MAN UTD Sign Up For THE GREAT RESET / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. Well well well now we know how all the Football clubs have managed not to go bust in the lockdown if they are all receiving funding from guess where????

    the rest will follow you can be assured of that

    • Look at the massive amount of money in football, of course they are all part of the elite.

  2. Ye Boris can ram his pass up his arse…as for man u they need to be boycotted…all these people who are playing up to the cabal will ultimately be fucked..good riddance to football I say…getting paid far far too much for doing NOTHING..

    • have to agree with you gary , fucking cabal loving shite hawks , and as you said there not worried who is on there side as they will fuck them anyway

  3. There getting close to being busted wided open as pyschos, the news of double jabbed dying all around the world is slowly getting out, the jabs don’t work or they fade so jabs for life, internet will need to go down soon.

    Even MSM starting to squirm they see what’s coming and there going to get busted for there 1 sided wrong side aswell tactics.

    Fighting for the unjabbed to remain so and survive, so many have fallen for the depopulation trap, fear has made them stupid.

    • Football has become woke nonsense. Will never watch it again. Oh! For the 1970s when it was still the English beautiful game. Sometimes I watch the games of the 70s and remember as a kid I used to love it, they were our people.
      Now they have even stole that from us!!
      My God! I hate what these filthy beasts have done to us.
      “Enoch Powell ” man of truth!!!
      Have you seen the new 50p coins “Diversity built Britain” lies!! Lies!!

      I know my history and how our people were slaves, surviving on a pittance so the Jewish bankers got rich off our backs!!
      Media, politicians all shysters, sold us out for thirty pieces of silver.!!..

      Can’t stand these lying Diversity freaks no more!!
      God give me strength!! I would gladly put a sword through their black deceiving hearts!!
      I will not and cannot stand by anymore!! I will confront them wherever I go.
      “Thank god for Jesus” I know him and the truth! These are, our God given lands I am an Anglo saxon Christian warrior by the grace of God. Viva christo rey!! Jesus is the truth in all things. Seek him! Time is short!

      • Well said! A brilliant post!

      • Agreed. Shit waaaay better in the 70s when racism was standard issue, living bottles at darkies, saying what you wanted. Don’t even get me started on the domestic violence. I could go home, give my missus a thick ear, give the dog a or kids a kick off we lost and it’s was all good.

        Now I have to take my overpriced hot beverages from effeminate, twirly moustachioed, man buns botherers, with enough body art to make the 16th chapel blush.

        Blah blah blah

    • Well, we will never forget what the MSM did and does. All the MSM-people who pushed the jabs agressively, deserve being jailed for life.

  4. Stopped following football 2000 due to the corruption and fixed games

  5. Manchester United were always on the list of ‘partners’ of the WEF along with VW and hundreds of other companies everyone should boycott. They all got rich off the likes of ordinary people and they want us all enslaved to them.

    • Google black rock this investment company hold the major share in hundreds of companies the world over.

  6. Im a lifelong Spurs fan and im sure this will be every club in the prem soon. Im not having the jab and no threats or bribary will work on me so keep your football and il keep my health and freedom.

    • Me too Tom, my last game was a few weeks before the first lockdown. Spurs are as bad as man utd and all the other premier league teams, they are all on board with the vaccine apartheid, or will be shortly. Fuck em. No jab, test, mask or any of that bullshit for me either.

  7. They can keep Football they can take what they want it won’t make me give up my personal sovereignty. In this life you only own one thing your body, and if you can’t be trusted to look after that then you are doomed. The Devil will play but don’t be part of the game. Stay safe people much love.

  8. The fans will still go, look at the Euro’s. Pay your money and watch all that taking the knee. This world is chocker full of f ing idiots.

  9. Well I dont care they can go fuck themselves

  10. It’s not just Man Utd Hugo, but all Premier League teams I believe. Here’s an article from a couple of weeks back about Chelsea requiring proof of being jabbed:

    I used to be a season ticket holder at my local lower league club, but won’t be going to see them again as I expect them to implement the same there as well, if they haven’t already done so. Screw the football.

  11. If every one boycotts any and every game where up on entering you’ll be asked for the cvd app,,,, let’s see what happens,,, I for one will NOT go to any football game, or any event that asks me for prove of jabs,,, WE ALL were born as free humans,,, Slavery has finished long time ago,,,, let’s NOT RETURN THERE,,, EVER,,,,!!

  12. It’s probably easier to talk about what large influential organisations aren’t in bed with the WEF. I remember reading a comment recently by someone who claimed that (being an NGO) nobody listens to the WEF anyway. If that were the case, why do so many movers and shakers attend their events and deliver speeches?

  13. Cheers Hugo

    Sorry 😢 but I never been into football.. but now I feel personally All sports are borderline having the people with a brain ..not following & supporting no more, why should we while we being made to suffer day after day.

    Man united should be ashamed ! as they is a big club & have now used that against the people who made them , the Supporters !
    it’s out of order!

    • Man united , now there’s a contradiction in terms, divide and rule, it’s a big club and your not in it George Carlin once said.

      • George is right !😂

        The greed of that club is ridiculous

    • Hi Jane yeah they basically turned on its own people and in bed with the world economic forum….pushing the jab. there finished in my eyes.

      • 👋
        It’s messed up friend that’s for Sure

  14. Thats me done with this nazi club. They deserve fans to occupy the stadium….i wonder what gary neville comment will be

  15. To all Tribe people, I received Sad information for all freedom fighters around the world today; and that is ; on Friday Tennessee Gov Bill Lee, signed executive order 83 , which authorises National guard and state guard troops to break into people’s homes, kidnap them at gun point, and take them to Covid internment camps, without any due process or respect for civil rights. Individual’s can be targeted for this medical kidnapping by armed troops via” telephone assessments “this medical kidnapping of American citizens is be Labeled, “Involuntary commitment to “temporary quarantine and isolation facilities “
    The Tennessee EO is on top of the CDCs announcement that Covid camps will be set up on a nation wide basis , with people being “medically kidnapped and taken to “ Humanitarian settings “where they will be forced into labour pools , just like a scene ripped right out of Nazi Germany.
    It’s all now publicly announced , what Americans once dismissed as “conspiracy theory” has become Government policy, and the mass arrests , executions and death camp operations will commence as soon as the vaccine is “ Approved “ by the FDA.

    To all Brothers and sisters in the Jesus Christ “ Let’s pray hard in spirit against these horrendous evil crimes against humanity “

    • This is full blown communism, brother! Political correctness is straight out of the communist manifesto.
      Where people suppress their own thoughts for fear of being called racist etc.
      And we have tolerated the intolerant for way too long. These are, our English lands and they flood in from every darkened corner of the world “gates wide open” thanks to the devil, “Blair”. The gulags for the in vaccinated will be here soon.
      “Hope in Christ” because we are living in diabolical times black is white etc.
      God bless all truthseekers! Viva Christo rey!!

  16. look what’s going on in France police checking everyone is socially distancing and saying show me your phone and papers please. when history repeats itself yellow stickers coming. smartphones are mandatory in china. still think its a about a virus think again. cut my services of and ill be going of grid indefinitely. keep away from these events, pubs, clubs, restaurants, etc etc there traps and targets, how embarrassing, better of at home, until they put cameras in your home to see who’s there, of grid anyone? refuse to have a smartphone that’s the main thing.

    • Exactly Chris. Although I was rather pleased to see a lot of empty tables in the cordoned off seating area on a video recently. I was watching another video yesterday on YouTube the devil`s media site. Yes I know Hugo hates them and I wouldn`t normally post it. But someone pretended to be a Covid Marshall on the London Underground and told everyone the first carriage was for the double jabbed only. The reactions were very mixed with some people showing papers and some kicking off.

      • Good clip, but this not a wind up as this will come true as are we seeing in France vaccine passports apps or papers please.

        This guy supported by TFL and allowed to film on the Underground can Fuck off like the Blonde hair woman said to him.
        Him saying have you had the vaccine Fuck off mind your own business.

        Be warned any prick asking me personal health information will be verbally abuse

      • I am definitely not a violent person, but I dont know if I would not be able to control myself if I saw this apartheid taking place. I have had to endure 18months of anger at the total BS from the Government. I’ve endured 18 months of seeing sane individuals become zombies through constant media propaganda. I have seen families split apart and long-held friendships come to an acrimonious end, all due to a bad Flu season. I have seen irrational rules brought in and I have seen the elderly frightened to death when they should be enjoying the summer sunshine. No! Anyone who tried to force this social segregation on me would leave with a bloody nose!

      • That was Danny Shine (Utube Channel ‘Socialexperimentalist’) who lives in NW London. Amongst other agent provocateur, agitator type activity, he is not averse to interrupting open-air Gospel preaching, or using his loud hailer in supermarkets. Essentially a rabble rouser and not a particularly funny one.

  17. ‘bread and circuses’. it’s as true today as when it was first said 1900 years ago. Keep the plebs fed, keep them entertained, and you can do what you like with them

  18. Before Man U think about introducing this they should maybe think about the logistics of doing so. How are they going to check it and how long is it going to take. And will they delay the kick-off until all the fans are in the ground. Talking of football I was at a match (not Man U) last night and can happily report that less than !% of people were wearing face nappies and there was no social distancing whatsoever with fans less than half a metre apart.

  19. funny how celebs are keeping quite or promoting the jab, if they say anything they will lose all there wealth, they souled there soul for a shitty deal. ignore them all… they will encourage everyone to have it… funny how they all promote it. no one has come out.

  20. Bye bye football. Don’t need this at the park, with our local sides.

  21. Get jabbed up, then can’t really complain because without your next jab your screwed.

    Ohh sorry sir I see you put something negative about the jabs which are 100% safe on facebook, so your next jab is delayed by 3 months, see you in 3months if your still alive, next!! Also sir as your out of jab complaince, you can’t work or enter shops or pretty much leave your own house, we don’t really know why, but rules!

    Jab’s are 100% safe and Great, thankyou government for providing them for me, anything you want government just keep those jabs coming, yeahhhhh jabs!!!

    * I’m losing the plot, spent 20mins searching the floor for my PC Mouse, eat breakfast at the PC, then 10mins more, then looked at mouse pad and there it is, arrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Aliens Definitely Aliens!!

  22. I’m amazed anyone even wants to watch football nowadays. The players don’t give a toss about the fans, and neither do the clubs. The kit it a massive rip off, made in China in bri nylon for £75. And then they go down on one knee to support a marxist organization! As for anyone downloading the nhs app, they are complete paranoid morons who deserve a totalitarian state. Problem is they are dragging me into their nightmare world.

  23. Hahaha Hahahahahaha this is where you know that these football people never care for the so called fans and yet they fight one another 🤣 😂 😆. ManU was my Favourite team despite their nickname Red Devils. But now I am done with football in general. Its all potato poteto and tomato tometo 🤣🤣🤣

  24. Wouldn’t expect anything else from a filthy club owned by filthy NWO jews.

  25. Guess there will be alot of empty seats,,, and we all know what empty seats means don’t we.
    They can shove there pass the same place they shove their deathshots.

    • If even fans stop going to these so call football see you will lose out

  26. Am I the only one wondering what the strippers invading the pitch will do now ? Nope , just me then 🙂

  27. Change the their to Manchester Divided, Manchester Separated or Manchester Schawbies NWO.

  28. honestly, just save yourself the ridiculous prices of tickets and watch it at home. that way you dont have to do that load of bollocks and save yourself a few kwid

  29. It is the duty of every football club and their supporters to tell the government, pharmaceutical companies and the WEF to fuck off and leave us all alone.

  30. Klaus schwabs mother is Marianne Schwab, officially “nee Rothschild” before marrying his father Mr Schwab, his grandfather, was a manager at a bank in Hamburg in 1925.You can’t make sh*$t like this up.

  31. Last October when masks were not considered to be any use ( Boris Johnson said this ) Sir Alex Ferguson was wearing a full-blown black mask as he watched the games whilst sitting in the stands in an EMPTY stadium!!!!! I almost blew a fuse! I asked my daughter who is a lecturer and Doctor of Science at Durham University why he was wearing one outside, in the fresh air, with NO ONE in the stadium. She said that their was no medical reason but ”perhaps it is to show that wearing one is the best thing to do” !!!! I was Fking furious, not with daughter who had said there was no real reason, but that he was just Fking Virtue Signalling that HE was doing the right thing!! Im still fking furious some 8 months later! That is the reason football was allowed to continue on he telly because it showed fully- masked, HEALTHY , young men who were doing the right thing! FFS!! The away teams even changed in the restaurants and bars to keep them away from the home team dressing rooms……. ( now, spot the stupidity )until they got on the pitch and hugged, grappled and SPIT on the floor 1000’s of times! Good job they had separate changing rooms!! FFS! What utter Bullshit!!!!! I’m still fking furious!!! Can you tell????!!

  32. I was looking at James Delingpole’s twitter (though I’m not on twitter) and, apparently, a Spurs fan has had his exemption from the tyranny pass accepted by the club. Have to see how that goes. Trouble is, you’re still giving your £s to these monsters. I supported a North West club (not Premier League) for almost 50years that is full on pushing the narrative and the jib jab. Owner, an obvious useful idiot for the powers that shouldn’t be, yet adored by dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks fans, is an ardent knee taker, allows the stadium to be used as a vax centre and implores supporters to be needled. Manager no better, though he’s even more of a dope, in fairness.
    Depressingly, I can’t imagine the ‘It’s comin’ home, innit’ dipsticks forsaking the match for little things such as principles or freedom.

  33. Your videos are great but let’s be honest now to many clowns have condemned us it’s inevitable it’s going to happen now we all truly screwed I do hope I’m wrong but can’t see it to many people have been scared in to going along with what ever they say

    • Jarrod, I fear that you are right. If the sheep can not see the BS now, they never will. How on earth can ‘saving the NHS’ result in having to ‘show your papers’ to enter a building. This is not going to end anytime soon and not going to end well for ALL of us. Shame on them!

  34. I don’t see one present or past footballer speaking out about this unfolding tyranny… apart from Matthew Le Tissier, and he gets mocked mercilessly on Twitter, which doesn’t exactly encourage others to come forward. The big football clubs don’t care about the people whose support they’ve needed in order to be what they are. They are quite happy to leave the older generation behind, the generation who doesn’t own a smartphone and who’s supported the club for 50 plus years.

  35. Chelsea has fallen as well. I see a fan on Facebook get heavily criticized when he enquired if he could get a refund on a couple of season tickets cause he didn’t agree with the jab.

  36. Boycott, boycott, boycott! Show them tumbleweeds instead of fans! A language they might understand! NWO feckers!

  37. Good thing I don’t like football then. Rather choose a kick around in the garden with a close few that I appreciate than choose to support this circus.

    Manchester Divided.

  38. Thanks, Hugo. You are 100 percent correct. Fuck all billionaires and governments. Resist!

  39. I thought I left a comment but it disappeared. I agree 100 percent Hugo. Fuck the billionaires and all governments. Corrupt motherfuckers all.

  40. The CDC admit the jab does not stop you getting covid and does not stop you infecting others, so the health pass is pointless for health reasons, so there must be another, far more sinister reason, why they are so keen for so many to be jabbed so quickly.

  41. A German who witnessed the rise of fascism in the 1930’s said that had the Nazis done in the first place what they ended up with it would have been rejected by the population, but each small step was cleverly designed to prepare the population for the next step destroying their personal freedom.

    • How right he was. Only a few can see this nonsense for the BS it has been. I think 80% of the sheep have their doubts, but they are too far gone now with no turning back so they have to hope things will be ok…. and if course it’s ‘ safety in numbers’ that’s why they want the Thinkers to have the vaxtermination jab too. No chance !! 😊😷😊👍👍

  42. We’re to worship our Creator, not at the altar of football.

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