BBC Sick COVID Sceptic Was Actor And TV REALITY WINNER / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. Keep up the excellent work friend. I’m doing everything I can , everyday, but you, a d those who do the kind of work you’re doing, are so courageous, and wonderful. Your example is shining gold. Respect. So much respect. We are , all of us, across the world, in this together. It’s amazing, even though it’s so frightening. It sure seems to be ‘that’ time. How strange. Love from Canada 🇨🇦

    • He doesn’t look ill, does he? If someone is ill enough to be admitted to hospital they should have the manners to at least look pallid or flushed, yet this guy’s eyes almost sparkle.

  2. Hugo, I thought exactly the same thing this morning!! … They all want everyone to get vaccinated, yet all the people who had a severe reaction and told others not to get it are forgotten about 🙄🤯.
    Thank you for talking sense 🙏🏻.

  3. Along with the recent adds for actors to play homeless people the msm are pure 🐀

  4. Another group of actors, the conservative government pretending to run the country.

    • We no longer live in a democracy!

      In a free society the government would allow all views on medical procedures whether good or bad.

      If nothing else this tells you all you need to know …the silence is deafening.

      If the government have torn up the rule book, they shouldn’t be surprised if the people rebel!

  5. Well well well another actor crops up. I wonder if he will be on that vile programme GMB. Also I wonder if any child actors will be appearing as apparently hospitals are having a big influx of youngsters with a serious case of covid. Even though we were told in 2020 the risk to children was low.

    • The “sick kids” actors will be coming very soon, and they’ll be used to justify the September lockdown and mass vaccination of the under 16s with the death jab.

    • Strange how the age they are jabbing is alway the one that the current variant is hitting the most and the hospital cases are always rising for that same group.

  6. liaten to jeremy vine on radio 2 today, orchestrated propaganda onslaught, have a listen if they havent edited it.

    • Old Jezza Whine was so rude !!! Totally one sided propaganda as usual from the BBC . It’s still there on bbc sounds

  7. The Stasi/Nazi/Gestapo on steroids styled government, police and fake stream mediocre, treat us like mushrooms, fed shite and kept in the dark!

  8. Fine healthy colour on him for someone at deaths door

    He looks great lol 😂

    • Why Don’t they shove that hose down his throat with that respirator attached since he’s on deaths bed. Of course not, they’re not trying to kill him with hemorrhaging caused by force of respirator on healthy lungs. Do they not realize that by going along with this tyranny their family’s freedom and their own is being stripped away. Idiots

    • Yes indeed! When I was a nurse, the patients I came across who had respiratory problems were usually either purply-blue or at least very pale and often had a touch of cyanosis ( purplish-blue) around the lips at least. When they spoke, would lift their shoulders on inspiration, literally gasping for air every couple of words, even when on oxygen. For someone struggling to catch his breath, he seemed to have a fair bit to say!

  9. Must be so desperate for cash these actors -what work have they been able to do over the last 18 months?

  10. It’s not jst these cretins it’s also the bigger cretins in hollyweird presidents pm Boris etc who’s all had this so called virus fact is they r the virus doing their satanic masonic rituals they make me laugh they ain’t even good at what their doin I don’t know how ppl believe any of it!

  11. Thanks Hugo. Has anyone looked into the woman Jenny McCann claiming her brother (John Eyers) who was a fit anti vaxer who died of Covid? I looked through her twitter and it was full of pro vaccine stuff. Seems a bit odd then Oh my brother is ill…then OMG hes dead. Seems a bit suspect.

    • I have to admit that story got to me a bit , did make me think OMG…. seems really weird how someone as fit and healthy as him would die of covid …

  12. we should mail in mass to the mhra that there is a new actor strain virus and demand all tv be shut down 🙂

  13. Hugo, thank you.
    It did make me feel sick though, how so many people can go so low to take part in the scam that is not just killing people, but their are contributing towards destroying their own freedom and human rights. It seems to me people are prepared to sell their soul for money.😪

    • I get annoyed about all the voiceover people who ‘sell’ this Convid BS on radio adverts and teLIEvision progs too.

      • These are the worst ones because they are ‘out of vision’ so you can’t put a face to him. I really want to know who that bloke who does the radio ads is and that annoying woman who does the ‘take care of each other’ nonsense over the supermarket tannoy so I can shake their hands and take them out for a pint in an unjabbed pub 😀 These people are determined to remain anonymous. I wonder why 😀 John Hurt was known to voice the ‘iceberg’ AIDS ads so why the secrecy 😀 I do know who does the tannoy announcements in Morrisons – but that is only because I used to work with him 😀

  14. Propaganda very Similar to North Korean News channel how low can the BBC go this is despicable evil , this is a World war 3 , people have been dumped down , MSM is owned by the corporations and families and controlled by the government, to get an actor to play someone that is sick despicable, no mention of the deaths and adverse reaction to the vaccine a friends cousin as gone blind in one eye a week after vaccine.

    Hugo take care be safe your a true hero to the ordinary people a fighter for freedom 👌

  15. All the world is staged and every liar must play their part!

    God hates a liar

    Proverbs 6:16-19
    King James Version
    16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

    17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

    18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

    19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

    God Bless you all

  16. Well , the very first man in the UK to be jabbed was someone called William Shakespear. And then 6 months later no more poor William.

    • 6 months is looking about right from last jab.

      Quite a lot have it shortly after, have they gained some immunity ?? or is it still 6months + reinfection = hospital?? find out soon I guess, need more DATA!!

      SAGE did say 70% of the Jabbed, would need hospital this winter, even a broken watch is right twice a day, first thing they’ve got right, ofcourse no way the NHS can treat 70% of the Jabbed, that’s 35Milllion Cases, so approx 33mil ( number sounds familar ) will be left to die I’m guessing!!

    • He died of a stroke, also called a blood clot on the brain. His condition had nothing to do with the ‘vaccine’ he was given, obviously.

      • The blood clot was caused by the vaccine idiot!

      • Please don’t call me an idiot. My comment about poor Mr Shakespeare dying due to a stroke which obviously had nothing to do with the’ vaccine’ was being sarcastic. This Jungle Juice should NEVER be called a vaccine as a true vaccine gives you immunity from the illness you are vaccinated against….. This is a Vaxtermination Jab and the sheep want everyone to have it so they feel safer. This scam has been BS since the very start!

      • …. And by the way, you missed the comma between ‘ vaccine’ and ‘ idiot ‘….. Just saying 😉😷😉


  18. I believe medical men and women to give me guidance not MSM.

  19. I concur. Great work Hugo. We must all stick together. We realise all this is propoganda. Maybe we need a new political party. Ie the World freedom alliance of the UK/Canada/ Australia etc. Let’s topple our governments and form a new free world.

  20. Israel today are at over 7500 cases, heading back to the most they ever had. Strange when 80% is it of the population are jabbed – proves the jabs do exactly zero. Or worse than zero if they make people more ill.

  21. soon as i saw him knew he was liar looked to bloody healthy. these scum will stoop to the lowest of the low. its been friggin lie from beginning.
    why cant people see it. its a lie for your soul turn you into a non human and you will no longer have God

    • Yes, and as the jabs are nearly all abortion-tainted in some way, taking one is choosing to benefit from wilful murder. Mass murder that is ongoing and probably occurring nearby to all of us as I type this. God hates human sacrifice, especially child-sacrifice. Choosing to benefit from it, unless one has “invincible ignorance” , is colluding with wilful murder, a sin deserving of Hell. As for me, no earthly gain is worth deliberately putting myself at such risk of eternal damnation for.
      If only people knew how the foetal cell lines used for vaccine development are harvested, I suspect even pro-choicers would be horrified. Anyone with a heart would be sickened. Everyone needs to watch the video of John – Henry Westen’s interview with Dr. Pamela Acker on It’s harrowing to hear but we need to face up to evil in order to fight it! God bless you.

  22. Why am I not surprised by this? I’d be interested to hear how the Covid Stasi go about recruiting these actors for the cause. Once it comes out they’ll explain it away as the need for modern day Public Information broadcasts such as Aids, Terrorism and Covid. Of course to keep up with the times it was designed to look like reality tv or some other nonsense. Keep up the great work.

  23. Doesn’t he look well! Considering that he has just come out of intensive care according to be beeb he looks surprisingly ok. Rather like Boris in fact who allegedly was in hospital with covid last year and within a day of coming out of hospital posted on twitter and didnt show any signs of having being struck down by anything. And where were the pics of him because if he had been in hospital the media would have had a field day with pics and headlines of ‘PM about to die’ or similar. Another example of misinformation by the BBC The journalist should be struck off and the BBC permanently lose their licence to broadcast.

    • When Doris Johnson came out he spoke for nearly 3 min on teLIEvision saying how awful the illness was and the worse bit was an incessant COUGH ….. He did not cough ONCE during the interview! And has anyone had a cough since, or has that symptom been forgotten about???? It been Total BS since the very start!

  24. More to the fact that they’re letting a film crew in to interview these crack pots during a ‘deadly pandemic’ when loved ones are denied family in and died alone! Why the hell can’t people see through this crap is beyond me 🤦🏻‍♀️

  25. I do know of an Anti Jabber, which 50% died of Covid, could of been Flu, his jabbed wife had it, then he caught it 4days to dead, which is wayyyy under average.

    Looks like that Shedding stuff that’s been forgotten means, Covid/Flu + Jab = DEATH for the unjabbed, got a few reports aswell, too many to be coincidental.

    STAY away from Sick Jabbed people, let them suffer, I’ve been visiting people with covid without a care, cured 2 with a good session, literally got better after, made the lungs function rather than waste away I bet, going for a mild jog would also likely fix said lungs, but prefer my method LOL

    Actually, just stay away from the jabbed, damn they looked scared today, especially 1s that know I’m unjabbed, surely they’ve been jabbed and should feel safe LOL MADNESS x 1000000000!!!

  26. It occurred to me that while I see tonnes of talking about Covid and some MSM handpicked interviews of people in hospital, I rarely get to see that many personal experiences of people who have had Covid.
    I did a search on YT and nearly every hit was from MSM sites – ok no surprise. I switched to alternate sites and I found some “I have Covid” videos, but really not that many when you consider all we heard about for the last year and a half is Covid and there has supposed to have been 30 million of infections in the US and 6 million in the UK.
    This is an age where every man and his dog seems to be on the internet talking about themselves and sharing with the world their experiences. Yet I’m not finding a tsunami of videos from everyday people saying “I have Covid” or “I had Covid”, even on the Alt tech sites….

    • The con is………………….

      Most people 90% have with ZERO Symptoms, so they’ve had, don’t know they’ve had, can’t have again without a jab to screw them up, but they don’t know they’ve had it, therefore it’s easy to leave them scared shitless to force a jab.

      9% get it, mild symptoms like a cold or less, I had it, sweats for a night, sore chest doing excersize, very tired 3 or 4 days, passed it onto loads, know loads ( 200+ ) who’ve had it, some with an annoying cough but not many. ( been around people with Covid, not recaught like a year on )

      1% get with BAD symptoms needing hospitisation and about 5% of them before new treatment would die, likely dropped to 1% why deaths of jabbed are lower, which is the 0.05% fatality rate area, 0.01% with new drugs.

      Never in human history has anyone ever forces 7billion to take a barely tested jab to save 0.01% of the population LOL

      Do remember, that approx 1.2% of the population die each year, unimportant things, like cancer or heart attack or old age or car crashes.

      Also, most keep having it quite as it’s a stigma, people are scared of you if you’ve had it, OMG no you might still be contagious, yep people are stupid.

      Most I know, kept it quite, didn’t want to self isolate for 14days and carried on working or doing what ever they do.

      Remember, what they’ve done with Covid, there doing this year for FLU, so Flu lockdowns LITERALLY FFS!!

      • Loss of olfactory is a symptom which I can confirm was easily discerned.

  27. Yet another fake news story. The thing is that the vaccine does not stop transmission or infection. I havent had the vaccine and I currently have COVID symptoms. My wife had it and I must have caught it off her, not confirmed it because I refuse to have a test. From what I have had it’s just a mild flu for me and does not justify the measures. To be honest I’m glad I have it now because at least I will have some natural immunity going into the winter when the shits going to hit the fan.

    The news report one thing and the data shows us something else

    • Your Convid ‘symptoms’ could quite probably be a summer cold! If they were going to tell the nation that a killer virus was out there and to be scared, they wouldnt have said your leg will go bright red to prove you got the illness….. they would say it is the same symptoms as the common cold because everybody gets these 4 times a year! PLEASE dont be manipulated like the other sheep who have lost all sense of reasoning due to the constant propaganda BS.

  28. Good work, Hugo I’ve noticed these stories about ANTI VAX crap, wishes they had the jab.
    Not a story about jabbed people dying or having health problems after having it.
    Proud to unjab 👍 Anti vaxxer.

  29. Lam down dear it’s just another actor. COVID is much more dangerous if you’re an actor 😂😂🤣🤣 The fake news just keeps coming.

  30. Intresting, there has been a high propotion of actors all the same story same regrets same crap! Anyway if this guy goes and gets that injection now,, welll staticticaly he is doing himself no favors and could not make a worse dicision health wise.

  31. So has anyone been to the hospital and tried visiting any of these poor sick actors? Take them a bunch of grapes and some Lucozade…

  32. It was the same actor, this Asian bloke, on both BBC and ITV. Coming out with ‘not being vaccinated was the biggest mistake of me life’ nonsense. I ain’t falling for it.

  33. Don’t know about you lot, but since the double jabbed have started getting covid badly as predicted but sooner which won’t be a good thing for them, I’ve been much happier, dancing around the house, waiting for my double jabbed ex to ring me all scared, well I did tell you in detail hold out as long as possible see the effects which will likely be what’s happening, but if I’m wrong then you can take it later, you can’t untake it, logic love it!!

    Did notice she closed her shop today, 2nd Pfizer knocked her around looking OLD and rough so other than the kids errr don’t care.

    Maybe I’m a psychopath???

    • 😂 oh yeh, the “I told you SO’s” are gonna be oh soo sweet I feel too. 👍

    • Or perhaps you are drained of trying to tell healthy people that they do not need to inject some jungle juice to protect them from a bad Flu? I’ve given up trying…. I only reply to people on these channels who are on my bus and not the sheep on FB who are so frit of a Killer Virus that they would sign-up to Medical Apartheid to make them feel safe! FFS!

      • YEP!!! Wasn’t for the Kids, I’d never bother with a jabbed ever again, but she’s not letting me see the kids cause I’m Childish, well actually she’s scared and she wants to protect the kids by giving them a jab which I’m against, while claiming she knows it’s a hoax, yeah right.

        Obviously seeing the kids without her knowing 🙂

        Told you So, that’s going to be fun, right before they flat line, nice!!!

  34. The guy who got through BBC screening today to Jeremy Vine managed to have a quick say but Vine cut him off, Vine was furious haha

  35. These sick people on oxygen all look so bloody healthy!

    • He looked healthier than some of those sad sheep who havent been out of home for 18 months to keep themselves safe! lol lol

  36. Let’s find him on social media and expose him for what he is. These criminals are ignoring the Nuremberg Code which carries the death penalty for violating it.

  37. The Government Miniters are also actors playing their role so it’s not suprising that they would employ fellow actors for public disinformation films.

  38. All this MSM propaganda just washes over me. I know what they are doing, only the weak will have a potentially dangerous substance put in their body because of this.

  39. These people really need to end up in court.
    This is a crime against humanity.
    Companies profiteering from this organised crime, need to be charged with racketeering.

  40. Imperial College London (Gates Foundation funded – Prof Neil Ferguson)
    Danny Altmann, professor of immunology at Imperial College London and member of the immunology taskforce for the Scientific Group for Emergencies (Sage), said that coronavirus variants such as the delta variant “stress test our vaccines to the max”.
    He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that “a bit of mix and match for the boosters is always going to be a good idea” and that the data from mixing mRNA vaccines with AstraZeneca “looks absolutely super”.
    Don’t believe anything these pharma sh ills put out!

    • Brill, then we’ll drop a graphene oxide mRNA Flu jab into the other arm, then put you on a shaker machine for 30mins to mix them both up nicely.

      Covid Deaths will go through the roof, like in Jan, entirely coincidental they died 30mins after both jabs, quick FEAR go get they jab, then zip yourself into a body bag so save someone else a job.

  41. I wrote to the BBC and asked them to confirm or deny that they have been using actors in these situations. They neither confirmed nor denied it. They said
    … “we can assure you that we would never intentionally mislead our audience.The BBC is a trusted source of information, and we take our responsibility to report accurately and with due impartiality extremely seriously.”
    Hmm. Not convinced!

    • LOL, there just really bad at counting maybe ?? 200 protestors marched through London, when the other 1mil+ just walking alongside them coincidentally to get a pint of milk??

      I think that ships sailed BBC LOL

  42. Willoqueau I contacted GMB weeks ago to complain about Dr Shillarys scaremongering. They never responded so at least the BBC responded to you.

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