Undercover At Ireland Covid Vaccine Centre

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    • I wonder if he had a Hi Viz on too. That makes you look a really important person! lol

      • The music sounds very much like the intro to the film Casino. Which is actually very appropriate.

      • Tanya Louise, that is actually a piece from the Mathaus Passion from the master himself Johan Sebastian Bach.

    • Hi all, Michael here from freepress. Thanks Hugo and thanks all.

      Music is requiem for the dead by Mozart..

      You can see it on mobile on the freepress.ie telegram group.not looking for followers, just if you want to download it. Cheers

  1. The unfortunate thing is that I have seen that place absolutely packed with people.

  2. Beautiful ballsy work, Thank you from everyone, even those who haven`t commented.

  3. Beautiful ballsy work, Thank you from everyone, even those who haven`t commented.

    • Yes indeed! Michale was very brave to do what he did and when he gave those sheeple a list of questions to NOT ask the Taoiséach, I nearly burst myself laughing! It was excellent!
      God bless him for showing them up- Clowns is what they are alright!

      • The non-appropriate list of questions was brilliant! 😊😷😊

  4. Has this been taken down as i cant get it to play and noticed that these only 3 comments when lots of people usually comment 🦋

  5. Like a livestock market, only the real sheep and cows have wised up and steered clear! Even when you say “experimental” to their faces, it STILL does not compute! I want to feel sorry for them…

  6. What type of fucking person ‘volunteers’ to work at a Jab Camp.

    • Those that have not heard about NUREMBERG TRIALS!

    • A fully-brainwashed one? A virtue-signaller? A combination of both? They are to be shunned anyway, they’d be the sort who ratted out their neighbours and felt smug when they were carted off to the gulags!

      • That’s about right! The problem is that those sheep who go along with the BS would say ‘ thank you ‘as they’re being loaded onto the cattle cart on the train. Sad.

  7. How much have these rats taken to sell out the Irish people I remember a time we had an army willing to fight for the freedom of the Irish people !!
    Where are they now standing watching the operation of its people from home soil ,
    Where are they !! Oh they have growled under the rock with the political wing just letting it happen. I ashamed of you and to be Irish

    • Bro the spineless brits are the same! I think the men are worse than the women.
      I’ll never think of my so called fellow citizens the same, they disgust me!
      Bolloxless scum to the slaughter!!

      • You’re right Ian. All the Brits want is free furlough bribe and to go on holiday. Despite my efforts, nearly everyone I know has succumbed to the vaxtermination jabs. Good luck to them! 😷🤞😷

      • I agree mate….gullible and spineless with a sense of there own importance and very ignorant as well…all they will get off me is not sympathy but a piss off

    • I wanted to cry after reading your comment . I’m not Irish and where I live in N W England I am in the minority . Everyone I know in my street have had the jibby except my young neighbours with two schoolage kids but they have their names down for it for themselves and their kids ( so they can go on holiday and out to pubs etc. they wouldn’t think to say NO this is wrong!
      It’s not just the Irish. There must be mass hypnosis via tv plus other methods previously mentioned on Hugo and there’s definitely brainwashing in all msm. You can’t even walk into a supermarket without the CEOs ‘sincere’ “protect yourself and others keep safe !” messages being relayed over and over. I don’t get why other people can’t see through it but they are victims. Don’t give up. We’ve got to keep beating the drum. Humanity is at stake!

      • I’m sickened by the adverts on radio for this scam! Local radio on Friday there was a Convid advert every 14 mins!!!

  8. What I have found is that the majority of people at least that I know are so enamoured with the Gov propaganda and 24/7 BBC/Sky fear mongering that they’re basically not really functioning properly anymore – it doesn’t matter what you say to them, what evidence you provide, unless Boris or Sage or the BBC say so, nothing else is real to them anymore. Part of it is the brainwashing propaganda, but I also think it’s about 50% having a weak character, and being willing to accept literally anything, any sacrifice (especially if they think others will have to make it) to ensure or increase their own ‘feeling of safety.’
    My faith/respect for the human race has diminished I think it’s fair to say after this debacle.

    • Agree 100% I travel all over UK and most people believe whatever the fakestream media put out it really does meke you wonder how stupid the human race is, when are people going to wake up.

  9. My family friends and neighbours don’t want to know and think I’m the crazy one. They’ve all been jabbed, I’m probably the only unvaccinated one in the whole street though a neighbour’s daughter is having reservations about her 2nd jab. It’s worrying really about the future for them health wise but basically I’ve given up on them.

    • I’m still dropping the odd hint that they’ve been duped, but as you say, the BS has deafened their ears! This is a fact you want hear on MSM…. Isle of Man opened up to tourists on 28june after 12 month of steady, nearly zero cases etc. They only allowed in the fully jabbed. As from July 6 to today they have the biggest spike in cases since the BS began…. So, who is transmitting it? It must be the fully Vaxxed 😂😂😂😂😷

  10. VAX CONTROL GROUP There was some negativity surrounding the VaxControlGroup on Hugo Talks recently and this is Diny’s response:
    My name is Diny Fielder-van Kleeff and I and VaxControlGroup that I co-founded were the subject of a recent HUGO TALKS podcast. In it he stated that I had written an article for Conservative Woman and based on that, I was one of their writers and therefore linked (in a round-about way) to the BBC and Government. However, I was not the author of the article and I have never written for or contributed to Conservative Woman in any way. Indeed, he has never contacted me for information. I have contacted him, but have had no response. Diny

  11. I don’t really know what this is except for the title. I am mentally retarded or impaired like the government like to call me. I will watch again but if someone could explain what’s going on. Ta

    • LOL – MSM stating vaccination centres are inundated and over-run with eager sheep and cattle to be inoculated with an inoculation to preserve the life of the idiot, when, on the contrary, it is argued, that potentially it could have opposite repercussions …

  12. What? The WHO has confirmed that children are at Zero risk from Covid? COVID is a hoax, it doesn’t exist!! Please don’t let people brainwash you with this nonsense.

  13. Hugo, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, thank you so much for all your Irish coverage, much appreciated. God bless.

  14. I honestly am beginning to think there’s no hope for the masses, there’s an abundance of information out there with the TRUTH but it’s like they’re blind to it to the point that they’ll contradict themselves and not realise. There’s a woman who lives near me who is always telling me to
    O get jabbed, that it’s safe, not experimental, was never tested on animals but went through all the safety checks and is licences – when I explain to her that none of what she’s saying is true and that you can find the information online and that even the govt website shows COVID as downgraded to not seriously dangerous or infection and that was done BEDORE lockdown and remains so along with the death and adverse reaction numbers for the jab she gets a blank look on her face and says I have to go now but go and get your jab!

    • It’s easier to fool someone than to show them that they have been fooled….. Mark Twain

    • A while ago, I read that a study had found that prolonged fear prevents the brain from forming new neural pathways, thus, the victim cannot assimilate new information. It could be what’s happened to this poor crathur!
      I have come across the blank look and also the little shrug, the polite deflection and changing of the subject and my favourite, the sneering “Ooooh” , which implies that they’ve no answer for you but are not going to give you the pleasure of giving what you’ve said any credence whatsoever and that your talking bull’s crawn! When I do, I think of that study I mentioned above!
      A really good video about the way people become unable to accept anything that contradicts their brainwashing is by Academy of Ideas on YT called “Menticide”! I’d recommend we all watch it!

      • No only but also…. The poor sheep are suffering from Illusory Truth Effect. Basically, if you have been fed lies lies and more lies over a prolonged period and you are so confused, then even if the same people told you that all their messages had been lies, the sheep would not believe them because they’ve believed the opposite for so long. Here is the link to the study…. https://thedecisionlab.com/biases/illusory-truth-effect/

  15. He says that they are trying to combat ‘far right disinformation’ then lists some of the things he would like them not to mention if they are spoke to, one of which is that the jabs are experimental. The people listening to this would therefore assume that the things he mentions are ‘far right disinformation’, which they are trying to ‘combat online’. I’m not sure what this is meant to illustrate, bar the fact that the people working there and the people that are lining up for the jab are pretty clueless and won’t ask any questions, especially when faced with any sort of ‘authority’.

    • Hi August. Some slight nerves there…was worried I wouldn’t get out

      Overall point was to show how stupid these people are so people don’t trust their kids with them. That’s it

      • Hi Michael, fair play, it certainly showed the sheep like compliance of those meekly (meekle?) lining up for the shot.

      • Bloody brilliant. I loved so many of your comments but the icing on the cake was telling them they mustn’t mention this that and the other! Sad though, I’d have liked to have seen people walk out after you. Thank you, brave man!

  16. ALL those working there should be INCLUDED in those NUREMBERG TRIALS that WILL eventually take place.

    • I would suggest, at the very least, ‘More’ than your question !

    • I would suggest, at the very least, ‘More’ than your question !

  17. The stupidity of these people is astounding! I presume they’ve been double jabbed themselves? Bill Gates and co will be laughing their heads off at them!



    • I am suspecting now that to be able to resist until the end, no matter what they do, one will need to have deep supernatural Faith in Christ. I have a horrible feeling that they will push every button they can think of to make everyone give in to the jabs and all that comes with them. In the end , only the Grace of God will give us the strength and endurance we need to refuse as we may need to face loosing our Earthly lives. But as Jesus said “Fear not he who can kill the body but not the soul; but fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in Hell.” Unless one goes by this warning, it may well come to the point that one would be no longer able to resist. Let’s pray for it doesn’t come to that but that people turn to Christ anyway! God bless, from Ireland.

  19. It’s amazing what you can pull off, with just using confidence and a few sound bytes.
    These people, (those working in these test centres, that look more like culling stations) don’t have a clue what they’re doing!
    They’re told what to say and do, by someone else that hasn’t got a clue what they’re doing!

  20. “We’re only volunteers!”??? They actually VOLUNTEERED to help perpetrate one of the worst crimes against humanity ever committed! There are no words….!

  21. What has happened to Ireland the fun loving happy country with a love of music and dancing and cooking? The country has returned to the misery of Catholic church rule what happened to joy and laughter and freedom?

    • I remember Ireland in the 60s; I was a child but in my experience it was full of fun and freedom then as well as being very Catholic. My parents used to enjoy coming home to Ireland too and they were both very devout. My maternal grandmother was a woman full of her fun too and I don’t remember her finding being a Catholic a misery. Maybe we remember two different Irelands?
      I’ve lived in Ireland for 14 years now, having been back and forth all my life. When the people were devoutly Catholic, they were poor but they seemed happier to me than the modern post-Celtic Tiger Irish do. Maybe that’s just my subjective experience or maybe rivers of money and sexual license isn’t that great after all?
      P.S. I am a practising Catholic again after decades of lapsing, so I know what it is I believe to be the answer anyway!
      In my experience, and I’ve had a lot, real freedom is not the same thing as license to sin. In fact license to sin ends up with the loss of real freedom because people loose touch with and stop caring about Truth and objective morality! Hence where we are now! God bless!

  22. O my god wake up sheeple. Your being controlled by the Russian disinformation campaign. Just admit your afraid of needles and be done with it.

  23. This is remind me Auschwitz in modern way I’ve been there and looks same way uncomfortable state of mind of those people scared me they in kind trance to do everything what state say. Come on people you are more then that

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