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    • Just listened. Shocking. Should be called “Any Answers Provided It Supports The Narrative.”

      • Exactly. Always makes me laugh how they ALL justify deaths following the vaccine, Stating ‘not established as vaccine related’. Never hear deaths following Covid, stating ‘not established as Covid related’. HA.. Funny that. Yes people die every day from other things too. But not where they are concerned. Every death goes down as Covid but none if from their wonderful vaccine;

  1. well done, an amateur prevailed over this propaganda cunt

    • A nurse gets criticised for showing some humanity by giving saline, while in that video in the link the other nurse says the vaccines are saving the world.

  2. The sinister question is this: are there saline solutions available in jab centres And for whom? And why?

    • I remember Professor Dolores Cahill saying that some people receive nothing more than saline solutions because the jab is still experimental. I’m pretty sure she also said the recipients were randomised.

      • Quite a few of the early ones in the first couple of months were saline because obviously the government didn’t want too many deaths and adverse reactions before they had rolled the jab out to enough people. Also if Boris and Hancock had been given it (which is extremely unlikely) they wouldnt have had the real thing so probably not totally random

    • I think part of the saline jabs, is they want a portion of the sheeple to think “Im fine, Ive had the jab, nothing wrong with me,what are you nutters on about?” – and when it comes to the boosters thats when they will be given the real poison jab

    • It’s standard to have a saline solution in hospitals. It’s used to put hydration back into the body using a drip. It’s also standard to use it to dilute a measure of drug up to a larger amount to fill the syringe.

      • You’re either ignorant or missing the point; why are “Covid vaccine centres” holding stock of saline solutions for those expecting Covid shots?!

      • If this is the 3rd stage of a trial and being run correctly (fine chance)
        One third has saline
        One third a know vaccine not for “sars2” with a know reaction
        One third the trial vaccine in this case for “sars2”
        If that is the case! And they playing by the rules! How can everybody who has had the jab, have a vaccine passport showing jab for the covid panicdemic

    • Yes very true and I’ve asked this many times. Of course like with any trial, you have to run a comparison. So not everyone gets the vaccine, and has a placebo. I’m almost positive that all those friends and family I have come across who have said they felt nothing and had zero reaction, where placebo. I know of many others in the past 4 to 6 weeks who are double vaccinated and have contracted covid, and are also quite ill as a result. I’m not an antivaxer and they should stop calling people like us that. Knowing the deaths and problems it’s caused it should have been stopped long ago, like the swine flu jab all them years ago. Only 53 deaths and then stopped, so itbegsthe question what is going on?.

  3. In fact think about this – if you were being interviewed by a nobody like Vine and he tries to discredit you by saying “so what are you qualified in, epidemiology, virology, or whatever” all you need to say is – “which of those are you qualified in?”

    When he says none, then you can ask him why his opinion is more valid than yours, and how does he know the scientists he’s listening to are right, and yours are wrong, when he has no qualifications at all.

    • Similarly a few months ago I got into a discussion with someone who was sat down near to me in a restaurants outdoor terrace when I asked, why are you wearing a mask? To which the person responded, to protect me from Covid. I replied, it’ll cause you more harm than good, to which the person replied, well it’s stopped flu, to which I replied, but it hasn’t stopped Covid?!
      Needless to say I saw this person again a few days later, still masked up.
      A proper example of how

      • Oops – a proper example of why it’s impossible to wake the sleeping.

      • It’s virtually impossible to awaken a sleeper, they have been brainwashed, this is is serious condition and people are suffering by the million. No one in government cares, this is their plan, their future, and no pleb is going to stop it! We can only hold our space at this time, but I tell you now, I think thousands will be dying soon who have had the vaccine.

  4. Beilliant, so satifying to hear that…
    The guy was cleat, measured and coherant. Anyone with a slight doubt about this shit show will hear this man as an intelliegent being and I hope this will validate many peoples mistrust of what is being pushed. I also think we need to be making our presence known in local towns, leafleting and talking to people. Mass peotests are great but the majorty of the population are totally unaware of them. They are going into schools in September to poison our young. Parents need the support to step away from the herd and say NO!

  5. Vine has always been a weak kneed BBC corporate cretin.. The world needs to rid of him and all of those like him.. While I`m on the BBC subject, it is without doubt the most diabolically corrupt corporation, not only in the UK but globally. Staffed and run by 22000 traitors..

    • Totally agree. The BBC is one of the worlds most dangerous terrorist organisations and has no place in modern society. They should be stripped of their broadcasting licence for a number of reasons not least because they consistently inaccurately report the news. There is an overabundance of daily misinformation and someone should pull their plug

      • I remember, quite a few years ago now, at the start of the “Arab Spring” uprising in Syria, someone secretly filmed a BBC film crew staging a bomb explosion that injured many people. The video captured all the actors covered in fake blood standing around then told to take their positions. All of a sudden they dropped to the ground, some threw themselves over cars and walls, just to make it look like a war scene. Once they were all playing dead the BBC reporter walks through commentating on the catastrophe that had unfolded.
        I was disgusted!
        I wonder if any of you seen it and remember it?

      • dc3009 I do remember the chemical weapons attack that was staged by the BBC and also the TV doctor involved who had links to a militia/terrorist group. It’s incredible isn’t: blatant fake news from our top broadcaster and acceptance of medical professionals with dodgy backgrounds.

  6. I lied to get into a nightclub because I knew they wouldn’t let me in or even listen to me at the door. I got in nonetheless and enjoyed the fact. So this caller knew the MSM scum don’t want to hear truth so he lied to the receptionist to speak to Germy Vile, a big red flag is that the are screening calls to be one sided only. We are at war so if we need to play their games of constantly telling lies to the brainwashed mass public then good on that caller who completed his mission

  7. You’ll be surprised how many people stick up for Vine. Amazing where is people actually come from.

  8. So you die the day after taking the vaccine, that doesn’t mean you died from it, but within 28 days Of a positive test, that’s a covid death end of story. Logical.

    • Incredible the double standards.
      Die within 24 hours and no link to the vaccine.
      Quite extraordinary

  9. It’s a strange world we live in. Just saw a vid of Sjaid Javid saying how it’s understanable there are such big NHS waiting lists because of this “terrible pandemic”. When the NHS tried to emotionally blackmail me into getting jabbed it was “ooh I don’t know how we’ll ever beat this terrible disease” etc.

    A terrible pandemic, a terrible disease where the WHO had to admit the IFR in under 70’s was 0.05% – a recovery rate of 99.95%. How can you possibly improve on that?

    How much less of a deadly disease can you get than that?

    Yet the deadliness of the disease is their entire underpinnining strategy. And it’s bunkum, total nonsense. It’s clearly false.

    So how do we, 70 million people end up controlled by a handful of scumbags just because they get to be on tv and we aren’t?

    It’s all about organisation isn’t it? We can’t organise enough numbers to overthrow them, and they know it, and they have the cops and the army onside.

    Unless they (the cops and army) realise they are for the high jump as well, and their kids and their families and join us, then we’re goosed.

    Unless we find a way to mobilise without being infiltrated.

  10. Heard this yesterday. Appalled that the guy had to lie to get his opinion heard. Was so appalled that I registered a bias complaint to the BBC. Not expecting a response but well see.

    • Good call! Thousands should lodge a complaint on that broadcast against Vine 🤔

  11. It’s a shame that John never mentioned, when Vine was questioning the deaths and validity of the yellow card scheme… “So what about your BBC reporter colleague who died from the vaccine?” that would have stumped the horrible bastard! Well done John though!! Great effort… And we do definitely need more of this!

  12. It says enough when a UK citizen has to lie to get heard on a talk show – this is how they keep the nonsense going by only allowing people to speak if they follow the narrative. The government has to tell the media that they are not allowed to mention any form of descent on the vaccine narrative.

  13. Early intervention saves lives, Dr Peter mccollough has alot of experience , the drugs needed are being held back
    The narrative needs fear to work

    • There was a huge expose very recently that all doctors and hospitals were issued bulletins to not prescribe the drugs that worked, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine etc. Instead they were to be replaced by (in America) Remdesivir, which is what killed the Americans to be classified as C19 deaths. Same as what the UK did with midazolim.
      It is a video of Reiner Fullemich evidence gathering by interviewing a doctor in the US.
      I will post it on here. It is a must see!

  14. Bet he had egg on his ulgy face atfer that interview good on your man he has done his homework knows his stuff what does that BBC zombie do read of a script he’ll be shitting he pants never time a live caller gets a slot can’t let the truth out there starting to fall can’t wait to see that

  15. I know who I believe.
    Real science listens to both sides of the argument, they don’t silence it.
    That’s tyranny..

    Well done that caller.

    • proper scientists speak the truth , fake scientists follow the narrative

  16. Vine is clearly an very unintelligent man: when he said ‘you lied to our researcher’ , he completely and transparently gave away the blatant bias/censorship. He is a thoughtless idiot, if I was his boss I’d sack him for giving the game away. He was saving his own skin, but he’s useless to his own controllers because he is so thick and thoughtless. The caller did the best he could have in the time he was allowed. People in Britain like fairness and this will do more to begin to wake people up.

    • The caller should have said it’s not a self reporting system. On the contrary, it’s the medical professionals responsibility to report 1st hand.

  17. Jeremy Vine is despicable. But he works for the BBC who also employed Jimmy Saville. They are an unethical organisation and actively encourage child abuse. The BBC is one of the worlds most dangerous terrorist organisations and has no place in modern society. They should be stripped of their broadcasting licence for a number of reasons not least because they consistently inaccurately report the news. There is an overabundance of daily misinformation and someone should pull their plug

  18. I won’t be surprised if the BBC use the police to track the callers phone number and pay him a visit…

    It is as Hugo points out, a war, but we won’t win it until we get a court somewhere in the world that is going to listen and follow up with criminal proceedings! Reiner Fullemich can be our saviour. He has created a huge network of lawyers around the world to research and build a case within individual states and countries.
    We all need to get behind him to help drive the momentum and motivation.

  19. Morning

    Lol 😂 good on this fella!!
    Jeez didn’t like it ….
    BBC .. They have lied to Us Over & Over I commend this man for trying for us GOOD ON YOU FELLA.. ‘John’

    And Jeremy how dare you be so Rude!!!!
    Your so jumped up & I can’t believe you spoke to a member of the public as you have! Disgusting!

    Thank you Hugo

  20. This slum ball promotes the jab. He made videos at getting his jab outside vaccine centre. Time will tell hope when he gets taking to court by ex BBC presenter and his big head and ego is taking down.

    • If the ex-BBC presenter you are talking about is Alex Belfield, he has been summoned to Crown Court on ‘stalking’ charges, and this Jeremy Vine character is the main complainer. So good luck with that one 😀

      • Trev, belfield had the case dropped by Vine and he has counter summoned Vine.
        All ongoing investigations by Nottinghamshire police on belfield have been dropped and again he is counter suing.

      • Well, I am counter-replying. I don’t know what Belfield has told you but you must have missed this tidbit from 29 July 2021 then 😀

        Alex Belfield: Former BBC presenter denies stalking charges

        A former BBC presenter has appeared in court charged with stalking staff members including Jeremy Vine.

        Alex Belfield, who used to work for BBC Radio Leeds, denied 12 charges of stalking when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Thursday.

        The 41-year-old, who lives in Nottingham, is alleged to have stalked a total of eight people between November 2012 and March 2021.

        He is due to stand trial on 4 July next year.

        The full wording of the charges, read out in court, stated Mr Belfield had “pursued a course of conduct that amounted to harassment” of the complainants, which had “amounted to stalking” and caused them “serious alarm or distress”.

        The charges are:

        Stalking Rozina Breen between 25 November 2012 and 2 April 2017, and between 3 April 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Liz Green between 25 November 2012 and 2 April 2017, and between 3 April 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Helen Thomas between 25 November 2012 and 2 April 2017, and between 3 April 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Stephanie Hirst between 1 June 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Bernard Spedding between 25 November 2012 and 2 April 2017, and between 3 April 2017 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Ben Hewis between 29 September 2019 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Philip Dehany between 3 November 2019 and 31 March 2021
        Stalking Jeremy Vine between 1 April 2020 and 31 March 2021

        Mr Belfield, of Shaldon Close, Mapperley, was released on conditional bail and will appear at the same court again on 4 November for a case management hearing.

    • Jeremy Vine also got a woman convicted for giving him a funny look or whatever when he was riding his bike 😀 Vine has got from. This caller will have been tracked down. No one messes with Jeremy Vine 😀

  21. my comments are constantly getting deleted

  22. Same ole same ole the Government has it’s agenda, Jeremy Vine can’t go against the government narrative.

    Then the caller gets cut off.
    During the call Jeremy was trying to steer the conversation to some mute middle ground saying that the information source wasn’t Scientific.!!!
    Therefore unreliable
    The caller tried to get the truth as reported by the government scheme
    Then Jeremy is at a loss as to what to say and cuts the caller off.
    Fuck the corrupt BBC
    And the government’s unreliable reporting.
    Where is the honesty?
    When will the government be truthful.?
    Where is the rights of the public?
    The right to be told the truth.
    To have freedom of speech.
    This country has gone to the dog’s.

  23. Hey Hugo, this is John from Manchester, the guy that called in. Thanks so much for featuring this and encouraging others to do the same. You make some good points (as do a lot of people who have commented here) as to other things I could have said. It was a pressure situation and it could have gone better but I was still pleased to get some points across.

    If anyone else wants to do this, please do!! This is how I got on the show. It was actually incredibly quick and easy.

    I heard they were talking about “vaccine regret” so I sent this exact email (with correct mobile number) –

    “I was a staunch anti vaxxer then got the worse Covid ever

    I regret my stance immensely and would love to share my story

    John in Manchester 07XXXXXXXX”

    I sent that email at 1.17, I was called within 30 seconds, repeated the above to the researcher and by 1.25 I was on the show

    Thanks to everyone that left a positive comment here, let’s take on the mainstream with facts!

    • Hi 👋
      Nice one john 💪💪👏🏻

      Have a great weekend to You.

      Keep strong to us All 🙏💪

    • John, please update us here should you get a knock on the door, hopefully not and well done and thanks for exposing some truths on msm

    • Well done John, the best Jeremy vine could manage was to call you a liar for breaking their rules on your reasons for calling. Each and every one of us (non scientists) has to make sense of this in our own way. To call you out for not being one just makes him look stupid. Especially when the callers they want are also non scientists yet they are still prepared to accept what they have to say. You definitely succeeded in pointing that hypocrisy out.

  24. It’s like spy vs spy. On one side we have agents who work to keep the masses asleep. On the other, a small guerrilla force of people who are wising up to the game.

    It’s guerrilla tactics like this that are steps in the right direction.

  25. Jeremy’s response was a very.typical bullies reply….all bullies and liars use the same approach, gaslighting, defense and bullying

  26. I have to disagree about the caller being cut-off. Vine cut off the caller at precisely the right moment. I would have done exactly the same thing. The caller had ran out of road, you could tell that he had lost the thread of his argument, and would have only repeated himself and went round in circles. It is like the legendary broadcaster Nick Abott (almost as legendary as Tommy Boyd of ‘The Human Zoo’ fame), ‘one B, two Ts’, said: “You are cut off as soon as you are no longer entertaining’. You have to also bear in mind that it is a day-time format. It is not the evening where a single caller will drone on for half an hour. It is a short, snappy, quickly moving on, keep the flow going format. Vine milked the caller for maximum entertainment value and cut him off exactly when he became no longer entertaining. If nothing Jeremy Vine is a pro, you have to hand him that at least, a dick, but a pro broadcaster nonetheless. As the Jam said, ‘That’s Entertainment’. Top marks for entertainment, that is Vine just doing his job.

    *’The Human Zoo’ was when Tommy Boyd took callers straight to air. Nick Abbot did a similar thing too. You wouldn’t get away with it nowadays. A measure of how far downhill radio has gone.

  27. I think Jeremy vines answer that it’s a self reporting system and there is no proven link sounds quite plausible but there are a few problems with his answer:-

    1) The media reports on things on the time that don’t have a strong scientific link (especially covid scare stories like your pets might catch and pass on covid) therefore aren’t the VAERS figures at least worthy of a passing mention?

    2) The covid death rates and diagnosis rates aren’t always proven scientifically and yet these are reported with fury in the media. For example at one point doctors were reporting symptoms that might be covid as covid without any test to prove it. If things without a strong scientific link weren’t reported then surely these cases wouldn’t be either?

  28. HUGO you have to stop with the naivety. Just like MOST agendas pushed by the MMS , the MMS know the majority of people just want to follow their vain desires, get back to the pub and show their tits. They DONT care about hidden agendas. Fact is, the majority of people are upon evil themselves ( drugs, alcohol, fornication, nakedness, interest, gambling, racism etc, all of which destroy society!) So how can you expect these same people to wake up and overcome an evil government? Its like for like! The public mirror their governments!

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