JEREMY VINE Gatecrasher WE NEED MORE OF THIS! / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Add Jeremy vine to the growing list of liars that should be held accountable at Nuremberg 2

  2. What a great phone the bastard hook line and sinker…

  3. I can’t stand jerermy vine he’s a horrible brainless muppet

    • A was so happy some 1 went on that prick show.and told him what is what.but they are very quick to get off phone.cause they no it’s a PLANDEMIC hope they burn in HELL

  4. I actually can’t listen to this BBC prick. I hope that when ADE or pathogenic priming starts to show in October as flu rates increase that he has someone close who gets affected. These evil evil Bastards know what they are doing.

    • There won’t be any flu. It will all be labelled as Convid just like it was last winter so they can say look look the cases are are going through the roof we need another lockdown pronto.

  5. I was under the impression that the callers to this type of programme were actors reading from a script.
    Not sure what to make of this call.

    • I know from experience they’re real people – and he did a great job

    • I have actually got to speak on any answers once with Jonathan Dimbleby 😂
      So I don’t think they are actors but definitely they are vetted before speaking.

    • I can’t say for sure that none of them are scripted but I have phoned up myself and been put on air. Just pick up the phone and try for yourself.

      • Well, I won a DAB radio on Popmaster with Ken Bruce on BBC Radio 2 . And a fantastic radio it is too 😉

  6. The only thing we need to happen is a concerted cull of people like Gove, Vine or anyone in media or government…….or their families. It will happen if mandatory vaccines or vaccine passports are initiated.

  7. All’s he was worried about was how the caller had lied to his researcher,thats the BBC in a nutshell,we can lie to you but don’t you dare lie to us!!

  8. Why don’t they ask the public to have an antibody test to see if they even need the jab? Most folk probably have the antibodies without having to have the vaccine?

    • This guy is a bloody Hero ✊
      We need to all fuck these BBC propaganda programs

  9. Fantastic John! Talking love on radio and responding to Vine’s biased questioning is tough – he did a great job😁

  10. Vine played the usual cards – you’re a liar, what are you qualified in. Well the real experts who predicted what was going to happen – before it happened – will not be interviewed by the BBC at all, the idea all scientists are 100% behind this is bunkum, and the minute you hear that all scientists agree on anything – you know it’s a big fat lie.

    The truth doesn’t mind being interrogated, it’s the liars and deceivers like Vine who object to it and try to hide the truth away.

    Vine is basically insulting everyone who has died or come to harm from these jabs, he needs to hang with the rest, snivelling little shit weasel.

  11. Similar thing happened on NI radio please listen from 15:00 onwards to caller called “Joe.”

  12. Hit them with single facts, it’s easier to get your point across. Use the P.C.R. tests, that Kary Mullis, its inventor, said that any cycle threshold over 24 will provide false/positives because it is too sensitive, that it is a laboratory tool not a diagnostic tool. When they argue against you, tell the public to research what you have said and then hang-up.

    • It was 45, masks being dropped lowered cases, they’ve increased it, didn’t say what to, guessing 50 LOL Got to cover up Masks increase quickly.

  13. Humm, there is not proof that the deaths following the jab are related to the jab… How do they report Covid deaths? “people who have died within 30 days of testing positive” No need there for there to be a link to be proved.

  14. Good for him! Poor Jeremy, so annoyed with him telling lies to get on the show and tell the Truth.
    Just smashed up the smartphone, what a glorious feeling!

  15. Typical of Vine.. he’s lied for years. If he happens to come on the radio/TV I immediately turn him off. The only way to get on his biased show – it to lie. The truth is the guy lied and was truthful about it.

  16. Jeremy vine wouldn’t know a fact if it smacked him in eye. Dreadfull man the epitome of the depths of bbc so called journalism.

  17. Hugo, that is probably the reason Matthew Wright resigned. He knew what required of him and refused to play along.

  18. Poor Jeremy Vile, oh sorry Vine. Let’s go….its getting out of hand. Out of the more than 20 people who professed not to take the jib jab, 5 of us haven’t taken it and you will only know when they dont reply to your messages and when you summon the guts to ask they are honest and admit that they took it because of the pressure from either family or employer. We are getting smaller and smaller but none of things move us because majority don’t hold the answer.

  19. UK gov Human Augmentation SIP p13
    We cannot wait for the ethics of human augmentation to be decided for us, we must be part of the conversation now. The ethical implications are significant but not insurmountable; early and regular engagement will be essential to remain at the forefront of this field. Ethical perspectives on human augmentation will change and this could happen quickly. There may be a moral obligation to augment people, particularly in cases where it promotes well-being or protects us from novel threats. It could be argued that treatments involving novel vaccination processes and gene and cell therapies are examples of human augmentation already in the pipeline.
    The need to use human augmentation may ultimately be dictated by national interest.

  20. Can someone give me the link to these yellow card statistics where is tells you how many have gone blind etc. I’ve tried looking for it on the government website!

  21. Isn’t it sad that you have to lie to be able to tell the truth?! Well done that man!

  22. Heard it on the grapevine HUGO, there’s an enormous change coming, it’s set in time, things look grim for now (as it’s meant too) but when it’s over, WE WIN.
    Love and light to you.

  23. So Vine thinks the Yellow Card scheme is a big joke that everyone can lodge a reaction on it? This is the only reliable source to know the death and adverse reaction from the jab because NHS England failed to report the real number. In Scotland, the number of death reaches to 5,500 and that could be 10x more in England given its population.

  24. Don’t even get me started on Jeremy Whine .. awful patronising condescending BBC propaganda peddler . He was so rude to John who let’s face it would never have got put through if he had told the truth . Also his “ superior” tweet after the show trying to belittle the caller . It needs much much more of this exposing the BBC . They pump out one narrative only and don’t like being challenged . Not news it’s just propaganda !!

  25. Fair play John from Manchester. I do think he should of mentioned the Astra Zenica vaccine though. Would of been interesting to hear what Jeremy would of said especially as it was on the news earlier in the year due to the blood clots it causes. Especially as a former BBC presenter died after having it. Well he would probably say the clot and vaccine weren’t connected. All I know is when I had my jab in May (NOT through choice just had reasons) when I mentioned Zenica to one of the nurses she said it has been brought to our attention.

  26. If you are projabbing, you can be anyone but if you question jabbing in any matter, you have to be phd in epidemiology at least.

  27. I think this guy did really well to hold it together while being heckled by this shill -where will JV draw the line ? Will he put his own kids up for the experimental jab ! I was furious when I heard the primer for the programme… ‘dying regret not getting the jab’ first time I’d put radio on for ages – I switched it back off.
    Well done that young man!

  28. Shows you how twisted their system is, that you have to tell them a lie, which they love, to gain their attention just to tell them that truth!

  29. God that fecker, kept talking over the caller! They just will not let anyone disagree with “covid bad, vaccine good”

  30. Vine really showed himself here and how controlled his show is. Off script he’s floundering accusing, belittling and trying to marginilise although he should know better. I can’t stand his show and never listen to the BBC so well done John for exposing this bs and getting a few facts in to the MSM.

  31. Vine was not happy at all,, his main line of attack was trying to dismuss John as a liar, it is awfull what you have to do. I disagree that we are the manority,, most people know that there is alot that is not right but are running around with there face covered for thiinking that it will make for a quiet life.

  32. Unfortunately lying is a sin, it’s not worth becoming as bad as they are, two wrongs don’t make a right.

  33. I am bemused how Jeremy Vine has qualified the MHRA Yellow and reporting system as a self reporting system, especially as 1500 dead people have “self reported” their deaths- presumably posthumously !!?

    • Did the 1500 report their own deaths then? Funny how you can shoot yourself in the head then die later in hospital but because they test you youre a covid death?
      Vile has got some brass neck, cant wait to hear him in court when alex bellfield gets him there next year for lying to the police that belllend was harrasing him and his family

      • It is Belfield who is up in court, not Vine 😀

        Alex Belfield: Former BBC presenter denies stalking charges

        A former BBC presenter has appeared in court charged with stalking staff members including Jeremy Vine.

        Alex Belfield, who used to work for BBC Radio Leeds, denied 12 charges of stalking when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday.

        The 41-year-old, who lives in Nottingham, is alleged to have stalked a total of eight people between November 2012 and March 2021.

        He is due to stand trial on 4 July next year.

        The full wording of the charges, read out in court, stated Mr Belfield had “pursued a course of conduct that amounted to harassment” of the complainants, which had “amounted to stalking” and caused them “serious alarm or distress”.

        The charges are:

        Stalking Rozina Breen between 25 November 2012 and 2 April 2017, and between 3 April 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Liz Green between 25 November 2012 and 2 April 2017, and between 3 April 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Helen Thomas between 25 November 2012 and 2 April 2017, and between 3 April 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Stephanie Hirst between 1 June 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Bernard Spedding between 25 November 2012 and 2 April 2017, and between 3 April 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Ben Hewis between 29 September 2019 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Philip Dehany between 3 November 2019 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Jeremy Vine between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021

        Mr Belfield, of Shaldon Close, Mapperley, was released on conditional bail and will appear at the same court again on 4 November for a case management hearing.

  34. Jeremy Vine is a complete cnut. Brilliant effort by John from Manchester.

  35. i am suspicious of agendas that preach to zombies
    the zombies can’t question the narrative that is why they are zombies
    do not waste too much time attempting to enlighten them these actions are a red herring
    concentrate on your like minded friends and family strengthen your resolves
    when the ship finally sinks the rats may then abandon their leaders
    wasting resources on a mission of salvation attempting to rescue these zombies is a red herring
    these zombies are so corruptible they are a time bomb waiting to sell out anyone who thinks for themselves

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