Lockdown News Roundup / SUNDAY MSM Programming / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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  1. As you were implying, Hugo, the animal TB thing could just be a generic, dangerous animal spreader with disease, thing… Though I have been looking at the rise of specifically TB propaganda over the last couple of years: For a while I though that TB would be the next Covid, but it could well be that it will “only” affect the food supply animals…

    • Hancock deserves to be put down. Bet they wouldn’t get 90000 signatures to save him

  2. The chances are that the Geronimo story is not about getting people used to animals being put down for being “diseased” it’s probably to get people ready for the “unclean” unvaxxed to be removed from society.

    • Yeah I was thinking a similar thing. She’ll film it being injected with dolethal and it’ll just go to sleep and not wake up and she’ll say at least it was peaceful and didn’t suffer, and people will think it’s not that bad, so then when they come for your cats and dogs and the cows and sheep you’ll have been reassured they’ll go peacefully. And when they say people with covid are suffering badly so it’s kinder to give them midazolam that’ll be okay too. And the dirty unjabbed are causing all this, so it’s okay to take them and lock them up too.

      Things are turning ever more sinister, and when the deliberately engineered food shortages hit this winter (see iceagefarmers latest videos) and no doubt there’s a cyber attack knocks the power out there’ll be even more dead.

    • Yep, that’s exactly how I saw it aswell, or atleast off to the Bill Gates FEMA camp, looks lovely to be, must of cost millions, no point it going to waste.

      The Sheep have started dying, but not enough to get onto the MSM, when that happens then we’ll run the planet!!

  3. To think I delivered tripe this to peoples doors as a teenager.:)

  4. Sickening -the main stream.media is..hence do not read or watch any of this brainwash BS. Well delivered Hugo, thank you.

  5. not read or brought a paper in 23 years. still the same, all negative, fear based, and conditioning. so glad I woke up all them years ago…

  6. Fortunately these filthy trash rags have an ever diminishing readership. It’s probably only government (taxpayer-funded) ads keeping the scum alive. Sadly though, so many are still staring at the box of crap in the corner of the living room and soaking up as gospel truth every state sanctioned speck of shite that spews forth. Protests do nothing. take the battle to the communist BBC and ensure it can spew forth no more until the truth movement gets equal air time to put its case – ie that the covid ‘pandemic’ is a gigantic hoax being used to usher in the technocratic enslavement society.

  7. The alpaca is setting us up for total control of the food chain. Meat = Bad

  8. Fear is a great tool of control. If you are distracted by fear of those around you it keeps you from seeing the actions of those above…

    The alpaca seems to be a stand in for citizens. Next they’ll be saying get rid of those people who don’t obey they could make us sick. Seriously, some arseholes are already saying that…

  9. The nation is up-in-arms about an alpaca, but many of the same people are fine to push children forward as a human shield to get their experimental cocktail injections!

  10. As you say Rabb’s breaking of the restrictions could be a game of reverse psychology but doesn’t this also prove that Covid is much less dangerous than our news media are making out?!

    • Yes , but unfortunately most people lack a critical thought process.

      • Predictive programming, they’ve been at it for decades.
        They tell us to condition us for future events.
        Just look around you at the docile sheep, who are clueless to their own enslavement.
        God bless! All truthseekers!
        Christ is lord!! Seek him!

      • Predictive programming! Been doing it for decades.

  11. Like I’ve always believed like Flu not everyone is likely to get it. In my friend’s house only her daughter had it No one else had it.

  12. You have reminded me why I stopped reading this bilge years ago – who gives a crap about any of this as you say none of it is news I go to ukcolumn for that plus other independent sources

  13. you must include local government councils
    its bullshit alpacas i got 7 and no licence no control over them so thanks for the tip i now know they are coming

  14. And now there are going to be PCR tests for flu!! How absolutely ridiculous is that!! Obviously a ploy to increase the percentage of uptake for the flu jab as so many fewer people are having it cos they realise it doesn’t work! Don’t do it people!!!!! I think people can tell for themselves if they have got the flu, simply by how ill they are!! If you feel soooooooooooooooooo bad that you can’t lift your head off the pillow, then it’s flu not just a heavy cold. Stop the world I want to get off!!!!!

  15. Can’t read properly so only ever looked at the pictures if I did ever pick one up anyway
    But it’s much more fun 🤩 listening to you Hugo so cheers for reading better than me self…
    Propaganda toilet paper!

    And now alpacas being
    filmed on death row 🤦‍♀️
    Poor alpaca 😔.. he be more exciting on love island.. put them down & film the alpacas 👍

    Got laugh or all this will break me lol 😂

    Have great evening to All
    Cheers Hugo

  16. “Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Even if all are miserable, all will believe themselves happy, because the government will tell them that they are so.”

    Bertrand Russell- The impact of science on society

  17. The way you look at these head lines is very similar to the way I look at them. I have not sat down and read a paper in years and I never will, they are full of propaganda lies and deception along with TV.

  18. Yep Hugo the rules are shite and for some strange reason we are still being pushed to obey them (I’m still trying to work out what exactly freedom Day was) all I know is it’s brilliant being able to shop normally again. No mask no sanitizer. It’s embarrassing seeing the sheep still wearing masks though.

  19. Hi Hugo and everyone, please take a look at this if you haven’t already, look at how coached he is throughout this optics session. He was quoted that he “may have let his guard down” like Hugo said, a diversion tactic to further enforce the rules. Most people cannot see the wood for the trees at this point. These slimeballs are just so arrogant at this stage, they are reassured by higher powers that they will have immunity, not to the virus but to public discourse and media cross examination, not this optical illusion if the state of affairs. We entered a new world in 2020, perhaps the normies are playing by the same rules as back then and the awakened are aware of the power shift, the manipulation, semantics, “presentation” of facts. You can state facts and still mislead with how they are presented.

    We are living inside an agenda set forth as we increased our capacity for engaging with tech, we needed the pandemic to not trust nature, believing that you need government to protect you and ultimately embrace tech for human interaction, knowledge, and self assurance. Welcome to evolution 2.0 where Silicon Valley herds us toward the almighty machine of infinite computation. Perhaps in a deeper level we are anti synthetic humans, the synthetic humans are already emerging as they repeat the code installed in their software. The real virus is of the mind.

    • Hi
      I did not want except the cookies as you do lol
      but I did read what I could under👍

      Very interesting thank you

  20. A test kit for flu!!! WTF??? In the past I have always known when I had flu – you can’t mistake it when you get it! No doubt the zombies will fall for that one hook, line and sinker, the same as they have fallen for the PCR tests. They really have stuffed their brains up their a…es.

  21. Too be fair, we’ve been using more people die from Flu sub 70 for ever than Covid recently so kinda a good thing NOT!!!

    Expected, Currently PCR test show positive forFlu or Covid anyway, CDC new PCR tests which show up the difference soon,makes sense protect us from Flu and Covid, twice the deaths, twice the fear, an extra jab to fill you full of shit.

    Cases dropping in the UK since masks mandate gone, surprise surprise, so there increase the PCR test to 50x’s from 45 to increase the false positives and keep the numbers up, I mean to catch more positives.

    Bill being pass in NYC, Unjabbed and well us are all going to get a nice room and 3 meals per day.

    At this rate I’ll be living in the forest, guess I can’t eat the Jabbed walkers 🙁

    Zombies hopefully slow are back on the table which is never a bad thing 🙂 Atleast we can kill those, much easier than trying to reason with sheep!!

  22. I am now 65 and raised 4 daughters on my own. Strangely though, I am finding this time of my life when I have to be bravest and most courageous. Upside down and crazy to say the least.

    • Morning

      Good for you bringing up 4 girls Alone I commend you for that I have one & that was hard enough lol 🤦‍♀️😂

      Keep strong 💪
      Have great day 🦋

  23. I’m an Alpaca, get me out of here! Sometimes you just have to marvel at the absurdity of it all, as if it wasn’t already a tragedy for the tens of thousands whom are daily consumed by it all.

  24. Well well well, Geronimo made it onto GMTV today… So they made sure he got his last 5 mins of fame before his fate is decided… The plot thickens

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