UK Army On Standby To Stock Supermarket Shelves / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. This is why they’ve moved by mate going in from Jan to this Tuesday just last week, create a supply issue, put army on the streets without guns then add the guns later.

    NWO no let up, not slowing down at all, don’t want to lose momentum or get exposed do they.

    Amazed the Internet is still working!!

      • This shortage has been caused by Johnson and his app. This is just another tactic in trying to control us.

    • Mmm…well put it this way,there’s no way army lorry’s can distribute pallets and cages on them..I know,I work in distribution…the soldiers would have to drive the supermarkets own transport..but there wouldn’t be much of a show if this was to occur.. there’s no shortage of drivers where I work,and its one of the largest supermarket distribution centres in UK,so I think this is the planting of a bigger picture…

      • Same here I don’t see it either Mendez.
        After years of stagnated wages we are finally being paid the wage we deserve putting up with all the BS the job entails at times!

      • The ‘upto 2000’ army drivers would have to work damned long hours to take up the shortfall of 100,000 REAL lorry drivers! More BS from the fake-news media.

    • The internet has to continue or the banks wouldn’t have any money coming in nor would local authorities be able to send us council tax bills etc. Also the internet has become far more important in keeping ‘the masses’ entertained (ie taking over from TV) and they certainly don’t want to stop people being happy to sit in front of a box for hours – we might get active and start thinking for ourselves……………

    • Everyone please look up the anomaly of “233 covid cases/deaths” and share it with everyone. Just go to Google news and type in “233 covid” with the “”s and look how many there are everywhere from Hawaii to Florida to Idaho to the UK, Canada and more. What are the chances that 233 cases/deaths keep happening in various locations around the world? We are totally being played by the NWO. Use this to wake people up!

      • Yeah, I saw this, looks like a centralised press release used all over the world. Like all of the word for word news reports. And still the dim can’t work out the programme.

      • Sorry. Im not very PC savvy and cant find anything about 233 Convid cases etc…. any chance of a link please?

    • “Amazed the internet is still working!!” – Not for long – some cyber pandemic or other will sort that out – probably around the time that people start getting boosters and dropping like flies… They won’t want that information to spread!

  2. This is a clever PR exercise. The army will be warmly welcomed by the media and portrayed as heroes. Then when they’re brought onto the streets later on to enforce further lockdowns, the sheep will be programmed to see this as a protective, beneficial act. Yet, it isn’t. This is a form of winning hearts and minds in order to control us further.

      • Yes I enjoyed watching that video

      • After Skool videos are always informative, had not seen this one, thanks.

    • I agree totally, what a piece of work these wankers in parliament are. Shame we cannot bring back Cromwell, he would sort those corrupt criminals out.

      • This government getting away with miss things that never did he tried to cancel Christmas but the crowd rioted and Cromwell backtracked.

    • The Nazi’s had a term for it.

      ‘It is for your safety’ as they took away all freedoms!

    • Mark ultra, mind control. Create a problem put them on the streets for our own good of course.

      They are doing it in increments, slowly, slowly. Don’t wake the zombies up!! Saving lives, protect NHS. Etc, etc all communist slogans to keep the sheep submissive.
      People must understand this will not end until we are all slaves and injected.
      Revolt is the only way!! Under the banner of” Jesus”
      They hate the name of Jesus, these are wolves in sheep’s clothing (frankfurt school of subversion)
      Told my family at the very beginning of this charade, what would unfold. And it’s all coming to pass, did they listen! No!
      Turn to Jesus Christ the truth, life and the way. Before it’s too late!
      Jesus has shown me the truth!! And what’s to come.
      We are ruled by satanists, do not tolerate the intolerant, this is spiritual warfare, put on the armour of God, be ready!! Read the blessed holy bible(gospels)
      All that is written will come to pass we are living in the end days. Save your soul!! Black is white, truth is lies!
      God bless all truthseekers! In these diabolical times!
      Christ is lord! Seek him whilst he still can be found. Time is short!

  3. Easy way to move troops around without suspicion ” they are doing food deliveries ” yeah right if they hadn’t starved the driving industry then they would have plenty of drivers there is 70,000 licenced drivers not driving due to wages and conditions,,
    It’s all about control

  4. Lots of Adverts, trying to get a HGV job, lots of big wage claims, applied for 6 or 7 so far expecting, great when can you start and not heard anything from any of them, more smoke and mirrors it seems 🙁 Your contact matches up with my thoughts, that’s £2500 of training gone to waste 🙁

    Haven’t told them I’m a newbie not got that far, so it’s not that!

    • Tesco recruiting For drivers in Scotland with cash incentives. Four drivers from the place I work have left to start with them.
      Also as a side note Tesco have been pushing their Clubcard HARD in stores (Electric toothbrush £60 but if you have a Clubcard you pay £40) deals like this everywhere. Heard customer complaining about it saying they were discriminating against non Clubcard customers as there are no longer any other offers. Employee agreed and said they had passed info onto management as apparently there have been quite a few complaints about this.
      There is some speculation that they maybe using these Clubcards as a sort of track & trace, hence the hard sell.

      • Lidl have a similar scheme, use their app on your PHONE to get offers! I don’t/won’t have a smart phone!

  5. The only shortage is common sense and the ability to think for themselves

  6. Nothing to do with this topic, but today my fiance told me that she decided to get the jab. I’m devastated and there is nothing I can do. I guess she is pressured by her own family/girlfriends, that she suddenly made that decision. My heart breaks, but I will respect it and will do all I can to help her to detox.

    • Can’t Detox, has to keep taking for ever, without 6-9months time, zero immunity to Covid or possibly any Corona virus and really ill / dead.

      Pfizer, so far 2nd jab worse than 1st, so expect 3rd worse, 4th worse and 5th or 6th to be game over, longer time between mind which might reduce this effect or make it worse, too many unknowns so far.

      Sorry for your loss to be 🙁

      Ex Took it aswell no biggy, she’s dumb and looking old especially since her 2nd Jab, but trying to jab the kids, arguing over that.

    • Another sad soul lost to this jab and brainwashing shite
      Emirates stadium having 4 days jabbing and nightclubs in the west end this BS will never stop

    • My husband apparently is going to have his second, what’s more scary it’s my years old heard that too.
      I have no any power left in me, to protect her when she goes to school.
      I’m going to leave this with God only, at this point.
      Pray and put your trust in him, he wont disappoint you, when you do that.

    • Leave her. Simples. If you cannot agree on something as simple as this, there is no point staying together.
      She will probably end up blaming you, when you decide to have children in the future and she keeps having miscarriages.

    • I am very sorry. Horrible news. It is ‘Jabs’ plural. And they will be lifelong. She’s fallen at the first hurdle, because there are many more planned. Sorry again.

  7. I think is about normalising seeming the army on the streets, much like I said about the situation Oz- preparation for Marshal law!
    As for have I seen changes at my local supermarket, yes! Firstly the metal partitions they had got rid of for keeping people in line have returned but atm are stacked at the side of the entrance and also traffic coned stacked in the carpark that weren’t there until recently

  8. The supermarket shortages have not got much to do with the pingdemic. Although obviously people shouldn’t have downloaded the app and should delete it if they have. The GOVERNMENT HAVE INSTRUCTED SUPERMARKETS TO REMOVE CERTAIN ITEMS FROM THE SHELVES. They did this in 2020 to create an impression of panic buying and have done it again this summer.

    • Watch iceagefarmer – he does tons of research and has been predicting food shortages and the reasons for them for months. It’s all deliberate, I expect it’s been timed for winter because they already know there will be loads of deaths, so to stop people kicking off you’ll either do what you’re told or you’ll get no food.

      • Westminster City Council tendering for a temporary body storage facility, with the same in Devon & Scotland, the contract to run till 2025, suggests the body count will rise to ‘pandemic’ proportions before this thing is done. It’s time for the ‘time is nigh’ sandwich boards to come out.

  9. does anyone have any thoughts about the last freedom march in trafalga square, how they were allowed to put up a big screen with a stage and sat feed to america, and the police did not interfere with the show at all, it was allmost like controlled opposition, please watch this video

    • Media Shutdown so irrelevant, likely everyone that went face recognitioned and added to the FEMA Camp visitors list 🙁

    • Totally agree, the whole ‘Freedom’ Day ‘protest’ was most strange. People are talking about controlled opposition. What about the recent London protest where we walked for miles to Shepherds Bush, we were so close to the BBC head office but we conveniently bypassed it. Who can we trust anymore?

    • I was there, and I’m fairly sure it was controlled opposition. All the momentum of the previous protests was lost. I was disgusted, and made a point of talking to as many people as possible. The vast majority of the people whom I spoke to felt the same way as me.

    • You do realize that you are reading an article about “poor countries not being able to get vax and all are dying” from CNN, one of the most corrupt piles of bs that was ever published? Nothing that organization puts out is truthful.

  10. This has all been planned a long time ago. No wage rise for drivers, that way you can bring the army in and make things look a lot worse than they really are. It’s all fake to make things look so desperate because of a fake pandemic. Those idiots that downloaded the apt do you see it now? I hope that’s your wake up call.

  11. Not what I was hoping for, just pushing back boosters to get more jabbed, the push back might be enough to start to see the effect which I’m already seeing of the jab fake immunity failing.

    ie, there trying to create a hard 3rd wave death spike with the early double jabbed to push a 3rd jab on all.

    • Israel isn’t looking too dandy considering how many of their lot are jabbed. I’ve seen reports (don’t know if true) that 95% of the people in hospital and dying are double bubbled. I think their double jab rate is about 80%, so that number looks bad if it is true. And they too are clamouring for – booster jabs asap.

      • Yep, read and posted that a few days ago, 6x’s as likely to die, double jabbed compared to triple so there putting measures in to role out the third jab already, they where first to get to all of there sheep.

        3 died in local care home, double jabbed Friday ” they had Zero immunity ” was my mate the nurses comment, so started here already, 2months later for the start of 3rd Jab = LOTS dead or seriously ill, NHS actually proper swamped.

        Lets not forget SAGE warning 70% of double jabbed needing hospital care this winter LOL

        Sadly, keep hoping this news will end the madness, but they just hush it up, stick to there OMG an antivaxxer died and your all crazy narrative 🙁

      • Guessing, more your jabbed the less time the jab will last, so 3rd jab likely last 4 months, 4th 3months so on and so forth, therefore providing an endless supply of fear and dying people, obvioulsly all covids fault and nothing to do with the jabs, if you even hear about any of them ofcourse, the 1000’s of daily dead will all be labelled anti vaxxers!! LOL

      • Yeah that is really annoying, look a crazy anti vax person died – kind of like the boogey virus – say it’s not that deadly and it’ll definitely kill you. And they all said the same thing “I wish I’d had the jab”. The one in the DM today – “he had no known underlying health conditions”. Well 1) he was obese, then 2) at the bottom of the article he had no spleen and auto immune disease – which is why he didn’t have it.

      • So other than being already 80% dead, there was nothing wrong with him and would of lived for ever ever ever ever them, damn Covid, bring back the days when nobody ever died of anything.

        Car Crash,Plane Crash, gun shots to the head, just walk them off,Covid just don’t work man!!

        This shit is not going way, I expect to be living in the forest literally by end of September to avoid being forced to take the Jab, until people catch on they’ve been played and start dying on mass!

  12. When the NHS gets proper swamped, we all know what that means 🙁

    No more Tic Toc dancing videos, nooooooooo!!!

    Hopspitals shut for anyone none covid, unless you can go private don’t get ill, or just stay home and hope for a quick death 🙁

    • Speaking of Tik Tok videos I haven’t seen any new NHS ones this year on YouTube which surprised me given there was alot last year (which are still on YouTube) but there’s still time.

  13. All planned. Wonder where this is going to lead too? Rashions I guess etc etc, you can imagine. Support the local shops. Big supermarkets are getting picked on, nearly time to keep away from them too. when the army are there. how intimidating. Because of a app, how perfectic… This has happened because people have smartphones and downloaded it look what’s its caused, awaken people, so obvious.

  14. If there was no covid shelves would still be empty and thy would have blamed it on Brexit what ever soots there agenda

    • Do you know who has developed this app the company that financed the app… well .. amazing polly has some ideas and research into this. Make what you will of the information however this researcher is top shelf, Literally.

  15. I’ve noticed in Asda the cabinet doors on the isles of cold food! Could it be they may be locked in the future and only accessible for specific people who have a barcode to open them??? Just made me think why on earth would you put doors with handles that are touched by hundreds of hands if there’s a pandemic!!!

    • I imagine the doors are likely about energy consumption, many supermarkets have had them for years.

  16. Its the Braindead sheep for having the complianxe and control app on
    there phone ..all sheep wankers ..i go shopping and the thick fuckers that still wear the nappies on there face makes me puke…BRAINLESS CUNTS

    • Listen those brainless cunts are our families and friends , just because you haven’t fell for this, many many others have been led there by fear , fear they may kill there families. Yes they fell for the propaganda and you never that dont make you no hero pal. Wishing my parents dead , your the cunt. People like you are part of the division your doing their work for them you crank. See other countries put their differences aside and organise when tyranny is tipping the balance. Likes of you who are most certainly WASHED beyond repair you could never do any real good as in making a difference your all about dividing us all and doing their job for them. Dummies or not they are fearful dummies and their peoples families .. FOOL

      • You sound like a typical brainwashed cunt.

  17. Dont think it’s the army stocking the shelves. I believe they will be there to enforce rations. Standing outside the big supermarkets, armed, making sure people only buy ‘essential’ items

    • Please God tell me that cider and fag are assential soz got to laugh or you will cry

  18. I’m on the M5 every day and over the last few weeks…there are noticible MORE lorries/trucks/hgv’s on the motorway.
    So much so, you get sandwiched by them!

  19. The Government will do anything to get people to have an experimental injection that gives no protection from a virus that is reputed to kill people in there mid 80’s.
    Government deeds words and actions for the last year and a half have proven anything it is that, they are not worthy of the title Honorable or hold public office.

    • Notice they started off not following the agenda, then quickly got on the plan, ” we won’t lockdown,500K will die, but it’ll make our country stronger then others relatively” 2weeks later, we are locking down, before they kill us for not following the Agenda and othered us loads of money / elite status.

    • Not no protection, I’d guess 80% of your standard immune system 2 weeks in, ofcourse 6 months in likely 20-30% of your immune system and without a booster 1 year in very near 0%.

      Notice how people that must of had the Covid some with symptoms some without got the Jab and a few weeks later get Covid LOL

      Also just realised 6weeks back, guy 60’s complained nobody wipes down the equipment in the gym, I told him, don’t worry doesn’t live on surfaces just airborne so no point, I thought he thought I was a conspiracy nut, but he left the gym with a mask on quickly never to return, OMG it’s Airborne, crapped himself and ran away LOL

  20. You’d think out of all professions it would be the Army that would be more likely to get pinged. Oh hang on a minute they probably not aloud their cell phones.

  21. A great way to slowly bring in Marshall law. Make people feel the army are here to help and people become happy to see them on the streets. Throughout history soldiers policing civilians has never ended well.

  22. Someone I know in the British army says that they have been preparing for civil war here for the last four years. He hates it and can’t wait to leave. Get used to seeing them. Let’s face it, there’s no wars elsewhere they’re fighting in.

    • They’ve been training armies around the world for civil unrest for at least 20 years. In the UK, they’ve also given police that kind of training and they’ve given firemen and ambulance crews and even private security guards/bouncers the right to arrest people, so that the police can be freed up too to do that… Very planned!

  23. I noticed in Lidl the other day that there was a lot more floor space, shelves that would normally be stocked had been removed…The plot thickens!
    This video already posted above is brilliant, explains the brainwashing and how to combat its effects and wake up the sheeple.

  24. My local Tesco has moved things around the middle isle is more clearer too. All the new school uniforms have now been moved from near the fruit & veg isle to now the Ice cream section. And also for no reason I can see they have shut off one entrance, so all customers have to now enter & exit through the same door eliminating the “2 meter” rule nonsense

  25. I’ve noticed we can now go in and out of the same entrance to supermarkets no one-way systems which is good but on the downside they are still despite freedom Day pushing the silly mask wearing. Fair enough there is posters and A boards outside saying mask wearing is a personal choice but on the same posters it also basically says continue to wear a mask if you can and on the edge of the shelves (particularly Aldi) the blue sticker things are still there to remind you about mask wearing. I know I’ve said this several times but there’s people out there that really don’t want the pandemic to end.

    • My local Sainsbury’s has been told to segregate the entrance and exit by order of regional management!

      The doors don’t open if you approach the wrong one!

    • I complement the maskless for their lovely faces. I do not acknowledge the masked. Clearly they want to be anonymous. This is a very dangerous social phenomenon.

  26. At the moment my Tesco’s has the best stock levels since the panic buying last year. Some weeks there are two trucks waiting to get in. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  27. It’s a bad sign when the military are called in to do civilian jobs. It smells of a military takeover

  28. Let me know if you agree with my understanding.
    1. globalist banking criminal cartel has no more juice to pump into its creation – socialist countries
    2. they start COVID hoax to kill many birds with many stones, Big Pharma earning money from vaccines is a minor thing, it’s about control, they want people locked down at homes, the excuse is COVID
    3. this way they want to maintain order
    4. they introduce military to help 1st with COVID testing then with food delivery and maybe later with vaccinations (but again vaccinations is just a distraction like the whole COVID because it’s all just to keep people preoccupied while they prepare everything for the controlled crash landing of the financial system)
    5. they spread fake stories about food shortage due to drivers being sick of COVID and perhaps overall world trade disruption due to COVID (the drivers who replied here are correct, there is no chance trade can be disrupted in capitalist driven economy, they raise pay and they will find the replacement drivers)
    6. fake stories about food shortages due to COVID is just to mask the imminent queueing at supermarkets why? BECAUSE OF INFLATION OR HYPERINFLATION
    7. have you noticed that price of petrol increases 10% and price of LPG increased 20% over the weekend?
    8. once people realize the food prices are going up fast will start queueing to buy whatever left, this is going to create long queues not drivers or COVID hoax
    9. queues will become longer and longer as more people learn about HYPERINFLATION trend

    • 10. at some point goods are back on the shelves but not because drivers are back at work but because prices skyrocketed and for most it’s too expensive to afford food
      11. at around the same time government implement curfews and military this time with weapons is on the streets to prevent mob gatherings and lootings
      12. people who comply receive digital food stamps to collect their popatoes and some milk


      • Throw in double jabbed mass deaths if they don’t get 3rd jab in time and yep, that’s the scam.

        Hyper inflation, make it so money is worthless, then we’ll own nothing, rent everything and pretend where happy, cause if your not FEMA camp!

        Yet still covid covid covid.

        Been to a client, unmasked sat down, masks when they stand up and nobody there knows of 1 death, omg it’s so scarey lol

  29. Thing is with this tracing app is that even if they don’t already know where you work giving them permission to track you 24/7 means that they soon will. They see you going to a truck depot every day and then leaving and driving around all day means you are likely to be a lorry driver and can be targeted for pinging. Ping all of the lorry drivers at once and you instantly create a national shortage.

    This can be done with any other professions, nurses, GPs, postmen, policemen etc at any given time…

    • No GPS permission given few months back, extra 50billion for that bit of code, just bluetooth searching.

      They hit a big random sample to force jabs which then removes isolation soon being the carrot.

  30. 2hrs at a jabbed client and feels like I’ve been punched in the head numerous times odd big time.

    Got to stay away from the stupid jabbed muppets.

  31. If the army were to get involved, there would be no need for the camouflage, it’s not like they are needing to hide themselves amongst trees. They should dress in supermarket/delivery uniforms like the rest of the workers.

  32. OKAY, so I have gone into the supermarket a few times and at the entrance sometimes there’s an employee with this thing in their hand (I think it takes your temperature) and they put it near the side of your head with this red light thing and it beeps. I might be overthinking here, but what if by doing that to the vaxxed they are emitting some type of frequency in waves to alter their DNA??? Also I don’t want them scanning me or placing anything (like a mark, magnet, chip ect…) inside MY BODY WITHOUT MY consent 😡

    • You have really lost the plot if you believe an infra-red thermometer is altering you DNA or implanting magnets or micro-chips inside you. You are either 1) Nuts or 2) a fully paid-up member of the 77th Brigade (a plant to make the rest of us look nuts). If you are 1) you really need to get yourself checked out because you have completely lost it.

  33. BBC posted pictures from early 2020 to promote shortages for 2021 a month ago…
    Was winter time as people was wearing big coats…
    They did the same with crowded beaches from 2019 to post on the news for 2020 to get people going although there is no science whatsoever to base a asymtomatic spreader because you cannot spread anything unless you show symptons…
    Drostein from the WHO invented it last year that theory

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