1. UK police won’t do this, UK pigs love criminality and bullying people.

    • Unsure if UK police are truly British. Swiss police probably lived in the country for generations… Anyway it is encouraging to hear.

      • That’s because there’s no one there with the balls to fight them.

  2. I worked for a Swiss company, spent a lot of time in Geneva. They are a mix of Germanic and French thinking, but are deadly serious and yet libertarian. I hope to fuck they stand by this statement, they need to invade Davos and sort out Davros Schwab.

    Anyway at least it sounds like there are some good n=men and women out there.

  3. Hey Hugo – how about an update on Israel, the land of the people of God, who turned their backs on God and instead turned their shirt sleeves up for a jibbety jab?

    It’s not looking so hot over there now is it, so perhaps we ought to put the brakes on things instead of jabbing kids?

    • To whoever…some recent data:- 5.Aug…”95% severe patients are vaccinated”
      “85 – 90% of hospitalisations are fully vaccinated”
      ” we are opening more and more COVID wards ”
      “The effectiveness of vaccines is waning/fading out”
      Dr Kobo Haviv

      • More likely is that they are sick from the vaccine. It not the virus thats the issue here

  4. Swiss police and military should bond together and invade the WEF-headquarter. Arrest the Davos group and chairman Schwab and trow them in jail for countless crimes. The WEF is not the head of the snake, but a important global domino piece, so as soon this things falls, the rest will follow.

    • Time to get out and show what you are doing locally rather than just talking about cutting off the head of the snake in my view. We don’t even know who the head of the snake is above the Rothchilds, Sorros and Rockefellers….

      • Yes yes yes! BIS is located on sovereign territory yet is in the city limits of Basel. Uh? What?

        Take down the Bank of International Settlements!

    • Where can you post this for more prominence without it being taken down? A good idea Harry.

  5. Good News! We are going local now New Zealand style with our board messaging in our local town Gillingham, Dorset. Perfect long straight road, major thoroughfare for our signage. It has been a lot of work setting this up with like minded people from our Stand in the Park at Shaftesbury and fringes but we are doing it this Saturday. Power to the people!

    • Good luck with that one Jane. Make sure to get a video and post it,,send a link to the video to ,, a great way to get attention to it quickly and alot of people there, always looking for ideas!

    • That’s brilliant…hopefully it will catch on and others will follow your lead! God Bless.

    • Great news Jane. Good luck, and as others have suggested, post a video, and send to UK Column, among others.
      Have a great day.

  6. TBH Hugo I don’t think.we can use the Swiss as a benchmark, they have always done what the fuck.they like even when we’ve been in the middle of a world war.

  7. The CV obediently respected the Swiss borders, not invading the landlocked country. The same as many wannabe invaders in history, eg. Hitler. Probably more scared of being attacked and chased out of the country by the locals, than to foolhardedly launch an attack!

  8. There are alot of good guys in the UK police who do not buy the story hook line and sinker, sadly they don’t know what to do about it, so they keep taking orders and paying the mortgage. Perhaps this will give them a bit of momentum, I think many are starting to realse that if they follow the orders the police service will not exist for long, but they lack organisation.

    • When I was a kid we lived next to a copper. He got his mortgage paid for him. Rent mortgage was one of the perks of the job. He also got his house decorated twice a year, furnished once a year, free prescriptions for him and his family, all sorts of discounts, and goodness knows what else, I can’t remember the half of it. Hid wife as a nurse and she used to thieve all sorts from the hospital; pillows, bandages, blankets. He was a right thug. He got a Jack Russell Terrier dog. It growled at his wife. So he took the poor little pup around the back and smashed it’s brains in with a brick 🙁 We hated him – the brute.

    • He also used to attack my brothers. We had a British Transport cop next door to him – some people have no luck – he as a gun nut and held his wife hostage at gunpoint. He ended up in a mental institution.

  9. Watch later, quick news flash…..

    Double jabbed lad, knows of 3 recent double jabbed deaths in Spain, zero uk deaths.

    This is going to get ugly very quickly isn’t it.

    Well we tried!

    • They just won;t listen though. So when they start dropping like flies they’ll still believe the jabd saves them and it;s the unjabbed fault. you cant’ fix stupid.

      • Yep I know!

        There denying masks being removed brought cases down despite nught clubs opening, which only below 21 go to anyway.

        Logic is gone, but A level students all got good grades, Idiocracy for sure, just be nice to the teacher A grade easy.

      • Apparently, there is a huge ‘attainment gap’ opening up between the boys and girls. Girls are doing way much better under this silly nonsensical teacher-assessed codswallop. Who would have thought? Most teachers are female so they will naturally favour the girls. Girls are also much better at being manipulative and currying favour so any male teachers will be putty in their hands. These ‘grades’ are worthless completely meaningless. What happened to proper exams and academic rigour. We truly are living in an Idiocracy.

  10. In many places outside the UK, the police serve the people and are on the side of the people. Up the Swiss

  11. So places to move to, Swiss and Mexico, good to know there are places in the world where tyranny doesn’t win over common decency, shame it’s not here hey!!

    The double jabbed, spain 3 deaths lad, was all oh I hope I don’t die as I’ve not had the jab, when I said, no your the 1 at risk, he laughed, despite telling me the double jabbed are all dying in spain, something has really gone wrong with people hasn’t it, there logic and reason are just GONE!!

  12. Morning thank you Hugo

    If they do this I will believe it & I do hope & pray our forces think the same.


  13. Have you noticed how the MSM has now put covid way down the pecking order. Do Boris and Co think we are just going to laugh this off and let bygones be bygones ?
    The whole scam is falling apart and they know it.
    But imagine how you would have felt having had 2 jabs only to hear that the PM after knocking about with some other prick in a helicopter had flatly refused to self isolate after being exposed to the deadly virus. I would have been pretty pissed off . Basically an admission by the PM that the whole thing has been a scam and he has got bored pretending otherwise.
    Also not heard of any new variants for ages .🤔

  14. Police in France are uniting to defy macron.

    • Police in the uk are working on there sheep impressions, they started off not wanting to enforce the lockdown rules, but then the power went to there heads and fully on it.

  15. The UK police will be ousted and the army put in place aka marshal law if we don’t stop this soon! Well done Swiss police, I hope they don’t bring the army in instead again aka marshal law.
    There is so much evidence now showing it’s VACCINATED people in hospitals, VACCINATED people getting sick and that us unvaxxed are fine.
    So much that in my mind proves the COVID was nothing more than an excuse to bring in the jab and was NEVER a deadly pandemic.
    So much proving lockdowns are causing harm not reducing it.
    So much evidence proving this was all one huge lie to fast track thier depopulation and control agenda if we don’t act on it all now then exactly when because we’re fast approaching the end game and that there will be no coming back from for centuries

  16. So the Swiss cops have finally realised that this crap will affect them.

    The same will happen to UK police.

    The difference here is that they will continue to follow orders even if it kills them.

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