N.Ireland Chief Scientific Advisor CAUGHT OUT LIVE ON AIR Refuses To Admit Jab Experimental / Hugo Talks #lockdown


46 Comments on “N.Ireland Chief Scientific Advisor CAUGHT OUT LIVE ON AIR Refuses To Admit Jab Experimental / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. Top man. When the chief scientific officer either claims he doesn’t know, or won’t answer a straight question with a straight answer then you know they’re a bunch of lying cunts. Then you have to ask yourself why? Is it for you wellbeing????

    Or something else?????

    I’m going out to stock up on rope before it becomes unavailable. I know lamposts won’t be going out of stock, but we definitely need something to hang them from the lampposts.

    • The house of cards is falling and has been for a while. This guy and the man who tripped up Jeremy ‘Twat’ Vine are exposing the BS that is Convid, and yet, the 🐑 are complying. I fear for humanity 💔

      • Jeremy Vine is despicable. But he works for the BBC who are known to be incapable of accurate news reporting. They have no place in modern society and should have their broadcasting licence removed and prevented from any further existence

    • I’ve always agreed with pretty much everything Hugo talks about. Last month my unvaccinated mother aged 69 passed away in ICU with so called covid 19.
      She made it clear to her s she didn’t want to be put on ventilator when she first arrived into hospital.
      We got call on midnight asking us to come to the hospital ASAP, I expressly said to the dr before you decide to incubate her I want to see her whilst she’s conscious, within 2 minutes of him agreeing to this and me arriving to hospital I was told it was too late they had already started the procedure. When we questioned this later we were told that there was no urgency for my mum and waiting for us wouldn’t have been a detriment to her. Now my mum is BAME and has other minor health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, I’ve seen it with my own eyes these scumbag doctors and nurses (not all are) are killing of patients. When asked why our mum was placed under ventilator we was told by one nurse that she was showing signs of uncomfortable, although her stats like oxygen saturation levels were reasonable. Now can you imagine how many other vulnerable people, especially elderly and non English speaking they have done this too. At one point we were tried to be persuaded to withdraw treatment through compassionate grounds. In the end she died from organ failure due to ventilator there were 3 nurses and a consultant who watched my brother perform CPR because they refused too. It is sickening what they are doing in hospitals and needs to be exposed. There is much needed research that needs to be done on this too

      • Hi
        sorry to hear your loss.
        Your comment is touching & thank you for sharing a sad story.

        Take care
        All the best 💪

      • I’m so heartfelt sorry you’re loss and its a sadly familiar story. I hope the pain becomes that little more bearable as time goes by. You are legally entitled to see the full medical records for her care although, they have a habit of going ‘missing’ after a request.

        For anyone else in a similar position with a family member (or yourself) you need to arrange what is called an ADRT (Advance decision), it needs to be written, signed and witnessed and detailed regarding what care you do/do not consent to in advance of any potential health problems.

        I wish you well Safi and I will keep you’re family in my prayers. 🙏

    • I am with you on that one – lampposts, got plenty of spare down my road if you go short/

      • Well done that man for tearing into the scientific advisor. Hopefully this keeps on happening. Preferably to Chris Witty/sage/who.

    • Go Joe! Smart man. The only reason the presenter let him on was because he said he was open to being persuaded to take the vaccine. Otherwise he would never have gotten air time. I’m from N. Ireland too and we need more like him.

      Really sad that our Chief Medical Officer cannot answer simple questions that us ordinary folk know the answer to.

      Stand strong everyone. Don’t let them divide us based on medical or any other kind of status. Love one another. It’s our greatest strength. Jesus is the best example of this. Follow Him. Our greatest hope.

  2. its great where he tore into that lying scumbag bastard, tearing him a new one and then saying your a proven liar!

    For the record this caller did not commit suicide. I believe he will be targeted by the garda and the state. Brave man who put this shit stain right in his place!

    • Third eye 47
      Strange that the dictatorship states dada or whatever the garbage these scum call themselves and the corrupt state will target someone.
      Did’nt INNOCENT people die all over Great Britain because cowardly scum claimed the t*rr*rist state was being oppressed

  3. Hahaha Hahahahahaha. The bubble is bursting. Cracks are beginning to show

  4. Chief medical advisor squirming and tongue tied yes the presenter should have been following up the callers questions. Can you imagine a proper journalist back in the past letting him get off this lightly.
    Anyone listening should be questioning this because it’s obvious the medical officer was stumped

  5. How much longer can the corrupt HANG on is the Question?

  6. When all the sientific advisory people and panels are going to the lengths they are to avoid driect or even honest answers to simple queations that are directly asked you know there it a huge problem and that problem is people piut in positions were there opinion is tightly controled by the pharmacutical manipulation to protect profits. They are all in bed with Government and carving up the dosh and making deals for jobs down the road, and it is the average person that will suffer while they are all on the take.

  7. “With respect, why would I take the word of a proven liar?“ Classic.

  8. It’s a strange world we live in. Just saw a vid of Sjaid Javid saying how it’s understanable there are such big NHS waiting lists because of this “terrible pandemic”. When the NHS tried to emotionally blackmail me into getting jabbed it was “ooh I don’t know how we’ll ever beat this terrible disease” etc.

    A terrible pandemic, a terrible disease where the WHO had to admit the IFR in under 70’s was 0.05% – a recovery rate of 99.95%. How can you possibly improve on that?

    How much less of a deadly disease can you get than that?

    Yet the deadliness of the disease is their entire underpinnining strategy. And it’s bunkum, total nonsense. It’s clearly false.

    So how do we, 70 million people end up controlled by a handful of scumbags just because they get to be on tv and we aren’t?

    It’s all about organisation isn’t it? We can’t organise enough numbers to overthrow them, and they know it, and they have the cops and the army onside.

    Unless they (the cops and army) realise they are for the high jump as well, and their kids and their families and join us, then we’re goosed.

    Unless we find a way to mobilise without being infiltrated.

    • Just to clarify…there is no “ covid recovery rate” because covid doesn’t exist at all. The people who push this narrative, like many in the alternative media, are deceivers, are controlled opposition.
      There is no virus, never a virus has been proven to cause disease. COVID cannot be proven to exist because has never being isolated or purified.

      • I’ve had Covid and recovered from it. To say that it doesn’t exist at all is just stupid.

      • The SARSCov2 coronavirus has never been scientifically isolated, something even America’s CDC had to admit to.

    • The police and military who believe in their oath should stand with the people. The way to do it is to occupy the commons and take away the mace. Without the mace there is no government, they have no power and can’t even sit.
      This would be a big ask but it could be done with enough of the police and more importantly the military with us.
      I honestly can’t see it happening but it is the only way to stop this.
      I also believe we have the right to do it if the government is found to be against the people, according to common law.

  9. Do not promote Telegram, this app same as Signal promoted by Snowden is primarily to monitor the underground not to create “save space” for opposition or dissidents.
    Do not be deceived that Telegram and Russian technology and media like RT are supporting the opposition or Russia is a haven for American dissidents.
    It’s a controlled opposition trap. It’s to marginalize you even further! After a while you should notice that spinning wheels on Telegram does not yield any results, it’s a box they want to close you so you can share this small space with bots and secret service operatives who push bullshit content like Trump and other sci-fi topics to blow your mind. You can find a lot of interesting info in there definitely closer to truth truth than MSM but remain vigilant.

    • Worst case scenario for these criminals will be charges of genocide, best case scenario for them, charges of racketeering..

    • PERFECT Video, gets it all out quickly, sharing that everywhere, good find 🙂

      Everyone watch this, masks killed, why USA rates are going up, nice!!!

  10. Cracks are definately showing, they drop the Jab’s soon, apology for the over reaction, then sit back and let the deaths happen, hey they stopped as soon as they found a problem, can’t blame us

    Will they shut internet down to buy more time??

    If this is getting ugly currently, ahead of schedule, think how bad the winter is going to be!!

  11. They will not even admit this is experimental,The MHRA do not and never have approved any medication,Itbis not their role,They are a private non governmental agency funded by his pharma and Gates.

  12. Keep getting texts every two weeks it’s relentless. Will have to change number. Get more texts from them then my family. Its Harrassment. will be of grid if its forced on us anyway. Looking forward to a future of off grid living anyway, only freedom and in nature’s ways. Feel the pressure in the air daily. I do think they will force it on us in the months to come. Knocking on the door late at night. I can feel it in the air coming our way more lock downs and punishment because we won’t have it its blackmail. They just won’t leave us alone. Do not crack under pressure guys. Never take it, it doesn’t come from nature

  13. Another question that needs answering:

    What is bring used to distinguish one variant from another?

  14. Lockdown would have been much more fun if there had been debate and questions allowed. These experts start to melt (like the wicked witch) when serious challenges are brought up.

  15. The one thing I’ve always asked about this entire thing is, if this is about preservation of health and well-being, why then are they exempt from prosecution and legal matter of people suffer death or injury and they or their families can’t sue….cuts into their massive profit adventure EH?

    I live in the North fair play to this fella, more of this please

  16. Morning


    Good to see theses people giving it back!! Thank you… ‘jo’ …

    Cutting Us off is not going send any of us Away!!!!

    Lots love Ireland 🇮🇪 👍💪🦋

  17. He’s using two of the politician’s greatest tactics: evasion and refusal to answer at all. And none of them are any different. Anyone who STILL thinks the hard sell of this experimental gene altering, killing cocktail shot has ANYTHING to do with Covid/flu needs to sit down and really think. They’ve systematically stripped us of our peaceful freedom of movement, they’re just waiting for the American FDA to approve the damn thing before making it compulsory thus removing our right to bodily autonomy (the current mandates we’re seeing across the western world are of the “you ain’t seen nothing yet” variety) and then it may finally hit folks that we are literally fighting for our very lives here. And here in the Irish Republic, they’re injecting schoolchildren with this. Go too to Breakingnews.ie…the “top story” is one about a compensation scheme for vaccine related injuries. The reason why? NOT because they actually care. But because “it will encourage more to take the vaccine (their word for it, not mine) if they believe the State will look after them.” Unbelievably inhumane. Instead of admitting there ARE jab injuries and deaths, they’re actually USING the injuries as a means to piggyback an even harder sell onto anyone foolish enough to take it. I give up on humanity…
    Btw, anyone know why Ireland’s Vaccine and Virus dept of the HSE is “answerable” to America’s FDA? (take a rummage deep in the vaults of HSE’s virus and vaccine policy pages if you’re interested)

  18. They are using vaccines the world as a testing ground. This professor is trying to sell Pseudo-Science, as opposed to science.

    It’s important to communicate to students that the differences between science and pseudoscience, although not absolute or clear-cut, are neither arbitrary nor subjective. Instead, philosophers of science (e.g., Bunge, 1984) have identified a constellation of features or “warning signs” that characterize most pseudoscientific disciplines. Among these warning signs are:

    A tendency to invoke ad hoc hypotheses, which can be thought of as “escape hatches” or loopholes, as a means of immunizing claims from falsification.
    An absence of self-correction and an accompanying intellectual stagnation.
    An emphasis on confirmation rather than refutation.
    A tendency to place the burden of proof on skeptics, not proponents, of claims.
    Excessive reliance on anecdotal and testimonial evidence to substantiate claims.
    Evasion of the scrutiny afforded by peer review.
    Absence of “connectivity” (Stanovich, 1997), that is, a failure to build on existing scientific knowledge.
    Use of impressive-sounding jargon whose primary purpose is to lend claims a facade of scientific respectability.
    An absence of boundary conditions (Hines, 2003), that is, a failure to specify the settings under which claims do not hold.

  19. I have to point out that according to revelations…. these people will be found out so that another false idol can arrive trumpeting in to rescue the people.Thus it seems plausible that we have another level of breaking windows so that someone can knock on the door and ask you if you require windows. We will all be aghast that various governments were infiltrated and relieved that someone rescues us.

  20. I don’t believe for one minute that any of these what I call ‘front line’ people, those you see / hear on TV and radio, so called scientists, celebrities, politicians and TV presenters etc have had the experimental gene modification treatment falsely described as a vaccine. I don’t buy it for one minute.

  21. Fair play to this gentleman. live in Northern Ireland and I am ashamed of these people, I never listen to Radio Ulster as it is always one sided, no one is allowed to question anything that goes against their agenda. They are playing with peoples lives. There is a special place in the bottomless pit for these liars if they do not repent.
    God Bless you all

    • That guy who took on the medical adviser is brilliant. He deserves a medal!

  22. They are so desperate to carry on with the lies and deception.

    I am gonna try and call one of these radio shows with all my research on hand.

    My wife’s aunt died from this jab and no one is liable for her death. This is an experimental drug not yet ready for public use.

    Gonna watch Dr Sam Bailey and brush up on my knowledge. The fake virus is here till 2023 advertising is paid until then.

  23. Be more than there jobs worth to tell the truth about them horrible things….anyway “vaccinated” people are getting ill even after having them and before they was acting like there bullet proof😄….
    “Oh look at me i am fully vaccinated and protected” i heard one bloke say…
    Not so kop shore of themselves now

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