Andrew Allegations Are Nothing New To This Family / Hugo Talks #lockdown


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  1. They’re using any excuse to lock us down and control us not that they need one.God is in control and is coming back soon.

      • God is still on his Throne and very much in control. Everything will come to pass for his purpose

      • Do not loose faith in the Lord God. Pray for forgiveness and ask for help. Truth will set you free

  2. sorry to say but this is not a distraction. child abuse and trafficking is the real epidemic. We need to fight back and protect our kids

    • Agreed. Estimated 3M+ children annually used in SRA in the most horrific manner…trafficked, tortured, blood drunk by abusers & cannibalised by mentioned & connected on vid. Many truthers will look the other way when told. We want our freedom but turn away from our children’s plight.

      • Yes and I suspect it’s far more prevalent than we think and is the worst crime against humanity being committed today. A lot of people don’t realise that legalised abortion is a part of RSA too. They get to make multiple child sacrifices to the devil without fear of criminal conviction. Even the ones that are not part of an actual ritual are counted by satanists as a sacrifice to the devil, or to themselves if they are La Veyan and have the vanity of themselves as their own god, as that is satanic too.
        I hope Andrew is hung out to dry, but I won’t hold my breath and am concerned for Virginia’s Guiffré’s safety. May God bless and keep her!

    • number one biggest problem is child abuse and trafficking as rightly said

  3. Andrew’s always been a peado…touching kids. Must be a freind of Bidens

  4. The Megan and Harry were the distraction!! He needs to be held accountable!!

    • They are part of it. Did you see/hear Ginger saying build back better. The reason Piers gobshite Morgan hates meagain and ginger is to take the distraction away from himself because he was close friends with Ghislaine Maxwell.

  5. This royal family are finished, and many others. They will pay the price for all the crimes they have committed. We the people don’t need these people telling us what to do. We are God sovereign beings.

    • They are satanic to the core, they worship the beast.
      And have presided over the destruction of our once green and pleasant land. Going to church is keeping up appearances for the gullible, public.
      God will have his justice sooner or later! No one escapes the wrath of God for their sinfullness!
      The rothschilds dynasty is head of the temple all the rest are puppets.

      All the power structures are corrupted to the core and they hate the Anglo saxon Christians!
      Our churches have been subverted and twisted into the woke brigade. Church of England is man made, God does not recognize it.
      Their is only one faith, the Catholic faith of our ancestors. Everything else is false.

      • The catholic church is satanic at its top level. Pope is a satanist!

      • There is only one true Church and that is the Body of Christ – His True believers. Christ being the Head. It is not a building or a man made institution, it’s not a religion, it’s a relationship with our Lord and Saviour

      • Then why is the Vatican made up of a dead sheep that represents a human and a serpent. Unfortunately many people do not realize that they are worshipping Lucifer the fallen angel, who resides in the bottomless pit as satan in the Catholic church

      • You need to dig deeper for the true faith.

    • The royals control it all.. an I mean it all! The media, the governments, the list goes on. The U.K. royals play there part down clever and pretend there for the people an try to blend in. Other royals in other county’s had to hide due to there people rising up to them in the past. so they went into big corporations an so on. Never wondered how big banks got started in the first place? Funded by royals. They own it all haha! As times moving fast with technology an social media, they can’t hide anymore an this is why countrys are rotting from the inside out. The foundations we are built on an history has always been a lie. It’s all been controlled an silenced. The royals seem to hold knowledge of the past yet refuse to hand it over because they would lose there power an control. They say every 100 years a pandemic occurs to depopulate. So if can control the numbers an wipe everything out.. you can “build
      It back better “ it’s all a cycle but people are seeing this now an that’s why they are forcing there hand. I don’t know about this vax being a killer in the long term but if it is.. they have won. Most have took it.. but maybe not enough. Who knows but there’s something very sinister with the royals an there secrets. Don’t be fooled with the side shows. The elite have ruled this world for 100s of years rewriting there history to suit them an there power.

      • Royals told they will survive if they comply, Freemason, Illuminate, Satanists all control UK.

      • And where is the Rothschilds gold? In the BoE, as with all the other elites. The Rothies own the country the Queen is just a figurehead and the scummy family are protected. Hopefully that woman does not die in the next 2 years.

      • The real power is with the rothschilds banking dynasty. World jewry! They own the power structure in the UK the Jewish anti white media.

        Who have been denigrating the white Anglo saxons for decades. With porn, drugs, gambling etc to take us away from God!
        Diluting our culture and heritage and pretending the English have no birthrite to England.
        The church (pope) is a false pope. In these times of darkness, but for those who keep the true faith till the end will be saved.
        Holy communion with our Lord is a must!” Truly I say to you if you do not eat my body and drink my blood you have no life in you”
        . The sacraments are sacred that’s why the evil one’s want to mess with it. Viva christo rey! God is good!!

  6. We need to be clear about certain things: unless a vast number of climate scientists, metereorologists, environmentalists, etc. the world over are seriously mistaken, we are indeed facing a potentially catastrophic climate crisis, making stringent climate-friendly measures of different kinds advisable to say the least. Most intelligent, informed people realize that. It is another matter altogether that this agenda may well be hijacked by the likes of Klaus Schwab and the WEF, in order to further their own hypocritical and nefarious (indeed downright criminal)ends.

    • Don’t be so silly, the world has never had a stable temperature or climate it is continuously changing as the suns activity changes, that’s why all the planets are heating up or cooling down in unison, unless a cow farting in Somerset affects the temperature on Mars as well.

      You have no idea, I know a professor of economics who was interested in one particular sphere of economics, Douglas Social Credit because it was so popular among ordinary people prior to WW2 that there were clubs of ordinary people with 10’s of thousands of members. After ww2 they decided this economic theory was “anti semetic” and it was never heard of again.

      If you work as an economist or scientist and you are told “this is the fact, this is false and must not be spoken about” and you dare to disobey, your funding gets cut off, you are out of a job and will never work again, there is one narrative, only one narrative and that’s it.

      Disagree you are destroyed financially and cancelled as a loon, this is why “all” of the scientists agree on climate change and covid and anything else, because the big money guys who fund all the universities and studies tell them that’s what they’ll agree on, and the only people you get to hear from on tv etc are the ones who follow the story.

      As with covid you can be the most qualified to the eyeballs, experienced person in the world, but step out of line, no one will hear a word you say.

      Like Robert Malone – he “invented” mRNA vaccines, has been a vaccine guy all his life, but the minute he said “I have some concerns” he’s apparently an anti-vax lunatic flat earther who no one should pay any attention to.

      While strangely they are using this anti-vax loons discoveries as the very core of their vax program. If he’s a loon why are they using his discoveries?

      What does that make them?

      If you think about it the real narrative of the climate nuts is this: “we like the world to be this temperature because it’s more comfortable for us. We are claiming human interference in nature is what’s causing the supposed change. So our solution is to interfere even more to try and control nature”.

      Really what they want is to scare people into accepting less and a worse quality of life otherwise – they might die!!! Eeeekk!!!!!!!


      • Might die?? even me ?? your just talking about from Covid, as long as I stay safe, stay home, wear a mask at all times, then I’ll live for ever right.

        My tiny brain just couldn’t accept anything else or understand risk or logic.

        Just to check logic is right, if something exists that could kill me, then that mean 100% it will right ?? it either WILL or it won’t, none of this probably won’t so why worry about it, it just WILL!!

        Off out for a drive atleast that’s safe, I do feel safer double masked, even though it fogs up my glasses and I can’t see most of the time, but hey car crashes don’t kill people, only Covid Does!!

    • We need to be clear about certain things: unless a vast number of epidemiologists, immunologists, virologists, the mainstream press and almost all governments etc the world over are seriously mistaken, we are indeed facing a deadly pandemic…

      • I’m afraid you have been brainwashed Jon.

        Unless you are a troll…

      • @TruthSeeker

        I guess it’s too difficult to correlate my post, being a reply, to the one I am replying to. My assumption was that the initial poster takes Hugo seriously, as otherwise he wouldn’t be here, but still believes in climate change without realizing that the reaction to it is the main component of the Great Reset even if he is aware of Klaus Shit. Have I made myself now clear that I am neither brainwashed or a troll? Do I have to spell it out loud or do people even here lack attention so much that they can’t put 2 and 2 together?

      • They are not mistaken at this point they must be lie in

      • To whomever it may concern: why do so many people who think that the Covid ‘pandemic’ has been greatly exaggerated (probably in the interests of Big Farma, the WEF, etc.,) also think that the climate crisis is a hoax, that the free market is inherently good, but state intervention bad, etc…? Is it not possible to judge each situation to the best of our ability, using the data we have available, without resorting to prejudiced, knee-jerk reactions?

        Many independent scientists – including those of the ‘Great Barrington Declaration’ – and many free-thinking anti-lockdown/vaccine passport critics have been unfairly branded as right-wing conspiracy theorists, probably because (in part, at least) this way of thinking/un-thinking exists and is apparently thriving.

        To Hugo: I greatly appreciate your analyses, but please be careful not to slip into this lazy form of non-thinking.

      • What they are is not so much “mistaken” as owned, bought-and-paid for by Big Pharma and the globalists. Always ask “qui bono” when needing to decide who or what to believe or who to trust. Ask who stands to loose what too. You’ll find most of those you’ve mentioned above are either funded by the likes of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation or have received substantial donations from it, or are invested in the pharmaceutical industry.
        I would have thought you’d have found that out for yourself by now if you’re a regular here!

      • Wow, that made my brain hurt. No one can surely think that at this stage of global fuckery. Tragicly bad trolling.

    • David, absolute nonsense! Its a scam that was given birth back in the 70’s for the purpose of what they will now do to humanity. It was not hijacked by WEF as they are just an extension of the agenda. Scientists, meteorologists, environmentalists, etc. are all controlled to forward the agenda. Pls do some research outside of MSM.

    • Planet earth has always warmed and cooled. Remember the ice ages? We came out of one not so long ago so it’s only logical that the planet is now in a warming phase. Trying to stop it will be like King Canute trying to hold back the tide. Again, it’s an agenda to control and reduce the population so the chosen few can enjoy this planet for themselves without us useless eaters.

    • Of course there is climate change. It’s happening all the time. It’s just not caused by our actions…

  7. LEGAL action? 😑….. What an absolute waste of time. LAWFUL action is what we need and people need to comprehend exactly what the difference is between the two and how it affects everything.

  8. So pleased that you’ve highlighted this Hugo. Checkout Kamloops Indian residential school in Canada where they have recently unearthed the mass graves of children. In the 1960’s ten children there went for a picnic in the woods with the Queen and Prince Philip…they were never seen again. William Coombes the only surviving witness, died in suspicious circumstances before he was due to testify. All the court evidence is in the book Murder by Decree: The Crime of Genocide in Canada.

    • Sounds like that Aussie movie ‘Picnic at Hanging Rock’ 😀

    • Incidentally, one of my favourite, if not favourite quotes is from that movie

      — “Everything begins and ends at exactly the right time and place.” – Miranda (Anne Lambert)

  9. I think Diana knew A LOT. In her interview with Bashir, she said “someone’s got to go out there and love people and show it’, and now I think I know exactly what she mean’t.

  10. We will never see Prince Andrew in court – not in any mainstream court.
    They own the courts, not just the British courts.

  11. See the front page of the Guardian was lifted directly from the film Wag the Dog starring DeNiro & Hoffman. Watch it.

  12. When Lizzie dies the royal family is fucked, there’s many people out there just now that loves the royals mainly because of Liz but would feel completely different when she dies and the thrown gets handed over, I think their really worrying about this and know their days are numbered, we’re that used to Lizzie its going to be hard for a lot of people to except anyone taking over her role. Satanists don’t make it past 99, I don’t know what age Liz is but she can’t be far of being 99 so won’t be long now 🤞

  13. And just think, these kind of predators are telling you to get your children vaccinated.

  14. Thank you Hugo

    So many poor young girls, boys , women & men have been subjected to theses evil people.
    It’s been going on for far to long!!!
    So Absolutely good luck 🤞🏻 to anyone willing to stand up to theses so called “untouchable “ people & call them out.
    Anyone who takes away Innocence & such , deserves to be made accountable money, power or not!

    Cheers Hugo

  15. With 50 million UK citizens now ‘double-jabbed’ we are on target to reach the Deagel prediction by Xmas. Dear Christ, what have we done. Father please forgive us for we know not that we sin. Amen. Turn to Jesus and Pray for Salvation before it is too late. Amen.

  16. The modern day climate fiasco was initiated by Maurice Strong Club of Rome when he said – “How can we depopulate the planet, we fabricate a story that will terrify the masses” and the Man Made Climate Change Agenda was created.

    Margaret Thatcher was also a major player in the creation the of the (UN) IPCC to Destroy The Unions and The Miners.

    In the 1970’s the oil crisis plunged the world into recession and the miners had brought down Ted Heaths government. Margaret Thatcher was determined the same would not happen to her. Thatcher set out to break their power and she went to the “Royal Society” and said there is money on the table for you to prove climate change so she could promote nuclear power to by pass the oil crisis and coal extraction to bring down the miners and destroy the unions. How Margaret Thatcher created the IPCC to create the climate change deception without any scientific data.(pits closed and cheap foreign coal then shipped in to the UK)

  17. Only issue is ( Pedo 99.999% and needs to die slowly don’t get me wrong ), but if they over throw the Royals then what we’ll get is likely worse than the Royals, better the Devil you know and all that.

    All moms that have had the Jab, are scared enough to get the kids jabbed to keep them safe, can’t see my kids ( sneaking in ) cause I’m childish, no it’s cause I’m anti jab, even though she claims it’s all a scam and just had the jabs for a normal life and really messed her around on the 2nd dose.

    Sadly, they watch the TV and when I briefly watch it, it’s well done, I start questioning my own logic, and have to remind myself there focusing on 1 case with a bad outcome with a planet with 7billion on and ignoring all the double jabbed deaths or jab ADR’s and even then still tiny deaths compared to Cancer, which is a much worse way of dying.

    Right Driving time, double masked to fog up glasses and forget the seat belt, only covid can kill us, disabled the airbag aswell!!

  18. Heard some Trump Rumours, there still trying to get him back, atleast he tried to fight the covid hoax, although got shot down pretty much all the time.

    Auss, having to accept ADR’s are a real thing and report them rather than just going it’s 100% safe, major step forward over there.

      • I too believe Trump is controlled opposition. Whether he was a plant from day one or he started off with good intentions and was bribed or threatened while in office I am not sure but at this point if he returns it will not be because he is some Saviour it will be because he is playing the role the elites have put him in. If he is reinstated it would kick off a civil war in the USA. His haters HATE him and would lose their minds if he was reinstated while his followers LOVE him and would vehemently defend him. I think Qanon is a psy op inside the main psy op of the Covid/Climate Change and NWO psy op. The Q’ers could be tricked into following the liberal agenda if Trump returns and then slowly starts changing his stance which could change their mindsets. Alas the conservatives could be brought on board the agenda if their cult hero Trump returns with a different message.

  19. People who are behind this are not coming forward, Charles and the whole House of Windsor aka Saxe-Coburg and Gotha is nothing comparing to the banking cartel,
    Hugo don’t redirect attention away from real perpetrators.
    Royal Family consists mainly of deeply disturbed people, narcissists and sociopaths and their boredom is leading to other mental disorders and perversities.
    Protesting at Buckingham Palace is as senseless as protesting at Downing Street or the Parliament or the BBC HQ.

  20. Just seen a couple of army trucks rocked up in my local German-discounter, scrub that cos the prices are rocketing, with the fully booted and suited Army personnel moving traffic cones about. Bloody strange. Marshall law has come to the UK

  21. What about the time when that poor young boy was trying to escape from getting raped at Buckingham palace? He was naked except for a pair of socks whilst climbing out of an upper storey window using knotted bed sheets as a rope. He fell when he was half way down from a great height. I think he was probably killed. The royal family said it didn’t really happen and it was edited by someone playing a prank. But it did happen and I saw it. Poor lad.

    • I hadn’t heard about this, unsurprisingly as it would be covered up, but I believe you. I believe that it did happen as we know Mountbatten was a boy-rapist.

  22. Would extinction be so bad? 😀

    Given the amount of suffering on Earth, the value of the continued existence of the planet is an open question.

    In recent decades it has often been said that we are living at the “hinge of history”, an unprecedented period during which a catastrophic event such as rapid climate change, nuclear war or the release of a synthesised pathogen may bring an end to human and perhaps all sentient life on the planet.

    Most people think that such extinction would be bad, in fact one of the worst things that could happen. It’s plausible that the process leading to various forms of extinction, and extinction itself, would be bad for many of us, given that our lives are, overall, good for us and that, all else being equal, the longer they are the better. But it’s also plausible that extinction would be good for some individuals – those in the final stages of an agonising terminal illness, for example, whose pain can no longer be controlled by drugs. This means one key factor in judging the overall value of non-extinction will involve weighing these disparate interests against each other.

    How might we do that? Let’s focus on sudden extinction. Imagine that some huge asteroid is heading to earth, which if it hits will remove any possibility of life on Earth. If you have the power to deflect it, should you do so, from a moral point of view? If extinction would be bad for all sentient beings, both now and in the future, the answer “yes” seems hard to argue with. But, as we just saw, that’s not the case.

    Consider the huge amount of suffering that continuing existence will bring with it, not only for humans, and perhaps even for “post-humans”, but also for sentient non-humans, who vastly outnumber us and almost certainly would continue to do so. As far as humans alone are concerned, Hilary Greaves and Will MacAskill at the University of Oxford’s Global Priorities Institute estimate that there could be one quadrillion (1015) people to come – an estimate they describe as conservative.

    These numbers, and the scale of suffering to be put into the balance alongside the good elements in individuals’ lives, are difficult to fathom and so large that it’s not obvious that you should deflect the asteroid. In fact, there seem to be some reasons to think you shouldn’t.

    How can we make comparisons like these? CI Lewis, a leading Harvard philosopher in the mid-20th century, offered an intriguing thought-experiment. To judge the value of some outcome, you have to imagine yourself going through the relevant experiences. Usually when we think about extinction, because we are not in great pain, we focus on the good things we’ll miss. But if God were to offer you the choice of living through all the painful and pleasurable experiences that will ever occur without extinction, would you jump at the opportunity? I have to say I wouldn’t.

    There are, of course, many other ways of measuring value, more technical and precise than Lewis’s thought experiment. Most of them assume that values can be compared against one another on a continuous scale. Imagine that you want the pleasure of being admired on the beach for your impressive tattoo. But getting it will hurt. So you balance the pleasure against the pain, and decide to go ahead only if the first outweighs the second.

    But perhaps there are discontinuities in value. John Stuart Mill, for example, used to claim that some pleasures – such as enjoying some great work of art – are “higher” than others, in the sense that no amount of “lower” pleasure – such as that of eating peanuts – could equal the higher pleasure in overall value. Likewise, some pains might seem discontinuous in value with others. Imagine that the Devil offers you a choice between a year of the most appalling agony imaginable, and some period with a barely perceptible headache. Some would take the second option, however long the headache lasted, perhaps even if it were to last for eternity.

    Since we are considering whether extinction might be better than continuing to exist, the question arises whether some pains could be so great that they outweigh any number of pleasures and other goods. To avoid the worries that arise from imagining large numbers, consider just one kind of pain, undoubtedly among the worst that any sentient being could experience: that of torture by electric shock.

    One recent victim of such torture described it as “like they are breaking every bone of every joint in your body at the same time”. Along with the sheer physical agony of such torture go many emotional horrors: dread, terror, panic, humiliation, degradation, despair.

    Now consider some relatively short period of such torture – an hour, say – and return to CI Lewis’s thought-experiment. Imagine a choice between, on the one hand, the non-existence of immediate extinction and, on the other, an hour of electric shock torture followed by some period of pleasure and other goods. What would you choose?

    Not (I hope) having been tortured, you might want to ask one of its victims just how bad it is. Unfortunately, it is common for such victims to say that it is impossible to convey this badness. Jacobo Timerman, for example, who was tortured in Argentina, said: “In the long months of confinement, I often thought of how to transmit the pain that a tortured person undergoes. And always I concluded that it was impossible. It is a pain without points of reference, revelatory symbols, or clues to serve as indicators.”

    Another problem is that it appears to be hard to remember the true nature of agony. Harriet Martineau, who suffered terribly throughout her life from a uterine tumour, once said during a period of remission: “Where are these pains now? – Not only gone, but annihilated. They are destroyed so utterly, that even memory can lay no hold upon them.”

    Perhaps one reason we think extinction would be so bad is that we have failed to recognise just how awful extreme agony is. Nevertheless, we have enough evidence, and imaginative capacity, to say that it is not unreasonable to see the pain of an hour of torture as something that can never be counterbalanced by any amount of positive value. And if this view is correct, then it suggests that the best outcome would be the immediate extinction that follows from allowing an asteroid to hit our planet.

    Of course, allowing an asteroid to hit the Earth would probably be bad for you and those close to you. But given what’s at stake, it may well be that you should pay these costs to prevent all the suffering. As the philosopher Bernard Williams once said: “[I]f for a moment we got anything like an adequate idea of [the suffering in the world] … and we really guided our actions by it, then surely we would annihilate the planet if we could.”

    The question of whether extinction would be good or bad overall is obviously very important, especially in the face of potential catastrophic events at the hinge of history. But this question is also very difficult to answer. Ultimately, I am not claiming that extinction would be good; only that, since it might be, we should devote a lot more attention to thinking about the value of extinction than we have to date.

    Roger Crisp is Uehiro Fellow in philosophy at St Anne’s College, Oxford, and professor of moral philosophy at the University of Oxford. He is the author of “Mill on Utilitarianism”, “Reasons and the Good”, “The Cosmos of Duty: Henry Sidgwick’s Methods of Ethics”, and “Sacrifice Regained: Morality and Self-interest in British Moral Philosophy from Hobbes to Bentham”.

  23. When should a government lie to its citizens? 😀

    During the pandemic, No 10 has pursued a propaganda strategy that at times has seen the truth misrepresented

    Sometimes governments lie to their citizens, and sometimes those lies are necessary. During the Second World War, in an attempt to conceal the existence of their radar technology from the enemy, the British government told newspapers that British fighter pilots had excellent night vision because they ate so many carrots. Propaganda posters encouraged the public to do the same.

    Another lie, far grimmer this time, was the attempt to cover up the Bethnal Green Tube disaster, which is thought to be the UK’s largest single loss of civilian life during the Second World War. More than 170 people fleeing an air raid were crushed to death when the dimly lit entrance to the station became blocked. Joan Martin, who as a young doctor received the dead and wounded as they arrived at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Children in east London, spoke many years later about the attempts to silence those who had witnessed the tragedy: “I suppose the government didn’t want to look as if things were out of hand. The newspapers said nothing.”

    Coronavirus poses a different kind of threat to that of a Nazi invasion, but during the spring and summer of 2020 there were some attempts at reviving a Blitz spirit, with people rallying around to do their bit to contribute to the “war effort”.

    For my part, I signed up to help make scrubs for doctors and nurses, collecting together spare bits of blue and green fabric and feeling rather chuffed to have finally found a good use for my overlocker sewing machine. But in the end my sewing skills were never called upon because it turned out that a lack of clothing was not the problem, and amateur seamstresses cannot make hospital grade PPE, or indeed contribute anything particularly useful to a pandemic. In this, as in so many other ways, the new crisis would be nothing like the mythologised vision of the old one.

    And yet, Boris Johnson’s government has attempted a propaganda effort that is in some ways not dissimilar from that attempted by Winston Churchill’s government during the Second World War. And there have been times when the truth has been, if not outright distorted, then certainly misrepresented.

    For instance, the inconsistency of messaging on face masks. Initially, the World Health Organisation emphasised that masks were needed for healthcare workers who were at risk of being directly exposed to infected patients, but that members of the public should only wear them if suffering from respiratory symptoms.

    In the UK, this anti-mask message was repeated with particular vim. Care homes were advised by the government that “during normal day-to-day activities face masks do not provide protection from respiratory viruses, such as Covid-19, and do not need to be worn by staff”. In March 2020, England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty advised the public not to wear masks, and the deputy chief medical officer, Jenny Harries, said in a video shared by the Prime Minister on Twitter that wearing a mask was “not a good idea and doesn’t help”.

    We can’t say for sure why the anti-mask position was held to so strongly at the beginning of the crisis. It’s possible that government officials were unpersuaded by the evidence in favour of their use, which was very patchy in the early months of 2020. It’s also possible that the UK government, similar to the WHO, was alarmed by the possibility that a panicked public would buy out supplies and leave none available for healthcare workers. If so, it could well be argued that propagating an untruth for good reasons – Plato’s concept of the noble lie – may have been warranted in the circumstances.

    But how severe does a crisis need to be to justify a noble lie, and does this one really meet the threshold? The journalist Laura Dodsworth, author of A State of Fear: How the UK government weaponised fear during the Covid-19 pandemic, argues compellingly that behavioural scientists employed by the UK government deliberately provoked fear in the public in order to encourage compliance with lockdown. One particularly piece of evidence in support of this thesis is a report produced by the Scientific Pandemic Insights Group on Behaviours (SPI-B), on 22 March 2020, which included the following:

    “[A] substantial number of people still do not feel sufficiently personally threatened; it could be that they are reassured by the low death rate in their demographic group, although levels of concern may be rising… [Therefore] the perceived level of personal threat needs to be increased among those who are complacent, using hard-hitting emotional messaging.”

    This messaging included frightening advertising campaigns (the “look him in the eyes” posters, for example) which encouraged obedience, but also contributed to worsened anxiety among those already vulnerable to mental illness. Perhaps this was necessary in order to contain the virus and “protect the NHS”. But, then again, perhaps it wasn’t.

    Dodsworth does not see anything noble in this strategy, condemning the government for having “weaponised our fear against us – supposedly in our best interests” and pointing out the terrible personal cost suffered by those who have been consumed with anxiety. One interviewee describes the effect it has had on him: “for a long time I was frightened of everything: the world, the air, other people, physical objects… I’m awfully angry about the fear now.”

    Sometimes governments lie to their citizens, and sometimes those lies are necessary, but sometimes they’re not. And there is a big difference between encouraging the public to eat more carrots, and encouraging us to needlessly live in fear. As more is written about the events of the last 18 months, more truths, half truths, and untruths – both noble and ignoble – will surely come to light.

  24. And yet you still get the flag waving brigade and the media lauding these scum.bags .
    They are nothing but whoremasters ,peados and murderers. My hatred knows no bounds for the lot of them .

  25. Total distraction,, when your mummy owns the courts ain’t nothing is going to happen that she don’t want to happen.
    I am certain if Charlie gets his ass on the throne the Monarchy will end and rapidly, he has gone to far with Schwabe aka Klause Rothchild.

  26. Don’t forget how Keir Starmer now leader of the so called Labour Party, when Director of Public Prosecutions,refused to prosecute Jimmy Savile, based on what he said was a lack of evidence, although many hundreds of witness statements from the children he abused had been made available, and how odd following this he was knighted by Friend of Jimmy Savile, Prince Charles and given a safe labour seat by PEDO ISLAND frequent flier, and friend of Jimmy Savile,Tony Blair

    • you learn something new every day,i always thought he was a conservative plant, like wedgewood benn,and so many others in the so called labour party.If ever there was such a thing called democracy, it died years ago,every man has his price,and the working man has been sold down the river by greedy 2 faced politicians.

  27. Sad thing is, if he has not been questioned in 5 years, he will not be questioned in the next 50 years.
    He is just more covid cover , protected by other knighted pedos, from even having to answer simple questions.
    Like get your protection police log book out instead of your alleged sex offending appendage.
    The Royals have to go for a real reset.

  28. And the photographs most frequently used in the “code red” climate change headlines in the US are from the ongoing Dixie Fire. PG&E (shareholders of this corporation own the Northern and Central California electricity utility) has already stated that its faulty equipment “probably” started the Dixie Fire. PG&E has officially been held responsible for numerous California wildfires in past years due to its unmaintained equipment, the worst of which was probably the Paradise Fire in which 84 people died. One might wonder why the state of California has allowed PG&E to continue to run the electrical grid despite being “unable” to maintain its equipment (because that would cut into shareholder profits). It probably has to do with the fact that the Vanguard Group owns 1.6 billion dollars worth of PG&E. The Vanguard Group is the largest shareholder with BlackRock coming in second. So, the Vanguard Group and BlackRock are primary shareholders in an entity that is responsible for many of the California wildfires that are providing significant evidence of the “red code” climate crisis which will necessitate total corporate control of humanity to “save” humanity.

  29. Don’t forget the video a naked boy climbing out of Buckingham palace 3rd floor and falling to (I assume) his death. It was filmed by tourists. No ambulance, no police, nothing on the news….
    The royal families of the world and the political leaders are slowly being revealed as corrupt little by little and then some “saviour” will come in and say we must have a one world government because individual countries are all corrupt ! And the peoe will agree… boiling the frog… some hint that it will be prince william to lead the one world government… interesting times ahead

  30. Climate Change is the new Trojan Horse! If the Elites were really concerned for us all they wouldnt light the cities up like xmas trees! They used to call it Global Warming but had to change the name as it didnt make sense! Its being used in a similar way to covid by changing the way we live, check out agenda 21 and agenda 30, or just use some common sense! They are manipulating the weather, spraying all kinds of shit in our atmosphere, chemtrails are real!

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