BBC Sick COVID Sceptic Was Actor And TV REALITY WINNER / Hugo Talks #lockdown


101 Comments on “BBC Sick COVID Sceptic Was Actor And TV REALITY WINNER / Hugo Talks #lockdown

  1. I’ve just listened to the Jeremy vine show. Fair play to the guy from Manchester for saying his piece to Jeremy. Shame the guy got cut off.

    • The silly thing is and this is why it’s so laughable really, do they actually believe it will influence any of us that have been awake from day one?
      You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink!

    • Always thought Jez Swine was a slimy slug,
      His lower oriface must be as wide as the Gran Canyon by now!

  2. Supposedly in intensive care for a week, yet the sides of his head look as if they’d seen a hair clipper no more than a day or two earlier.

    • Just because he’s in isolation on a covid ward for a virus everyones had, doesn’t mean they can’t get there hair done 🙂

      The fact he’s being treated and not treated like a plague carrier locked away in the store room to die is also a give away he’s fine really.

      Treat covid patients, hell no, might catch covid if we actually try to treat them, much safer to make tic toc videos.

  3. Do not promote Telegram, this app same as Signal promoted by Snowden is primarily to monitor the underground not to create “save space” for opposition or dissidents.
    Do not be deceived that Telegram and Russian technology and media like RT are supporting the opposition or Russia is a haven for American dissidents.
    It’s a controlled opposition trap. It’s to marginalize you even further! After a while you should notice that spinning wheels on Telegram does not yield any results, it’s a box they want to close you so you can share this small space with bots and secret service operatives who push bullshit content like Trump and other sci-fi topics to blow your mind. You can find a lot of interesting info in there definitely closer to truth truth than MSM but remain vigilant.

    • ” there will be times during mass vaccination ….when you’ll be expected to work 8-8….”. The advert does not say that IF mass vaccination is required, it says that ‘ during mass vaccination’ which implies to me that there WILL BE mass vaccination in the future. Tough times ahead for we Thinkers. 🧐

  4. he’s not an actor, hes family I am confused how this is being reported though

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