interacting with people as an adult and there reactions to me that it became clear I wanted to be with a man more than a woman. I have always been comfortable in my own skin and who I am, but I think it would have been something very forign if not down right confusion to have been talking about genders and pronouns when I was a child. If anyone had asked me if I wanted to be a horse when I was four I probably would have thought it a great idea, what do kids know about anything other than playing.

  11. Jeremy Vine is despicable. But he works for the BBC which has no place in modern society. They actively encourage child abuse and should have their broadcasting licence removed otherwise there will be no 4 year olds around anymore

  12. I am ashamed to be a Scot nowadays, feels like we are King woke of the UK. If this story is true then it’s absolute abuse.

  13. This is a most popular tune in German bars. We Germans not only make fine beer, we make fine music too.

    ♫Les boys do cabaret
    Les boys are glad to be gay
    They’re not afraid now
    Disco bar in Germany
    Les boys are glad to be
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    Les boys got leather straps
    Les boys got SS caps
    But they got no gun now
    Get dressed up get a little risque
    Got to do a little s & m these days
    It’s all in fun now

    Les boys come on again
    For the high class whores
    And the businessmen
    Who drive in their Mercedes Benz
    To a disco bar in old munchen

    They get the jokes that the d.j. makes
    They get nervous and they make mistakes
    They’re bad for business
    Some tourist take a photograph
    Les boys don’t get one laugh
    He says they’re useless

    Late at night when they’re gone away
    Les boys dream of jean genet
    High heel shoes and a black beret
    And the posters on the wall that say
    Les boys do cabaret
    Les boys are glad to be gay♫

  14. Preparing them for transhumanism soulless world god help us…….. Absolute assault. Refuse to take them how traumatising. Parents need to refuse taking them to prison. Because that’s what they are prisons of the mind. One day it will all be over, i fucking hope so its been a long time coming waitied 20 odd years for it to end and it still keeps going. I always new there was something wrong at school as a kid and couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Hopefully it will end soon…….

  15. According to Catherine Austin Fitts of the Solari Report, not only is there are depopulation agenda going on but a de-sexing agenda. What the powers that be envision in the future is that there will be 3 distinct beings in society, robots, cyborgs (humans via their brains who are attached to the Internet of Things) and humans as we exist now. They want all these entities classified as they/them for simplifying legal and legislative purposes. That is why they are brainwashing the young children to accept this as normal.

  16. Thank you Hugo

    I believe this site is for our freedom of speech & I don’t hear anything against gay people I know a few gay people who are older & don’t agree this should be happening in schools.

    Please don’t reply to this comment as I don’t want to have to be arguing with people I have never met! If I argue it’s face to face ok.

    Thank you Hugo
    Have great day

  17. Why do they want to divided us all. We in 2021 not 1990 if somebody grows up and they same sex feelings that’s there rights why should somebody have to ‘come out as gay ‘ it’s there personal choice not society or anyone else. We are all human beings regardless of sexuality.

  18. This is deliberate abuse of children and the Scottish Pm should resign. Scotland has the worse drug problems in Europe and now this lunatic nonsense with children who at that age cannot even begin to understand the meanings of Lesbian/Homosexual. Humans should be free to decide when mature adults. I am sure this current campaign is again being pushed from those wanting a New World Order Control (WHO/WEF/UN) to help with severe population reduction and when the time comes to know who to remove. (Like in WW2 with the Yellow Stars and the Jewish people) Same with the Vegan campaign and the World Warming campaign to divide the population and cause friction with misinformation instead of facts.

  19. I’m Scottish and fucking ashamed of this. Scotland has the worse drug death in europe, when did this begin to show literally the same year sturgeon hiked up the price of cheap alcohol, I did say at the time putting what was a 3 lite bottle of scrumpy at £3.60 up to 12.50 is going to force people to buy drugs for their fix and boom here we are 3 years running with worst death rates in Europe for drugs. don’t take a genius to work it out when street valum is less than 50p a pill. Then this joke of a headline if I had kids they would be going no where near one of these state run brainwashing camps, when I was at school I knew there was something off but I couldn’t put my finger on it now I’m in my 30s and still have shit memory’s from school affecting me to this day. Telling you folks sturgeon is going to go into power overdrive with this bullshit climate summit in Glasgow this year. She will tax the shit out of any car over ten years old fuel will sky rocket amongst many other things to please her bosses and try make Scotland the example country on climate mark my words folks. Also has anyone else noticed on their online tax for cars there is a section that has not came into effect yet stating actual co2 emissions got a feeling this will also sky rocket tax prices on cars on a individual basis it will be tested at MOT time. That’s not popped up out of no where that’s for certain.

    • RDE…. real driving emissions is what I was meaning. Check it out on your online tax my car section. Even more taxes for the climate bullshit

  20. Covid and jab caused issues so far from the look of jt…..

    1. Hospitalisions are increased massively
    2. Death rate is down,.but better treatment and it’s killed off tne high risk already so will be without the jabs.
    3. Mask wearing from the data doubles cases / transmission
    4. No.1 will cause a proper NHS can’t cope, as predicted by SAGE early on ( there first win ) this will cause the mass deaths there after.

    Plan for jabbed thus far, too early can’t tell if it’ll work but it’s about there ownly chance.

    1. Catch Covid about 3 to 4 months after tbere last jab, too soon might not know you’ve had it, to late worse symptoms,. Butnot if NHS iverwbekmed.
    2. If you don’t catch the. Jab repeat, if you do take chances without jab, they’ll be enough around you’ll catch.
    3. To catch, walk around shkps a lot inside being a damn sheep with a cheap mask on, don’t change the mask or wash.
    4. There is no guarantee that getting will provide long term immunity after jabs worn off at this stage.
    5. Trying to get any of the scared sheep to try to get covid will be near impossible, but its there last chance to survive and not have to take constant drugs for life.

  21. Children are still people you know, albeit very small people at a different stage of mental physical / development.

    And regardless of their status, they still deserve to know the truth. Tell your children the truth about LGBTQ+ABCD Agenda.

    Sit them down and tell them the truth as best as they are able to understand about the times we are living in and what’s occurring in the REAL world, and reason with them as intelligently as anyone else can be reasoned with, so that they have the capacity to think concerning the truth about things.

    The seed of one lie, one mistruth planted in the minds of the young is a major disservice to human kind, because one more potential vessel of light has been corrupted since its foundation.

    The war for our minds begins early, it will always be harder to “wake up” a sleeping mass already conditioned, but there’s still an opportunity to correct the situation, and it starts with the young generation, as a responsibility for allowing the current masses to fall asleep.

    So we actually build for our future, forget about being selfish for a minute, the “world might be a mess”, but we have to work on cleaning it up, and restoring things to its natural order once again.

  22. Never fall for the trap of objectification people can define themselves as they wish
    no one can define M.E why would i give that power away to others unless i am a virtue signaling hippy who
    pretends others are more important than the self

    always protect your right to self define never let any THING tell you what you are :

  23. Prison Island shines a light on one of the biggest prison building programs in generations.

    The Prison Estates Transformation Programme aims to create 10,000 new prison places by 2020 through the construction of six mega prisons and five new ‘residential centres’ for women.

    Read detailed information about each of the proposed prisons and their locations, the companies building the prisons and the people behind the projects. The report also includes information on the new prisons being built by the Scottish Prison Service, including a potential prison for people of non-binary gender, as well as the British Government’s attempts to build prisons abroad in Nigeria and Jamaica.

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